Hugo Weaving in Talks to Play Red Skull in Captain America!

March 11, 2010

Hugo Weaving / Red Skull

Marvel Studios may not have yet figured out who will take on the role of The First Avenger: Captain America, despite being passed the March 1st deadline Joe Johnston said was in place for casting, but it looks like they're in the process of locking down a villain as Heat Vision reports Hugo Weaving is in talks to play Cap's arch nemesis Red Skull who has always been at odds with the hero since 1941 when he stood with Hitler, partaking in espionage and sabotage against the United States. However, nothing is official yet as Heat Vision says negotiations are in a "delicate stage" and will conclude in the next day or so. Read on!

This makes sense not only considering Weaving's great turn as the evil Agent Smith in The Matrix trilogy, but also his recent work with director Joe Johnston in The Wolfman. At least it seems like they've got the villainous side of things right for Captain America, but we better find out who is taking on the role of the heroic Steve Rogers sooner than later because this endless speculation is getting old really fast. I just want casting to be done so we can all start getting exciting for the movie itself and all the Marvel Universe fun to follow. For now, this couldn't be any better! What do you guys think of Hugo Weaving as Red Skull?

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somehow i can't seem to imagine hugo with ze german accent... but he always does well. His voicewok in V for Vendetta was outstanding and I think he is a solid choice

Janny on Mar 11, 2010


Definitely interesting....could be epic I think....he's a great bad guy....

jersey johnny on Mar 11, 2010


great choice!

movie mike on Mar 11, 2010


Out of left field, though maybe I should have expected an actor that has worked with Joe Johnston before since Ken Branagh casted a lot of actors he worked with before as well (Tom Hiddleston for example). While a bit unexpected, this potential casting news has to be some of the best news to come out of the Captain America camp so far. Weaving can obviously play a villain very well and has comic book experience with V for Vendetta. Great casting choice if it happens.

Scott on Mar 11, 2010


Okay now we have an extremely awesome villian casting, now get JOSH HOLLOWAY! Lets face it, Captain America has got to be played by someone over 24, a young actor cannot live up to Hugo Weaving! And cannot possibly live up to Robert Downey jr., Chris Hemsworth, Edward Norton (if the Hulk is indeed in The Avengers), and Ryan Reynolds.

Xerxex on Mar 11, 2010


ooooh! Nice!

Ron on Mar 11, 2010


yess i have to agree with #6 very nice choice indeed 🙂

DaftPUNKFAN on Mar 11, 2010


OOOOH, that'd be cool. I'd like to see his performance, on top of all that makeup.

Nick Sears on Mar 11, 2010


Umm Xerxex...the Ryan Reynolds mention is an Epic fail !!! I am assuming you speak of Green Lantern, too bad he is DC not Marvel. Nothing to do with fucking Avengers.... Bwahahhaha....sheesh Anyway, Josh Holloway is not even in the mention...lets stick to who we know are getting a shot Last time I checked its pretty much down to 3-4 guys....Mike Vogel (Nah) Wilson Bethel (too puny) Garrett Hedlund (way too young looking).....hmmm oh wait we have a winner >>> CHRIS EVANS ...and I will mention Ryan Reynolds in that RR played Hannibal King (Blade Trinity) and Wade "Deadpool' Wilson...and he did land Green Lantern after all. Chris Evans has improved his stock after his performance in "Sunshine" and he is already in great shape, just give him the same HGH that Hugh Jackman took for Wolverine , dye his hair blonde and we have ourselves a "Fantastic" (no pun intended) Captain America....NUFF SAID

CORNBOY on Mar 11, 2010


Are they gonna make him sign a 9 picture deal too? Lol. Is 9 movies a bit much?

Fred Schepsi on Mar 11, 2010


Ah! #9 Cornboy My bad been a long long day. I made a simple mistake man, clam the fuck down. I'm not a hardcore Green Lantern, The Avengers fanboy. I mostly focus on Batman and Ironman. Now back to business, Chris Evan is one of my favorite actors, he made Push and was a delight in Sunshine, but I don't see him as Captain America. Josh Holloway has the build, maybe he can buff up a slight bit, he already has blonde hair and, can act. He mkay have to work on the accent, but I see him donning the shield and leading a campaign against Redskull. NOTE: Anyone else who notices my mistake please feel free to to insult in any way.

Xerxex on Mar 12, 2010


Hugo Weaving is one of the best actors... ever this is great news. and Xerxex my friend... i think you just stole my exact comment from the "Krasinski Not the Top Choice for Captain America - Who Is?" thread glad we are on the EXACT same page

DoomCanoe on Mar 12, 2010


DoomCanoe I think I did, my bad...this page we are on is the right page.

Xerxex on Mar 12, 2010


Xerxex my man don't apologize its a good thing *thumbs up* and yeah... hopefully Hollywood catches up and stops thinking about hiring these youngins or the Avengers is going to go straight down the drain! again let me just say Hugo Weaving was perfect casting for Red Skull.

DoomCanoe on Mar 12, 2010


DoomCanoe one can can hope.

Xerxex on Mar 12, 2010


Good choice, but i still feel he could have been made a better "Leader" then Tim Blake Nelson, u should chk the matrix end scene when Keanu Reeves jumps in him , and his face starts to change.....

Lucky on Mar 12, 2010


Weaving is a great choice, but this whole idea of a Captain America is about as relevent today as G.I. Joe and has been since the days of Woodstock. This patriotism thing may work in the US, but let's face it, anything name Captain America will be considered a cheesey comedy in the rest of the world. Domestic box office will be good, but that's about it. Captain America will be an epic alright, an epic dud!

Lt. America on Mar 12, 2010


#18 ... Fans of George Bush and Sarah Palin will like it.

Ann on Mar 12, 2010


fucking brillant hugo did vfor vendetta and that was a badass movie comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee on lets see him playing as red skull

Richard on Mar 12, 2010


Sounds like a good choice.

Jake the snake on Mar 12, 2010


Great casting, i still want to campaign to make MARK VALLEY captain america!

AC on Mar 12, 2010


well, the dude already boast an impressive and predominate skull.....

Voice of Reason on Mar 12, 2010


Wow. Nice. Weaving is the fucking bomb-diggidy. I'd watch a remade Plan9 if he was in it.

bozo on Mar 12, 2010


best idea ever

iPhone Mafia Wars: 9003390587 on Mar 12, 2010


Weaving? I say: go for it!

Robbie on Mar 12, 2010


hugo weaving not a bad choice,i'd rather see christoph waltz.

DEADPOOL 72 on Mar 12, 2010


This is brilliant. I couldn't be happier, but seriously we need a cap. NOW

risk on Mar 12, 2010


still say ECKHART lol

silver on Mar 12, 2010


YES! and i agree, they better cast Captain America soon! its just getting tiring to wait for it

Said on Mar 12, 2010


Thoroughly safe choice.

SlashBeast on Mar 18, 2010


I think Hugo will be perfect for the role.

Fisherr on May 2, 2010


Chris E. has the build, but I think Mark Valley was a great suggestion. Even better, in my opinion, is Aaron Eckhart!

Oren on May 12, 2010

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