Hayden Christensen Says 'Jumper' Sequel is Being Discussed

August 18, 2010
Source: MTV


Though he tried his hardest, Hayden Christensen didn't fully ruin the sci-fi action movie Jumper. Sure, Mannequin Skywalker didn't make it better, but despite its many shortcomings, I found a certain amount of enjoyment in the concept, plot and Jamie Bell's infinitely higher quality performance. However, that doesn't mean I'm entirely excited about recent talk with Christensen at MTV, who revealed there have been recent talks about a sequel to Jumper. Of course, since Christensen is out promoting the mess that is Takers, he's going to reference higher profile projects to gain more attention no matter how likely or unlikely it may be.

If you have not seen Jumper, then you may want to put on your earmuffs (or your very dark sunglasses, I guess) to avoid spoiling the end of the first film with this sequel talk. Christensen hopes the sequel ends up going "somewhere a little darker." Of course at the end of the first film we learn that David's (Christensen) mother works as a paladin for the organization that has employed Samuel L. Jackson to track down all the jumpers, so Christensen sees the obvious angle there as well as another more intriguing one referencing his character's briefly seen younger sibling. The actor says, "it was sort of set up in a way it's gonna be mother hunting son and possibly even maybe sister hunting brother. We're talking about it, trying to figure it out."

It'd be quite interesting to see David's sister take on the family biz and chase after him and other jumpers, but I'm not so certain that the sequel will end up happening. Like I said, Christensen is probably trying to get as much attention upon himself and Takers, so mentioning a sequel to a somewhat popular big budget project is a good way to do that. We've heard him talk about sequels in the past, but it has been over two years since the first one was released with no one clamoring for a sequel at all. I can't say I'm completely disinterested, but it's not exactly high on my anticipation list. Anyone else want this Jumper sequel?

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AWESOME , i dug this movie, not the best ever made but he got mace windu for a second time and i wish i could jump like these guys , i could think of a thing or 2 and what to do with my power ... HEY its not my money their spendin on production.

o Toxin o on Aug 18, 2010


rather than a sequel a prequel to jaime bells character would be far more interesting.

rockfeller111 on Aug 18, 2010


I hate to jump on the 'crap actor' bandwagon, but this guy really does suck at his craft. I'll give him to a small degree Shattered Glass. Life As a House. Revenge of the Sith. But those were marginal at best. Everything else he's done has just been absolute shit. When he talks it literally grates my ears as if nails were scratching on a chalkboard. There's nothing going on inside.

Alboone on Aug 18, 2010



Gabs on Aug 18, 2010


The first one was cool in that it had potential, except the g/f got annoying. I'd see it.

Solo Calrissian on Aug 18, 2010


Actually I kind of liked him in Jumper. He had a quality I liked, and his character was really unlikeable but came around in the end...of course the movie could have been better but it wasn't the worst thing ever, and it was a pretty solid hit. I really liked him in "Shattered Glass"...

LINKFX on Aug 18, 2010


i thought jumper was really awesome,a sequel sounds good to me unless they find out some crazy way of bringing jackson back

Spider94 on Aug 18, 2010


I'm cool with a sequel, the first one wasn't that bad.

Xerxex on Aug 18, 2010


NOOOO!!! WHY???!!!

David on Aug 18, 2010


I enjoyed the first film. Why the hate against Hayden? I didn't even watch the star wars all the way through. He's not a bad actor. A second film would be nice. Jamie Bell is the man.

Eli on Aug 18, 2010


Never saw Jumper but he was great in Shattered Glass. Mannequin Skywalker = hilarious... I'm assuming that means no one that works at First Showing came up with it.

Kevin on Aug 18, 2010


I was very disappointed with JUMPER 1, but I'm willing to give the sequel a shot since the premise has a lot of potential. Here's to hoping!

