Inevitable Nightmare on Elm Street 3D Sequel is Coming Soon

May 3, 2010
Source: The Wrap

A Nightmare on Elm Street

One, two, Freddy's coming for you… twice! After a very satisfying box office performance this past weekend ($32.9 million) which stands as the most successful horror release in an April/May timeslot, it's no surprise that The Wrap reports Warner Bros/New Line has already committed to a 3D sequel of A Nightmare on Elm Street that stars Jackie Earle Haley in an all-new horror franchise as Wes Craven's original blade-gloved burn victim, Freddy Krueger. It's not surprising considering Robert Englund lasted some nine films in endless sequels to the original 1984 Nightmare. It's just too bad that this remake was a complete misfire.

Honestly, someone needs to tell movie studios that just because audiences turned out for a film in its first weekend, doesn't mean they actually want to see another one, especially if that film is as painfully generic and lacking any genuine scares for a horror film like this A Nightmare on Elm Street remake. Sure, Jackie Earle Haley brought some new kind of life to the character, and the writers also developed a wholly creepier origin for Freddy as an even more menacing monster both in the dream world and real world, but the rest of the film was full of cheap scares brought on by jump cuts, loud musical cues, and poorly written dialogue.

One thing we know (via a SlashFilm interview) is that director Samuel Bayer won't be back. "I will not be involved in a sequel. I don't want to have my next movie be a horror movie." Considering his style was fine, but there wasn't much substance, I'm fine with that. So who else should they look at for this sequel?

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Well I actually liked the remake better than the original. I thought the new stuff they added in made it that much cooler. Am I excited for a sequel though? Meh...i'll go see it but i'm pretty pissed it's gonna be in 3D, and most likely it'll suck big donkey dick.

Peace Love & GaGa on May 3, 2010


Yea!! More Nightmare!!!!

MikeySpikey on May 3, 2010


Wow! Been hearing a lot of positive reviews for the remake. I was actually on the fence about it, but after the response I think I may have to watch it after all rather than put it off for another time. on May 3, 2010


Friday the 13th remake was leaps and bounds more entertaining than Nightmare On Elm St (note I said entertaining, neither are "good" movies). NOES was just trash. The 1984 version is much creepier and has some genuine thrills. The new one is just the same old same old. And I thought the Freddy make up was more comical than scary. Something with his eyes/nose just really made him look stupid. Sadly, I'm a sucker for horror so I would probably watch a sequel anyway. However, now that I know it's 3D I'll avoid it like the plague.

Rops on May 3, 2010


I understand the criticism,and i do still like Englund's freddy better he was alot creepier, but Jackie Earle Haley was perfect for the new freddy, This remake wasnt really a remake it was a reimagining so look at it that way, im not saying your wrong dude, but i will say this one wasnt trash maybe compared to the original which it was inevitable to be ompared to but you cant really compare it to the reall freddy. You know what i mean? 

Nicholasgann on May 18, 2011


Wow...I heard this on the news how it raked in so much dough. Well duh! People were curious. Watch it bomb this weekend...aside from Iron Man 2 coming out, the bad review wold prevent people from going.

tra la la la la di da on May 3, 2010


They'll always make these movies. When was the last good Freddy sequel? Dream Warriors! And that was 1987!!!! That was the only good movie other than the original movie. Haley signed up for two sequels anyways.

People's Champ on May 3, 2010


we shoulda seen this coming long time people,3D is gonna be the new plague thats gonna kill all movie theatres down the drain no more.2D movies soon all gonna be in 3D everthing even your coffee when you wake up in the morning and that donut you eat all in 3D 🙂

Spder94 on May 3, 2010


Things that are actually in real life tend to be 3D already, and they have been since the Big Bang

Tashkenyon13 on Aug 16, 2011


Yay.....i cant wait to see ROOM in 3-D! (yawn!)

movie mike on May 3, 2010


Jackie Earle Haley is an excellent Freddy. I'll be there, even though I absolutely hate 3D...

