Fresh New Titles for Fox's Die Hard 5 & Fantastic Four Reboot

June 9, 2010
Source: Ain't It Cool News

Bruce Willis Die Hard

It's not often we write entire news stories just for the titles of upcoming movies, but we've got two new titles today that might interest you. Harry Knowles from Ain't It Cool News is reporting that he's heard two new names for two of Fox's highly anticipated upcoming projects. The first new title is Die Hard 24/7, the fifth installment in Bruce Willis' action franchise. The second new title is Fantastic Four Reborn, which will supposedly be the new title for Akiva Goldsman's reboot of Fantastic Four. I didn't think either project was that far along, but if they're already picking titles, that might mean we'll see these two movies pretty soon.

Harry goes on to recall a story he had recently heard from Sylvester Stallone talking about The Expendables. Apparently he showed the finished film to Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis, who both "went gaga for it, but that Willis called him a couple days later to tell him how much the movie has really hit something right on in him." So much so, that it may have "refired [sic] Bruce's desire to get it right with this next Die Hard" by going R-rated (again) like Stallone did in Expendables (which is "a film with so much real on set practical badassery" that it impressed Willis). I sure hope so, because I don't want another PG-13 Die Hard movie!

As for Fantastic Four Reborn, first announced last August, Harry says that he thinks Avatar's success might have started to straighten up the folks at Fox as well (I agree) and "they've started working with really great folks and I'm hearing that 'quality' might be a new precious commodity." Again, I really hope so, but these are only very early names. I'm mentioning what he said because he's quite a prominent figure in the industry (whether you like it or not) and is definitely in the know. I'm not sure there's much else we can discern from a title, but I'm anxious to find out more about both Die Hard 24/7 and Fantastic Four Reborn. Thoughts?

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It is too early. Well maybe for the FF. But I hope that both will be awesome. Just don't shoot Die Hard in 3D. We don't need that much Bruce Willis. Maybe Fantastic Four cuz that's awesome.

Daniel Felts on Jun 9, 2010


get a new fantastic four trilogy made. 1.dr.doom 2.the frightful four or the skrulls. 3.silver surfer & galactus ( not a fucking cloud.)

deadpool 72 on Jun 9, 2010


Although I am very sceptical of Fox I have to admit so far their plans for X Men First Class and Chris McQuarrie to write Wolverine 2 is looking good... Maybe Cameron and Avatar was the kick up the ass they needed!

Sumit on Jun 9, 2010


Interested in Fantastic Four, but please don't make it silly and comedic like the first one. And please make Thing a CG creation. And please don't mess over Doctor Doom again. Thanx.

Nada Nuff on Jun 9, 2010


As much as I enjoyed Live Free or Die Hard, the next Die Hard movie really should go back to being R-rated.

SkaOreo on Jun 9, 2010


yes to die hard, no to ff....simple as that. point of note, BRING BACK ZEUS!!!piss me off an ill shove a lightning bolt up your azz ZEUS!!

AC on Jun 9, 2010


i doubt either of these names are real cause they are just plain lame.

sickdoghats on Jun 9, 2010


there is no way die hard wil go back to R rated. It made too much money as a pg-13. studios only care about dollars and cents

indyjack86 on Jun 9, 2010


Please, someone, make it all stop!! I actually liked DH4 but think I've had all the John McClane I can handle. Love the guy, but As far as FF...I really couldn't care less. If it succeeds, even in the least, I bet it'll trigger chain reaction greenlighting of reboots for Elektra, Daredevil and The Punisher ...and you know what happens then right? "We'll have a major paradox"

Marc on Jun 9, 2010


Hopefully these are just temporary titles because they both suck.

Craig on Jun 9, 2010


Another Die Hard? Awesome. I don't like the name 24/7 but I really don't care what they call it as long as they make it... and yes, R is always better for an real action film. Bring. It. On. 😀

Chuck on Jun 9, 2010


unless Marvel is involved with the F.F. i want nothing to do with it

the slayer on Jun 9, 2010


OMG the fucking cloud, AKA Galactus, strikes back..

Sakyo on Jun 9, 2010


Would dig seeing another F.F.... but at the same time I'd hate it because they're probably gonna recast everyone and I hate when they do that... "sigh"

DJ SID on Jun 10, 2010


I'll watch another Die Hard. But FF has to be done right. First they didn't want to sell the rights back to Marvel, fine, but bring Marvel into the creativity/creation pool and base it off Ultimate Fantastic Four which addressed a lot of the believability issues from a sixty year span. The Thing needs to be CG. Foam Body Bad. CG like Hulk with Norton GOOD.

harm on Jun 10, 2010


Mark Strong for Dr. Doom

silver on Jun 10, 2010


Mark Strong is good but seeing as he's played a villain in Green Lantern, Kick Ass, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes & John Carter of Mars I doubt he would want another comic book movie villain role! I think Viggo Mortenson would be a great Dr Doom - if only they make him the badass genius from the comics not a lame slimy businessman ala the current movies!

Sumit on Jun 11, 2010


im with #3 i mean... i was like "Galactus!!.... wait what? wheres galactus?... are they fighting a thunder storm?

Said on Jun 11, 2010


I'm looking forward to this, because I just enjoy the series very much. Got to love the adventures of McClane... The movie I call it "Old Habits Die Hard", NOT Die Hard 24/7, pretty lame if youa asked me...

Tyler on Jul 6, 2010


Another Die Hard would be amazing but have a stronger and more sadistic villain not another Timmy Olyphant version of a villain. And as far a F.F. goes, Let it Die, Hard.

KalLinkEl on Jul 25, 2010


How about we don't do reboots so soon after a franchise fails unless we get someone who will actually do it right, i.e. Christopher Nolan? Not that I want him to do it because we need him focusing on better things. As far as Die Hard 4, I actually liked that one and Die Hard 3 was interesting enough. But we really need this to be a more adult movie this time like the first one. If you're going to do Die Hard 24/7, at least do it right and make it a bit darker and less CGI this time. Die Hard 4 was great mainly because of the story and Justin Long w/ Bruce Willis.

Lauren Glenn on Aug 7, 2010


cnt wait 4 die hard 5 and i agree wit bruce willis,not another pg13 film please.keep it r rated guys. its die "hard"its supposed 2 b brutal

willie maher on Sep 21, 2010

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