Indie Teaser Sunday: Quentin Dupieux's Killer Tire Film Rubber

May 2, 2010
Source: Quiet Earth

Rubber Trailer

Yet another new Cannes film today, but this time I've got something truly special to share with you. Quentin Dupieux's Rubber is (and I'm not kidding) a drama/comedy/horror film of sorts about an angry, killer tire that roams the California desert exploding people's heads with psychic energy out of revenge. Yes, this is as totally awesome as it sounds, and we've got a very early teaser trailer to prove it thanks to Quiet Earth (and a poster over on Twitch). It's not a part of the official Cannes line-up, but Rubber was chosen to be a part of the Critic's Week sidebar, and I will definitely be seeing this in France in a few weeks. Check out this teaser!

Watch the first teaser trailer for Quentin Dupieux's Rubber from YouTube:

In the Californian desert, an incredulous audience gathers to watch a telepathic tire's adventures that are mysteriously attracted by a beautiful lady. An investigation begins. Official website:

Rubber is written and directed by French filmmaker Quentin Dupieux, aka Mr. Oizo (who's a well-known French music producer), who has a few other indie films under his belt including Nonfilm and Steak. This will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival later this month, but doesn't have a US distributor yet. Stay tuned for updates on Rubber, as I'm definitely planning on seeing it while I'm in Cannes, and will try and let you know more details on when/if it will eventually make its way over to the US. Who else is down for this?

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WTF!? ... yea ill see it 🙂

Eddie on May 2, 2010


Another killer tire movie....seriously ?!? Talk about oversaturation....

Mart on May 2, 2010


This must be a tire from the chucknorrismobile

movie mike on May 2, 2010


Sounds 1000 times better then all the boardgames inc

David Banner on May 2, 2010


Lol wow, the concept kind of reminds me of the killer christmas tree fake trailer from the hobo with a shotgun creator.

Cody w on May 2, 2010


*facepalm* well looks better than "Human Centipede" anyways..

Jay on May 2, 2010


Someone a fan of Dane Cook?

eric on May 2, 2010


well i guess it's better than stretch armstrong and the stupid 8 ball movie

Sharlto on May 2, 2010



shadow on May 2, 2010


...I'm in.

Xerxex on May 2, 2010


no condom jokes yet?

Janny on May 2, 2010


That tire wasnt fucking around...that tire was out for vengeance!

toucmyinfection on May 2, 2010

13, it doesn't - anything would look better than that teaser. that has to be a joke. it didn't even look like a movie.

beavis on May 2, 2010


haha hellll yessss

DoomCanoe on May 2, 2010


#13 Looks like someone here doesn't know what a teaser is.

SkaOreo on May 2, 2010


It looks like a commercial for Goodyear or Firestone ... until it's not.

Michelle on May 2, 2010


lmao. i can't believe someone made that. #16 put it best.

dave13 on May 2, 2010


It lost me as a potential viewer when it killed the bird. Revenge on tire or automobile company execs I could understand, but what do birds have to do with anything?

Debra L on May 2, 2010


Crows are evil. There's one on my street that won't leave me alone. Maybe I'll buy a tire...

Nome on May 2, 2010


What the hell...?

Lar on May 2, 2010


this looks so sweet. its actually kinda an original idea... something that i would watch. haha i hope it gets distributed in USA.

sjophotography on May 2, 2010


#15 - i KNOW what a teaser is. as TEASERS (and ideas for movies) go, it was lame........just like your comment.

beavis on May 2, 2010


Um, really?

Richard on May 3, 2010


This just left me feeling Flat...

Kamish on May 3, 2010


what has the movie industry come to? this was the best they could come up with?

nick on May 3, 2010


Hey @25 at least its an original idea for christ sake, should be complaining about all the shit remakes and boardgame movies not this.

Cody w on May 3, 2010


@24....LMAO!! man this looks like a very stupid movie and get excited if you want but i'm sure we just saw the best parts of it.....already

thejugfather on May 3, 2010


Anyone know the password for the official site ????? This movie will probably be eye and ear bleedingly good. Justice (Gaspard) and Mr. Oizo soundtrack.

Matt on May 3, 2010


alrighty then...I am definately in for this...

blasphemer on May 4, 2010


In french film, tires puncture you!

Mr.Cookie on May 5, 2010


Lol. This is incredibly intriging.

Cracky on May 5, 2010


Hey....if this tyre was set loose by Spock, would that make it Vulcanized rubber?

DarkFox on May 14, 2010


@nick lol what the hell is the difference between this piece of made-up fiction and any other goddamn piece of movie fiction. Wonder if Flat Eric will make an appearance... i was really hoping for a cameo in 'Steak'

Bobby on Jul 28, 2010

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