Green Lantern Wrapped + Harry Potter Writer Boards Sequel

August 9, 2010

Green Lantern

Back in February, production began on DC Entertainment's, Martin Campbell-directed adaptation of Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds. Now just over one hundred days later DC Entertainment's CCO and comic book writer Geoff Johns wrote on Twitter that principal photography had wrapped for the superhero flick and, "as co-producer of the film, I am very, very proud of what we’ve got in store. Much more to come." As DC moves into the effects heavy post-production process, Variety reports that writer Michael Goldenberg (Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix) has been brought in to write the already in development sequel.

Having adapted the longest book in the Harry Potter series, Goldenberg is no stranger to adapting a story with extensive mythology and rabid fans and making it fit into a very nice cinematic package. Order of the Phoenix was a hard book to cram into a two-and-a-half hour movie, and I can't imagine an entire collection of comics being any easier to adapt. It sounds like he's the right man for the job though. Aside from his work in the Harry Potter franchise, Goldenberg also worked on a re-write for the original Green Lantern script, so he's not entirely fresh meat for the comic book property. Glad to see WB and DC making good decisions.

Warner Bros had already ordered Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim (who wrote the first Green Lantern) to write a treatment for the sequel, but this rapid progress with almost an entire year before the franchise even launches means the studio has taken a Green Lantern oath of its own. That trio of writers were also working on a treatment for The Flash as well, but would have to choose only one of the projects for which they would write the actual script (hint, hint). So with Goldenberg's boarding Green Lantern 2 as writer, it sounds like they've chosen to write the full screenplay for The Flash as their next job. Excited?

Meanwhile, actor Temuera Morrison (who plays Abin Sur in the movie ) has already talked about plans to bring his character back for a sequel, so we've got a slight idea of where Goldenberg will be heading with the script, plus there's Sinestro's inevitable path. Stay tuned as more Green Lantern updates become available.

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dude, they killed it with reynolds to begin with...hope the movie doesn't suffer because of him...

ray on Aug 9, 2010


I want a trailer!

Dandooo on Aug 9, 2010


I don't have super high expectations for this movie. DC is just hoping that it can take some attention away from 'The Avengers.'

Alex C. on Aug 9, 2010


dc is getting no where with the justice league movie,they screwed it up starting with nolans batman and singers superman movie.if only they planned it ahead of time like what marvel did

Spider94 on Aug 9, 2010


I don't get it - why don't you have high expectations #3? What makes you think they won't pull it off? Especially with Geoff Johns and everyone saying very good things, I have a feeling this will be pretty awesome.

Alex Billington on Aug 9, 2010


Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix was by far the worst of the movie adaptations of series, so why would this make me happy?

decaffeinated redbull on Aug 9, 2010


After all the sh*t I've seen this summer from the big picture houses, my expectations have dropped astronomically for almost any big tentpole film, and now I can't even trust critics. "The Other Guys" was not good, and neither was "Salt"... "Iron Man 2" and the leaked footage for "Thor" also doesn't help at all. Movies are just looking really bad these days... The only thing "Green Lantern" has going for it is the sturdy Warner Bros. brand, a studio that still seems to protect the rights of the artists who make their big budget films, other than that, Martin Campbell is a hit or miss awesome as "Casino Royale" was, "Edge of Darkness" was incredibly terrible...laughable, even. It was so unevenly paced. And let's not forget, "Vertical Limit", and the last two "Zorro" films. I love the "Green Lantern" property and I've read the comics...the movie of course could be mind-bogglingly good, but it could also be really bad, it's way too early to tell. I'll wait for a trailer to feel any sense of hype about this film. Only looking forward to "Tron: Legacy" at this point.

LINKFX on Aug 9, 2010


I'll hold my expectations off until I see a trailer.....I'm hoping it will rock my world. Anymore pics from the set Alex?

Cmurder on Aug 9, 2010


Hell I thought the writing of The Order of the Phoenix was excellent, I just wanted to get that outta of the way. My biggest fear right now for GL is, are the effects going to overshadow the story? I mean we've seen it all before, I just hope the performances and plot will top the special effects,. Reynolds will be just fine as GL (I would have preferred Bradley Cooper, my opinion.).

Xerxex on Aug 9, 2010


Xerxex, I agree with you, the writing of "The Order of the Phoenix" was easily the best of the whole series so far, right along with "The Half-Blood Prince"... The writing just keeps getting better and better.

LINKFX on Aug 9, 2010


how u guys never mention the new Kilowog pic that has been revealed on comicbookmovie website

tazz on Aug 9, 2010


@LINKFX let's just hope the this streak survives with the next two parts.

Xerxex on Aug 9, 2010


Michael Goldenberg had his work cut out for him. Not only did he have to adapt the longest book in the series, he had to retroactively explain concepts that were cut out of film 3 and 4. It made film 5 a bloated mess, but if he hadn't done that, film 6 and 7 would be burdened with a lot more exposition. It was an exceptional script, exactly what it needed to be, but it would've been a lot better if the scripts for 3 and 4 had been better written. Don't get me wrong, the script for film 3 was good, and made a good film, but as a part of a series it failed miserably. The Harry Potter series was still at that stage where they were trying to make the best possible stand-alone films, not the best possible part of one long story. I'm not sure what changed with film 5, whether it was the writer or the director or both, but that stopped with film 5.

Mark on Aug 9, 2010


#1 and #3... why so pessimistic???? to # 1, you do not expect tom cruise or matt damon or any actor that will suit GL better than RR??? RR is a good actor. Can be funny or serious. That's versatility man!! Have you seen Burried??? to # 3, aren't you impressed with Geoff Johns and everyone on the production??? Good lord....

Iggypop on Aug 9, 2010


actually #1 i have read the original comic, and the personality is IDENTICAL to the way Renolds would be...and #14 has a point....

Jericho on Aug 10, 2010


This is gonna suck terribly...enough already with the corny superhero movies

Telltale Twin on Aug 10, 2010


Looks like everyone is Drinking Hatorade. I think this will be a very good movie. Ryan Reynolds is a great actor cause he shows depth which is what Hal jordan is. He's a funny guy yet he's serious to. I think they found a perfect actor for it. Also, DC is doing good with there movie with the exception of Jonah Hex but that was just wrong to begin with. I guarantee this movie will be better than Iron man or Iron Man 2. Iron man had no story and the only entertainment was seeing the actual suit in action which after watching a couple of minutes of that wasn't even that impressive. How about all of you watch it before you judge.

Rooney on Aug 10, 2010


Oh I’m excited to see this! Ryan will do great, just gotta see how the movie plays out. As far as comic book movies go, Don't care if it comes from a novel, game, comic, short story, kids book, bubble gum wrapper. I enjoy good mixture of sci-fi and action, I think the comics offer a plethora of untouched stories ....but with that some will produce a quick crappy movie for a buck and some will truly be great. Obviously we have seen both. Crappy movies will be made no matter what genre but every once in a while comes a gem.

McWilly on Aug 10, 2010


The problem with de Green Lantern is that no one cares about the Green Lantern. Alas with The Spirit, masked super heroes are a noir niche. I agree that Reynolds is not helping either. He is a comedian. Is like Affleck´s DareDevil all over againg. The trailer was´nt that bad I must admit. Superheroes movies are so 2000´s, even the poster looks cheesy. And then there´s Flash, Thor, Cap´ America, sigh!!.

Jones on Aug 11, 2010

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