Green Lantern Movie Will Spend Lots of Time in Outer Space

January 25, 2010
Source: MTV

Green Lantern

While out promoting his new film Edge of Darkness, marking the return of Mel Gibson to the big screen, director Martin Campbell talked with MTV (again) about Green Lantern. This time, the talk was about how much time the film will spend in space since it's an integral part of the story. He explains: "I don't know what the percentage is, but there's quite a bit in space. The initial trip up there, the training sessions he has to go through in order to become a Green Lantern. Then, of course at the end, he goes back up to Oa again. There are a couple of bits [on Earth] in between. I think there will be enough to satisfy everybody."

Obviously there will need to be a happy balance since villain Hector Hammond isn't exactly based in outer space, and Hal Jordan's love interest Carol Ferris has an Earth-based life as well. Yet again this will be another element making Green Lantern a unique superhero movie since the only films that had ever had any focus on outer space have been Superman Returns (albeit very briefly and mainly in the opening credit sequence) and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (since the Surfer came from space and thwarted Galactus as he was engulfing the Earth). Hopefully I haven't missed any? As always we're looking forward to hearing whatever bits of info we can, and we will keep you updated on the development of Green Lantern.

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An intergalactic superhero story takes place in outer space? No way!

1-7 on Jan 25, 2010


yeah you missed that scene in iron man 🙂 well he came close to space untill his suit freezed up on him lol

Spider94 on Jan 25, 2010


I heard a rumor that Alan Scott will be in this movie also!

Victor on Jan 25, 2010


ahem...I think you meant froze Mr. Spider94 :o)

pel on Jan 25, 2010


sounds awesome, Reynolds can now take on any role he wants, "Buried" will let the haters know that he can act!

Xerxex on Jan 25, 2010


I need to see a poster... now!

Dreckent on Jan 25, 2010


Watchmen was in space too!

dave on Jan 25, 2010


i was about to say watchmen*t how could i forget watchmen

Spider94 on Jan 25, 2010


i like the sound of that if it's believable.

mike on Jan 25, 2010


What about Superman 2? Cant wait for a trailer this summer!

Crump's Brother on Jan 25, 2010


Watchmen was more just deserts of mars than outer space. I like the sound of this though.

Cody on Jan 25, 2010


Could be fun, but space seems like a nearly 100% CGI endeavor, and often when the characters go full CGI, a lot is lost....ultimately, we'll see. It does no good to speculate on these kinds of things as they're the first steps to getting your hopes up for something thats in your head and wont ever be on screen.

Voice of Reason on Jan 26, 2010


Don't get so hung up on Hector Hammond being in the movie meaning that he has to be the villain. It could end up that he's just like Dr. Curt Connors: there for a possibility for a future movie. If the Secret Origin story is followed, Hammond is a minor villain, before Hal and Sinestro team up to take down Atrocitus of the Five Inversions. speculates that the main villain will be Legion, based on a 2008 script they allegedly found, but Legion as the origin's villain is outdated and no longer canon.

Colin on Jan 26, 2010


Rob Liefeld said this back in september look here

andy on Jan 26, 2010


Intragalactic travel has been part of Green Lantern since the beginning--of the silver age, anyway. GL was always running up to OA to confront his little blue guy bosses or hang with his alien GL pals. Also, over in Justice League, who in those days (esp. early 60s) did a lot of space stuff, GL would pull Batman, Flash, Green Arrow, etc. in big green bubbles to where ever they were going. DC used to advertise him as their cosmic hero. Personally, I'd rather see Sinestro or Star Sapphire as the main villain(ess).

zubzwank on Jan 26, 2010

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