Indie Trailer Sunday: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trailer

February 21, 2010
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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trailer

There have been some really strong films coming out of Sweden recently (need I mention Let the Right One In) and this is another one to add to that list. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo got a lot of buzz when it showed in the Cannes Marketplace and buyers went crazy for it, but it's only now making its way to the US. This film is the first in a trilogy about a journalist and a young female hacker wrapped up in a murder mystery. Not only does it seem like a very intricate and fascinating story, but this trailer is pretty sleek. All of it looks great, the cinematography and story and acting. I'll be checking this out this spring. Take a look!

Watch the official US trailer for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trailer in High Definition on Apple

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, aka Män Som Hatar Kvinnor in Swedish, is directed by veteran Swedish filmmaker Niels Arden Oplev, of Chop Chop, We Shall Overcome, The Eagle, and Worlds Apart previously. The screenplay was co-written by Swedish writers Nikolaj Arcel & Rasmus Heisterberg. This is the first film in Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy series of novels. This was first released in Europe last year but is just hitting US theaters now thanks to Music Box Films. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo will start showing in very limited theaters on March 19th. For more info, visit the official UK website. Anyone else interested?

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saw part 1 and 2 already and am now really looking forward to the third one. the stories resolving around the 2 main characters were planned to be a ten-part series but since larsson died there´s only stuff for these three films (yet). anyways what fascinates most about this thriller is that it does not need a single CG special effect and is so realistic. this could happen right outside somewhere in sweden. the characters are very unique and extremely well described both in the books and in the movies - plus the acting is really good. one of the best thrillers i have seen in years. who liked state of play or the ghostwriter will love this and be kept on the edge of the seat. what i don´t like is what they did to the title. in germany they also chose titles that are very different from the swedish originals but they still make sense. Verblendung, Verdammnis, Vergebung wich means dazzlement, damnation, forgiveness (they refer to the devolopment of the main character(s)). "Män Som Hatar Kvinnor" means "men who hate women". if u can catch this film up in the US and like well-crafted, realistic thrillers go for it!

frost on Feb 21, 2010


que deep narrator, que shallow story arc, que random action! meh i hope its better than this trailer was.

Zak on Feb 21, 2010


I'm from Sweden and have seen theese films. The first one looks pretty good but the acting is bad and the story is weak. They are nothing special. And the second and third one was shot for television so they are worse in every department.

ryderup on Feb 21, 2010


I´ve seen these films, nothing wrong with them, but I don´t understand why change the name???????????? And by the story is not weak.

Sigurjon on Feb 21, 2010


let the right one in is a great swedish film & this looked like it could be alright,its intresting to learn that its a trilogy as well.see it like this before it gets a americanised remake .



I sure as hell hope that the movie is better than this trailer.

John Doe on Feb 21, 2010


i didn't care for the cheesy narrative; but, the movie itself looks good.......of course, i'm a big indie fan to begin with so take my opinion for what it's worth. it does look like it's worth a watch, though.

beavis on Feb 21, 2010


Seen the first film, really liked it, though some of the scenes were very disturbing. Not for the weak-hearted.

N on Feb 21, 2010


The director is Danish, not Swedish.

Sussu on Feb 21, 2010


Also, this is very much a mainstream film, not indie. Just because it's "foreign" in the US does not make it "indie". These two terms get very often confused by Americans.

Sussu on Feb 21, 2010


Even though its not an "indie" (just because its foreign or what?) its a really good film. Im swedish and I usually dont like swedish cinema so much, Let the right one in was on the other hand really good and I´ve seen the first two of the Millenium trilogy. Both were really good and exciting movies with very well written characters. The acting is surprisingly good. See it if you can it's a really good and smart thriller with an unusual female lead who can kick some ass.

Martin on Feb 21, 2010


the movie is playing now and tomorrow at glasgow film festival and I have a blog and even my press pass couldnt get me in as both screenings sold out in 30 minutes of going on sale. Just have to wait for march release. though my pass did get me into the uk premiere of Gentleman Broncos which I know was out age ago stateside and friday night I watched heartless which also sold out, bith good films

paul devine on Feb 21, 2010


I'm in.

