Girl With the Dragon Tattoo to Be Hard R, Fincher for Trilogy?

July 19, 2010
Source: The Wrap

David Fincher - The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

We've known since earlier this year that David Fincher would be directing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo remake, the first in Sony's re-adaptation of the popular Millennium Trilogy. In addition to Fincher's directing, we've even heard that Daniel Craig had landed one of the lead roles in the flick, and there's been plenty of rumors of actresses like Carey Mulligan potentially snagging a lead role. Now we're finally getting wind of the style and tone for the American take on the series as The Wrap interviewed Sony's co-chair Amy Pascal who revealed the films will be "very R-rated" and hopefully Fincher will be on-board for all of them.

SlashFilm scoured the extended interview and found this relevant bit from Pascal in regards to the trilogy:

"We're going to really do this, in all their glory. Otherwise why do it? They're very R-rated movies. It's the shock of what's really going on underneath the surface of society. If you don't actually make good on that, you haven't told the story."

In addition, Fincher is ready to direct all three installments and so is Pascal: "I'm hoping he will. And he's hoping he will." How soon can we expect to see the trilogy get off the ground? "Well, I'm going to try to get these movies out as fast as possible. But, you know, we'll have the first one next Christmas. And hopefully, the next two as quick as I can get them. We're trying to figure that out now." And if the critical reception for the Swedish version (at least the first film) is any indicator, there should be plenty of people looking forward to Fincher's version, especially if he has free reign to be as violent, gritty and loyal to the books as possible.

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It would make no sense to make these films if they weren't hard-R. The impact of the films comes from the way in which the violence and abuse is shown directly, not glorified or cut-away from. This is one of the few remakes I'm completely behind, I really love the trilogy of films and think Fincher's directing style and the cinematography he deploys will do the material justice. I take it Daniel Craig is going to be playing Mikael Blomkvist?

GonzoCoyote on Jul 19, 2010


did the original even come out yet lol

nelson on Jul 19, 2010


well that's good news.

Xerxex on Jul 19, 2010


I'm just going to say it since i know I'm in the minority on this (since I know there will be plenty of DIS MOVIE IS MASTERPIECE!! posts), but I don't think The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was that great of a film to begin with. Don't get me wrong, there are great performances and visually the movie looks astounding. But as whole, I didn't really like it that much. I thought first half of the film was fairly boring and I really didn't think the rape scenes were all that necessary. Not because it shocked me, but mostly because I felt they really didn't add anything to the plot. I get the point of those scenes, but I think it would have been better if those scenes were implied. So I'm hoping that a remake could fix the problems I had with the first film.

SkaOreo on Jul 19, 2010


David Fincher is god.

Ben on Jul 19, 2010


#4 While it's true that the rape scenes weren't that necessary for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, they are EXTREMELY important for The Girl who Played with Fire (the second film).

Sean Kelly on Jul 19, 2010


First, no sex scenes or even rape scenes are "necessary" to any movie. Unless they are important to the story. But they certainly were for this movie SkaOreo. Did you even read the books? You can't just imply what happened to Lisbeth. It's the reason for who and what she is. And yes, I'm one of those people who think the original movie is a masterpiece. "The Girl Who Played with Fire" was really good, not as great. I'd give it a very strong 8.5 out of 10. But the third, "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest" gets it back to the level of the first (and I'd give it a 9 or 9.5 out of 10). And the court room scenes are riveting. Still, all that said, I hate hate HATE Hollywood remakes. And yest being a huge fan of David Fincher, I'm willing to give him a chance. Don't fuck it up Dave! And that means casting too.

Film Fan on Jul 19, 2010


I think we need a new rating system. I hear the term "Hard R" so much that it's like R is the new PG-13.

peloquin on Jul 19, 2010


If it wasn't I wouldn't bother viewing it. The original was amazing and anything less than an R rating would not come close to reaching the impact the film had. I was a bit put off after hearing a remake was going to be made but the trailers look good and the actors seem to fit as well so here's hoping David pulls it off.

Ken on Jul 19, 2010


alright... i'll catch this one on Netflix later...

John Stamos on Jul 19, 2010


No need to remake. Just let the originals be.

germs on Jul 19, 2010


I'm swedish, the originals are overrated and filled with theatrical overacting. I'm all for Finchers remakes!

ryderup on Jul 19, 2010


guys if you buy the excellent the girl with the dragon tatoo on blu-ray or dvd,you get the trailer for the second movie the girl who played with fire it looks shit hot.

deadpool 72 on Jul 20, 2010


Why the fucking hell do you have to remake every single goddamn film that hasn't been made by Hollywood? Why?? This isn't even funny anymore! That's protectionism at its worst.

c-r-u-x on Jul 20, 2010


deadpool 72 - it's not. trust me. The sequals were made for television, they are not as visually interesting or good as the first one.

ryderup on Jul 20, 2010


@ ryderup its weird you saying that they are made for t.v. the girl who played with fire is getting a cinema release here in england on 27.8.10

deadpool72 on Jul 20, 2010


#16. they got cinema realese in Sweden too - after the first movie became such a superhit. But from the beginning they were meant to be aired on television together with the first film (Girl with the dragon tattoo/Men who hates women) after its cinema-run.

ryderup on Jul 20, 2010


I agree with #11

XXX on Jul 20, 2010


@ ryderup cheers mate,didn't relize i now have a bit more knowledge on the films.

deadpool72 on Jul 20, 2010


Cannot agree with #11 more...why remake when the current trilogy is so great. This is the problem with some Americans, they want it to be theirs. Just like with let the right one in. Funny thing...I am American.

Andrew on Jul 21, 2010


I haven't seen any of these, but Dragon Tattoo is on the S.O.N.Y Pile for me SONY as in Soon, Only Not Yet. I'm not down with the remakes or rebootamakenings as I like to call them, but Fincher is one of those directors for me who gets the perpetual benefit of the doubt for me. I haven't been let down yet, and I'm sure he'll do this trilogy proper. Posters for the original trilogy here: Dragon Tattoo Played With Fire Kicked the Hornet's Nest

DLM Entertainment on Jul 21, 2010

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