Colt on May 3, 2010


#1- you are an idiot.

jimmey on May 3, 2010


Nope I'm out, Remake sucked, hell the original isn't all that great, Freddy never scared me but its a classic and it has its fans and I respect it...and 3-D just makes it sink lower, so I'm out old man.

Xerxex on May 3, 2010


So just like the orioginal it turns from Horrific to gimmicky...

ryderup on May 3, 2010


I agree whole heartedly w/ Ethan. This remake lacked any genuine plot or fright. Who should they get for the next one? I'm assuming Bay will find another music video director buddy and throw another lackluster script into his lap - aren't music video directors just rich kids with a heavy case of A.D.D. and rented video equipment? It's the equivalent of taking someone who can wrestle kittens for 3 minutes and putting them up against a starving bear with rabies for an hour and a half and saying, "Oh yeah, he can handle it. It's practically the same thing." I wish Hollywood would get over this 3-D thing already. If you have to make a movie 3-D in order to improve it, it obviously never had a leg to stand on.

Somnambulist on May 3, 2010


HAHAHA next shity movie coming out next shity summer, remake was SOOOO BAD 5min after movie starts they show up whole freddy... 2 AWESOME scenes from original are total bullshit in remake (wall scene with freddy when nacy is sleeping and when Freddy is killing blondy in her bed) Freddy face was un scary, boring, his voice was the same ALL conversation betwean main characters are BOORING, "-I had a dream about man it was scary, -its just a dream, -no its not lalalala)

seyo on May 3, 2010


Anyone who hated on this remake is an idiot!!!

MikeySpikey on May 3, 2010


Well considering the only good films in the original series was the first and New Nightmare I have no problem with a sequel, as long as its a DIRECT sequel.

Jacob Crim on May 4, 2010


Actually from the original series, the 1st,3rd, and 4th were good. And of course New nightmare. Those were all awesome. The others weren't as great but they were still watchable. 

Zero Hardy on Jul 15, 2011


# 10 Okay...wanna elaborate on that douchebag?

Peace Love & GaGa on May 4, 2010


The movie was a cash and grab from a studio who could give two shits about the franchise. And all the morans paying for it, fell for it. Do a little research people, and watch who you give your money to.

cream of sumyunguy on May 4, 2010


Dude you need to back up a step all of us real fans did our research and this was a great reimagining. And hey idiot its MORONS not morans 

Nicholas gann on May 18, 2011


I'm a hardcore fan, and I had such high expectations for them to bring something new to the franchise... But it didn't. It was boring, even the end fight scene with Freddy had me yawning. I was thoroughly disappointed. So it's not fair telling people they're not real fans if they didn't like the remake. Some people are harder to scare and entertain than others

Tashkenyon on Aug 16, 2011


#19, "morans" you say? must be a new word

Colt on May 4, 2010


Too bad the movie sucks the ass out of a dead horse. And I had no idea that Erin Moran was back, and that she had money...

Frank N. Stein on May 4, 2010


Lets hope it's better then "Freddie's Dead: The Final Nightmare".

Carl on May 6, 2010


I liked this much better then the original series, I'm excited for a sequel and I think it will terrify in 3D as this one has without the use of such devices.

Juno on May 22, 2010


I agree with #23.

Brad on Sep 9, 2010


"3D's gonna suck" Well if it's that crap from like 20 years ago, then of course it will but I don't know if you've heard of him, his name's James Cameron? Well, he invented something to do with filming in 3D, that's right FILMING! So 3D doesn't look crappy anymore 🙂 I never saw the original but I just watched the remake now, I enjoyed it, I'm not an idiot for enjoying a movie some douche bag - who has to want everyone hate just because they're so far up their own ass - thinks he has the right to tell me what to like and what not to like! I want to see a halloween 3 and possibly Friday the 13th 2 first, then this would be good afterwards 🙂

