'Inception: The App' Changes Your Perception of Reality & Sound

December 9, 2010
Source: iTunes

Inception: The App

You may be taking your perception of Inception to a whole new level with the film recently hitting DVD and Blu-Ray, but director Chris Nolan and composer Hans Zimmer are still eager to play with your mind like no one has before. The filmmaker and composer have teamed with Michael Breidenbrücker, co-founder of and one of the minds behind the reactive music app RjDj, to create Inception: The App (iTunes link). The aim of the mobile application is to use the environment, including sounds, weather and location, to induce dreams by way of augmented sound directly affected by those aforementioned elements. Whoa!

The app is explained like this: "Wouldn't it be amazing if you had a soundtrack that was synchronised to your life? For example, the music would become more energetic when you moved, more calm when you sit still or even change when the sun shines." This app uses your surroundings to craft unique music cues on the spot to create a different reality by way of music and sounds. In the app you'll hear familiar music from the Inception soundtrack as well as more never-before-heard cues from Hans Zimmer. In addition, there are several different "dream levels" that can be unlocked by simply being in a sunny environment, sitting in a silent room or traveling at high speeds. Pretty cool, eh? Check out the official website:

We haven't had a chance to test the parameters of the app itself and the many different dream possibilities contingent on location, movement, etc, but the app is truly unique and groundbreaking, delivering an almost surreal experience. At times, it really can feel like being in a dreamworld. The video below briefly explains the concept behind this interesting app that aims to stimulate your mind more than simply launching birds at strangely constructed fortresses of wood & stone (though that can be fun, too). Anyone downloading?

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That's what I mean by marketing!!! YES NOLAN, you take us into amazing fields. God Bless you and yours!!! Awesome! He is hungry for more billion plus movies....I love that! 🙂 Now go ahead and surprise us more with TDKR You see a collaboration between geniuses can only bring more genius!!!! this will sell quickly! I love it!!!!!!

I am... on Dec 9, 2010


Yeah, this is really neat stuff. But I won't use it because apps are incredibly ridiculous.

Cracky on Dec 9, 2010


This might be worth purchasing just so i can put the pod on the jogging arm-strap, airtunes the sound to my stereo and play it while having sex. That oughta ruin a good night....or make it bizarrely more intense?.....hmmm ^^ And c'mon Old Timer, apps—as whole—are not "incredibly ridiculous"

Voice of Reason on Dec 9, 2010


Wow, this is really out there. Although not as out there as #3 suggesting an internet commenter has an active sex life.

Piper on Dec 9, 2010


Apps are like viruses... except children can actually survive them. Lol, I'm not old, I just don't like trendy things and/or things that are forgotten a week after bought for ninety-nine cents.

Cracky on Dec 9, 2010


relax everyone, it's free

Phai Giron on Dec 9, 2010


not much good feeback here. jeez, I got it yesterday and LOVE the hell out of the app [nolanfan], although haven't been able to unlock the sunshine one, the travelling one and the africa one. heh.

Bryce on Dec 9, 2010


The iPhone sucks!

Jimmy Love on Dec 9, 2010


Don't be jealous

Haz on Dec 9, 2010


it is a free app so get it, and it is really amazing i have been trying it out now for two days, at night it really feels like a dream if i just lay there and close my eyes, and during the day it just changes your whole experience. its great to have fun with

Zade on Dec 9, 2010


i tired it and its pretty crazy. Very interesitng concept. Still have to test it out in different environements, but so far i am impressed. Best free app i downloaded.

Malink on Dec 10, 2010


GUYS!! Someone post videos of it on you tube! NO ONE DID YET, and im DYING to hear what this app is like. My friend is obsessed with it and does it like all the time. just start uploading examples and stuff. p.s. itll get a lot of views if your the first to put it on

chris d on Dec 12, 2010

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