Stuart Beattie's Tomorrow: When the War Began Full Trailer

June 18, 2010
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Tomorrow: When the War Began Trailer

"It's time to go to war." Well, since we won't be getting MGM's Red Dawn, we'll just have to stick with this. A new full-length trailer for Stuart Beattie's Tomorrow: When the War Began, based on the popular Australian novels, just debuted on the official Facebook page. We were one of the first to feature the teaser trailer for this back in March but this is the trailer you must see. I know there are a lot of fans who have read the novels and love them and from what I can tell, this looks to be a pretty damn good adaptation. Yea it's a little cheesy, but I'm fine with that. And damn does it get epic near the end. I actually can't wait to see this!

Watch the teaser trailer for Stuart Beattie's Tomorrow: When the War Began:

[flv: 596 248]

When their country is invaded and their families are all taken, eight unlikely high school teenagers band together to fight. The cast includes Rachel Hurd-Wood, Phoebe Tonkin, Caitlin Stasey and Lincoln Lewis.

Tomorrow: When the War Began is both written and directed by Australian screenwriter Stuart Beattie, who is making his directorial debut with this film after writing scripts for all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Collateral, 30 Days of Night, and G.I. Joe. It's based on John Marsden's popular series of books of the same name. This was funded by Paramount Vantage and hits theaters in Australia on September 2nd this year, but doesn't have a US release date at all yet - stay tuned for more updates! How does it look?

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wolverines!!! wait... kangaroos!!! or perhaps koalas!!!!

Janny on Jun 18, 2010


Haven't heard of this but it looks pretty intriguing!

carlos on Jun 18, 2010


Trailer started off boring, but I'm glad I kept watching.

Craig on Jun 18, 2010


hmmmmmm........beautiful teens wandering about in a beautiful countryside............then the beautiful teens have to look JUST as beautiful while fighting a war and saying extremely CHEESY lines. i haven't heard of this before now...........and i'm going to continue to pretend i NEVER heard of this. alex - just WHEN did that get epic near the end? it was a cheesefest all the way through.

beavis on Jun 18, 2010


wow.... finnaly an aussie movie that looks good

thedell on Jun 18, 2010


The trailer looks OK. I wouldn't rush out and see the movie because of it though. As for the similarity between TWTWB and Red Dawn, you can't deny it but I do find it depressing that people are writing this film off because of it, not even picking up the book series it is based on so that they can make a proper comparison (its the "dances with wolves in space" brigade all over again). Personally I think Red Dawn is a fun but very, very flawed movie whereas TWTWB in book form is the story that it had the potential to be, but never reached. You could do worse than pick up a copy.

Norm on Jun 18, 2010


Yeah, the trailer looks alright. But the word epic gets tossed around so much these days. There wasn't a single epic moment in that trailer.

ChazzyO on Jun 18, 2010


So usually when a trailer starts off all light and friendly, about a minute in it shows a town being torn to bits by the undead. This however, takes us somewhere totally different and for that I give it props. The acting seems to be as good as it can be, the story surprisingly doesnt feel familiar, so that does promise something worth all of our time. I will keep an eye out for this dark, nerveracking film. I also admire the writer's previous works.

Eli on Jun 18, 2010


"...takes us somewhere totally different..." "...the story surprisingly doesn't feel familiar..." You're kidding, right?

John Doe on Jun 18, 2010


thedell If you want an aussie movie that is good go watch Animal Kingdom, great aussie film. As for TWTWB it will most likely suck.

pdc on Jun 18, 2010


I wrote a script like this when I was 10. It seemed believable then. I take it this script was written by a grown up?

Crapola on Jun 18, 2010


Krikey! Is Paul Hogan in the Powers Boothe role from Red Dawn? What wine goes with aussie cheese?

Chris on Jun 18, 2010


Looks better then the original Red Dawn.

D on Jun 18, 2010


Janny...u said it best.

TheRam on Jun 18, 2010


Unleash the platypusses (or is it platypi) of war!!!!

