Hardwicke and Weitz Returning for Twilight: Eclipse Reshoots?

April 14, 2010
Source: The Playlist

Twilight: Eclipse

While we're very nonchalant with our distaste for The Twilight Saga, it's never really satisfying to have a film suffer production woes. After dealing with some sketchy comments from director David Slade (which he has since renounced) before he was brought onto the third installment, Eclipse, there's been rumblings of a poor creative relationship between Slade and Summit. Now comes word (via The Playlist) from Lainey Gossip (who Playlist says is reliable) that a few key scenes and fight sequences need reshoots and Summit may potentially bring in previous franchise directors Catherine Hardwicke and/or Chris Weitz instead.

This isn't entirely an off the wall move, as there appeared to be some issues with Slade's work on the third installment as early last month. There's no reason to think there are any negative connotations behind this, however EW reported last month editor Art Jones (who has worked with Slade before) was replaced with Nancy Richardson, who worked on the first film. Apparently producers wanted stronger edit from someone with Twilight experience. Sounds similar to the issues Universal had with The Wolfman, and while this isn't meant to reflect poorly on Slade's work, it doesn't sound like things have been going that well with Summit.

Lainey's source says Slade's working relationship with Summit has had numerous creative differences, and apparently it has deteriorated so much that the production company decided to consider other options for reshoots that will require Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson to work long hours. They say Hardwicke seems a more likely choice as she is currently in Vancouver (where the reshoots would take place) working on pre-production for The Girl With the Red Riding Hood, and that she has even been scouting out studio locations for the reshoots (though she could just as easily be looking for these things for Red Riding Hood).

However, it looks like Slade and Summit may be working things out anyway, and the director could just as easily be brought back in the en anywayd. For now take this news with a grain of salt as a big gossipy rumor, but stay tuned to see if anything else happens. Seems to be a lot of reshoots going on nowadays. Thoughts?

Update: Summit says this isn't accurate, and while there will indeed be some reshoots, it's David Slade who will be directing them. But of course they're going to try and cover up any negativity! Anne Thompson of indieWIRE got a Summit spokesperson to confirm that they're doing "two to three days of 'pick-ups' with Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Vancouver, in the next few weeks" and Slade will be working on them. They also told her that Summit still likes Slade and this could be "the best of the three." Who knows if that is really true? Plus, who really cares? Most people I know aren't even going to see Eclipse in the end anyway.

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Oh just leave it!

fanny on Apr 14, 2010



eric on Apr 14, 2010


Oh god make the suffering stop!

JTMoney on Apr 14, 2010


I understand FS.nets professionalism when reporting everything movie related...but I sometimes wish theyd just not comment on anything to do with these disasters entirely, like they never existed.

Cody w on Apr 14, 2010


They probrably looked at slade's version, and were like "this actually has.........BALLS! THIS CANNOT STAND!" and here i was thinking this one might actually reddem the other 2. guess not

movie mike on Apr 14, 2010


Basically, from what i know, David Slade focused too much on making the action sequences more brutal and spectacular, and tried to go for a darker tone that reflected the monster world of the movie. Obviously, producers got scared at the thought of girls not digging it. In fact, some of the cast had voiced their discontent with the way David Slade was going on about the movie, that it wasn't focusing on the bullshit romance piece of shit that is all the rage amongst girls.

Darunia on Apr 14, 2010


they shouldnt bring in Hardwicke, she did a rotten job on the first movie. She can not direct action shots

D on Apr 14, 2010


Eh who cares, just report when these awful films will stop filming altogether. Is it next year?

M on Apr 14, 2010


who cares? will be a big shit!

Evie on Apr 14, 2010


Why the fuck did you post this?

graffiti bandit on Apr 14, 2010


Well dropping Hardwicke was Summits biggest cock up, but then again I wasn't exactly that impressed with Twilight.

DiR3cT on Apr 14, 2010


Wow you guys are really clever, why would you comment on Alex's choice of news selection and "say who cares, stop reporting this"? That's the most hypocritical thing you could ever post on a news website. Does it hurt that much when you guys use you're brains?

Caitie on Apr 14, 2010


I think the biggest F.U. to the movie would be not to post at all. These movies, I could care less one way or another. I'm not going to fly off the handle over them.

People's Champ on Apr 14, 2010


I'm using my brain: Twilight should burn in hell

Sharlto on Apr 14, 2010


Nothing, not even Hollywood films, should be made to cater to pre-teen girls and overweight lonesome women. NOTHING. For fuck sake, it's almost disturbing. These movies are far worse than even the haters make them out to be. Pure "bait". No heart. No soul. No story. No proper fucking actors/actresses. No fucking movie. Just candy on a string.

Cracky on Apr 14, 2010


Who Gives a flying fuck about Twatlight shit it the same old garbage anyway.

Cineprog on Apr 15, 2010


I love, love, love how you neanderthals bash the Twilight franchise. It is hilarious to see you mental midgets get all hot and bothered over a movie based on a pre-teen girl fantasy book series. Obviously the books are not meant for you "hard-core pipe hitting niggas" (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) But to come on here and talk all this shit about how horrible it is, when you yourselves were probably in the theaters watching the film all alone, because you could never get a girlfriend besides, the one chick that you think is a girl in WoW that you cyber with but is really a 500 pound dude, makes you all a hypocrite. Fact. The actors in the movie are good actors, and no amount of blow-hard, hurf-durf, grandstanding that you or this moron Alex Billington does will change that. Go watch Iron Man and masturbate thinking of RDjr until IM2 comes out. Until then, shut the fuck up and stop making yourselves look even more ignorant and hypocritical. ~fin

Resciprocity on Apr 15, 2010


So Summit is finally paying the consequences of having two movies of the same series made within a half year between with totally different directors. Seriously, they should have seen something like this coming.

Mr.Cookie on Apr 15, 2010


I find this hilarious.

Grichmer on Apr 15, 2010


Resciprocity I get the feeling you were "that guy" in high school...actually by your post I get the feeling you still are "that guy" and are in highschool. Now go do your homework you dumb juvenile.

Cody w on Apr 15, 2010


Agreed. I bet that rant was ALMOST good enough to go on that Myspace of yours, telling all your wee friends about the havoc you wrecked on some Twilight-haters. Long live Edward, you fucking brat.

Cracky on Apr 15, 2010

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