Hitman 2 Finds a Director, But Olyphant's Return is Uncertain

May 24, 2010
Source: Deadline

Timothy Olyphant as Hitman

In the long line of failed video game movies, back in 2007 the underrated Timothy Olyphant attempted to turn the whole mess around with Hitman by taking on the role of Agent 47, a bald assassin raised from birth to be a killer, tattooed with a barcode on the back of his head. Though I haven't seen it, word of mouth and a 14% on Rotten Tomatoes doesn't inspire me to ever actually watch it, but the $100+ million worldwide gross (on a $30 million budget) has inspired 20th Century Fox to make Hitman 2 which Deadline says Spanish filmmaker Daniel Benmayor will direct, but it's uncertain if Olyphant will reprise the Hitman role yet.

This will be Benmayor's Hollywood directing debut, but the director has had plenty of experience directing Spanish commercials for Playstation, Mercedes and Samsung, not to mention his feature debut Paintball (see the trailer here) about adrenaline junkies get dropped in a dense forest for a paintball match, and find that someone is using real ammo. Watching the trailer for Paintball gives you a sense that Benmayor knows how to direct action, even if the premise is a little hokey itself, so it sounds like he'll be worth Fox's money.

However, what remains to be seen is if the sequel will be worth anyone's time and money. It doesn't sound too promising with a plot that sounds lifted from various action sequels before it takes elements from the fifth Hitman video game and will see Agent 47 as a beaten man who must build himself back psychologically and physically to reclaim his mantle as world’s most feared assassin. Sounds pretty lame, and if they aren't able to get Timothy Olyphant back (after all the production is set to start in the fall, and he has the second season of the FX series "Justified" in his schedule sometime) then I can't see this being worth the increasing ticket cost at the theater. Any Hitman fans out there disagree?

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TP is a great actor...........everyone should watch his new tv show: "justified" on fx. it's brilliant!

beavis on May 24, 2010


I don't know why people didn't like this movie~ It was exciting and fun. Just cuz it wasn't Shakespeare doesn't mean it wasn't a good flick. I'm really looking forward to a sequel!

Antioch on May 24, 2010


Justified is great and it seems like that role was made for Olyphant-astic, but this role...not so much. I'd pass if I were him because he'll probably get some better offers now that Justified is so popular.

peloquin on May 24, 2010


Timothy Olyphant is amazing. So amazing, that I don't think I want to see him in this.

Rick on May 24, 2010


This movie sucked so much. Nothing like the game and he was a horrible actor for this. He's a great actor, but I didn't feel like this was Hitman and he didn't act like it. It's like how everyone laughed at Matt Damon being Bourne but he turned out awesome. Yeah, this is was like if he wasn't.

tra la la la la di da on May 24, 2010


I must admit I enjoyed "Hitman" it was exactly what I expected...nothing more/ nothing less

XXX on May 24, 2010


Hitman was no better or worse than other movies of it's ilk. Movies based on video games tend to raise expectations too high, and to not be as good as the games. Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Doom, et al. Like XXX, i found Hitman to be exactly what I was expecting.

Frank N. Stein on May 24, 2010


I actually thought he was a perfect fit for it, but he overracted the whole no having emotion thing that 47 is suppose to have. Im a long time fan of the videogames and there were even some scenes where I was impressed with how it reflected it. But gamers put there expectations waay too high when it comes to game to film adaptations. My only huge gripe with Hitman was the fact that 47s dual hardballers his trademark .45s werent even the right ones. They gave him fucking 1911s THAT WASNT EVEN THE HARDBALLERS, I mean I know its very trivial in a person who hasnt played the games eyes but damn so crucial. I kinda wish Breck Eisner wouldve gotten the reigns on this cause those 2 work very well together and this type of movie is totally up his alley. But the biggest problem with Hitman was that they showed him like some gung ho guns blazing assassin, the games are some of the best stealth games ever made and there wasnt one scene where he snuck behind someone with a fiber wire and rang there neck....I mean its kinda hard to fuck something like that up, its not asking for much to change the pace of an action movie with some stealth instead like the games. It would actually be a nice change of pace from the normal bloody guns blazing action movies by finally making stealth oriented action scenes...../end rant

Cody w on May 24, 2010


maybe this time he can be more of a stealthy hitman instead of an excuse for mindless action

silver on May 24, 2010


I wouldn't watch it if he doesn't come back. I hope he passes to make another season of Justified

Colt on May 24, 2010


They better not use Dark Angel footage again like in the first movie. When i noticed they used that i walked out the theater.

Justin on May 25, 2010


I liked the first one very much... i think they nailed it pretty well, they just missed on the disguised killings a bit...

Ricardo on May 25, 2010


needless sequal!

dhof on May 25, 2010


not only is olyphant underrated as u said BUT the film is as well. it´s tense action, the story is way better than the 0815 action trashflicks these days and olyphant really brings on some charme to the character. he´s not like the original hitman from the games, who was older, colder and showed even less emotions but he gives the character and interesting interpretation and turn. as someone stated above he could´ve been more like one sneaky bastard stealthy hitman but it is was it is - a videogame adaption by someone who obviously didn´t play the game or knew enough about it like for example the director of silent hill did... if u look for a decent action flick that´s well made and are into movies like "with paris from love" than u should check it out. not to forget olga 😉

frost on May 25, 2010


I really hope they can nail this next movie. I love Agent 47.

Demtor on May 25, 2010


I'm not a gamer so I can't compare the movie and the game. Anyway, I did like this movie. If Olyphant doesn't come back... that'd be ok.... but pleassssseeee... don't forget to bring back Olga Kurylenko!!!! damn she's hot!

Chucho on May 25, 2010


The first Hitman was a good movie. The only not so great part of that movie was the main character. His acting was subpar. He wasn't cold enough when he needed to be.

vold on May 25, 2010


While not my kind of flic, I enjoyed the first one immensely.

Armitage on May 25, 2010


Loved the film. But, I'm a female and I think the makers of the film wanted to bring in a wider audience (woman, not just gamers or teenage boys). If Olyphant and Scott are not in the sequel, I'm not interested.

PIFR on May 29, 2010


Hitman was an awesome movie. Must tell u something if it made 100 million worldwide. I would be surprised if they made hitman 2 half the film this one is. If they don't have timonthy as the star, they might as well not make the movie. He just has that look no one can replicated. It's 2011, hopefully we get some news..

Graphic8185 on May 20, 2011


I love the movie much! Timothy is awesome. So no Timothy, no hitman sequel.

Jj on Nov 15, 2011

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