Gemma Arterton in 'Keys to the Street,' Maybe 'Alien' Prequels

September 6, 2010
Source: The Playlist

Gemma Arterton

Although I've stated that I've had my fill of Gemma Arterton in her combined bland, exposition riddled roles in Clash of the Titans and Prince of Persia, I've heard nothing but surprisingly good things about her in The Disappearance of Alice Creed. Hopefully with opportunities to be more than eye candy or a facilitator of plot devices, she can prove herself to be a great actress. Those opportunities may be coming soon as The Playlist found a Sunday Times interview (not available online) where Arterton revealed a few new projects: the Christopher Nolan-written thriller The Keys to the Street and maybe Ridley Scott's Alien prequels.

The first project is an adaptation of Ruth Rendell's novel of the same name that Nolan wrote shortly after his first film Following in 1998, so this is quite an old project. Apparently the script wasn't all that great, but that criticism is from someone who wasn't immensely impressed by The Dark Knight (at least at the script level), so you can do what you will with that info. Since then, the script has been reworked by Michael Stokes (not the most talented of writers as you'll see from his previous work), and I'm willing to bet Nolan has nothing to do with this project anymore. I suppose Stokes re-write could've easily been thrown out, but all we know is Arterton loves the current script, as she said, "Why on Earth has this film been sitting around?"

In addition, Arterton briefly mentions that she's attached to In With the Outlaws, a British cowboy film from director Richard E. Grant. However, the most interesting tidbit from the interview is her revealing a future meeting with Ridley Scott to talk about the Alien prequels. Though she doesn't sound that excited (or informed) Arterton said: " Ridley Scott saw Alice Creed and loved it. He wants me to meet for Aliens: The Remake or something." When she talks about the project and the prospect of a meeting just like that, it doesn't instill too much confidence in her taking a role akin to Sigourney Weaver's kick-ass heroine Ellen Ripley. We're not sure what Scott has in mind, but I guess we'll find out soon. An early meeting certainly isn't a guarantee of any casting, but it at least gives us hope that progress on those prequels is being made.

Once again, Arterton has some work to do before I throw my full support behind her, but maybe these new opportunities will provide the chance to shine. Since there seems to be a lot of unanswered questions and vague information on the aforementioned projects, we'll try to keep you posted as each of them develops.

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I loved to see her work with Ridley Scott.

Xerxex on Sep 6, 2010


Gemma Arterton is a great actress. Clash of the Titans and Prince of Persia are just terrible movies that did nothing to show how talented Gemma is.

Marie on Sep 6, 2010


#2 - cate blancett is a great actress.............jodie foster is a great actress..............gemma arterton is NOT a great actress. xerxex..........huh?...............why RS?

beavis on Sep 6, 2010


definitely cannot say that she's proven herself to be a good actress yet. her acting in Alice Creed was decent, and it wasnt a bad movie overall. but, as shallow of me to say so, her getting naked probably helped with most peoples opinions, or at least distracted them from her actual acting, i know it did for me a bit. i mean, what can i say. she's hot. sry. probably have to watch it again to be able to critique on her actual acting, lol.

lego on Sep 6, 2010


beavis I think Scott could bring out the best of her, he's a brilliant director. Arterton has the potential to be a top actress in the same vein as Blancett, Swinton, and Foster...with dabs of Audrey Hepburn.

Xerxex on Sep 6, 2010


yeah yeah yeah..she's hot and everything but ... meh ok i'll forget the annoying role in prince of persia by just looking at her tits again *wink*

adrian on Sep 6, 2010


xerxex, i think you're setting the bar too high for this actress. agree on Scott.............i LOVE everything he does............especially his period pieces. i NEVER get tired of watching kingdom of heaven.

beavis on Sep 6, 2010


Nepotism is alive and well....look at rebbecca hall and knightley.See what Shane Meadows has to say about,indirectly.London is full of far more talented and more beautiful actresses.

tir na nog on Sep 7, 2010


#2 Don't forget she was in Quantum of Solace too, which was also terrible. But I do agree with you. She's a great actress and shockingly beautiful to boot; she just has a knack for winding up in terrible movies.

Craig on Sep 7, 2010


Give her time beavis, I know I say that a lot but dammit I'm a optimist! I'm sure she'll get better over time. I recently re-watched the DC version of Kingdom of Heaven, best time ever!

Xerxex on Sep 7, 2010


i'll try xerxex...........but i'm feeling she's another ann hathaway (which is not good) i have the DC verison of KoH on bluray - AWESOME!

beavis on Sep 7, 2010


that's all that matters beavis, that you try! KoH never gets old, never!

Xerxex on Sep 7, 2010

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