Indie Trailer Sunday: Takeshi Kitano's Cannes Film 'Outrage'

April 18, 2010
Source: Twitch

Outrage Trailer

Last week it was announced that Takeshi Kitano's 15th film, Outrage, will be premiering at the Cannes Film Festival next month. It just so happens that days before that announcement, our friends at Twitch had discovered that an official Japanese trailer for the film was available online. Unfortunately it is not subtitled, so you'll have to just watch for the drama unless you can speak Japanese. This is Kitano's return to gangster films and it looks frickin' badass. I'm pretty damn excited to see this in Cannes, it could be an intense film to watch. Lots of killing, lots of violence, and lots of Japanese Yakuza. I love that shot at the end, too. Enjoy!

Watch the Japanese trailer for Takeshi Kitano's Outrage:

If you're confused, Twitch has a rundown on the story in this that is about a Yakuza gangster named Otomo.

Outrage, or アウトレイジ in Japanese, is both written and directed by veteran Japanese filmmaker Takeshi Kitano, who directed his first feature in 1989, called Violent Cop, and has gone on to direct numerous other films including Boiling Point, A Scene at the Sea, Fireworks, Zat?ichi, and Achilles and the Tortoise most recently. He also stars in his films and appears in this as "Beat Takeshi." Outrage will premiere at the 63rd Cannes Film Festival this May. As of right now, the film does not have a US distributor despite the Warner Bros logo (they're only putting this out in Japan). I'll let you know what I think once I catch this in Cannes!

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what action?

Jameson on Apr 18, 2010


Yeah, seriously. What action? There were like 2 shots of guys shooting a gun. That's not action. I mean, the movie looks okay, but your description was vastly overexaggerated.

chazzy o on Apr 18, 2010


Send in Hit Girl.

Crapola on Apr 18, 2010


Guys, in many japanese movies (in contrast with western blockbusters) the action is not what you see in the trailer, but rather what you sense and anticipate. That is why I like japanese movies, as they go deeper under the skin and deal with what isi needed in a different way. I am excited about this one!

Joe on Apr 18, 2010


Beat Takeshi!!! 'Nough said.

Jay on Apr 18, 2010


#4 So true, @ least someone understands..

AgentMcQueen on Apr 18, 2010


I can't give a review to movie that's completely in Japanese without subtitles, when I don't don't speak the language.

arjones on Apr 18, 2010


It seems like pepto bismol would solve a lot of these guys problems

MMH on Apr 18, 2010


#4 - You're dead on there, in fact i think its better to anticipate.

DiR3cT on Apr 19, 2010


Well it seems another Beat Takeshi classic is on the way 😀 i will keep my eyes open for the Bluray releaseor a japanese flicks festival here in Turkey. oh and byt he way Alex hasnt mentioned any action regarding the trailer. Infact he has only stated that for those who cant speak the language they may follow the drama. and later on he only said "it could be an intense film to watch", with the expectation of tons of "violence and shooting" which we are accustomed to get from most of Kitanos films. i am not defending the guy, but its not fair to criticize him without a solid ground 😀 and agree with number 4 japs and HK movie makers know how to shoot even their trailers to make us build our expectation up cheers

Burak "D'aequitas" on Apr 19, 2010


This trailer would have been better if it would have had subtitles with it.

Cineprog on Apr 19, 2010


@ 10. Lol He changed it.... it originally said to "follow the action." I'm in no way saying this movie is going to bad, as I'm excited for it. But when it sounds like the trailer is going to be an action-packed killfest, and then literally nothing happens, I just get slightly confused.

Chazzy O on Apr 19, 2010


It seems like pepto bismol would solve a lot of these guys problems

dresses1 on Apr 20, 2010


I've been waiting for ages to see some footage from this film. It's too bad we probably won't be able to watch the damn thing with subs for a year or more. Why can't Kitano be more popular over here? His stuff is right up the same alley as Nolan, Fincher and Aronofsky. Maybe more blunt with the violence, but the themes, mood and emphasis on character is the exact sort of stuff that people here are starting to wake up to, considering how popular those three and Jonez have gotten in the last decade or so. Not to mention how a lot of older directors are heading in the same direction (Scorsese, Coppola). You'd think studios would be all over his stuff like flies on shit wanting to get US distribution rights.

Squiggly_P on Apr 20, 2010


I'm sure this is cool, but there's no subtitles so I have no idea WTF they are talking about. I don't need or want to constantly be hit over the head with action. I like good character driven stories, but without subtitles I'm lost!

Eric on Apr 21, 2010


i like Zatoicchi a lot ..but this one..dunno....seems a little bored...maybe the movie looks better than the trailer...

Sakyo on Apr 28, 2010

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