Idris Elba Interested in Reviving Blade or Taking on Luke Cage?

October 5, 2010
Source: Total Film

Idris Elba

After taking part in some ridiculous action with the comic book adaptation The Losers, actor Idris Elba decided to venture even further into the comic universe by taking a supporting role as Heimdall, Guardian of Asgard in Kenneth Branagh's promising take on Thor. But it sounds like Elba isn't finished with comic books yet as the actor revealed to Total Film that he has a picture deal with Marvel. Initially, he played coy saying, "I can't tell you much about that, but I can tell you I'll be back." A picture deal could simply mean he's contracted to return for Thor sequels or even The Avengers, but it sounds like there's something different in the works. Read on!

While it's a bit presumptive and speculative to think that something big is in the works for Elba, his comments certainly make us wonder. After a little digging, Elba finally revealed, "I wouldn't mind having a crack at bringing Blade back, personally." At this point he apparently smiles wryly as his manager laughs nearby and then he drops another bomb, "But erm, there's a couple of things there that they have. Luke Cage is very interesting."

Far from confirmation of his casting, but each potential project sounds quite interesting. After hearing about the difficulties of working with Wesley Snipes on Blade, you can bet Marvel is interested in finding someone else to pick up the sword. Also, remember Luke Cage was mentioned as one of the characters in Marvel's third tier that could get the big screen treatment. Honestly, I love the idea of Elba taking on either character, and I hope Marvel does, too. How about you?

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Luke Cage, Wesley Snipes is Blade all he needs is Del Toro to come back.

Xerxex on Oct 5, 2010


I would love to see him reboot or even continue the Blade series. I've always thought that it ended poorly, even when it deserved better than Snipes' constant griping and Goyer's crappy direction and poor scriptwriting. The first showed promise, the second, thanks to DelToro, continued the upward movement, but even Ryan Reynolds' pecs and Jessica Biel's abs couldn't save the third one from utter suckage. Give Elba his shot.

William Mize on Oct 5, 2010


Do Cage! Do Cage! Do Cage!

Big Boss on Oct 5, 2010


Yeah, I agree. Luke Cage.

judasbarron on Oct 5, 2010


I'd rather see Michael Jai White for Blade & Terry Crews / Dwayne Johnson for Luke Cage. Idris Elba woudl make a cool Falcon or Bishop though. Exciting news nonetheless. The multi film deals could be what separates Marvel films from other comic book movies.

Sumit on Oct 5, 2010


Elba as bishop would be great, crews would be excellent as Luke Cage, Michael Jai white is the best choice or blade if snipes cant do it, but Id want to see Elba as the first black james bond(he is british ya know)

Brothaman121 on Jan 16, 2012


Snipes is Blade and #1 is SPOT ON. Blade II is one of my favorite movies. Elba's got presence. he's a lion among men, just not a blade... That said, he should be headlining other flicks.

Solo Calrissian on Oct 5, 2010


no Blade reboot they should just make Blade 4 with Wesley Snipes i like Idris Elba but he should not play Luke Cage since his already playing Heimdall. think about this Marvel Studio is making their own Marvel film universe. how strange to have him play both Luke Cage and Heimdall in the same universe. i can see it now Thor goes to Luke Cage change and wondering why Luke Cage look like Heimdall LOL

tazz on Oct 5, 2010


Bring Cage to the screen! Hell, yes.

Ian Carruthers on Oct 5, 2010


He would be a great Black Panther. The Blade movies were pretty well done, not sure why they would remake those.

Shane on Oct 5, 2010


Either works for me, but I would really love him as Luke Cage

terenced on Oct 5, 2010


Wesley Snipes is a tool and a jackass. He's part of the reason Blade 3 sucked. Read up on how big a pain in the ass he was on set and how difficult he made the whole shoot. Screw him. I'm game for anyone to play the part of either Luke Cage or Blade, get them on screen. But regarding Jai White, how about getting an... idk... ACTOR. He's B level at best. I'm not sure Elba is the man to do it, but start new, it needs to be done.

harm on Oct 5, 2010


Stringer Bell is awesome and helped The Losers....though not by much, I thought that movie SUCKED...I'd be psyched to see him revive Blade. Why wouldnt Marvel wanna hop onto the tail end of the Vampire craze anyways? Also, "Kenneth Branagh's promising take on Thor..." Where exactly is this "promise" you're referring to? Sure, haters gonna hate, but it seems as though Thors released pics, costumes, clips, interviews and whatnot havent really impressed or excited fans and cinephiles all that much.....

Voice of Reason on Oct 5, 2010


He's waaaaay too small to be Luke Cage. He'd have to hit those steroids pretty hard. On the other hand, he'd be perfect for a rebooted Blade franchise - one where he's British just like in the comics. Idris has the right look and personality for it. Someone mentioned Black Panther... that might be a good role to pick up too.

Pete the Geek on Oct 5, 2010


White: Blade Crews: Cage Elba: Falcon Akinnuoye-Agbaje: Black Panther NUFF SAID! on Oct 5, 2010


I'd love to see a new Blade movie and a Luke Cage 'Power Man' that when they make Iron Fist...they can then make Power Man and Iron Fist.

tivdatsun on Oct 5, 2010


Isaiah Mustafa should be Luke Cage

Dylan on Oct 5, 2010



Shane on Oct 5, 2010


Stringer Bell needs to stick to his own business.

Cody w on Oct 5, 2010


i think it wouldnt work out since he is already playing heimdall in thor,blade should stick with snipes and del toro

Spider94 on Oct 5, 2010


I like Idris but there are only two people that should do Blade, down to aesthetic and martial based background - M J White or Snipes, n get Goyer the hell away from a camera and just stick to the script.

Damien Ashley on Oct 5, 2010


Snipes is Blade

Have Hope on Oct 5, 2010


He gets my vote for Luke Cage

Have Hope on Oct 5, 2010


I'm with #14, dead on with all of those actors, they fit perfectly!

jah p on Oct 5, 2010


leave blade alone Idris (still love you)

silver on Oct 5, 2010


I can see him as Blade if they made it a sequel and the Blade character was older. Don;t know enough about LC to judge, but I'd always want the original character over the reboot

movie mike on Oct 5, 2010


I'd love to see him as Blade.

Craig on Oct 5, 2010


i couldn't think of anyone besides snipes doing the blade sequel until it reaches its last film adaptation.. Idris got some presence but not Blade. Why not the black panther... or yeah Luke Cage but i heard before that Tyrese Gibson was also in the running for this???

Iggypop on Oct 5, 2010


I always though Shemar Moore from Criminal Minds would be a great Luke Cage . He has the acting skill and the look already . Snipes will always be Blade . Maybe Elba would be a good Falcon . For Panther is should be Djimon Hounsou or good ole Adibisi .

Superchyle on Oct 5, 2010


Idriss Elba is a fantastic actor. His Stringer Bell is up there with Pacino's Scarface and Brando's Godfather as one of the most impressive crime lord performances ever. I can't picture him as Luke Cage though, that role really should go to Michael Jai White, the guy can act AND has ridiculous martial arts chops. However, if Idriss Elba walks into your office and says he wants a certain role, you just won't tell him no, just 'cause he's so badass. No way I would dare to tell him 'No you can't be Luke Cage', and I don't think anyone at Marvel would dare to. Elba would be a cool Black Panther, but I thought I read somewhere Chiwetel Ejiofor was already considered for that??

jules on Oct 8, 2010

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