Chris on Sep 30, 2010


 Completely agree

NIcholas Gann on May 18, 2011


Finally, haven't heard anything about there being a sequel in a while. Personally, the remake (although the originals I cherish dearly,) was much better. A "misfire"? In what? The original had absolutely NO plot developement-none that mattered. The Freddy-Nancy relationship is far more in-depth other than Nancy being just some random kid that was no different from any other Elm Street kid and yet somehow Freddy was most interested in her. The hell is this? FanFiction? In this one, Nancy's character is more realistic-not some ditzy teenager. The overall appearence of Freddy is far more realistic, he's darker and his humor is more synical, Nancy is prettier-BIG points for that one, Jackie Earle Haley and Rooney Mara are wonderful actors and the effort put into this movie is evidently stronger. But-then again, most people don't like movies with effort and plot. I hear Twilight has a lot of support, too. I think the 3D part is a fantastic idea. Keep goin', Wes!! [I also can't really believe general critics ever since Twilight won Best Movie over The Dark Knight. Just sayin'.]

Dibson on Oct 1, 2010


I dont understand the fashion with hating the remake. It was better than alot of the sequels. Let's be honest, nothing will ever beat the original but it's time to let that go. If you like the original you can easily watch it, but the fact is most kids these days consider past horror movies to be COMICAL not HORRIFYING. This movie was perfect. Haley passed my expectations by a MILE. You can't fill Englund's shoes but he seems like the only person who could do it, and do it very well. People say they hate this movie for this and that, but the only reason they do is because Englund is not Freddy. Get over it, he gave Haley his blessing and said he liked him in it, so why can't everyone else? because, they are fucking close minded.

jeremy on Oct 5, 2010


Exactly! you can not replace Englund but as you just said Englund gave Haley his blessing and also said to the public that he couldnt think of a better actor to take over the franchise, this movie was not dull it was epic. although the only thing i disagree on is your expectations of Haley watch the series human target and youll see what i mean.

Nicholas Gann on May 18, 2011


The remake sucked. It seemed to just be thrown together in about 10 minutes. The original Nancy was way better. Robert England in the first nightmare on elm st only was way better. Part 2 and on sucked. The only thing better about the remake was how they went into more detail with the back story. The acting was horendous. The writing was horrible. The entire cast had should be ashamed of themselves. They need to go back to acting school. Anyone who thought the remake was better either has no clue or was born after the late 90s. And as for the voice the remake freddys voice was horrible. You could tell it was all done as a voice over in a studio.

Mike on Oct 6, 2010


Dude get your facts straight the voice was not a voice over that was all Haley. Nothing about this movie was horrible or horendous, get a life dude you know nothing about movies your talking out of your ass so shut the hell up 

Nicholas Gann on May 18, 2011


Actually, they had to make Haley's voice gruffer and deeper for the film. You get your facts straight.

Tashkenyon on Aug 16, 2011


How can anyone say the real Nancy was realistic. She gets thrown around and doesn't get hurt at all. She gets her arm almost cut off and it doesn't hurt her at all. I'm not saying that the original was such a great actress but please don't say this new girl was realistic because she wasn't

Mike on Oct 6, 2010


Again it was realistic she was exausted and on top of that her adrenaline was coarsing through her veins with that being said even a gun shot wound would hurt at first if your adrenaline was goin. This new actress for Nancy was way better so get your damn facts straight next time so you dont look like a complete asshole 

Nicholas on May 18, 2011


sorry typo even a gun shot wouldnt hurt at first 

Nicholas on May 18, 2011


I honestly don't understand why horror fans are so protective of who plays what, James Bond has been played by what seven actors now. I'm also personally offended by the idea that if you liked the remake then your not a real fan, I saw the first one then I watched all the other films and how they fell in quality and scariness, then I saw the remake and I felt like freddy was back, though the remake will ever measure up to the original, it is leaps and bounds ahead of all of the sequels and freddy vs. jason. Don't tell people they aren't fans because they have a different opinion then you so called "old school" fans.

mike on Oct 6, 2010


I'm an old school fan and I absolutely loved the remake. If anyone was going to remake this movie, this is exactly how it should have been done. A Huge thumbs up to the makers of this remake. Jackie Harly is 100x better than Robert Englund. I'm a huge fan of both actors. I believe in the whole James Bond thing and I think that this franchise should be the James Bond of horror films. Let Jackie play Freddy until he can't play Freddy anymore and then bring someone else in and let the franchise continue forever. There's no way I could ever get tired of Freddy Krueger films no matter who it is that is actually playing the character. True Evil never dies!

