Get an Encom I.D. Now - New Tron Legacy Viral Mini-Game!

March 10, 2010

Arcade Aid

If you've been following the viral updates for Tron Legacy and are excited for the movie, you'll definitely want to participate in this! Earlier this week, we wrote about an update on the Flynn Lives viral site that lead to the discovery of the new teaser trailer. Another update arrived on today and found in the message boards was a new post about some new game on another new viral (you following?). Found there is a mini-game called The Challenging Stage involving finding video game names in a pixel city. What do you get in the end? Your own official Encom Employee ID badge which will be mailed out to you soon.

So how does all of this work and what's the point? Well, here are all of the details, or at least what I've been able to figure out. The new viral site is called Arcade Aid ( and it's actually a pretty badass site. The (fake) company seems to be an arcade sales & repair shop, with mentions of the Tron and Space Paranoids arcade machines all over the site. But found on this page - - is one of those "name the video game" kind of images where you have to identify all 56 various video games hidden in a huge pixel city. We featured a similar one called the Cryptic Canvas last year with movie titles.

Click the photo directly below to head to the site and play the mini-game. It's quite addicting, I must say!

Arcade Aid - The Challenging Stage

Once you beat the game and fill in all 56 names (while logged in with your Flynn Lives account), you will be taken to a page where you submit your personal info in order to get a "Special Access" Encom ID. I have a feeling what they're doing is creating a Flynn Lives anti-Encom army, similar to the Joker army from The Dark Knight. This ID will probably end up giving us access to some sort of special event or Flynn's Arcade replica or something related to the viral in the future - so you better get one of these now. It says at the end that the badge will be sent out to you soon, so you will get a physical one with your name and photo on it.

That's the only Tron Legacy viral update at the moment, but there's plenty to explore in the ARG world if you're interested. That Arcade Aid site is also pretty cool, so I suggest browsing through it as well. I have to thank the guys at Unfiction for figuring all of this out. These guys know there virals and kick ass at finding hidden secrets. If you're having trouble coming up with all 56 games, there are places that have the big list, but I'm not giving you that info. Most involve interpreting the image in a simple way. For example, Double Dragon (I'll give you that one) just shows two dragons, Give it a shot and let us know if you get a badge, too!

Encom ID Badge Screenshot

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That game was so much fun! It took me a while for a few but I got them all. Finally I have more than just the badge you get for joining on my Flynn Lives Profile.

Joe Ho on Mar 10, 2010



zeldaprimed on Mar 11, 2010


I am down to 10 left, willing to trade for... 14 15 20 23 24 28 36 41 42 55 If this is not allowed please disregard.

IKE on Mar 11, 2010


Disregard, if you need assistance head over to Unification forums, no need to duplicate.

IKE on Mar 11, 2010


1 - Call of Duty 2 - Outrun 3 - Frogger 4 - Homerun 5 - 720 6 - NBA Jam 7 - Flower 8 - Rampage 9 - Worms 10 - Punch Out 11 - BurgerTime 12 - Balloon Fight 13 - Vanguard 14- Minesweeper 15 - Faceoff 16 - Stargate 17 - Star Castle 18 - Golden Tee 19 - Dragonball Z 20 - Halo 21 - Discs of Tron 22 - Tron 23 - Crossbow 24 - Shadow of the Colossus 25 - Tiger Heli 26 - Burnout 27 - Super Cobra 28 - Space Ace 29 - Boulder Dash 30 - Smash TV 31 - Silent Hill 32 - Birdie King 33 - R Type 34 - Missile Command 35 - Food Fight 36 - Timesplitters 37 - Bomberman 38 - Golden Axe 39 - Double Dragon 40 - Bejeweled 41 - Donkey Konga 42 - Fallout 43 - Paperboy 44 - Firetruck 45 - Guitar Hero 46 - Spy Hunter 47 - Joust 48 - Asteroids 49 - Dig Dug 50 - Popeye 51 - Goldeneye 52 - Seawolf 53 - Starfox 54 - Mousetrap 55 - Defender 56 - Metal Slug

Cash Gozere on Mar 11, 2010


It says they will send you a package (within 2-3 weeks), is this true?

Robbie on Mar 11, 2010


#5 Had I known you posted all the answers I would have just come here,but I didn't. I however have a friend who is a game fiend. Alex I'm relying on you to tell us as soon as possible what the fuck these badges are for man!!! 😉

jeffrey on Mar 11, 2010


As one of those guys at Unfiction....thanks for doling out the credit. It's much appreciated. Also, why not hop into the IRC chat? #flynnlives It's fun.

Taro on Mar 11, 2010


yay! just finished... I had to cheat for like 4 games... I hope something really comes in the mail!!!

Mel on Mar 11, 2010


Got the confirmation that a badge is on the way... and I called the Arcade Aid (314) number and left a message too!

Andrew on Mar 11, 2010


Man, this is the best build up to a movie ever, can't wait to get my encom id in the post.

Rocker on Mar 11, 2010


haha love the arcade is a saint louis number, we never get anything

Hale18 on Mar 11, 2010


I finished it but I got nothing..  what can I do?

Noir on Jun 4, 2011

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