Inception Didn't Even Make Sense to the Actors While Shooting

February 6, 2010


This isn't meant to be negative, despite that kind of misleading headline, but I like reporting on this because it keeps the mystery about Chris Nolan's Inception going. We haven't seen a new trailer for Inception since last December but we've heard more about how crazy it's going to be. Time for even more news! Leonardo DiCaprio spoke to the (via SlashFilm) about upcoming films. "Both Chris and Martin are great directors. The material and its complexity are what I'm attracted to… I've been lucky to work with people who want to tell stories that hit on different cylinders simultaneously. Shutter Island is definitely that."

"'Inception' is the same. It is Chris delving into dream psychoanalysis and, at the same time, making a high-octane, surreal film that came from his mind. He wrote the entire thing, and it all made sense to him. It didn't make sense to many of us when we were doing it. We had to do a lot of detective work (laughing) to figure out what the movie was about."

Okay, don't worry, this isn't as bad as it sounds. If anything, Inception is going to be as twisted as Memento, or maybe even more twisted than that. A few weeks back, Chris Nolan said that Inception is the "the biggest [movie] I've ever been involved with" and that it explores all kinds of ideas "in four dimensions," whatever that means. I'm not sure when we'll see another trailer (hopefully in the next few weeks) but I guess I don't care cause I wish tomorrow was July 16th and we could be watching this (without knowing anything else about it). As always, the more I hear about Inception, the more excited I get, it sounds incredibly unique.

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My most anticipated movie of '10, without a doubt.

Keith on Feb 6, 2010


Chris Nolan's definitely the best director today when it comes to mind-bending story telling. I'll be there opening day.

Sean on Feb 6, 2010


Good, because Memento is one of my favorite movies. Nice to see that it'll be just as good, I can't wait. 🙂

Daniel on Feb 6, 2010


The next trailer will probably be attached to Iron Man 2 on May 7th. Inception opens July 16th. The first Iron Man also premiered the first week of May in 2008, and had The Dark Knight trailer, which also opened on the third week of July 2008.

Shane on Feb 6, 2010


I can't wait! It sounds and looks amazing. When i first saw Memento i was stunned. I am expecting the same feelings from this film too.

var2apo on Feb 6, 2010


No matter what I'll see this in theaters opening night!

Xerxex on Feb 7, 2010


Momento... was amazing.. and The Dark Knight.... the psychological aspects of the human mind that were being put to the test in that movie.. highly underrated. People liked it for all the wrong reasons (imo). The depth of that movie psychologically was astounding. But unfortunately, many people didn't grasp just how astounding. But again, I could just be reading the wrong reviews / talking to the wrong people.

danielvutran on Feb 7, 2010


1 and 7 are dead on. Most anticipated movie of the summer! No! Most anticipated movie of 2010!!!

People's Champ 3D on Feb 7, 2010


Wow this movie keeps making me worry. How do you creat a good charcter if you don't even know the damn story come on.

600RR on Feb 7, 2010


Best. Expectations. Of. The. Decade.

Wylles on Feb 7, 2010


no one understood the matrix also. btw TDK overrated

L1A on Feb 7, 2010


WOW! A movie without boy toy tween idols, a story that will actually make people think and it's not 3D! Very brave concept these days ... Wicked!

Hattori Hanzo on Feb 7, 2010


oo sounds like its going to be worth the wait. #11 tdk may be "over-rated" but its easily one of the best action films of the decade because it had some depth.

matt on Feb 7, 2010


#7 - I agree. This could be bullshit that DiCaprio is spinning to try and increase publicity - still regardless if he's honest or not, I am getting impatient to see this.

d1rEct on Feb 7, 2010


Read what he said, it didn't make sense while shooting, but they really had to think to put the pieces together. Kind of like David Lynch films, nobody understands what the hell is going on in the process but it makes sense afterward once they view the big picture. This is my most anticipated film of 2010. I have a feeling that the viral marketing is going to amp up again this month and I think the final trailer will most likely be with Iron Man 2.

SlashBeast on Feb 7, 2010


#7 I would appreciate it if there were some examples that you could give regarding the psychological aspects of TDK. Im not being sarcastic, i would like you to be more specific if you could. I would like to look at that movie from a different perspective if you will.

big r on Feb 7, 2010


#16. He's talking about what is actually the main part of the movie. It's the joker pushing people to their limits with anarchy to show how easily people can be corrupted. It's trying to prove that everyone is corruptible and that's why Gotham is in such disarray. That's why the city is run by mobs. Most people don't notice it for that because most people go to movies these days just for action and special effects. People don't realize that you actually have to think during this movie.

Dunder Mifflin 83 on Feb 7, 2010


I hope this is true.....I hope this is one of those movies where at the end of the first viewing your struggling in your mind to put it all together. But then the 2nd and 3rd viewing little pieces fall into place more and more as you pay attention. Also #7 I totally agree with you....People gave it praise cause of the IMAX cameras and the acting and that was all fantastic but it truly lied in the mind and the way you see it. To answer #16 another aspect from #17s is the way Gordon new the corruption in his department and yet coudnt do anything about it, He had to trust anyone who he thought wasnt corrupt yet the people who he was closest too besides his family batman and Dent were the corrupt ones. Joker used that, he knew who Maronie had bought off and used it to tear Dent and Gordon apart and ultimately destroying the little crime fighting triumvirate. The main psychological aspect is, yes, anyone is corruptible no matter how noble or how many good intentions they have. I always thought people didnt see that, I read many reviews that not even once would touch base on what I just talked about and that to me shows what a masterpiece TDK was because it all depends on what mindset you have and the way your looking at it. There were many other aspects too, like Alfreds depiction of pure evil and how Rachel was willing to give her life so Gothams one true hope could survive.

Cody on Feb 7, 2010


Um.....not to be a pessimist because I'm really anticipating Inception but Memento was really not that great. Both Batman flicks and Prestige were better.

ty on Feb 7, 2010


People will most definitely need to see it twice. The movie audience certainly needs to put in some effort rather than the norm of being whisked away and spoon fed all the details. If there's any reviews saying it isn't great due to its 'overwhelming complexity', needs to keep up with the pace and open their mind. But that just might be me jumping the gun here. Very excited to see this. Very exciting news if anything.

Nick Sears on Feb 7, 2010


Ah!! Now I'm really excited to see this movie.. That is probably one of the best comment I have heard about a movie from its star actor.. Nolan at his best..

Deepak T on Feb 7, 2010


Momento was a god send #19 shut your mouth! god i cant wait for this movie. agree with everyone this is my most anticipated film of 2010

DoomCanoe on Feb 7, 2010


#12 (Hattori Hanzo)... This movie will not be in 3D, but it will be in 4 Dimensions according to the director...I think he's trying to take it to the next level...

Telltale Twin on Feb 8, 2010


#11 - L1A And what are you trying to prove? That you're a cum-sucker? You've got that down.

Governor on Feb 11, 2010


You guys are absolutely correct. A lot of people missed almost all of the subtext and complexity in The Dark Knight and praised it for the wrong reasons. The movie has so much depth yet most people didn't recognize it.

SlashBeast on Feb 11, 2010

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