Inception Pushes Vaughn's X-Men to Cut 'Dream-Space' Action

August 2, 2010
Source: Hero Complex

Inception - X-Men

There was plenty of talk about Inception changing the face of Hollywood and its approach to high concept original stories. Though the praise seemed a bit hyperbolic, there was no doubt Inception would have some influence on future filmmakers. But Hero Complex has discovered Christopher Nolan's existential heist film has already caused creative fluctuation in a film moving towards production. After seeing Inception, director Matthew Vaughn decided to cut about a dozen pages of the X-Men: First Class script because "dream-space" combat scenes in the script felt a little too similar to dream world action sequences from Inception.

"I saw 'Inception,' which I loved," Vaughn said Monday. "But my heart sank when I saw that a few of the ideas we had were up [on the screen]. So it's either leave it in and look as if you're copying or change things. We completely ripped out about 12 pages of the script and the storyboards."

While you'd think many studios, producers and filmmakers would be pushing to make things more similar to Inception (think about how much slow-motion/bullet-time action sequences popped up after The Matrix) Vaughn is taking a step back and trying to do something a little more original than just feeding off the hype machine for Inception. I have to say that a move like that certainly impresses me. Hero Complex says the cut sequence included dream-space combat similar to "psi-war" scenes from certain Uncanny X-Men issues from the late 70's. Said sequences would have seen Professor X (James McAvoy) fighting in spinning rooms with physics-bending imagery, but now we'll most likely never see any of it (in the X-Men universe at least).

Hopefully these changes won't bring the screenplay down a notch on the cool scale, especially since word on the street is that there are already a number of script issues as the project continues moving towards hopeful production later this year. The last time Matthew Vaughn worked on an X-Men movie where script criticism loomed, he ended up leaving the project letting Brett Ratner take over, who then threw comic book vomit on the screen with X-Men: The Last Stand. I definitely don't think Vaughn would leave this project or anything like that, but I'm just hoping that his involvement with anything X-Men related isn't doomed from the start.

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still vaughn should continue with what he had planned. Think about it. Inception is starting a trend like the matrix did. Eventually it'll get played out yeah, but he might do it right? I havent seen inception but I know what it has to offer. I know this sounds ridiculous, but Nolan is the now thing. In 15 to 25 years, he'll be a remnant of the past. Still with the way things are going in the industry, I wouldn't be surprised if things only got worse.

Eli on Aug 2, 2010


Too bad...that would have been a sick scene to witness. For me, every bit of news I hear about First Class gets me really excited, then disappoints. But I still have my hopes on seeing a bad ass X-men film with Vaughn still directing.

Skeeter on Aug 2, 2010


that sucks, well at least Vaughn cares for this project.

Xerxex on Aug 2, 2010


this sounds a bit stupid, the news itself! as awsome as vaughn is, he's only started writing it since kick-ass came out, the inception trailers, that show the corridoor fight, hav been out for a year, this news is just to give x-men more publicity.

butler23 on Aug 2, 2010


very smart decision in my opinion, i can hear the hate comments now if he didnt get rid of the similar ideas

nicknick on Aug 2, 2010


Coward, when did film makers just make movies? Oh yeah they don't anymore!

Dan on Aug 2, 2010


Fucking stupid decision. You can easily make it different/better. It's the X-Men, for God's sake. Also, rewatch The Last Stand, it holds up better than the other two flicks. But whatever, this site is biased anyway.

joe on Aug 2, 2010


sweet. now, the movie will be mercifully 12 minutes shorter. this just has fail written all over it.

RustyStardust on Aug 3, 2010


I totally agree with #6 and #7 The X-men have been created a long time ago and maybe Inception is based on that.... Nolan is Americano English and he said before, he was raised in both The X-men may have played a part in him when he was a kid. That extractor idea in Inception has Xavier written all over it when you think about it! Besides, there is nothing wrong with having almost similar scenes, it has nothing to do with you as a director and your creativity, it is just the story that wants it. He will definitely get more hate for omitting them than for putting them in. It is just some news for people to talk about him being creative with his projects and creating a buzz

I am... on Aug 3, 2010


Maybe Vaughn saw Inception's scenes and felt his were inferior. Hopefully Vaughn will fill those 12 pages with something that will be truely mind-blowing ... Like an ending to stop this X-men movie sequel trainwreck.

Rdizzle on Aug 3, 2010


Good! Inception was soo boring and with such horrible acting, except for the guy from 3rd rock from the sun, he kicked ass. Oh and Hanz'z fantastic score 10/10! Really glad First class will be nothing at all like inception.. then again.. how sick would it be if hanz zimmer did the score for x-men? AWESOMERRRR!!!

sho on Aug 3, 2010


#4 - The script has been in development for years with multiple writers attached, and Bryan Singer wrote the story long before any Inception trailers appeared. Vaughn and Goldman might be doing the final drafts, but that's not to say the spinning rooms scene hadn't been part of the script for a long, long time. I think it is a brave, confident choice to omit it. Even if he could argue that the idea stems from a late-70s issue of the comic, that the script was written well before Inception came out, he'd always be accused of cashing in on someone else's hard work. Put it this way - Brett Ratner would have left it in. This decision shows Vaughn is taking the film seriously and wants it to stand on its own as a quality movie. That, and the scope of the proposed scenes should give us comfort - this is going to be a proper blockbuster on a grand scale, not just another lazy spin-off.

Mathieu on Aug 3, 2010


@ Mathieu, I was gonna comment my opinion but I read yours and well.... nicely put, couldn’t say it better. The X-men was a youth favorite and deserve some justice; and I hope this film pulls this the X-origins outta the gutter.

McWilly on Aug 3, 2010


Either way, I'm betting Vaughn will deliver. And double screw those who think this is a coward move. Lol, have you witnessed the fucking attraction of Inception? This movie would automatically get a bad rep because of those action scenes. No matter what. Accept it.

Cracky on Aug 3, 2010


X-men 3 wasn't that bad. I liked it because it was hard and gritty and gave new depth to some characters. Good decision Matthew Vaughn, be original instead of a copycat.

Kevin on Aug 3, 2010


And Inception is the best movie of 2010 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin on Aug 3, 2010


Translation: Our stuff looked/scripted lame and uninteresting in comparison to 'Inception', so we are cutting it. 🙂

Lars on Aug 3, 2010


Originality will be determined by how directors are able to physically create sets in the most creative ways. Instead of relying heavily on cgi animation and other effects. Inception proved that by using physics,hydraulics, and real live stunts, you can accomplish more amazing things. I think we need to take a step back from the animation for just a bit and play with the laws of gravity and machines a little more.

Mark c. on Aug 5, 2010

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