Full-Length Trailer for Owen Wilson's Marmaduke is Painful

March 25, 2010
Source: Yahoo

Marmaduke Trailer

Are you ready for Beverly Hills Chihuahua: Part 2? I was originally going to call this Marley & Me: Part 2, but after watching this trailer, it leans a lot more towards Chihuahua, right down to a painfully bad dance number at the end. Fox has debuted a full-length theatrical trailer for Marmaduke featuring the voice of Owen Wilson. I'll be honest - I wanted this would be good because I liked Marley & Me and want another entertaining dog movie. Even though it also stars William H. Macy as well, it still looks just plain awful. Why do they have to stoop so low with humor like this? Anyway, watch only if you think you can stomach it.

Watch the theatrical trailer for Marmaduke from YouTube:

You can also watch the Marmaduke trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

A suburban family moves into a new neighborhood in California with their large yet lovable Great Dane named Marmaduke (actor Owen Wilson), who has a tendency to wreak havoc in his own oblivious way.

Marmaduke is directed by Tom Dey, of Shanghai Noon, Showtime, and Failure to Launch previously. The screenplay was co-written by Tim Rasmussen and Vince Di Meglio (both of Christmas Nightmare, License to Wed, and Smother previously). This is also based on the beloved newspaper comic strip written by Brad Anderson & Phil Leeming. 20th Century Fox is bringing Marmaduke to theaters on June 4th this summer.

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I'd rather die from a heroin overdose then watch... this... hmmm....

GArham on Mar 25, 2010


Heroin and Crack overdose.

Crump's Brother on Mar 25, 2010


Is assisted suicide still illegal?

Klaus_Komix on Mar 25, 2010


Thank God it didn't say 3D! That would have been 'the icing on the cake'!! ha ha ha! This looks terrible!

Ron on Mar 25, 2010


I knew this was going to be bad (even the comics are painful), but this trailer exceeded the awfulness I thought possible. The dance sequence was a nice nail in the coffin.

FancyMonocle on Mar 25, 2010


Um... yeah... Rather than watching that, could I get sacrificed to Dread Cthulhu instead please?

Wiredwizard on Mar 25, 2010


The only thing this movie is missing are chipmunks that sing

livingword on Mar 25, 2010


bahahaha 1-7 nailed it so far. I'm going to keep watch on this just to see the comments people leave

DoomCanoe on Mar 25, 2010


it's child humour..

what did you expect ? on Mar 25, 2010


I got nothing...I can't think of anything offensive to say about this movie, its like wanting to punch somebody but he is already punching himself :S

ADM86 on Mar 25, 2010


look out 'hurt locker' I think someone trying to steal your oscar!

Shelby on Mar 25, 2010


Hey, there's the guy from Pushing Daisies... at least he's getting work. Even if they didn't bother to name drop him...

Lana on Mar 25, 2010


I'm so bummed! I'm a huge Lee Pace fan, and everything he's been in up until this year has been amazing. I guess he got sick of being in quality, small-time films and shows that were good and showed his acting range in favor of some money. 🙁

EmilyXIV on Mar 25, 2010


Watching this trailer made me throw up in my mouth a little bit and and hate Alex a little for posting it.

Fred Schepsi on Mar 25, 2010


animal movies like this make me long for the good ole days of "Babe". back when they still knew how to make movies that real people could enjoy.

troy on Mar 25, 2010


eww... 🙁 what garbage 🙁

DaftPUNKFAN on Mar 25, 2010


wow!?! what a dogshit taco of a movie..... no thanks!!!!

xaudioprox on Mar 26, 2010


that was retarded

werw on Mar 26, 2010


its for fucking kids you retards. and kids will love it.

DOGG69 on Mar 26, 2010


Number19 got my sentiments exact.

Cineprog on Mar 26, 2010


Dido #19 & 20! Talking animals... ah hello! Who do you think this type of movie is designed for. Little kids, who will laugh themselves silly. What a bunch of morons!

KB on Mar 26, 2010


Ohhh dear god, i'll watch this over and over again. My daughter has loved Chihuahua and probably, no... Definitly i'll have to buy this too. I pray to be a little more amusing than Chihuahua.