Sperm on Jun 19, 2010


Looks alright I guess. Bit hard to take seriously with those high pitched voices though. Gotta love those Aussie chicks! Alex, why are we not getting Red Dawn???

Mike on Jun 19, 2010


I'm signing up for the Salvation Army Reserve. Tambourine specialist.

Steven on Jun 19, 2010


John Doe. To me it's interesting. Usually I won't pay this kind of thing any mind, and yes, i knew someone would rip on me for that. I'm just addin my opinion.

Eli on Jun 19, 2010


hey Red Dawn called and wants its story back. Shame on you Beattie.

Brian on Jun 19, 2010


@Brian. Tomorrow When the War Began calling to tell Red Dawn that if it wanted to bitch about plagiarism it could have done so in the 90's when the books first came out. It would also like to point out that originality is overrated and that it is how you tell the story that counts. Finally it asks that if you're going to make comparisons between TWTWB and Red Dawn at least go read the book so that you know what you're talking about.

Garth on Jun 19, 2010


i want my time back

lol on Jun 19, 2010


because we live here! .......13 your wrong.

Lazyvern on Jun 19, 2010


Why are people saying this looks good? Are you serious? This looks awful. 100% awful.

Syphous on Jun 19, 2010


Alex, if you didn't like Live Free or Die Hard...I don't see how this could excite you so much. It looks way worse, with half a dozen Justin Longs instead of one. Okay, so it has a couple of cool-looking CGI explosions...well, now I've seen them. No need to care about the movie; it looks like total crap.

JM on Jun 19, 2010



Darren on Jun 19, 2010


#21 and #23 are right. this film is not good. i saw a cut of it. not good.

Robert on Jun 19, 2010


i seen this movie already... back in the 80's!!! WOLVERINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ed on Jun 19, 2010


Alex,where did you find this????is this a joke????a fake trailer????

splinter on Jun 19, 2010


feels red dawnish

eric on Jun 19, 2010


I read the books when i was younger. Sure the general idea is the same as Red Dawn (teenagers fighting against an invading force). But the approach is completely different. Face it, Red Dawn is a load of American propaganda. A montage of action scenes. It doesn't have any semblance of character development or drama. It doesn't tackle the themes of war. It doesn't really do much more than give teenagers something to yell when playing Call of Duty. Although these complaints don't stop Red Dawn from being a sweet film.

A.J on Jun 19, 2010


Ahh you americans are so pathetic

Pinko on Jun 20, 2010


I couldn't watch the whole trailer. I probably should have but I couldn't. Maybe they need a better shorter trailer.

arjones on Jun 20, 2010


hahahaha #1 Penguins!

Said on Jun 20, 2010


OK. I'll admit this looks like the Australian remake of Red Dawn (one of my favorite movies from the 80's) but I'm pretty excited to see this.

lamar on Jun 20, 2010


I read the book series while i was growing up as it was getting released. It's my favourite book series, and really does have a great story line. Saying that, i seriously doubt the movie will do it any justice, and i too predict it will be cheesy as hell, which is sad considering how good the books are. Then i'll get shitty at them for ruining my my childhood memories!

CrutchyMagoo on Jun 20, 2010


I for one cant wait to see it September 2nd put it on the calender

Elmosonsteroids on Jun 21, 2010


Yanks steal every storyline they can get their hands on from around the world and destroy them with mistimed, cheap knockoffs. Someone makes one movie that has a small semblence of similarity to one their films and they can't stop crying. You're all pathetic!

Cisco on Jun 22, 2010


Read Eugene Sledge.

