Indie Trailer Sunday: Jim Broadbent in Mike Leigh's 'Another Year'

November 21, 2010
Source: Yahoo

Another Year Trailer

Let the controversy begin. Today's indie trailer (via Yahoo) is for British filmmaker Mike Leigh's new film Another Year starring Jim Broadbent, Lesley Manville and Ruth Sheen. Let's get to it - I hate this film. I saw it at the Cannes Film Festival this year and despised every second of it. I personally think it's one of the most pointless and boring films I've ever seen, not exaggerating, but I still realize that Mike Leigh doesn't make films for "me" and that this does indeed appeal to *ahem* the older crowd. If you're wondering why I chose it, that's the reason, simply that it might appeal to others. Oh and the acting is pretty damn good, too.

Watch the official theatrical trailer for Mike Leigh's Another Year:

You can also watch the Another Year trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

A married couple that has remained blissfully happy throughout their lives is surrounded over the course of the four seasons of one year by friends, colleagues, and family who all seem to suffer from unhappiness.

Another Year is both written & directed by Oscar nominated British auteur Mike Leigh, of Bleak Moments, Life Is Sweet, Secrets & Lies, Career Girls, Topsy-Turvy, All or Nothing, Vera Drake and Happy-Go-Lucky most recently. It premiered at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year and was acquired by Sony Pictures Classics. Another Year arrives in limited theaters in the US starting December 29th. Anyone interested?

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It's not controversial at all, it's just your opinion. But I don't know why you're using so much language relating to objective readings. The film isn't pointless, and you know it - it's just that you don't know what the point is; it's you that was bored, not everybody; I don't know if it's a matter of "age" at all - and if you need to grow up to understand or appreciate Another Year then I suggest you just grow up now and stop missing out. I'll bet that one day you'll like this film and others like it and be rather disappointed in yourself for not giving them a chance earlier.

Brendon Connelly on Nov 21, 2010


I can relate Alex I found Winter's Bone extremely boring and unwatchable and everybody else is applauding it. Though I actually enjoyed this movie. Thank God for different opinions.

Thegoodthebadandtheugly on Nov 21, 2010


I don't always love Mike Leigh's films, but I don't think he makes films that capture life as it is. I don't think that's for 'older' audiences at all. I know you are drawn to scifi/action films Alex, me too, I eat them up, mostly like junk food, they are always on the most part throw away escapism and rarely require any real use of the brain. I also like that this film, made in Britain doesn't seem to have any drug use or pretend gangsters to promote it. There was a worrying article in the that had the British Prime minister say in parliament that film makers should aim to make blockbuster style films which is more than a bit wrong. Article here. How many films have you watched where afterwards as a group discussing it someone said, 'that was rubbish but the effects were good eh?'. As I said, I like scifi/action films as much as most people who visit this site, I even watch films that wouldn't make it to the Scifi channel they are so bad.

Crapola on Nov 21, 2010


alex, it's ok to dislike the movie.....that's just due to your personal preferences and i don't see anything wrong with that. - but to pigeonhole this as something for the "older crowd"? i disagree with that assessment. (i guess you hated "revolutionary road" or the original version of "raisan in the sun"? i thought those were great movies.) i see this movie as a "slice of life" film that deals with interesting issues such as growing old; living alone; being lonely or living with someone and STILL feeling alone. i liked "happy-go-lucky". it wasn't great by any stretch, but it was a good one-time watch. i'll be checking out "another year"

beavis on Nov 21, 2010


#1 It's controversial because yes, I really do hate this film and believe it's pointless. Sure, it's not pointless to everyone, but to me I find it a complete waste of time. It's rare I walk out of a film thinking I truly wasted the 2 hours I sat there, and that's how I felt with this. It was a film that could not have been made and not a single thing in this world would be different - hence being pointless. You're all more than welcome to have different opinions, but I'm going to stand by mine and will argue, endlessly and with a fiery passion, that this Mike Leigh film was a droll, boring, piece of crap that I hope no one wastes their time and money on. Everyone should be at least happy I found the compassion to even feature it here today.

Alex Billington on Nov 21, 2010


I like Mike Leigh films (Naked, Secrets and Lies, Topsy-Turvey, Vera Drake, Happy-Go-Lucky) but he isn't a filmmaker I'd jump to defend. His films tend to be more personal for me so I can see why others just won't connect to whatever story it is he is trying to tell. Can't wait for Another Year.

Andy on Nov 21, 2010


I wasn't totally having a go Alex, it may well be a boring movie, I fell asleep during Dark Knight Returns, I found it so dull and uninteresting, but I know comic creator friends that thought it was a major triumph in comic to movie making. The fact you posted the trailer was decent of you even though you personally disliked it. I think I had read the post about about David Cameron before so it had hit a nerve, the British film industry is pretty beaten up at the moment. I find it pretty broken. Sometimes though, the best films come from the worst times, but with the cuts at the moment in funding, who knows.

