Indie Trailer Sunday: Gaspar Noé's 'Enter the Void' US Trailer

August 15, 2010
Source: Apple

Enter the Void Trailer

Are you ready to go on a two minute acid trip? I've been saving this trailer to feature today because Gaspar Noé is a madman, a crazy filmmaker with an even crazier style. If you've seen Irreversible then you already know, but this takes it to the extreme. Today's trailer is from IFC Films for the official US release of Gaspar Noé's Enter the Void, a drug-trip film about a brother and sister living in Japan. The brother is killed in a run in with the cops and the POV camera floats around the city following the aftermath, getting trippier by the minute. I didn't like the movie (I saw it in Cannes back in 2009) but this trailer is something to behold.

Watch the official US trailer for Gaspar Noé's Enter the Void:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the official US trailer for Enter the Void in High Definition on Apple

A drug-dealing teen is killed in Tokyo, Japan, after which he reappears as a ghost to watch over his sister.

Enter the Void is a psychedelic thriller from visionary French maverick Gaspar Noé, of the visually arresting films I Stand Alone and Irreversible previously. This first premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2009 but has since been edited down to a more respectful 154 minutes in length, which IFC is releasing. You can see a trippy teaser for this on YouTube as well. Enter the Void hits limited theaters starting on September 24th.

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are european movies genereally considered "indie" in the US? if i count all movies that your site called indies i kind of get the feeling you do not know anything about movies aside from these u constantly deify... with a budget of ~10million euros i have read somewhere else, this is not really indie. if some r.rodriguez makes a film for 10.000$ that is more close to being indie...

frost on Aug 15, 2010


#2 Frost You have no idea what you're talking about. That IS an indie film. It was mostly produced outside of a major studio, hence being independent of a major studio backing, hence being an independent film. Budget does not define whether or not a film is independent. Learn something about the film industry before posting your personal definitions. On another note: Trailer gave me a headache. Looks both interesting and horribly depressing. Although it's highly rated on IMDB by the viewers.

ModernAmericanMan on Aug 15, 2010



Eli on Aug 15, 2010


holy shit. this has to come with some kind of epilepsy warning when it's in theaters.

brian ricci on Aug 15, 2010


#3 don't you know there are studios outside of Hollywood? lol

KP on Aug 15, 2010


this movie reminds me of donnie darko for some reason, its not for everyone since there are a few ppl i know who hate the movie but damn im definitly go watch this or maybe rent it once it hits the dvd stands

ces on Aug 15, 2010


#5 Of course. I didn't say Hollywood, did I? 😉

ModernAmericanMan on Aug 15, 2010


@3 I completely agree with you. One of the few rational arguments ive seen on the FS comments.

Johnny Crow on Aug 15, 2010


???? so is it out on video or theaters???

DaftPUNKFAN on Aug 15, 2010


did anyone else get a kind of incest vibe here? or am I just over-thinking it?

Xerxex on Aug 15, 2010


Requiem for a dream + Trainspotting + Tron 🙂

calamaro on Aug 16, 2010


My first impression of this was "The Prodigy's Smack my bitch up-video, only feature length!" 🙂

D6 on Aug 16, 2010


well that was kinda trippy.

deadpool72 on Aug 16, 2010


#10 i agree there were alot of sex scenes and i think there was one with the bro and sis, not sure tho! but it does look good, kinda trippy just wut 2010 needs!!

James on Aug 16, 2010


so #7, by your logic, hollywood studios/large prodcos cant make indie flicks but non-hollywood studios/large prodcos can?

KP on Aug 16, 2010


Another movie added to my wanted list lol

Ellelena on Aug 16, 2010


#15 No. That wasn't my logic. I spoke of studios in general. I gave the actual text book definition to what and independent film is. Look it up. It's available via google. I learned it in film school. Try reading my post more carefully next time.

ModernAmericanMan on Aug 16, 2010


What the fuck is going on. i have no idea what the hell was going on the whole time.

King Aweasome on Aug 16, 2010


@ ModernAmericanMan well said. it's refreshing to see someone schooled. @xerxex i did get that vibe...even more at the ending when he was caressing her arm...

chilin on Aug 17, 2010


#10 total incest vibe... still looks interesting despite that lol

neonblue120 on Oct 10, 2010

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