It's Official - Legendary & Warner Bros Bringing Back Godzilla!

March 29, 2010


Frankly, I'm surprised that this hasn't come to fruition sooner after the moderate success of Peter Jackson's 2005 reincarnation of King Kong, but with all of the current studio trends, it was only just a matter of time. Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros officially announced today that they are starting to develop and all new movie based on the iconic movie monster Godzilla, which first terrorized Tokyo for the first time over 50 years ago in 1954, courtesy of Toho Studios. Though no writer is mentioned yet, WB and Legendary hope to announce a director to helm the new Godzilla imminently with a look to release the film sometime in 2012.

The most recent and successful incarnation of the large radioactive lizard from 1998 had Independence Day masterminds Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich bringing a contemporary version of the monster to New York City, which brought in a total of $379 million worldwide. But don't let the box office fool you, because despite some fairly intricate action sequences and what I also remember to be a stellar marketing campaign, the film is actually pretty low quality, with some of the worst acting I've ever seen from Matthew Broderick.

Any die-hard fans of the classic monster should be less worried since the original production company, Toho Studios, has high hopes for the return of Godzilla this time. Hideyuki Takai, President of Toho Co., Ltd says:

"Godzilla is a signature Japanese character which we have nurtured over the years. It is a great honor to reach an agreement with Legendary Pictures, the parent to many a blockbuster film, and we are delighted in rebooting the character together to realize its much anticipated return by fans from all over the world. We are anxious to find out where Godzilla's new stomping will take us."

Established intellectual property strikes again as studios continue to hold on to name recognition to rake in the dough from audiences who will not only flock to theaters to see the new Godzilla, but most likely, see the lizard attack some major metropolitan area in 3-D (that's expected anyway). But how fresh can Godzilla be after Cloverfield quite successfully updated the movie monster franchise in one fell swoop? Legendary and WB certainly have their work cut out for them if they're hoping to be bigger and better than Cloverfield. Stay tuned as we hear more about this reboot and find out who will be directing it. Anyone interested so far?

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They have to put that old japanese guy with the lighter: Gojiraaa Gojiraaa....that shit was hilarious

Deckter on Mar 29, 2010


"I hate Godzilla! I hate him too! He destroy's cities! I'll find you some pants!" Had to do it! I for one liked the 1998 Godzilla mainly because I was eight at the time and I grew up watching the originals so I was forced to love it, eventhough the acting was sub-par. I especially loved the design of Godzilla more Rapter-like and agile made iswhat made it so fun. If they do it like '05's King Kong it could be great! also Jean Reno needs to be casted again, but part of the 1998 movie, him and Matthew Broderick were great!

Xerxex on Mar 29, 2010


correction: "BEST part of the 1998 movie"

Xerxex on Mar 29, 2010


ah, never' a reboot...I wanted a sequel to the '98 one...but anyways...still Godzilla, still seeing it!!!!

zeldaprimed on Mar 29, 2010


I'm a HARDCORE Godzilla fan. I love Godzilla something fierce. Having said that, i'm perfectly happy with this news. Toho has been sitting on the Godzilla franchise since "Final Wars" (Which I loved) so the very fact that we're getting ANY kind of Godzilla movie is a step in the right direction. And being able to see a Godzilla movie in theaters is always a nice thing too. And I think with the trend in movies today of making things bigger and more elaborate, mixed with the lessons learned from the first American Godzilla movie, the odds are good that the U.S. will do a much better job at bringing the big G to the big screen. My only wish is that, even if they go entirely CGI with Godzilla, that they keep a design closer to the Japanese versions and not the giant Iguana route they did in 1998. Godzilla has an awesome design, it doesn't need to be re-worked. It's just the suit that throws people off. If they did that design, and animated it in a believable and organic way, it would be amazing.

