Impressive Official Teaser Poster for The Sorcerer's Apprentice

April 15, 2010
Source: ComingSoon

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

I'd been wondering when we'd see a poster for this movie, but I was definitely not expecting something like this! ComingSoon has debuted the first teaser poster for Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice and it's a gorgeous bit of artwork. It's basically just got a sneering Nicolas Cage as Balthazar showing off his magical dragon ring that identifies Jay Baruchel as the "chosen one," or whatever it is. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, watch it here. This kind of reminds me of Drew Struzan's paintings but it's actually just a dark and sleek photo with some nice color touch-up work. However, I really am very impressed by this. Check it out below!

The Sorcerer's Apprentice Poster

A sorcerer (Nicolas Cage) leaves his workshop in the hands of his apprentice (Jay Baruchel), who gets into trouble when the broomstick he put a spell on to do chores for him somehow develops a mind of its own.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice is directed by veteran filmmaker Jon Turteltaub, who also directed 3 Ninjas, Cool Runnings, The Kid, and both National Treasure films previously. The screenplay was co-written by Carlo Bernard (The Uninvited) and Matt Lopez (Bedtime Stories). This is based on the story that first appeared in Disney's Fantasia. The Sorcerer's Apprentice will arrive in theaters everywhere on July 16th this summer.

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I'm not sure about the actual movie, but this poster looks great!

Andreas Climent on Apr 15, 2010


This not a bad poster its mysterious, the blue smoke from the Dragons ring and the hair down the left hand side of Nic Cage face gives it that chilling look a bout it.

Cinepro on Apr 15, 2010


I have to admit this is pretty cool, better than the prince of persia posters.

almartva on Apr 15, 2010


blue and orange contrast, lol

Ian Kuah on Apr 15, 2010


@4 It's blue and teal. COMPLETELY different ;p

Jay on Apr 15, 2010


@4 that is pretty funny 😛

Tom Cruise on Apr 15, 2010


Better than those Iron Man 2 posters for sure 🙂

Nathaniel on Apr 15, 2010



DaftPUNKFAN on Apr 15, 2010


Actually I say yes this is one of the better looking movie posters I've seen in probably a year or more. Very cool. Gives me hope that this movie just might be worth checking out.

harm on Apr 15, 2010


That's just cause UF rules!!! Way better than posters of late though.

tra la la la la di da on Apr 15, 2010


Cage is losing all of his money, maybe he'll try to act instead of just standing there.

Xerxex on Apr 15, 2010


great movie. lets wait for the poster.

kick rear on Apr 15, 2010


Someone spent more than 10 minutes in Photoshop on this one. Very nice. Even if the movie sucks.

casting couch on Apr 15, 2010


@4: It's not just posters. It's everywhere. It's like a design / production go-to color scheme. It fits everything and the colors have a good relationship. One's very cool, one's very warm. One is calm, the other is energetic. One is the color of moonlight, the other is the color of sunlight. Honestly, I don't really like how pervasive it is. Just because something works doesn't mean that everything has to be done that way. It's turned into the sort of crap that anyone with a half a brain can make work, and as a result it cheapens the overall look of whatever it's used in. It wouldn't be so bad except that it's being used in so many not-so-subtle ways where they're just taking a photo, desaturating it and then adding colorize layers and going crazy with the orange and blue. It's not a recent thing, either. DaVinci used the same combination in the Last Supper and Mona Lisa and there are tons of other "old master" examples of it to be found. But those guys didn't sit there and paint everything pure orange and blue. They just worked it into the painting to separate figures from their background or to balance a composition. These marketing turds are just cutting an image in half and making one half blue and one half orange. It's lame.

Squiggly_P on Apr 15, 2010


Maybe it's just a color scheme common to action/fantasy movies. Just as red and white is to comedy, etc. It's a trend (like floating heads, half-obscured faces), and pleasing to the human eye, so it's not that lame.

casting couch on Apr 15, 2010

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