Francis Ford Coppola Quietly Shooting New Film with Val Kilmer

October 25, 2010
Source: Deadline

Francis Ford Coppola

Staying under the radar with recent films like Tetro and Youth Without Youth, filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola is working out of the spotlight once again as Deadline reports that the director is already quietly shooting his next film. So what is this unheard of project? Titled Twixt Now and Sunrise, it's described as a thriller with horror elements and features slightly faded star Val Kilmer as a horror novelist. Elle Fanning (Benjamin Button, Somewhere) and Bruce Dern (Monster, "Big Love") make-up its supporting cast. Though no details are mentioned, apparently the film is based on a short story by Coppola himself.

Though he's not making films with as high of a profile as his previous projects, the decade sabbatical Coppola took after The Rainmaker certainly left a void. Though his most recent films haven't measured up to the likes of The Godfather, the man is still truly an auteur as he rounds up financing himself without studio interference. Even more exciting is that this will Coppola's first venture into horror since Bram Stoker's Dracula in 1992. Before that he had only tackled horror in 1963's Dementia 13 for producer Roger Corman (though some people think Jack is so bad, that it's scary). Hopefully we'll hear more about his new project sooner than later. Interested?

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its so quiet, this site found out the most

Jericho on Oct 25, 2010


#1 - what does your comment mean? as far as coppola being away?...........i liked his noncommercial film - "youth without youth" from a few years ago. i watched it one day when i didn't have a lot to do and was surprised at how it held my interest. however, i'm not endorsing it here for everyone to see. i imagine 80% of the people who come on this site would hate it. but, hey!........if you don't mind watching a slow paced film - YWY was pretty good.

beavis on Oct 25, 2010


oh, and as far as this film goes- i'm interested. i like kilmers acting ( his doc holliday was an amazing portrayal) and coppola dabbling in horror sounds great.

beavis on Oct 25, 2010


@2 His comment means that the film is NOT filming so quietly because this website just reported it on this thread! Get it?? I like Val Kilmer and I hope he climbs back, albeit quietly, onto the A list where he belongs! @3 Yes, his 'Doc Holliday' was awesome and still stands the test of time!

Blue Silver on Oct 25, 2010


Coppola is one of the all time greats and anytime he has a picture coming out, it is important. Tetro was an underrated gem. I am anxiously awaiting this project.



"first venture into a horror film for Coppola since his turn directing 1963's Dementia 13 for producer Roger Corman" what about Bram Stoker's Dracula?

samir on Oct 25, 2010


@ #6, samir, You are absolutely right. I always forget that he directed that flick. I went ahead and changed our angle to make it more accurate. Thanks for reminding me! Cheers!

Ethan Anderton on Oct 25, 2010


Youth without youth was great, showed Francis still has the touch hopefully this gets a theatrical run in my part of the world.

loser on Oct 25, 2010


I wish Kilmer didnt make so many weird career choices, I feel like hes an amazing amount of wasted talent.

Cody w on Oct 26, 2010


that's good to hear #8. YWY wasn't for everybody; but, i really enjoyed the story and am glad to hear others did too. #9 - i gotta agree with you. but i wouldn't call him a "wasted talent" - he's had a string of very good movies/character portrayals.........his doc holliday in tombstone; his john holmes in wonderland; his batman in batman begins; the saint was great spy fun; kiss,kiss, bang, bang, was hilarious; heat was amazing; - you're right, though, in that he could have done so much more.

beavis on Oct 26, 2010


Don't forget his excellent Jim Morrison.

NYF on Oct 26, 2010


Very excited. Coppola's recent films have been adventurous, and it's always fascinating to see what this cinematic expeditionary will do next.

Concourse D on Oct 26, 2010


#11 - sorry about that - i was just running down his movies that i liked off the top of my head and forgot that one. you're right - his jim morrison in "the doors" was fantastic. thanks for keeping me straight!

beavis on Oct 26, 2010


@ beavis, Kilmer was in Batman Forever, not Batman Begins. I have always maintained he was right for Batman at the time but wrong director.

xanatos on Oct 26, 2010


thanks, xanatos. like i said above - i was rattling those off from memory - sorry about the mistake. i really liked val as batman, though.

beavis on Oct 26, 2010


If Bruce Dern's in I'm in.

Kage on Oct 27, 2010

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