Full Trailer for 'Saw 3D' Plays Like a Horror Theme Park Ride

September 9, 2010
Source: Yahoo

Saw 3D Trailer

The long-running Saw franchise has been run into the ground so hard that I'm starting to think that the real trap is the movie itself. The emphasis is clearly on the Saw 3D experience making you part of the traps, but it feels like a joke. The new trailer (via Yahoo) itself looks like a commercial for a theme park ride with cuts to the "audience" in 3D glasses having their mind blown by saw blades flying out of the screen, spiked roller coaster harnesses locking them into their seats and Jigsaw grabbing someone from their seat. At least Cary Elwes returns, and I'm pretty sure that's Chester Bennington of Linkin Park stuck in a trap too. Beware!

Watch the official theatrical trailer for Lionsgate's Saw 3D sequel:

You can also watch the full theatrical Saw 3D trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

According to producers, this will be the final film in the Saw franchise, but as always that might not be true, depending on how successful this one is. However, I think the real question is whether anyone wants more?

Saw 3D is directed by former editor Kevin Greutert, who edited all six of the previous Saw movies before this one and previously directed Saw VI from last year, for better or worse. The screenplay for this one was again written by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, who broke out with Feast and later wrote Saw IV, V and VI. Lionsgate is bringing Saw 3D to theaters everywhere on October 29th. Anyone going to see this?

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Kind of a lame trailer. They are trying to sell it like they do in a disney 3d promo vid in the late 80's, with the red and green glasses. Anyway, will probably see this movie because a friend of mine told me to watch all 6 of the movies. And to be entirely honest, the story in the movies is not getting and better, but it is kind of interesting. Also part 5 and 6 were a little short on gore, and more effort was put into storytelling, and I respect that. Not anticipating this movie in any way, just here to say I'll see it.

Neal on Sep 9, 2010



SuicidalOptimist on Sep 10, 2010


That was one of the worst trailers I have ever seen. Ive hated every saw movie pretty much but this just looks embarrassing to every single person involved. You have got to be out of your mind to waste any money and your time watching something so horrible. This franchise should have gone away a long time ago.

wow just wow on Sep 10, 2010


I'm one of the few people who still like the Saw movies and still go to them. Are they great? No. Are they cool, yes. Course i go with about ten like minded friends on opening night so i think that has something to do with it. I can't wait though to see how Cary Elwes fits into the plot, so I'm looking forward to it.

Jeep-Fu on Sep 10, 2010


Nathan Phillip's Square Toronto!

ConnachtFan on Sep 10, 2010



Six on Sep 10, 2010


Sofa King We Todd Did

Peter Parker on Sep 10, 2010


I don't mind the Saw movies, but that trailer just makes this supposedly final one look a little tacky, exploiting 3D in a seriously gimmicky way ..... but then I don't suppose I should hope for anything more.

Andy on Sep 10, 2010


The execs behind Paranormal Activity 2 must be smiling. You can smell extreme desperation throughout this entire trailer.

Louis on Sep 10, 2010


As much as I enjoyed the Saw movies and will go see this one, I thought the trailer was horrible. Bad editing even in a trailer. And I hope those shots of the audience and the pig grabbing someone from the audience is not in the movie. WTF?

the douche on Sep 10, 2010


I just watched a few retro 3D films at film forum recently. At least they had charm and interesting characters. This is just a fuck fest. In these economic times, I'll spend $7 to see a classic over this . . . in fact there are no words to describe how horrible this is. Better investment.

Alex O on Sep 10, 2010


I am going in fo sho

Sam on Sep 10, 2010


Hopefully the audiences of this film will actually die so that no-one will be left who actually wants to watch it. But I imagine if people started to die in theatres more doughnuts would want to go. I've never watched one Saw film

Crapola on Sep 10, 2010


This looks terrible...but also awesome so ill see it

random on Sep 10, 2010


the only thing i liked about the trailer was that it was filmed in TORONTO!! ROY THOMPSON HALL!! that being said...this is just corny/cheesy/lame...

chilin on Sep 10, 2010


I'll see it on DVD in non-3D. I've seen every saw film so I can't not see how it ends. Hopefully is isn't as horrible as the trailer.

Hedgehog on Sep 10, 2010


wow, another horrendously bad saw movie. exciting

antioch on Sep 10, 2010


I want my 1min and 24 sec. back...WTF

XXX BLK on Sep 10, 2010


Why not call it SAW 7 in 3D? I fucking hate movies that have 3D in the title. O by the way this trailer was fucking terrible.

I have no name on Sep 10, 2010

20 I will go see

trey m on Sep 10, 2010


That was cute!!!!! ....wait ....this was made by kindergartners, right?

Lolly on Sep 10, 2010


I'm there, even if the trailer was retarded. The only bad Saw movies were 2 and 5.

