George Lucas Producing a Mystery CGI Musical with Fairies

January 27, 2010
Source: Heat Vision

George Lucas

It almost sounds like something The Onion would craft for laughs, but this is absolutely true as THR's Heat Vision reports George Lucas is in pre-production at Skywalker Ranch on an untitled, super secret, CGI musical of which the only plot details that have come to surface are that it features fairies. I guess if James Cameron can remake Fern Gully, Lucas thinks he should take a crack at it. I jest, but the project does seem a little out of the ordinary. But then again, I remember some in depth discussion about the creation of the space opera that takes place in Revenge of the Sith so maybe its some kind of weird passion project for him.

Directing the film is Kevin Munroe who most recently brought us the moderately cool CGI action TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles if you're not familiar), and he's working from a script by David Berenbaum (Elf, The Spiderwick Chronicles), but it's not clear if Berenbaum worked from an original story idea from Lucas (it sounds like that's the case). If history is any indication that's usually when Lucas' ideas are best utilized since they have a filter before they're thrown onto a screen. LucasFilm says it's too early to even comment on the project, so we'll just wait to hear what Lucas has up his sleeve. In the meantime, his next project Red Tails is in post-production, so sooner than later we'll see something from that. Sound good?

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Idk...sounds a little stupid, perhaps even gay.

guh on Jan 27, 2010


note to Mr. Lucas... hire a screenwriter & director.

Trip on Jan 27, 2010


It sounds like something that will probably end up being a guilty pleasure kind of thing. You'll go see it but you won't really tell your friends you are. Probably end up having some small cult following. No matter what it sounds very odd.

Pale Paul on Jan 27, 2010


you should probably change the title of this article to, "George Lucas Producing More Crap"

Voice of Reason on Jan 27, 2010


I gotta give it to Lucas Star Wars was his baby, and I loved them if he wants to do a CGI Fariy Musical I say go for it.

Xerxex on Jan 27, 2010


oh boy... :s

Dreckent on Jan 27, 2010


I once had an idea similar to that - mine involve 7 pianist and a great movie director. The aim is to take you through this emotional journey, which will be quite boring actually. But nonetheless, it's something new that I won't mind spending a few bucks for. having said that, the CGI and the music must be over the top awesome to make this work. Otherwise, it'll be a piece of crap.

ozroby on Jan 27, 2010


Rumors are that the fairies are Bounty Hunters who wear body armor made out of raretanium and shoot lasers from their magic wands.

Mega Jet Jaguar on Jan 27, 2010


George Lucas has lost his mind. First he ruins the best franchise film series ever to be created, Star Wars, by re-releasing them with added CGI effects and extra footage. It’s like adding some people at the last supper or just re-painting the Sistine Chapel. Well maybe not that detrimental but the point is it was perfect the way it was. Then He releases his travesty three-part prequel to the original Star Wars story with even more ridiculous CGI scenes, acting, and plot line. Further more he destroys another beloved film trilogy, Indiana Jones, by making a fourth installment that involves aliens and a geriatric version of Harrison Ford with an even more ridiculous, incoherent story line. Now he decides to re-re-release star wars because he thinks it should be in 3-D. Finally this news about musical fairies is just to much when will it end? As far as I'm concerned is now officially dead to me.

Greg on Jan 27, 2010


Can you Say EPIC FAIL!!!!!???

Big Cam on Jan 27, 2010


More Lucas haters here too? Boy, I can't get away from these guys! Xerxes is the most optimistic one on the board! Sticking to the actual NEWS STORY (ahem) I'd say that Lucasfilm has a good chance at overtaking a domain recently dominated by the Walt Disney Company (fairy tales, musicals, family audiences, etc...). This is, of course, supposing the film is done correctly, without cheap animation or a messy script. I'd have to hear more about this project before I can truly give it thumbs up or thumbs down, but the fact that Lucas is making films other than Star Wars and Indy is always a good thing. I am still cautious, however, as it can potentially be a rip-off of the Disney fairies franchise. I hope it is more along the lines of the "classic" fairy, such as the fairies of the Shakespearean "Midsummer Night's Dream" variety.

Ken on Jan 27, 2010


George Lucas is a musical fairie

DoomCanoe on Jan 27, 2010


George Lucas is dead. He made the original Star Wars and Indy trilogies and died upon their completion. Fox Studios removed the skin from his corpse and placed it on a metal endoskeleton. The George Lucas infiltrator, Series THX-1138 Model 101, was then given a primary directive. To milk the creations of Lucas for all they were worth and to trash the overall quality of his franchises in the process. It's secondary directive was to find new ways to take further advantage of children. It's first attempt at this was the creation of the Clone Wars series. The Clone Wars succeeded, but that was not enough. It's second attempt at taking complete advantage of children was to create a new franchise about singing fairies.

Alex T. on Jan 27, 2010


Get a grip people! Everybody knows that his movies are essentially targeted for children 6 to 12 yrs of age. Your reactions are normal because we are all adults. However I have recently had the guilty pleasure of introducing Star Wars (The Clone Wars) to my little girl, who's only 4 yrs old and she loves R2D2 and wouldn't stop talking about Yoda. My nephews loved the prequels and went crazy for the Clones, Jango Fett and Anakin. That feeling was the same for us with the original trilogy. What everybody is failing to see is that Lucas is slowly planting all of his seeds for new tv franchise series and movies for a new generation. MTFBWY

Bobby on Jan 28, 2010


As David Berenbaum is writing the screenplay I wonder if there is any connection to the Kith & Kin graphic novels by Holly Black (she co-wrote the Spiderwick Chronicles which Berenbaum adapted for the screen).

Ville on Jan 28, 2010


Fuck. Rly? Poor George. He's like that sweet old gramma that's bat shit crazy now, but loved and spoiled you so damn much when you were younger, you just gotta humor 'em. "Oh, that's great George! Can't wait to see it!" /sigh

bozo on Jan 28, 2010


Com on George, this sounds too Daft to laugh at. A musical what? are you going to have C3PO and R2D2 Go bleep,bleep,bleep to music: " Musicals have had there time, they tryed it with Nine. Reviews i read said it was Rubbish. In my mind George should give musicals a wide berth.

Cineprog on Jan 28, 2010


As optimistic as I generally am, I feel as though Lucas lacks a certain degree of creative chops. Given the recent "Indiana Jones" flick, it's as though Lucas never really overcame his creative shortcomings-whether it was plot, characters, nor even dialogue. I sure hope he does well with this, but he's on a different creative plane than James Cameron. Godspeed George! Make me a believer! 🙂

Spider on Jan 28, 2010


YKIES! Howard the Duck!

Rolando on Jan 28, 2010

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Guest on Jan 9, 2011

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