Guillermo del Toro's New 'Director's Series' Mondo Tees Posters

December 1, 2010
Source: Mondo Tees

Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy 2 Poster

Every savvy cinephile most likely already knows about Mondo Tees, the Alamo Drafthouse retail store that makes amazing movie related t-shirts (I own quite a few) and even more amazing movie posters, hiring their own graphic artists to redesign posters to their liking. Well, Mondo has just launched what they are calling the "Director's Series", which involves remaking the posters for one director's entire filmography. Up first is Guillermo del Toro and the two movies they chose to launch with are Hellboy II and Blade 2, which coincidentally happen to be the two del Toro films I like the least. That said, these new posters are gorgeous!

Guillermo del Toro's Mondo Poster - Blade 2

Guillermo del Toro's Mondo Poster - Hellboy 2

The Blade 2 poster on the right also comes in a yellow variant which you can see here. These posters will be on sale for $35 on the Mondo website soon and will go very quick, so follow @MondoNews for updates! Mondo has worked with Guillermo to craft unique artistic interpretations of the Hellboy films, Blade 2, The Devil's Backbone, Cronos and Pan's Labryrinth from world famous artists, so there's more to come! Del Toro says about the series: "It is a rare privilege to be included in this mind-blowing poster series. These images enshrine and preserve the energy of the films they depict in a way that no square marketing could!!!"

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Look's good I loved the hellboy movie's and the first 2 blade movie's

MiKe M? on Dec 1, 2010


I love this trend where great graphic designers work on movie posters. In recent past there have been slew of reinvented movie posters that far surpass their originals (or atleast do them justice). Thanks for posting these *thumbs up*

Simon on Dec 1, 2010


loved Hellboy but i thing the poster is too clumped up.......

Jericho on Dec 1, 2010


Interestingly, both these films have exactly the same storyline... Both had rare and a royal family where the son rebels and kills his father. He is after his sister and our hero protects her... but eventually she is killed by her evil brother. Del Toro and team must be acting lazy while writing Hell Boy 2 but still Hell boy 2 was way better than Blade 2 because of its characters.

N. Mohan Singh on Dec 1, 2010


"remaking the posters for one director's entire filmography" - This isn't entirely true. They aren't actually doing a poster for every movie a selected director has made, not even Del Toro. They will pick what they think are the best ones though. The launch of this series was covered by and there they explain their goal in better detail. Definitely follow their twitter if you want one. The Blade II variant will fly, i'm sure.

Ian Kuah on Dec 1, 2010


Blade 2 is the best in that series, the first suffered from lack of vision and the third suffered from a bad story.

xanatos on Dec 1, 2010


I like the Hellboy one better, the lack of the colour black makes it much more easy on the yes than the Blade one, the Hellboy lettering is really good too with the fillin on it. The only thing I think is a bit funny is that the characters are obviously traced from photos, but the creator is a designer and not an artist so it would make sense. The overwhelming use of black in movie posters is a pain, I think on the most part it's a creative cop-out, it's very easy to stick a character/characters on a black background and add some type, it's almost full proof. But as the recent StarWars remix posters posted on the site show, even a film set in space doesn't have to follow the black background rule to be a successful poster. If that was a poster I'd totally buy it. Anyhoos, ranting over.

Crapola on Dec 1, 2010


Mondo Posters? Amazing posters, but its very annoying, have to buy them on eBay for 100-1000% markup, as they only make ca 50 of each and they are sold in 1min flat 🙁

David Banner on Dec 2, 2010


I like these posters more than the ones for Star Wars.

Fisherr on Jan 1, 2011


It seems by chance is that Luke Goss starred in the two movies as the villain as well.

Fisherr on Jan 1, 2011

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