Chase on Sep 10, 2010


Everyone knows these movies are not to be taken seriously. Do you want to watch people die in creative ways and catch 3-D body parts and blades in the theater? Go see it. If you don't, then go watch a breathy, pale indie film. No one will blame you.

Cracky on Sep 10, 2010


Cary Elwes is a fantastic actor, he really needs a good role.

Gill on Sep 10, 2010


i dont care what everyone says this is what 3d is supposed to be,shit jumping outta the screen and people havin a fun time! im gonna be watching this movie how its meant to be watched,in 3D and in theatres 🙂

Spider94 on Sep 10, 2010


Wow out of 27 comments only 2 people had the ability to think for themselves. How exactly is this trailer that bad? I'm glad it didn't go into the final plot details. I don't want to know anything until I am in the theatre watching Saw3D. I have enjoyed all of the 'Saw' movies and am extremely excited for this one. As a true fan of the franchise, this trailer did it for me. I saw the traps and the characters. Did anyone notice Jill Tuck at the end of the trailer? That is what the fans want. If you don't like it then click the link about a ben affleck movie because you definitely are in the wrong place here. Saw deseres its success. Not one of the characters are shunted in for no reason. Hoffman for example has been there since saw 3 he was linked to Carrie who was in Saw I, II, and III. Let's not forget this movie revolves around the return of Dr Lawernece Gordon. If you haven't seen the films, why are you slating saw through this post? Being british I know nothing of American Football. Based on the logic Crapola showed does that mean that I can call that sport rubbish and pointless? Do I have that right? NO. I have no idea about it. So my only opinion can be a neutral one. Lets not take away the success of the franchise as well. If they are so bad how have they become the most successful Horror franchise ever? Paranormal Activity wishes it was as popular.

Link1983 on Sep 10, 2010


I'm a saw fan, but this wasn't a trailer for Saw 7. It was a trailer for 3D.

Al on Sep 10, 2010


I liked all the Saw movies, although the last two were kinda weak, but this trailer was TERRIBLE. Its only trying to promote the 3D aspect. I mean the audience getting trapped and Jigsaw grabbing one of the viewers...lame. I was still gonna go see it, but I wasn't expecting anything mindblowing from the story; that is until I saw CARY ELWES. I though "Whoa where has Dr. Gordon been for the last five movies." I thought he had bled to death somewhere. This could be interesting.

lamar on Sep 10, 2010


I know nothing about American Football either, other than it is played by grown men who wear a lot of padding and the ball spends most of its time in said men's hands instead of being kicked by their feet. So I never watch it because I know it's rubbish. I always thought American Football players are like the giant mentally challenged kid you always got in your class, just barely able to speak properly, a bit like footbal(players) in Britain what do you think Link1983? Also this is the internet so I can say whatever I want, I can say your houses are made from carrots and you drive spaceships to your job at a cheese factory where you fire midgets into cauldrons full of Buffalo Mozzarella whilst having tea and crumpets with Tupac on the moon, it doesn't matter. And just because something is successful financially, it doesn't make it good, selling crystal Meth is a good short term money maker as is investing in blood diamond mines, both not particularly good things, unless your a meth dealer who likes diamonds of course. It could be worse though we could have moustaches like these folk:

Crapola on Sep 10, 2010


i would like anyone to name something that is a bad quality about any of Saw 1, 3, 4, or6. Thereby, name one quality that actually could label this a bad franchise.

Ravek018 on Sep 10, 2010


Hey Crapola, I stopped reading at; ''Also this is the internet so I can say whatever I want,'' Albeit true, logic of a 12-year-old.

Neal on Sep 11, 2010


Boring, did not they make enough of money from this SAW series ??? They never know when to stop.

alki on Sep 11, 2010


I imagine a Saw theme park ride would be very popular.

gettin' jiggy wit it on Sep 11, 2010


1, 2 and 3 was good, the rest was as bad as twilight

why on Sep 12, 2010


Yeah the first three were good but now they are like the friday the 13th movies just stop its over.

Tony on Sep 12, 2010


was that the guy from linkin park? i hope not

alex on Sep 13, 2010


i agree #37, first 2 were actually pretty sweet, can watch those over and over and still feel unshamefully satisified.... but as for the 3rd film, it wasnt bad, but it completely started a whole new story, thus creating films 4-7...but for real guys, STOP making these movies. They will be well remembered and continually liked in the horror franchise....make something else...NOT a series

whodat on Sep 13, 2010


Well #39 you have a great taste in movies.

Tony on Sep 13, 2010


The joke started at 1.

spike Murdock, Poet-at-Large on Sep 20, 2010


Please correct me if i'm wrong but it seemed to me that all the 'footage' of Cary Elwes was just from Saw he even in this? I would be interested if he were, the first one was the best by far. And don't tell me that he has to be in it because he was in the trailer, the fake audience were there was aswell and i'm sure they won't be in the movie..

Rodion on Oct 5, 2010

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