Spike Murdock, Poet-at-Large on Jun 24, 2010


I for one have been looing forward to a movie since last year, when i first read this series for year nine english; and here i am watching this trailer!!! I don't care if people are like 'it's a knock off', 'Australians are doing it wrong'; DON'T WATCH IT IF YOU'RE GOING TO RUN IT DOWN NOW! This is one of my favourite book series and if Beattie ruins it, i will not be happy. The amount of footage shown in the trailer is rediculous though; ive the whole plot away. Thw scene of blowing up the brudge has basically been given away and Ellie's plus Lee's kiss. Other than it looks really good =) By the way #16; the main character Ellie Linton is played by an AMERICAN; Caitlin Stasey.

mangacrazy101 on Jun 29, 2010


Rebekkah, did you, like, finish high school? Or just flunk 8th grade? English wasn't your major? What's with the tard speak?

Harry The Spammer on Jun 30, 2010


HEY ALL OF YOU"S i've read all of John Marsdens books, its what got me into reading when i was in high school, it's about time they finally make it into a movie, and don't forget its someones intake of what it is it's only based on the book not actually book so don't f**king dis something thats been a great novel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebekkah on Jun 30, 2010


excuse me..... i finished high school in 06 and passed with flying coloures i passed every class every year... so don't u dare start that with me u idiotic comments back to me. if you want someone to pick on look in the mirror

Rebekkah on Jun 30, 2010


So you forgot everything you learned then, Rebekkah? 2006 was a long way back. You still don't seem to know spelling and compostion, LOL. So, Harry is right.

Corey Haim on Jul 1, 2010


I would totally see this if Vietnamese paratroopers landed in the outback with Chinese advisors.

Nate on Jul 2, 2010


u know what u really need to go f**k urselves because a. this is cyber bullying so i'll be forwarding this to the cops thanks for my proof. because i'm doing law so i know the law in this aspect among other things

Rebekkah on Jul 2, 2010


I thought this was a comment board on the movie trailer for "Tomorrow: When the War Began," not "Trash Rebekkah." Anyway, I thought the trailer was pretty good... the first impression I got was it was the sequel to "Red Dawn," but then as I read further, found it wasn't. I will watch the movie. Most of the time the movies I like are the ones everyone trashes, although, there are some that are horrible... but if a movie is entertaining and makes me forget about the daily motions of real life for a couple of hours, then it has done its job. But for those who make comments about the authors of comments rather than the comments or movies themselves, keep doing it, you are just as entertaining as the trailers we watch!

Steve on Jul 6, 2010


Just remember that everyone is entitled to there own opinions, whether they be good or bad. Had you not sworn in your first comment, but then again, you were pretty outspoken and were asking for responses just as much as everyone else, but good luck with your cyber-bullying suit.

Steve on Jul 6, 2010


Law huh? Law suit huh? But you told the other idiots to go f**k themselves, though they have not directed any similar sexually oriented jibe toward yourself and there is certainly proof of that. Finish law school frst sweetie. Now, can we get back to the actual matter of this film?

Stella on Jul 6, 2010


yea well it was until it got nasty. look at the comment and i can do it because i've got my proof of it

Rebekkah on Jul 6, 2010


TWTWB is a book, NOTHING like red dawn STOP saying it is!!! TWTWB was written before red dawn was made!

Chelsea on Jul 11, 2010


Another Tard who doesn't know her facts.  Red Dawn was released in 1984, had some actors in it you may have heard of Charlie Sheen, Patrick Swayze TWTWB wasn't even published in book form until the 90's

Wolverines on Jul 7, 2011


I just can't believe a handful of teenagers, with no prior military training or special powers, taking down an army.

john on Jul 19, 2010


John, that's the whole point, they don't take down an army and they don't have military training. It is more about doing your bit and fighting even when it seems hopeless. They use their ingenuity and do what they can. Much like teenagers in Europe who joined the various Resistance forces in WWII. Hope the movie does the book justice. looked pretty good, except for that last shot where they have all of those crazy weapons. In the books they don't even carry weapons as they believe that if they ever get caught they can pretend to have just been hiding out, which they wouldn't be able to do if they had weapons. Oh, and to all the Red Dawn advocates: 1. Similar premise but very different execution. Do yourselves a favour and read the books, they are amazing and if you liked the basic premise of Red Dawn then you will love these books which do it a million times better. 2. The idea of teenagers engaging in guerilla warfare when their country is invaded was not an original idea in Red Dawn either, it is a concept that has been used before (and since) and has occurred in real life anyway in various places throughout history. 3. The American movie industry constantly "borrows" not just basic ideas, but entire movies from other countries so get off your high horses.

