Indie Trailer Sunday: Neil Mackay's Action Indie 'Skeleton Lake'

October 17, 2010
Source: Official Website

Skeleton Lake Trailer

Today's indie trailer is one that was sent to me via email that I watched and was considerably impressed by. It's an indie action flick (we don't see too many of those these days) titled Skeleton Lake about a grizzled, angry, well-armed Vietnam War vet who encounters six ruthless bank robbers in the forest. The trailer, via the official website, is pretty self explanatory and features some impressive cinematography, good teases of fun action, and so on. It's best described as an indie "Heat meets Predator." Give it a chance, don't tear it to shreds just because you don't like the trailer. Anyway, watch the first teaser trailer for Skeleton Lake below.

Watch the first official teaser trailer for Neil Mackay's Skeleton Lake:

Skeleton Lake is directed by first-time feature filmmaker Neil Mackay, who also wrote the screenplay with Sean McAulay. The film is the first production from Dimeworth Films and was shot earlier this summer. It was filmed on the Red MX camera with Lomo anamorphic lenses. We honestly don't know much about this, but we'll be keeping an eye on it, as it looks like it has some potential to be a damn good independent film. You can find more information about the film on their official website or official Facebook page. They also have a Twitter page. This was sent to me via email, but is also featured on Twitch. We'll keep you updated!

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i was going to turn it down after the first half but now i think i'll give it a chance...thanks for bringing it up......

Jericho on Oct 17, 2010


well that sucked

DoomCanoe on Oct 17, 2010


Why all bazookas in movies looks so fake.

mehran on Oct 18, 2010


@2 -no, it didn't. it's billed as an indie action flick and that's just how it came across. i thought it looked pretty good. @3 - i'm curious (and almost too afraid to ask) - what was "fake" about it?

beavis on Oct 18, 2010


Sounds like some old war vet is being harassed for money he may owe these gun guys for his armament but is like no and they are like well give em back. Anyhow could be a metaphor for the little man vs the establishment and taxation. I dunno looked interesting up till the moment the car blew up funny, or rather cheaply showing it's low budgetness.

Johnny Neat on Oct 18, 2010


#4 lol It is cool to see how low budget indie films are being produced with better quality now , and their will be much more in the future with cheaper production tools (RED MX camera, also used on The Social Network btw).

Guy on Oct 18, 2010


#3, yeah. Why do cars standstill when they explode by bazooka impact?!

Max on Oct 18, 2010


Haha, that's exactly what I thought #8. I guess the driver was nice enough to slam on the brakes at the exact moment a rocket was slamming into his face in order not to hit the nice man who just fired said rocket into said face.

Cobb on Oct 18, 2010


This looks great but I can't wait a whole year and 2.5 months to watch this): lol

FilmsterSalty on Oct 18, 2010


booooooooooooo bad acting

MiKe M? on Oct 18, 2010


Looks okay for a low budget indie flick!I'd give a shot just for that reason alone! I'd love to watch this and Hobo with a Shotgun back to back!

jah p on Oct 18, 2010


#8 Yeah- maybe in the actual film the car stops when they see him standing in the roadd and they stop and bail before the 'missile' hits. But even giving them the benefit of that doubt- why the hell would they cut the trailer to make it look so shit? I was being intrigued by the trailer until I saw that and then I thought it looked horribly budget.....

andrew on Oct 18, 2010


I'd check it out. The quietly intense Vietnam vet. Reminds me of my uncle Joe.

arjones on Oct 18, 2010


Looks like a late night viewing on telly, in a good way.

Crapola on Oct 18, 2010


Looks awesome, they should have cut it before the bazooka scene though; that sort of ruined it for me. Other than that, the trailer looks great, especially for a first timer.

number 9 on Oct 19, 2010


The trailer looks awsome! I would watch it.... Yeah it's true that the truck being stopped when it blows up looks a little silly but most of these films work on a tight budget so pyro with movement= money...... I don't get that comment about the bazooka looking fake? I've seen a bazooka being fired and other then a little too much smoke trailing the shot I think it looked bang on...... Great work!

Rocco on Oct 19, 2010


The trailer looked great! How much was the budget? Were the guns real? I thought the shoulder rocket looked great! The acting and physical acting was also good! Very good to be exact! I would like to see all you critics make a film like this. Everyone is an expert, until they wear the directors cap!

Lance on Oct 19, 2010


This film looks to be a sleeper hit! I can't wait to see it!!!!!!

tom on Oct 19, 2010


WOW! Where was this made? Is this a Canadian or American film project? Looks American?

LUKE on Oct 19, 2010


That old guy looks good until his chain is rattled by thoes gun slingers! Interesting story and camera work. I love the lighting in the firt part!

tony on Oct 19, 2010


Daddy, why does the Vietnam jungle look like Pennsylvania?

Bazooka Joe on Oct 19, 2010


Once again.... everyones an expert! Hey kid, were you in Nam? Like I said.... couch experts seem to know it all! Until you have done it, or been there...... shut the #%@& up! Looks great guys! I can't wait to see it! The Nam footage looked great!

Sgt. ROCK on Oct 21, 2010


This guy reeks of a production company "plant". Probably one of the producers attempting in the most illiterate way possible to defend their work.

What on Feb 22, 2011


Ditto on that comment ROCKO!

Peter Parker on Oct 21, 2010


@ wasnt a was a LAW...Light Armor Weapon...use once, throw away...all looked realistic save for the impact...LAW impact is extremely subdued in appearance but very effective...

bone on Oct 21, 2010


This motherfucking man taught me motherfucking business law at motherfucking humber college..

Student on Aug 17, 2011

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