Brad on May 4, 2011


Oh, I wish I could thumbs this up more than once. I agree with you completely. I'm sick of how everyone's hatred of this remake lies with the fact that Robert Englund is not Freddy. Who the fuck cares. You should be happy that they're continuing with the franchise instead of letting it die. Let it continue forever, if you love it that much, you'll love it no matter what.

AkiKaza on Oct 2, 2011


If this remake didn't have the Platinum Dunes tag then people would be embracing it more. The movie was fine. The origin story of Freddy being a pedophile and ultimately tricking the kids into thinking he was innocent, was innovative and refreshing. Jackie Earle Haley is 10 times the actor that Robert Englund will ever be. His take on the Springwood slasher was great. He was the best choice for the role(aside from his 5'5 height ofcourse 😉 The look complimented the more "grounded in reality" theme to reboot the franchise. The micronaps concept was a bonus and aided the film and francise into more a plausible reboot. Finally something scientifically accurate that makes sense, as opposed to the hipnosil theory in the early films. The cast was well, typical. Thats the new generation though, apathetic and boring. Nice Joy Division tee on Jesse though. A few things that could have made this better would have been to use some of the original footage that was scrapped. They did recreate the scene of Freddy making the glove and that would have worked quit well. There was also an alternate scene with Kris in the attic with Freddy, akin to the Elliot/ET scene. Look forward to the sequel. 3 out of 5.

Seats on Oct 16, 2010


I love ur take on it I agree there's alot on freddys background they aimed at one was he or wasn't he! That was it it worked the whole flickering was bad ass the whole addies theme for keeping them up was best but in dream world I feel much needed time played for abit too real in dream land just booast it up abit and will be good seeing freddy play tricks would be kool we don't alwas dream of realness in are dreams.

Tanderson698 on Mar 4, 2011


OMG are people STILL bitching about Robert Englund not playing Freddy??? I agree with #31, in fact Robert Englund isn't even that good of an actor anyway. What else has he been in apart from the old NOES movies?? That old V television series?? Oh yeah the one that nobody gives a flying fuck about... Oh yeah he did The Riddler's voice in a Batman cartoon as well. Everyone knows that... *yawn* The guy is hella over-rated. Now Jackie Earle Haley?? He's a fantastically diverse and UNDERrated actor. Look at his range: Rorshach, Ronnie in Little Children, Human Target, the guy can do anything, and he did a damn fine job as Fred Kreuger. So all you "old school" losers need to just accept that there's a new Freddy, like it or not...

Grim Russ on Oct 18, 2010


But Jackie Earle Haley suited those roles. He was amazing at Rorshach, but he didn't suit Freddy. He wasn't too good. I agree, Robert Englund hasn't been in many things, but that's because he got typecast as not just a type of character, but as a single character. It'd be difficult not to see him as Freddy. They should have got someone better.

Tashkenyon13 on Aug 16, 2011


I felt like he did freddy perfectly. The way he did the new humor was great, its a whole new character. Englund's freddy was...silly. I loved it, but haley's character is more "evil", diabolical, maniacal, etc.

Trevbritt on Sep 2, 2011


I don't care what anyone says, this remake sucked. Jackie Haley is a great actor, but his job is clearly not Freddy. He lacks soul and character of Freddy while saying cheesy lines. I could of sworn I read an interview that Robert Englund would return if asked. Common now! I don't care how old he is, he is Freddy. With this remake, they wanted a whole new feel. Bad choice, bad taste. Poorly written. The film should have started off in the court room before Freddy was burned with people spitting on him based on his crimes just like Freddy's Nightmares. Instead, it starts immediately in a dream sequence. Oh, did I mention the new Freddy looks like an alien. I say bring on more sequels, but please please no remake sequels. Bring back Englund for the follow-up of New Nightmare.