Susi on Jul 28, 2010


OKAY! Found an article that sums the RD TWTWB differences alllll up! Starts like this: "Tomorrow, When the War Began" could have very easily been a chest thumping, racist, jingoistic diatribe, supporting the worst paranoid fantasies of Australia's far Right. A sort of Autralian novelised version of the very B-grade US 1984 teen flick,"Red Dawn". But it is not. The author has gone to a lot of trouble to make sure it isn't, for that isn't what "Tomorrow, When The War Began" is about. This isn't a novel about a war, it is a novel about how eight very ordinary teenagers respond to a war. Sure, there is heaps of action. It is after all an adventure story, told with verve, pace and suspense. It is very well written and in such a style as to be accessible to the young reader without talking down to the older. But there are many such novels and while this is part of why it works so well, there is more to it than that. Much more. Fundamentally it is a character study, delving into the shock and stress of war, looking at the mess it makes of people's minds, looking at how people respond. John Marsden's greatest gift is in characterisation, particularly of teenage characters. In this novel he creates eight teenagers, breathes life into them, puts them in a situation of extreme stress and then writes down what happens. "Tomorrow, When the War Began" and its sequels is that record. For me at least it is this second layer that is by far the most interesting. Rest of the article is here:

Susi on Jul 28, 2010


heheh nakita was here 2010 😛

me :) on Aug 10, 2010


hehehe georgia was here 2010 nxt to nakita :p

meee :)) on Aug 10, 2010


red dawn: america gets invaded twtwb: australia gets invaded red dawn: some kids evade capture and become rebels twtwb: some kids evade capture and become rebels obviously john marsden copied the idea from red dawn

obviously on Aug 13, 2010


yeah if u think the idea of twtwb is good then thank red dawn. marsden shuld pay royalties to red dawn original creator for copying his work so blatently

me too on Aug 13, 2010


The books are amazing... I'm just praying the movie does them justice. We will see!!!

Kate on Aug 22, 2010


Looks and smells like a direct rip from the Wolverines imo. It'd be nice if Australian producers actually came up with original content for once.

Hal on Aug 24, 2010


I ran across this set of books by accident. The Ellie Chronicles which carries the story on after the war is over is just as good as the Tomorrow series. Those who think this is a rip-off of Red Dawn,need to consider that this movie is taken from a series of books. Red Dawn was just a story line expanded to a movie. I for one am looking forward to the US release. I'm an old war horse from the Vietnam era. My one great hope is that the young people of any country would rise to the occasion if their country was invaded. --Sometimes I look around at the USA and wonder if this dumbed down bunch of young people that are here now would even think to fight an invader. The Aussies that I have had the privilege to know are a great bunch. I think that those who down play this movie are just plain jealous. G'day, RD Lee

R D Lee on Aug 26, 2010


Looks interesting... very Red Dawn-ish, but I'll give it a chance before I trash it. I'll be taking my teenagers to watch it. You never know, it might give them a sense of pride about this great country, and that it may be worth fighting for. (I can dream.) @R D Lee... Being ex-military, I would be VERY concerned if a group of untrained, ill-equipped, unled Australian teenagers decided to take on the might of an invading force. (See Afghanistan for an example of how many 'guerillas' die in this type of activity, and the pain it causes families.) Having said that, I think that every Australian should serve at least some time in the military ... and if they have military training - go at it!!

Frank on Aug 31, 2010


The Asian Peril all over agian. Are all Australians this racist! Red Dawn could also be seen as racist but that was made in 1984 Have you noticed how they down play the identity of the Asian Hoardes, i wonder why? When the American invaded Iraq, did they also wear sun glasses 24/7TheFilm makers even know they produced a racist film.

