'Glee' Creator May Direct 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' Remake

October 19, 2010
Source: Deadline

Ryan Murphy / Lips

Though Fox's musical series "Glee" has their October 26th episode dedicated entirely to the music and fashions of the 1975 cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the series creator may be spending even more time in the time warp. Deadline reports Ryan Murphy is apparently in line to direct Fox 2000's remake of everyone's favorite transvestite fueled musical. While I'm not a die-hard fan, it seems a bit excessive that Murphy gets to direct an entire episode full of Rocky Horror musical numbers only to follow it up with a remake of the entire film itself. The biggest question is whether or not die hard fans want their precious musical remade at all.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Personally, the fact that The Rocky Horror Picture Show still rakes in money from midnight showings (particularly around Halloween), why do we need an all new version? The short answer is money, and if only a couple cast members from "Glee" make it into the remake, then the audiences would quickly follow (even if Murphy's adaptation of Eat Pray Love wasn't a huge blockbuster). I gotta say, Jane Lynch as Dr. Frank-N-Furter has a certain amount of appeal, but that kind of ruins the whole transvestite from Transexual, Transulvania angle. Murphy's involvement isn't set in stone though, so the "Glee" overlap may not be an issue. While the choice of director will be integral as to whether audiences welcome this remake, I'm not exactly shivering with antici…pation. How about you?

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Leave it alone. Unless the director is Terry Gilliam and Tim Curry has at LEAST a strange cameo then I say leave it be. Whether or not the freaky, devoted stage-play Rocky fans want to admit it, they WILL go see this movie. And it WILL make money. But it would just be so awful.

Cracky on Oct 19, 2010


Don't remake it, just do a Anniversary DVD/Blu-Ray release and a threatical run. Glee is a good show, funny as hell...He needs to stick with that for now.

Xerxex on Oct 19, 2010


How can you remake Tim Curry? o i know LETS DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN! no need for a remake, what are they gonna make it pg13 and instead of a transvestite from Transyvania, have a alternate-lifestyle man from Austria?

D on Oct 19, 2010


I say go for it. There are stage versions of The RHPS all over. Why not film it again as well? Heck give Tim Curry a good cameo in it.

tivdatsun on Oct 19, 2010


*sigh* Don't remake....please...

Sabes on Oct 19, 2010


NO! RHPS is a cult classic, and you do not mess with a cult classic.

cinemabandit on Oct 19, 2010


Anyone else craving Dairy Queen now?

Matt on Oct 19, 2010


I cant wait for gLee for rocky horror. They are putting a new twist ina classic and making it somewhat modern! say lets go for it and see how amazing it will be... Just like how gLee is every week! ūüôā

Skye on Oct 19, 2010


There really is no reason to remake this.....I lost some interest in living.

Al on Oct 19, 2010


It's sad to say that I'm not longing for the time when MTV was looking to remake RHPS with Marilyn Manson as Frank. As appalling a notion as that was, at least it would have been interesting. The thought of a RHPS remake with even the slightest taint of Glee in it makes me tense up involuntarily.

Mychal on Oct 19, 2010


Nope. Do not want. No modern twist with modern stars. Nope. They tried to do this with Fame, and we all know that was a huge mistake.

Hey Wowza on Oct 19, 2010


Not saying I'm for a remake, but if it is being done, I'd like to see Adam Lambert as Dr. F...

Jason Morrison on Oct 19, 2010


Please no! Rocky Horror is a cult classic, and any time you mess with one of those its gonna end poorly, even if it with Glee. No modern twist with modern characters. change is bad.

Jim on Oct 20, 2010


Don't. Fucking. Even.

Brittney on Oct 22, 2010


This should never be remade. Not because its any good but because there is just no justifiable reason to do so!

Adam on Oct 25, 2010


what the hell is to be gained form remaking this ???? no f*&^ing talent hacks in H' should be illegal to do shit like this...I hope they lose every goddam penny they put into this crap...

rahjneesh on Oct 26, 2010


They said that about the Wizard of Ozz. The Wiz. That was a hit. Wasn't it? Besides, if you get really good unknowns with the exception of Adam Lambert, I think it would be pretty good. Adam as Frank N. Furter and a bunch of unknowns in the movie. Wasn't the original with alot of relatively unknown actors just starting out? P.S. Kelly Osbourn and Columbia.

Janet on Oct 27, 2010


This seems so random. And I definitely don't want Glee to do it. Glee is great, but I was disappointed with the RHPS episode, frankly. If they remade it, they risk it just become some stupid adaption for teenagers who don't bother to see the original. However, if they did remake it, I disagree with having Lambert -- I'd like to see Robert Downey Jr. be Dr. Frank-n-Furter. That'd be sweet.

T on Oct 31, 2010


Hey at least it's not MTV trying to remake it.  That would've been a total disaster.

Quadrophenia28 on May 25, 2011


OK guys... open minds here.  Let's imagine for a moment that Tim Burton adds a crazy horror twist to a potential re-make.  But modernized.   We have Brad and Janet played by Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake, Marilyn Manson as Dr. Frankenfurter, Maynard James Keenan (from Tool) to play Riff Raff, Rob Zombie to play Eddie (Meatloaf's part, the satanic Mechanic), Lady Gaga to play Megenta, etc.  Get HUGE named musicians to play the main roles. You have the same concept, but with the visuals and effects of Tim Burton.  BUT, instead of the quirkyness of it all, I'm visualizing lots of S&M, hooks, chains, people being tortured, blood, fear, sex.  Very disturbing images.  Something you won't bring your folks out to watch with you.  "Rated Very R" The Glee thing, sounds very gay.  (Not in a homosexual way either).   A real rocky HORROR can be done.  The music would all be re-made into a modern 'metal-esque' vibe.    

mikemagee on Jul 2, 2011


the guy above.....rocky horror is not meant to be a horror. its a sexy, sometimes comical, definately weird cult classic and should stay as it is. as open minded as i am i don't want to see one my favourate films turned into a gorefest. as for the remake, im unsure. who could really replace mr tim curry as frank n furter? rli? if it can be done right then yeah, i'm all for it but remaking a movie as classic as this has the potential to ruin a lot of happy fans feelings about such a gem of a film.

katykat on Oct 1, 2011


The only way I would be even a little ok with this was it only unknown actors were cast. If there are any big names (not counting the original cast) I'd never watch it. If anything good should come out of this nightmare I hope some die hard fans get their big break. I don't want to watch Lea Michelle and Russell Brand: I want to see some mega fans doing there absolute best to tribute the original.

Madeline on Jul 5, 2012

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