Intense New Action Trailer for Ensemble Heist Movie 'Takers'

June 8, 2010
Source: Yahoo

Takers Trailer

Everyone knows you don't ever hit armored trucks (you always get busted)! Screen Gems has debuted the second new trailer for the ensemble heist action movie Takers starring quite an eccentric cast: Idris Elba, Paul Walker, Hayden Christensen, Zoe Saldana, Matt Dillon, Jay Hernandez, T.I. and Chris Brown. I love a good heist movie and I want this to be a good heist movie, but this just looks pretty awful. This is the same movie that had a bad first trailer and even worse poster, despite a strong cast. I don't know, maybe I'll see this on DVD, I'm not sure (probably not). Take a look and let us know what you think? And if you'll see it?

Watch the second official trailer for John Luessenhop's Takers from YouTube:

You can also watch the Takers trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Revolves around a notorious group of bank robbers (Idris Elba, Paul Walker, T.I., Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen, Michael Ealy) who continue to baffle police by pulling off perfectly executed bank robberies. They are in and out like clockwork, leaving no evidence behind and laying low in between their heists.

Takers is directed by John Luessenhop, of only the prison drama Lockdown previously. The screenplay was co-written by Luessenhop, Peter Allen (of Book of Swords) and newcomers Gabriel Casseus and Avery Duff. Screen Gems will be bringing Takers to theaters everywhere on August 20th later this summer. Anyone?

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good trailer...but how was it intense?



omg this looks so soo gonna be seeing this movie when it comes out,and no i dont even think it looks awful looks pretty badass to me including the music at the end!!! 😀 atleast it might be better than armored

Spider94 on Jun 8, 2010


i cant say it was terrible, but i wont say it was good. there are just too many of these types of movies, with the team and its various "specialists" and a big prize heist.

AC on Jun 8, 2010


I like how they walked away, with a big explosion behind them, in slow motion. I have never seen that before in any movie ever...

Zach Morris on Jun 8, 2010


TI cant act for shit

ocp on Jun 8, 2010


I laughed out loud watching this. Hayden Christensen and Paul Walker are horrible actors. This looks entertaining enough though.

Brandon on Jun 8, 2010


I'll check it out, I like the cast minus Brown and T.I. Ealy and Christensen have grown on me and I look forward to what they got to offer. As for Elda, Walker, and Dillon...well I loved Elba in Rock n Rolla, Walker was badass in Running Scared, and Dillon has always been a favorite of mine ever since The Outsiders, so all around good cast. Glad to see Hernandez again.

Xerxex on Jun 8, 2010


Wasn't this piece of shit supposed to come out a year and half ago?

John Doe on Jun 8, 2010


When is someone going to realize that Hayden Christensen can't God damn act?

Che on Jun 8, 2010


I guess they figured if they got enough b-class actors in one movie they'd fool people into thinking there were real stars in it.

ClerksFan on Jun 8, 2010


Ensemble cast of horrible actors. No thanks.

Vet4Peace on Jun 8, 2010

12 a gay way. agree with #10. Pass on this one me thinks.

Brad Clooney on Jun 8, 2010


Takers....of my money.. her her. get it? get it!

movie mike on Jun 8, 2010


I never thought I'd say these words but Hayden Christensen looks like the best part of this movie.

Kevin on Jun 8, 2010


OK THATS IT!!!!! no more people walking away with things exploding in the background, the shot is old! refer to when it was done best (Desperado) after that , its just been a rehash.

MMH on Jun 8, 2010


it doesn't look like a classic - but it looks worth a watch.

beavis on Jun 8, 2010


the only thing that looks good about this movie is zoe saldana...

chilin on Jun 9, 2010


Agree with #7, I thought this came out already and went to DVD. Looks horrible. I'll catch it on TBS or Spike or FX....maybe.

1544K on Jun 9, 2010


"Everyone knows you don't ever hit armored trucks (you always get busted)!" It worked in The Italian Job remake.

Robbie on Jun 9, 2010


Not even giving me a morbidly bored "movie-hopping" curiosity to see this. PASS...

Marc on Jun 9, 2010


couldn't finish the trailer.. this has been done 1 million times.. let me guess.. matt dillon is part of the gang pullin the heist.. negative. i will not be at the theatre watching this garbage.

Mikel on Jun 9, 2010


How does anyone think this will be even watchable? Can't believe Alex holds this in a good light. Sounds like a payoff to me. Some under the table money to frost this turd and try to make it a birthday cake.

Dee on Jun 11, 2010


@22 how does he hold it in a good light, he says "this looks pretty awefull", some one must have payed you under the table to be a jackass

Name (required) on Jun 11, 2010


OK this "type" of movies are simply being "too many", you know, completely agree with comment #15.

Voice123 - Trailer Voice Over on Jun 15, 2010

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