Indie Trailer Sunday: Worthington & Knightley Star in 'Last Night'

November 7, 2010
Source: Awards Daily

Last Night Trailer

"Have you thought about what he might be doing right now?" Another sticky relationship drama to feature today, but this time it comes in the form of a steamy independent film. Last Night, written and directed by Massy Tadjedin, stars Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington as a married couple, each of whom start striking up relationships with others. Those other attractive folks are Eva Mendes and Guillaume Canet, making this quite an intriguing cast. The trailer was found by Awards Daily. It kind of reminds me of Closer in a sense, a big crisscrossed relationship drama that might all work out in the end. Watch the trailer below.

Watch the official trailer for Massy Tadjedin's Last Night:

The story in Last Night follows a married couple, apart for a night while the husband takes a business trip with a colleague to whom he's attracted. While he's resisting temptation, his wife encounters her past love.

Last Night is both written and directed by Iranian-American filmmaker Massy Tadjedin, making her feature directing debut after writing screenplays for The Jacket and Leo. It premiered at the Toronto Film Festival earlier this year. Miramax holds distribution rights, so we're not sure when it'll be arriving in theaters, but I expect it sometime next year. There's a new poster that debuted as well, but we have no info on a US release.

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Trailer looks.... pretty.... pretty bad. I don't think it looks like that great of a movie anyways, but wow. That trailer was so bad lol.

Chazzy on Nov 7, 2010


is it really that hard to be married? looks okay...good to see Worthington in something different.

Xerxex on Nov 7, 2010


Should rename it to Last Knightley =)

Level1Alt on Nov 7, 2010


#2 - It can be, yes. Closer was the most horrifying film I've ever seen, precisely because of how real it all was. The potential for this to have a happy ending means the process by which it gets there must be very delicately handled. We'll soon see if Tadjedin has the chops for something this deep. I'll see it.

Devon Shaw on Nov 7, 2010


The music in this trailer was strangely happy. I really hope the moral of this story isn't that its okay to cheat if each person is doing it. Lame.

Traveler on Nov 7, 2010


Fuck, the acting looked terrible. Reminded me of the acting in a Woody Allen movie.

Bash on Nov 7, 2010



memz on Nov 7, 2010


They apparently had to cut the scene in the limo with the dog down as it wouldn't be believable that Sam Worthington's character would go back to her after sleeping with an animal. Marriage isn't that hard, but it wouldn't be much of a story if they were happy and had no problems.

Crapola on Nov 7, 2010


to # 8 - what are you talking about? also, looks good, dramatic irony is fun!!!!

gmorra on Nov 8, 2010


I thought of "Closer" as well.. and how much more awesome it is than this trailer looks...

RPD on Nov 8, 2010


#6 What you just said is an Oxymoron

Scottoftheantarctic on Nov 8, 2010


@ Gmorra, I dunno honestly I think after watching that trailer a little piece of my brain dribbled out my ears and then I started typing, I don't think there is any bestiality in the film or ever was.

Crapola on Nov 8, 2010


Keira Knightly is soooo HOT! If I could ever get the chance I would totally FUCK her brains out. Too bad her tits are only an A. I mean that in the most ironic way, pun intended. As for the trailer, it was a C+ Looks like an incoming date night Netflix queue.

Mike Balrog on Nov 8, 2010


Alot of people deal with cheating or abandonment issues in real life. Who wants to see it in a movie? Better yet, who wants to pay to watch it? Not me. I guess I just don't get the allure of it. I never understood daytime soaps either. No wonder most of the people who watch that crap are depressed.

arjones on Nov 9, 2010


Yes, the French Canet is tha bomb!!!!Obviously the other non hottie in this is Kiera....who are responsible for the casting anyway? You guys better start respecting my choice! loll! I'm glad he started an affair with Mendes...come on YOU would too! loll! Of course Canet could be excused because I believe his character is not Anglo saxon, so he may think that the Anglo saxon are all hot! Poor him" loll!

I am... on Nov 9, 2010

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