Mick on Aug 31, 2010


Have wondered and hoped these books would be made into a movie since reading them, and I'm 45!!!!!!

Bruce on Aug 31, 2010


zzzzz Far too similar to the 80's Wolverines for anyone who remembers that to be of any enjoyment. Would be nice for some original content for once.

Hal on Sep 5, 2010


oh btw @Mick about time you wake up son being an Australian yes we are racist why? We're the largest Island continent in the world and if war does come to our shores the biggest threat yes the biggest threat is from the north of us. Nothing racist about that at all it's fact maybe it's time for you to crawl back under your rock tool with the rest of the bleeding hearts.

Hal on Sep 5, 2010


As soon as i heard about this i was hooked,i went straight out and got all the books and i am really into it. Let me just say if anyone out there thinks that it would go down anything like this they would be dead wrong,even if china invaded we would still hold them till our allies arrived. If you think i'm wrong then go ahead but i know for a fact how it would happen.

Andrew on Sep 11, 2010


I just went and saw TWTWB. Good flick, plenty of action and laughs, as good as any other dumb-ass American action flick. Go see it and find out for yourself

Superdude on Sep 15, 2010


@Chelsea I'm surprised no one corrected you. The first books in the Tomorrow series of books was first published in 1993. The film Red Dawn was released in 1984. So roughly, due to actual writings and redrafts of both works, you are looking at a 9 year difference in time. So I'm sorry to say no, the tomorrow books were not written first. That being said. That doesn't mean America holds any exclusive holdings on the story; hardly. In fact there are many times I wish a work I loved so much had been picked up, and expanded upon in a book series or further movies. Red Dawn being one of these as a kid. I watched this movie growing up, just like many of you have read the Tomorrow series growing up. I would have liked to have read this series when I was younger. So I understand the fervent defending of the books. With that said though, you have to understand no matter how much you love the books there will always be a parallel drawn between the two works. Don't be offended, its going to happen, they are very similar. Just ignore the trolls. While I have not read the book series myself, watching the trailer and reading the overview plot to the Tomorrow books I see why so many compare Tomorrow's general plot to Red Dawn. When you watch the trailer your mind fills in all the missing scenes from the books. When someone, say an American like me, who watched Red Dawn growing up, and hasn't read the books watches the trailer, they see Red Dawn. They are very close. The difference will likely come down to the written works. A single film can never replicate fully what a book can deliver, especially when dealing with a whole series of books. Meaning you are going to be dealing with a dumb down version of the TWTWB series when watching the movie. I sincerely hope the film lives up to what you loved from the books series, and isn't hollywoodized to death for the sake of putting more than the original books lovers butts in the seats.

American on Sep 15, 2010


To the person babbling on about Red Dawn copying a book from the 90's.....Red Dawn was released in the 80's......ffs

Bob on Jan 8, 2011


After having bought the dvd myself, and listened to John Marsden (the author of the book series the movie is based on, btw) his main influence comes from the world war 2 period, where ordinary people throughout many occupied territories had to deal with similar circumstances. He then wondered how we might respond here in Australia, having never experienced anything like it ourselves...(not for just over 200 years, depending if you identify with Aboriginal Australians or not). The claims some here are making of blatant racism strikes me as a bit of B.S, as when Ellie tripes over the body of one young soldier, she identifies with that soldier, rather than hating her. "She didn't look much older than me, and she looked just as scared". Also, there is an interview with Marsden wherein he states that he deliberately avoided identifying the invaders with any particular nation, for the exact reason that he wanted to avoid that kind of racist backlash. That to me, is the main difference between this movie and that Red Dawn crap that people keep going on about. In Red Dawn, the good old U.S.A gets invaded by a known and hated enemy, in TWTWB, we get invaded by...a mystery coalition thingy. Who invaded us isn't the point, so much as how the key characters in the story respond to this threat.

Sirbubbles01 on Mar 24, 2011


The book is a great read but the movie is good too.

Koowie on May 10, 2011

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