Joeman on Nov 4, 2010


Thats a laugh! Please find the info of him willing to do it if wes craven had the right most likely he would be willing too but he doesn't and that would be a long time before that will happen and he be 80 get over it robert did his thing new nightmare sucked! Hollywood theme to be more real of freddy within the cast come on lame... freddys nightmares was great and dream child was one of the best dream warriors was a fun movie. But I think they should do another and not 3d. A 2nd can make it or break it I say give them another chance on it.

tj on Mar 4, 2011


Alot of the stuff I asked for did show up for the flim so they are hearing us out im glad I wasn't scared when Robert englund played him and I wasn't scared when jackie played him so who cares if his face isn't what we remember go in there with a different look of it bring your kid sister or brother who r 12 or 13 im sure they would be freaked out abit unless they seen worst crap then a scary flim...all I would say is the fact they killed of pretty much killed the whole class fk them over big time unless they think of a way to fix that for part two and 2nd we now know he is a guy who fk around with kids eww!!! 3rd we didn't see much of freddys tricks long arms the puppet move oh man my fav!! I mean its the kids dreams but its freddys world that wasn't brought much play to it this is your time to do that yes more real but now more play time for freddy is needed still keep it real I don't know if that makes sense in a dream ur able to do anything and freddy should be able to do anything that brings out their fears.

Tanderson698 on Mar 4, 2011


Let me be the new director, I loved the new remake and would love to make this sequel. They should definitely remake Nightmare on Elm Street 3 as the new part 2. I've always liked Nancy as the intern from college thing. If not that remake, then at least have Nancy and Quinton dating in college. They could be lovers who have the dreams all over again some years later. Only this time, Quinton should be the first person in the film to die. Let Quinton's death spark the dreams for Nancy. Nancy's fear in college could bring in most of her college classmates to get killed off(think Nightmare on elm street 4). This time, also focus on Nancy's life after the preschool and since Freddy's death. This can provide some good backstory. Also, we never got to see Nancy's dad in the 1st film(remake), Bring Nancy's dad in for the sequel as the local sheriff who didn't want to have contact with Nancy because of the divorce from her mother, now that her mother is dead, have her dad become part of her life again. These are things that could be used as a basis for a sequel. You could still have Nancy's dad not believe her about freddy, but at least have him there. I think they messed up by not having him there.

Brad on May 4, 2011


A common idea I've heard is about nancy, and probably quentin, being put in an asylum for trying to convince people of what actually happened. I forgot which of the original series dealt with that, the 2nd? all I know is that haley has signed on for another film.

Trevbritt on Sep 2, 2011


dude it wasnt crap it was a great remake, I am very pleased with this remake. 

Nicholasgann on May 18, 2011


It isn't as much of a remake as a reboot. It was originally supposed to be about a child rapist, not a child murderer. Wes changed it because of a child rapist in california at the time, and felt it would get unwanted publicity. Horror movie writing is never suppposed to be grand. And can anyone expect to be scared to holy hell if the entire idea is the same as the first movie? No. I would say the only movies to ever scare me have been the original nightmare, strangers, and the exorcist. 2 of which I'm no longer afraid of. Anyhow, it had enough of the first movie to be nostalgic. (The hallway soup-stair soup, the tub, and much more) while still cleaning up some of the unrealistic parts of the old movie (gray hair, going 7 days without sleep) and made the music and effects modern, which apart from the face, was a major improvement. The acting by haley was excellent, his jokes were still funny (but this time also disgusting a creepy). Overall it did the series justice, and wasn't a bad movie, and not even a bad horror movie. as usual, it was always superior to Friday series since it was never about teen sex, it wasn't about the amount of people killed, and so on. When they make a sequal, I will see it. But once again, the dialogue isn't supposed to be amazing. And the entire premise of the movie may not be "terrifying". If you show a kid today the 1984 movie and the 2010 movie, they will be more afriad of the remake than the original because its modern.

Trevbritt on Sep 2, 2011

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