Crapola on Nov 21, 2010


alex - i agree it was a nice for you to post a trailer of a movie you hate - just so we can get a look. i'm interested in seeing it, so thanks.

beavis on Nov 21, 2010


"It was a film that could not have been made and not a single thing in this world would be different - hence being pointless." I think you could say that about almost every film, couldn't you? How many films really alter the world on the whole? I wouldn't necessarily say this film is "pointless."

Dave on Nov 21, 2010


This from the fellow who wrote: "I actually really loved I Am Legend quite a damn bit. I think I saw it around three times in theaters and loved it more each time."

Lerryjee on Nov 21, 2010


Yea so? I enjoyed I Am Legend. This kind of film obviously isn't for me, but to call me out on other films I do enjoy is going to achieve nothing, so I have no clue what you're trying to do. I'm not saying others can't enjoy and appreciate Mike Leigh's work, I'm just saying I hated this film, simple as that.

Alex Billington on Nov 21, 2010


I agree with ya Alex this movie was a complete waste of my time. i wont say i hated it because its one of those flicks i just more instantly forgot. sadly i felt the same way towards "A Serious Man" and to each his own ya grumpy bastards, cause I to thought "I Am Legend" was awesome.

DoomCanoe on Nov 21, 2010


Hi Alex, I happened to watch this today (it's already out here in the UK), and despite its slow nature (though I didn't mind that) and it dragging me into a bit of a depressing place now and then, I quite enjoyed it. It never felt pointless to me, as to me it was a film designed to make the viewer think about where they are in their life and where it's headed, but it *was* a bit of a depressing experience (this may say more about me rather than the film) - it wasn't all doom and gloom, but that was mainly where it lived. It's not a film I'd see again. I'd recommend it, but not to everyone, and I guess many that would get on with it will find it in their own time. And as you pointed out (and then none of the commenters picked up on?), the acting was pretty good, thus it's possible I enjoyed the performances rather than the film itself, but I'm not sure. I'm not sure I'd call it a film for the "older" crowd necessarily - I'm only 22 and several others in the cinema who seemed to enjoy it were ~20ish, unless that's supposed to be old now. It's probably just a difference of taste thing, rather than being defined by age or maturity or something. This definitely isn't the sort of film I see regularly though, I've never seen any of this director's films before and I sure wont remember his name, but it was nice to see something different and it was a welcome diversion from everyone yapping on about Harry Potter. As an aside, the controversy in this post is a bit self-fulfilling. Nothing I've seen about this film seems to give the impression that everyone should like it or that many people would like it at all and its release in limited theatres seems to support that, so you could have done away with that opening sentence and changed nothing about your opinion or how you presented it. But what's done is done, I suppose.

Andy`` on Nov 21, 2010


nice post, andy! and one of the reasons i'm interested is due to the cast.........the acting does indeed look great.

beavis on Nov 22, 2010


'topsy turvy' is a brilliant film, so i will always give plenty of leeway to mike leigh. this movie might not be his finest, but 'topsy turvy,' that's prime stuff.

derby on Nov 22, 2010


its controversial because mike leigh is a critically acclaimed director and if imdb is a good gauge (?) not one of his movies is rated below 7. Since alex has editorial control over this web site, what ends up on here is a reflection of his tastes and knowledge. Anyone who regularly visits here should by now have a fair indication of what those are. I dont agree view alexs views on movies that much but at least this film has ended up on the site... same could be said of the red riding trilogy.. moon.. black swan.. and the many of other movies that many on this website would not know about otherwise. 1# should realise that everyone has an opinion and why shouldnt alex's be any less valid than anyone else.

rep6 on Nov 22, 2010


I thin this website has some great "news" facets, but to suggest that arthouse cinema like this is "pointless", in comparison to you endlessly raving about Wolverine, etc, yawn, etc.... I mean, really. But to anyone who appreciates quality cinema, it's not like these comments would have any effect. Some kids going on about a film he doesn't have the emotional capacity to engage, hence miscasting it as one for "older crowds" (I'm 25, I loved this film!) is all a bit... meh. But never will I come here expecting anything of substance in terms of cinema appreciation.

Aaron on Nov 22, 2010


I come here to see the previews as well as many other sites. Some sites have opinions, other do not. Alex's Ego gets in the way time after time. His comments, to me, consistently prove he thinks he knows more about film than he actually does. He knows little of film aesthetics and comes to the discussion as a consumer rather than someone interested in the art of film. As with most critics, he makes a living off of the work of others. If all critics suddenly left the planet "...not a single thing in this world would be different." Who polices critics? Nobody other than their readers. If Alex wanted to provide a service, he'd post videos and let you decide what you like. Fat Chance! When the Americans decide to remake this film, replace the female characters with starlets with big titties, the men with handsome homo-erotic physiques, a few special effects, a car chase and the producers/executive producers send a fruit basket, t-shirt and ball cap to his junket room in Cannes... Alex will be on board.

Spike Murdock, Poet-at-Large on Nov 23, 2010

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