Indie Trailer Sunday: Nick Stahl & Rose McGowan in 'Dead Awake'

November 28, 2010
Source: ShockTillYouDrop

Dead Awake Trailer

Its been a rather quiet week because of the holiday, but I still found a trailer worth featuring today, although its not the best, so don't expect anything too impressive. I first caught this trailer for a supernatural mystery thriller called Dead Awake over on ShockTillYouDrop. It stars Nick Stahl, who you may remember from Terminator 3, as well as the sassy Rose McGowan (Grindhouse) and the lovely Amy Smart (of the Crank movies). This looks very dark and mysterious, which is kind of why I like it so much. Again, it's not anything too impressive, but it is getting a theatrical release and doesn't look half bad. Watch below if you're curious.

Watch the official trailer for Omar Naim's Dead Awake:

Dylan, who works at a funeral parlor, tries to unravel a mystery that shattered his life 10 years ago. After faking his funeral to see who shows up, he befriends a mysterious junkie and is reunited with an old love.

Dead Awake is directed by Jordanian filmmaker Omar Naim, of only an indie sci-fi thriller called The Final Cut previously. The screenplay was co-written by writer Johnny Harrington (The Seventh Man), actor Justin Urich and newcomer David Boivin. New Films Cinema is distributing the indie release in the US and will be quickly bringing Dead Awake to very limited theaters starting December 3rd later this week. Interested?

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That actually looks really good.

Vold on Nov 28, 2010


This looks very intriguing, I will definitely be checking this out. This really should be a Must Watch!

Mayhem on Nov 28, 2010


I really have no clue what just happened but it does look very intriguing. I really hope its not some he was dead the whole time but was in purgatory bs.

Cody w on Nov 28, 2010


Are you f***ing kidding me? It's awful and unwatchable! And it's definately the worst trailer I've seen on your site so far...

KZ on Nov 28, 2010


That made little sense, but I wouldn't call it the worst trailer on this site so far. That's an overstatement.

ModernAmericanMan on Nov 28, 2010


i saw this a few days ago - and i'm interested. #4 - how is it "unwatchable and awful"? and why do you consider it the worst? have you only been coming to the site for a couple of days?

beavis on Nov 28, 2010


Yeah, nah, looks pretty bad.

Locky on Nov 28, 2010


Sounds like KZ is a little envious. Great cast. Strong director....and a one dark, ominous trailer = must see!!!

The Apocalypse of John on Nov 28, 2010


personally i think that looked like crap BUT! Amy Smart so ill watch it

DoomCanoe on Nov 29, 2010


this actually looks interesting.

mynameismine on Nov 29, 2010


I liked it. I like the fact that it has that it has Stahl, MaGowan and Smart in it because they are really good actors that are forgotton about because they're not big hollywood names. I get tired of the Brad Pitts, Clooneys, Heigls etc... not that they're not good mind you, but it's nice to see the lesser known actors every once in a while. Bring on the Ribisi's and the Steve Zahn's, I say.

arjones on Nov 30, 2010


beautiful rose mcgowan! i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kruschev on Nov 30, 2010


KZ -- lemme you're so far up Twilight's arse you forgot about The Lost Boys! Your comment had the acumen of a moth, the intellignce of one of The Situation's fartcatchers and the soul of dead trout. Don't take it out on the success of an artists craft because your Juno meets Little Miss Sunshine meets Inception screenplay was turned down by Robert McGee and his $300 networking seminar! Good luck at Blockbuster lad...or refilling NetFlix machines on Sunday evenings with a myriad a movies of that were made while your pedestrian and banal ideas sits paralyzed in the gape of your idle excuse for a brain!

The Apocalypse of John on Dec 2, 2010


ohhhhhhhh.....KZ has gone silent....night night. read. read. and the write. then perhaps you can critic on others product. At this point you are a nobody. Not a brand. You do not extist, Write. Create. Then you can comment. In the meantime, continue on trying to mimic Juno or Napoleon Dynamite. Move to L.A. from Idaho and give it a year... Then retreat back to the saftey of your small town where you were once the big fish in the samll pond. Look at Diablo Cody --'re just as talented. But you fail one this Queen Nagativity. It's show-business, not show-show. Until you get a film made, KZ, youre a nobody. When you do...your advice may looked at. You don't bash your way into Hollywood ripping aparts your peers screenplays. You reveal your intentions too early. Consumed by ego. You will fail. Adios 2011. Marry the local Firefighter and brag how you use to catch kim Kardashians farts, and get her lattes while picthing her the next greatest Aremenian Genocide Sit-com. Get an Agent that can give you directions that will get you the quickest Greyhound ticket outta here to Pomona.

The Apocalypse of John on Dec 4, 2010

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