Icefilm on Aug 18, 2010


a prequel with Jamie Bell sounds cool. something with Christensen not so much

silver on Aug 18, 2010


I'm not a fan of Mr. Hayden but I admit that Jumper was one of the coolest movies I'd seen. Didn't go to the theatres to see it but still 🙂 I saw it on tv one day at the station cuz nothing else was on and I got interested. I bought the dvd to see the whole thing and I liked it. He sucked in episode 3 but was on point in this movie imo.

JudasBarron on Aug 18, 2010


Jumper sequel is a fantastic idea, the first one has a lot of promising stuff Take out that Rachel Bilson character and put in Kirsten Stewart (who is seen briefly at the end of the 1st jumper) and has her hunting & chasing Hayden, step sibling rivalry, jumping though space time continuum, wreaking havocs all around cities of the globe, can't wait what the creative folks would come up with. They can bring back Samuel l Jackson or not. He seems to be Hollywood's general purpose bad-ass authority figure since his role in Mace Windu. He seems to be playing the same character over and over in Iron Man 2, Jumper, xXx series, The Other Guys, etc.

Gary the Bruce on Aug 18, 2010


Jumper was a really disappointing movie. The only good thing about it was Jamie Bell's character.

daydreamz on Aug 18, 2010


Damn it Ethan! You wrote "put on earmuffs", so I did...And kept reading!!!! 😉

ModernAmericanMan on Aug 18, 2010


has anybody here read the novel? I'd love to see the actual story on the big screen.

Xerxex on Aug 18, 2010


Xerxex - I actually read Jumper and Reflex (the sequel) over the weekend, and yeah I agree - I'd much rather see a faithful adaptation of the source material that the hack job the first film made of the concept.

Dave on Aug 19, 2010


After avoiding Jumper like the plague since it came out due to the negative comments, I recently picked it up on Blu Ray for $8.00 and was surprised to find that it was actually a pretty enjoyable movie with a great setup for a sequel that I will see right away if one is done. What did I learn from this? Stop paying so much attention to critics and negative fanboys.

Hattori Hanzo on Aug 19, 2010


I want a Jumper sequel, one with just Griffin would be fine, but I'd like it to be a direct sequel to the movie.

lamar on Aug 19, 2010


jumper wasn't bad. i wasn't really thinking a sequel was needed, but it could be ok.

beavis on Aug 19, 2010


I really enjoyed the first one. Thought it was a fun movie. Been wanting a sequel for awhile!

Preston on Aug 19, 2010


Its a great concept it was just awful execution. There is a lot of potential for it to be very good despite Christiensen.

the weatherman on Aug 19, 2010


Don't apologize for liking Jumper, folks. We're allowed to like whatever we want...

RPD on Aug 19, 2010


I liked Jumper but because the main character was an idiot so yeah Hayden nailed that part! The thing I love the most about the movie was when the Girlfriend would ask him how he was able to do things, and instead of some dumb lie, He would just stare at her and not answer making the scenes feel weird, but it was awesome, and he just kept doing it, until the reveal, which was a good one. But anyway I'm all for a sequel to this one.

Jimmy Love on Aug 19, 2010


I loved the concept of the first movie, then fell asleep in the theater. Though I do think the concept is flat out awesome, the story was where the movie ultimately failed (not to mention the acting). I'd love to see them reboot this and do it right. How to do that is definitely the tricky part, and I don't have answers for that, but it's definitely possible.

DanTHEman on Aug 19, 2010


Well I don't think it would be heard to make the sequel better because the first movie was good but it was just good. It entertained me greatly but entertainment doesn't always make for a really good movie. I have been waiting for a sequel since I saw it. I wanna see what happened with his mom and does anybody remember Kristen Stewart was in the end of the first movie... dunno if thats good or bad or not but certainly interesting. But at the end of the day I want a sequel. Oh wasn't it based on books, like all movies usually are, anyone know what books?

Nuika on Aug 19, 2010


@Dave it beats out the actual film plot any day of the week. But I happened to the film.