D. on Mar 26, 2010


Has George Lopez ever said or done anything funny?

Frank on Mar 26, 2010


That dance scene seemed...random. Kids would propably love it...which is the film`s target audience.

Mr.Cookie on Mar 26, 2010


no wonder Owen wilson tried to off himself!................... okay, I admit that was low

indyjack on Mar 26, 2010


NO!!! Why the hell is Lee Pace in this crap fest?

Lincoln on Mar 26, 2010


this wasnt that bad at all, and i like the animation on carlos's character. its actually really good. way to hate on a movie for children, fucking idiot.

jont on Mar 26, 2010


Tupac Shakur would be rolling in his grave after finding out his song is being used in a kids movie.

notalent on Mar 26, 2010


It seems like its gonna be like Good Boy. There's gonna be good parts, but overall... it's gonna be "meh."

Lar on Mar 26, 2010


i was gonna say it wasnt so bad until i realized that it had george lopez and fergie in it, i wont give them any of my money, and then that dance at the end... agreed.

harrison on Mar 26, 2010


i showed this to my 5 year old neice.....even she thought it was retarted

donald on Mar 26, 2010



Legalize on Mar 26, 2010


Could be worse. Uwe Boll could be directing it.

Daniel felts on Mar 26, 2010


The failure wasn't in the choosing of the character Marmaduke (but admittedly, the comic strip is an unbearable mess), but in choosing to make it in the same vein as BH Chihuahua rather than Marley. The latter would've made for an appealing family film and focused more on the family as a whole, but this choice only panders to children (ones with terrible senses of humor, at that). Just because a film is geared towards children doesn't mean it has to be enjoyable by ONLY children. Look no further than Pixar, Dreamworks (for the most part), and random others such as Bridge to Terabithia. It'll be about as good as Garfield: the Movie - and we ALL know how much we enjoyed THAT hot mess. Let's just hope they have enough sense to stop at one film this time.

Jackson on Mar 26, 2010


I thought it was semi-tolerable............................until that ridiculous, stupid dance at the end. That has to be one of the dumbest pieces of cinemea I've ever seen.

jjboldt on Mar 26, 2010


Does Owen Wilson have no shame!!! My god!! I know Luke Wilson is less known but I would have thought this would have been his type of film! I feel sorry for Owen for letting his career take a massive nose dive!!! FIRE your agent and manager dude!! I don't care if it is a paycheck! Have some dignity!

Luke on Mar 27, 2010


Wait... You mean this KID'S FILM about a TALKING DOG looks silly? Jesus. Who'd have thought? Come the fuck on, people. It's a movie for 8 year old kids. While I'd love to see more kids' films that weren't purely dumb comedies, you can't exactly fault this film for aiming low. You want to lay blame for flicks like this, blame the parents who take their kids to see this crap. It's no worse than Transformers 2 and 2012, as far as silliness. Those films just replace talking, dancing animals with giant fighting robots and earth-shattering volcanoes and tidal waves. Beyond that, both are basically aiming for the same exact audience. At least Marmaduke is targeting an age group that is actually, physically ten years old, as opposed to just mentally ten years old.

Squiggly_P on Mar 27, 2010


"The thing I like about you is that you know how to dance...." MY EYES THEY BURN!!!!!!

will on Mar 28, 2010


Might I just say....fuck me. If your kid sits through this thing and is riveted? I suggest holding him back a year. No, two. Fuck that, call the school shrink, you might have to relocate him to the land of the shortbus.

DLM Entertainment on Mar 28, 2010


This reminds me of that line from Walk Hard, "Hi, I'm Dewey Cox and I'm not main lining LSd anymore." Apperently the people that made this movie are.

Eric on Apr 9, 2010


T0 18, 19, 31, 39--- For idiots who have to use the R word and make a reference to the short bus, if you don't have kids ( or nieces ) why are you even looking at a kids movie? And if you do and you post the things you posted, you are raising them to be even bigger jerks than you are. so sad that kids have to subjected asshole adults. Bashing kids movies is one thing but--- you guys are the vomit that came up in # 14's mouth. So, there you go

Sharon on May 23, 2010

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