Is Darren Aronofsky Shooting 'The Tiger' Next with Pitt & Jolie?

October 7, 2010
Source: The Playlist

Brad Pitt / The Tiger / Darren Aronofsky

There is an interesting story coming from the smart writers at The Playlist that's worth mentioning. While we're all waiting with bated breath to see if Darren Aronofsky does indeed take the offer for Wolverine 2, they're saying that he might already be gearing up to start shooting another entirely different project called The Tiger. You may remember hearing about this, as we reported on the project earlier this summer. The Tiger is an adaptation of John Vaillant's non-fiction book about a game warden who must protect a Siberian town when a tiger begins attacking its inhabitants, with Brad Pitt attached to star - but there's a bit more!

In a new interview with Guillermo Arriaga, who's adapting The Tiger for Aronofsky, the writer said that the film will shoot next year and that, apparently, Angelina Jolie will star along with her partner Brad Pitt. Huh? This is the first time we've ever heard it and considering how popular Jolie is, we usually know if she's interested in something, but I guess not. Arriaga also says he's traveling to New York a lot (where Aronofsky is based) and "would be doing a tour of Siberia to check locations" in November. So if we're to believe every word he says (and none of it was lost in translation), this may be the very next feature film for Aronofsky.

To focus more on a positive side of this news, Arriaga was asked why he decided to write this, answering: "I decided to adapt this story because it is a great privilege to work with [a dedicated filmmaker] like Darren Aronofsky and Brad Pitt." Couldn't agree more. And if Aronofsky really gets both Pitt and Jolie on board for this, it'll be a hell of line-up of talent: Aronofsky, Pitt, Jolie, Arriaga all attached to one indie film for Focus Features. I hate to say it, but to me this already sounds a bit like Aronofsky's Ghost and the Darkness, but I know he'll deliver a fantastic movie no matter what. Here's a better synopsis (via SlashFilm) for The Tiger:

"[The Tiger] takes place on the Siberian plain, where human development is encroaching on the tigers’ habitat — and one tiger turns on the intruders. With townspeople being tracked and hunted with an almost supernatural power, a conservationist game warden must face down the tiger. It is a fight that only one of them can win."

I don't know much about the book (has anyone read it?) but its described as: "This elegant work of narrative non-fiction has it all—beauty, intrigue, a primeval locale, fully realized characters, and a conflict that speaks to the state of our world." I'm very curious if this really is Aronofsky's next project or not, as it all sounds so interesting. There's going to be a lot of debate about what the right path for the filmmaker is following Black Swan (which is probably going to get some good play at the Oscars next year). Having met and interviewed Darren a few times, I'll say that in my position it's best to let him choose on his own, as I know whatever he picks will be exactly what he wants and he will make the best movie he possibly can. What do you think?

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from the story synopsis: "With townspeople being tracked and hunted with an almost supernatural power...." this sounds ridiculous........really, really ridiculous.

beavis on Oct 7, 2010


Yeah this does sound a lot like Ghost an the Darkness...maybe i'll have to dust off that disc and pop it in for a viewing. This honestly doesn't sound that great. All of this news is just studio putting out press releases or people trying to drum up hype. At this point no reason to speculate. I honestly hope he doesn't do this or Wolverine. Why after all the films he has made would he start making derivative shite all of a sudden? I mean i know he was attached to Robocop, but that was a different story. That could've been amazing.

LINKFX on Oct 7, 2010


This would be great! He shouldn't be directing big studio movies like Wolverine 2, he should be bringing great originality with his talent instead.

Hairu on Oct 8, 2010


what did aronofsky have to do with ghost and the darkness? and i think that if aronofsky is doing it, no matter how "ridiculous" it sounds, its got a good chance of being something very interesting. and i agree that robocop definitely couldve been amazing

GerggTown on Oct 8, 2010


#4 - He doesn't have anything to do with Ghost and the Darkness... I was only referencing that film as this project sounds like it'll be Darren Aronofsky doing something similar to Ghost and the Darkness.

Alex Billington on Oct 8, 2010


#4 - not trying to argue - but if the best chef in the world is given a pile of matter how he trys to prepare it, it's still going to be sh1t. a great director can try and dress up the story, but lame is still lame.

beavis on Oct 8, 2010


WHAT!!!! No WOLVERINE? Nobody wants to play with a tiger toy, and if he does Wolbverine-the guy WITH BLADES COMMING OUT HIS KNUCKLES!!! Wal-Mart is sure to cover the toy line, and McDonalds can put little wolverines into Happy Meals(tm). In other words...THE TIGER sounds awesome, and as for Wolverine...the stupidest, most pre-pubescent little boy fantasy of all time. If Aronofsky wants to take a super crap on his career, he'll do the next Wolverine movie. He'd actually be better off doing a Care Bears live action flick than that dreck.

uberman on Oct 8, 2010


Also, movies with people tracked and killed by real animals, serious movies by serious directors are totally stupid. I mean, I saw JAWS and that was soooo lame. Guys with plastic knives in the knuckles are way cooler. Word.

uberman on Oct 8, 2010


#6- good point. im not really blown away by the plot either. but i wasnt too excited about a movie about a washed up wrestler either, but aronofsky pulled that one off. and id rather him do this than wolverine. its got a tad more potential than that in my opinion

GerggTown on Oct 8, 2010


#9 i- i hear ya, man...........and this is true. i can't help but feel this story would be better suited to an earlier generation. nowadays, with animals being wiped out by humans all over the globe..............this just doesn't seem all that interesting.

beavis on Oct 8, 2010


The movie sounds terrible even without these two ridiculous a**holes cast in starring roles.

lurkeyloo on Oct 11, 2010


Alex, thanks for asking the most important question - "has anyone read it?" All you commenters, you should read the book before passing your ill-informed judgement on the potential for the movie. I read the book and it's better than any review, which have all been pretty positive. Unlike "Jaws", this is a true story with documented evidence including video. Unlike a shark, these tigers are intelligent, reasoning carnivores that do purposefully hunt people. The author of the book is exceptionally gifted. I would compare him to Hemingway (and yes, I've read a lot of his work too). Do yourself a favour and read just the 1 page prologue to the book the next time you see it on a shelf, see what you think. If you aren't impressed, get back to high school and re-take the English classes you slept through. So, in the hands of a great director and decent writer, this could make for an excellent movie. Doing justice to the location alone would make it worthy - think of Dr. Zhivago's winter scenes. Fleshing out not just the main characters, but the witnesses, friends and family of those killed, and the men of the Tiger Inspection would make the film worth seeing. However, most of all, just setting up the tiger attacks could make it a total thriller. Every time I re-read those passages in the book all the little hairs on my spine stand up. So, before you all get bent debating Brad and Angelina, try to read the book and use your imaginations. It's a great story and could be a great movie if handled right.

eeKnud on Oct 14, 2010

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