Xerxex on Aug 19, 2010


Completely agree with what #2 said!... and on another note, Alex if you're listening, I think you should consider adding a 'reply' function. Would make things a bit easier! 😛

McQueen on Aug 19, 2010


I dunno about a sequel, but I'd love another jumper movie that didnt involve hayden christensen. The backstory of griffin is interesting, could do that, or just make the movie about him. The guy who played him was solid.

N on Aug 19, 2010


Agreed "awesome concept"

McWilly on Aug 19, 2010


im with #3, this guy is beyond bad. ive said this a hundred times but really is hollywood this desperate for ideas?

harrison on Aug 20, 2010


I've been thinking about this since I saw it on TV recently. It wasn't terrible and got pretty intriguing at the end. Hayden (who was pretty awesome in Shattered Glass and Factory Girl) wasn't the best choice I agree but what could have helped was killing the love story which slowed things down more than a handful of times. It was more fun than it should have been though I kind of expected more from Doug Liman. But I'm game for a sequel. The first one had premise was there it was just assembled the wrong way. I could imagine something where the mom would have to reluctantly team up with the son. That could be cool.

Marc on Aug 20, 2010


Please people, please, go read the novels. The movie was good but it was barely a shade of the original novels "Jumper" and "Reflex" which did not involve Paladins or Griffin. Now, the ideas weren't bad in and of themselves but for once, and I agree with #18, a faithful adaptation of the original idea would be nice. They even went so far as to write and entirely new novel "Jumper: Griffin's Story" to give a proper backdrop. The novels, which were entirely different from what we see on screen, aren't that hard to find and are worth the $7 you'll shill out.

Fox on Aug 25, 2010


I am really excited about the sequel. All my friends are too.

Vicki on Sep 12, 2010


NONE of you guys get it! Doug Liman re-wrote the movies premise entirely. IN the first movie, it was to introduce all the characters. David Rice's character was a kid, at the time, he thought he was the ONLY ONE who knew how to "jump" and he was being very self-indulgent. When ROLAND enters the picture, David is getting the idea that there is MORE to his jumping than he had ANY idea. Then he meets Griffin and he explains SOME things to David and he begins to see (or grow up if you will). This is when at the end of the movie he does something no other jumper would do - directly face Roland and try to rescue Millie, in doing so, he exercises powers he had NO IDEA he had. SO, you see, David's character was SUPPOSED to be niave, he did not want to be helping people, he did not want to be one of many jumpers -heck he really didn't want to be a jumper at all! Here was a kid who missed his Mom and couldn't figure out why she'd leave a small 5 year old boy. This affected his "growth" and also set the stage for a young man who really only cared about himself and what he wanted to do and somewhere along the line found out he could teleport. As a 15 year old he decided to "do his own thing" and left his Dad and town and Millie. THIS IS WHY I THINK A SECOND MOVIE will be a lot more action with a lot of questions answered, David could be enlisted into the CIA or NSA in exchange for and education. David's Mom could he a higher ranking Paladin than Roland and he could instigate her death. Roland could also suck in the sister by hate and she could hunt David violently, Griffin could now be David's co-hort in CIA or NSA activities, there could be a world threat by way of a satellite and they have to figure out how to "jump" to it to "save the world". There a lot of plots that could make the second movie even more fantatic than the first. After all, the first made $220 MILLION BUCKS and that ain't no hay!

Ruth on Nov 14, 2010


In summary, a sequel done right by a rock-star director could take the unique concept from the first Jumper film and make it a huge success. Kinda like what Louis Leterrier did when he remade The Hulk (2008) in comparison to the crapstastic 2003 Hulk film.

Kevin W on Dec 28, 2010


When I first watched this movie I thought it was a huge disappointment, as I really had high expectations for the movie. But when I watched it last night, I thought it was pretty good to be honest, I would be glad if a sequel was to come out, in fact I WANT a sequel to come out. I wonder what could happen though...well, I guess it can't be any worse right?

Mike on Dec 31, 2010


I would like a Jumper Sequel. Only because the first left me hanging.

Will on Jan 9, 2011


I'd love to see another jumper

Morganhughes16 on Mar 22, 2011

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