Ennis' Apocalyptic Horror Comic 'Crossed' is Getting Adapted

April 16, 2010

Garth Ennis Crossed

Even though we're still waiting to find out how well Kick-Ass does this weekend, it's already started to have an impact on the industry. Variety reports that producers Michael De Luca, Jason Netter and Kevin Spacey's Trigger Street Prods are trying to find independent financing for an adaptation of Garth Ennis' apocalyptic horror comic book series Crossed. As you know, Kick-Ass was financed independently by Vaughn and not sold to any studio until it was 100% finished. If it's a big success this weekend (which I think it will be), we might see this development tactic more often, as it gives the filmmakers (not the studio) complete control.

Ennis, who's become a popular writer in Hollywood recently, wrote an early version of the Crossed script that is being shown to prospective directors. The story follows survivors "dealing with a zombie-like plague that causes it victims to carry out their most evil thoughts and wishes, including murder, rape, mutilation, arson" and so on. Sounds like this is a very edgy and violent comic, which is why they need to independently finance this, because there's no way any studio would make this the way they want. It's unfortunate that they have to go to these lengths to adapt a comic, but if the end result produces fantastic movies, then why not.

For now, they're still looking for financing and a director, so we'll keep you updated. I haven't read Crossed or its follow-up series Crossed: Family Values, but it sounds intense. Avatar published a Complete Guide to the Crossed comic which you can check out for an intro. Is anyone out there familiar with the comic?

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Preacher 1st PLZ

nelson on Apr 16, 2010


Took the words right out of my mouth nelson. Why can't Hollywood types tap a writers best shit? Preacher, hands down, best Garth Ennis work.

Forget It on Apr 16, 2010


It's a very, and I mean very, graphic comic that tries to be deep but ultimately falls flat. It's merely a vehicle to shock people while having some sort of survival adventure aspect to it. I bet Eli Roth would chomp at the bit to direct this.

Rashad on Apr 16, 2010


i smell an NC-17 Rating for this film

big758 on Apr 16, 2010


A NC-17 Rating for this movie would be cool but no one would want to see a film that including murder, rape, mutilation, arson" and, well, you get the picture. Extremely-Violent Stuff and to make it even worst the right-wing news media will start some bullshit controversy that can trigger an outstorm in the christian community for it's dark and straight down right fuck up evil religion themes.

CJ on Apr 16, 2010


but this going to be done independently so. all bet are off

CJ on Apr 16, 2010


Crossed was amusing, but it is, like pretty much everything Ennis has ever done, violence, gore, rape, and brutality, for the sake of those things. there is no deeper meaning, there is no ultimate point to it all. it is just harsh, brutal, and ultimately depressing violence that leaves you feeling empty and cold inside. I LOVE IT!

Owenlars2 on Apr 16, 2010


"...Kick-Ass was financed independently by Vaughn and not sold to any studio until it was 100% finished" Tell me more, how does this work, they sell it with a profit then and there, and see no points off the boxoffice, or how does this work? I heard the same story for that abyssally crappy "movie" Paranormal Activity, made and sold to the studio. Never found out what the filmmakers made off the boxoffice profits?

David Banner on Apr 16, 2010


If they are going to make movie that is so sickening then they should work on Joe Lansdale's Drive-In:

Brian on Apr 16, 2010


There's no way to make a mainstream movie of this comic and have it true to the comic. NC-17 doesn't even begin to describe the craziness. Haven't read a more messed up comic series in my life.

Chris H. on Apr 16, 2010


Just because it might be done independently doesn't mean that all bets are off. Look at Kick-Ass it was adapted independently and they still changed it to make it suitable for audiences. They took out all the tragedy and made it happier than it was originally written to be. They will changed Crossed so that they can make money off of it. Why satisfy the minority when you can make money off the majority?

Emily on Apr 18, 2010


Hmmm. Ennis's work? How about Hitman, The Boys, Preacher, Punisher: Max anyone?

harm on Apr 18, 2010


if this film does get made they need to tone down the sick and ugly stuff from the comic like the rape scenes need to be tone down. but don't waterdown the whole film just waterdown the rape scenes. that's all.

don on Jun 25, 2010


I think it should be Preacher and then The Boys that get adapted....both those titles are much better than Crossed.

Vic V on Dec 27, 2010

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