Xerxex on Feb 21, 2010


Seen the movie and read the book. The trailer is much better than the movie, though I really liked the performance of the male lead.

Riki on Feb 21, 2010


Although I wasn't sold on the story from the trailer, it sounds interesting and I've heard enough good things that I still want to check this out, at least this first one, and go from there. I saw the first movie in England's Red Riding trilogy and hated it, so let's hope this one is a lot better than that trilogy. 🙂

Alex Billington on Feb 21, 2010


Will give a shot.

Fisherr on Feb 21, 2010


The trailer seems awesome! I agree that it doesn't say much about the movie, but it still definitely grabs your attention! I would definitely go to see this!

Best Romance Movies on Feb 21, 2010


martin at #11 - google the's listed as an independant by EVERY outlet and made the rounds at many independant festivals.

beavis on Feb 22, 2010


Have you been following the production for "Rare Exports"? I think it's finnish though. It was originally 2 short movies, that are using the basis for a feature length.

John I.G> on Feb 22, 2010


beavis - This movie is made by the biggest production companies in Sweden and Denmark and got a budget of 16 million Euros (and has earned 61 million Euros). Maybe not as much as a hollywood movie but for a swedish movie thats quite a big budget. It's a very mainstream movie even though it has been shown on filmfestivals with independent movies. It also got special FX by a company that have done work on many other blockbuster movies. Which this movie also is, a blockbuster at least here in Sweden where its from. Doesn't matter that is being shown on independent movie festivals, it has to be distributed and marketed some way, but it doesnt make it an "indie" movie. anywhoo, the movies are very exciting so go see them!

Martin on Feb 22, 2010


The trailers LOOKS pretty good, but the voice over at the beginning almost ruined it for me. Anyway, I'll probably just wait for the American remake no doubt coming out in a year or so.

Joshua m on Feb 22, 2010


Hi i´ve seen the 2 movies here in germany and wait now for the third part. The second part is not so good as the first one. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo *lol* ok she has a tatoo but... *g* The name of the movies here in germany: "Verblendung" ,"Verdammnis" and "Vergebung" (Millenium Trilogie)

Tim on Feb 22, 2010


Spoiler alert; Typical Swedish angst. I've seen them and they are full of clichéd stereotypes, for example, in the first film the antagonists are the male members of a family of arms dealing, nazi, serial killer, rapists. You couldn't squeeze in any more evil if you tried.

moif on Feb 22, 2010


I'm Swedish & have read all 3 books. They are great. As pointed out I don't know why they changed the name for the international releases from Men who hates women. Seen the first 2 movies. They are OK, nothing special. The director of the first movie is Danish, not Swedish.

xnatasx on Feb 22, 2010


seen this, its awesome, cant wait to see the next 2 films.

chlordane on Feb 23, 2010


I'm from Norway and I've seen the movie. It's pretty good, but this title is really stupid. The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo? WTF? In norway the movie was called: Menn som hater kvinner, which directly transelates to Men that hate woman.

YourGirlfriendLickedMyAsshole on Feb 23, 2010


@26 My guess would be, menn som hater kvinner sounds good in norwegian, but men that hate women might not sell the movie, it just doesn't have the right sound to it. In my own language(Icelandic) though, it sounds like a great movie with a literal translation, but in english... nah.

Hurrahhe on Feb 25, 2010


I have seen this in cinema in sweden. The cinematoraphy is good, aswell is the story. How ever, whats up with the stupid namechange for the titel. AND WTF STUPID NARRATOR! They should have shown some bits from the rapesceen. And when they named it "the girl with the dragon tattoo" maby show the tattoo itself. cuz just like the main character it's pretty badass.

J.R.L on Mar 5, 2010


Saw 'Verblendung' yesterday - thought it was a good movie. (With 1-2 disturbing scenes which were hard to watch.) It's funny to see that for the US market the trailer/movie name focuses solely on the girl here - although in the movie she plays admittedly a major, but not the central role. (She helps a reporter investigating in a murder case.)

cine_phil on Mar 14, 2010

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