DRM on Mar 29, 2010


godzilla ftw lol

qweqwu on Mar 29, 2010


Godzilla RULES! I can not wait for this! NO JURASSIC PARK OR GIANT IGUANA. i want the REAL GODZILLA!

john on Mar 29, 2010


Speaking of Cloverfield, what is JJ up to these days? I know he's producing a whole bunch of new projects, but what is he writing/directing next? Last I heard was something about a "secret project" entitled "500 rads", but I haven't heard any updates on that for a long time. Anyone have any idea what he's working on?

peloquin on Mar 29, 2010


Why bother? It's just gonna be the same shit all over. Even if they make it campy or not.

People's Champ on Mar 29, 2010


As long as Toho is involved. I'm on board.

Demtor on Mar 29, 2010



cesking on Mar 29, 2010


Agree with #11 Huge Godzilla fan. Disappointed in the 1998 version, but I'll give another remake a shot.

Rops on Mar 29, 2010


Godzilla: Final Wars was the shit! I'm up for this like many other reboots/classics. If I liked the originals of course I'll see what they do with the new stuff.

tra la la la la di da on Mar 29, 2010


Peloquin he's finishing up Lost, preping Star Trek 2, and apparently writing Cloverfield 2 (I hope it's true!)

Xerxex on Mar 29, 2010


I've been a huge Godzilla fan literally most of my life...I'm very excited for this.

Chris G. on Mar 29, 2010


The 1998 Godzilla was rubbish. I saw leave it in the hands of the Japanese who know and care for Godzilla more then American studios. They shouldnt change his look much from the standard look. Use CGI and not rubber suits and no f**king 3D

D on Mar 29, 2010


i enjoyed the 98 version, some poor acting but an overall fun movie with some great action sequences and just watched cloverfield again the other day, got me pumped for more godzilla

harrison on Mar 29, 2010


Cloverfield could kick Godzilla's ass. That radioactive breath can't penetrate Clover's skin. First round knock out. Bring on King Kong.

ed on Mar 29, 2010


Well I love the idea of there being a new Godzilla movie. I hope that Godzilla will look like Godzilla and not some giant lizard like what you saw in the 1998 Tristar movie which was just awful to say the least. I hope Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures do a good job. It would be wise of Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures to go to G-Fest the yearly Godzilla convention held in Chicago each july to get feed back from the most diehard Godzilla fans in the country. So 2012 I wonder if the Myans predicted a Godzilla movie for that year. That might explain the total distruction. I cant wait to get another Godzilla movie poster poster number 29!

David Nunez on Mar 29, 2010


I've ALWAYS been a Big G fan! ever since i could talk i was demanding my dad put on another Japanese Gojira fan. And, like all odzilla fans, i hated the 1998 remake. Seeing as how Toho is on board however has REALLY got my hopes up. I have to say I'm very excited for this!!! p.s. what happened to the that IMAX, Godzilla vs Dethla film that was supposed to be coming out?

Nick S. on Mar 30, 2010



DaftPUNKFAN on Mar 30, 2010


this is epic, and 3D awaits the godzilla.

mydongleislongle on Mar 30, 2010


Well if you were reading the article about this new Godzilla movie by Warner Brothers for 2012 you will notice that director Banno is involved. Banno was supose to be making the Imax Godzilla 3D to the Maxx movie. I dont think that worked out at all. But this Wrner Brothers Legendary pictures project seems to be something that might work well if done right. We fans will just have to wait and see what happens.

David Nunez on Mar 30, 2010


more like the japanese verison than the american verison please.

DEADPOOL 72 on Mar 30, 2010


I think I'm interested only because they can't do any worse than what Emmerich did...........................right? Doesn't it have to be better?

jjboldt on Mar 30, 2010


Well JJboldt just be happy that Godzilla killed that 1998 Fakezilla in the movie Godzilla Final Wars 2004. I am pretty sure Warner Brothers wont make the mistake Tristar did in 1998 othewise they would get a backlash from fans the world over.

David Nunez on Mar 30, 2010


Jackson or Del Torro could do Godzilla justice with one hand tied behind their backs while in between scenes of The Hobbit! Bring it on!

Hattori Hanzo on Mar 30, 2010


Godzilla really needs to be remade!! Ever since Godzilla was brought back in the '98 version that Tristar did and Godzilla 2000 that Toho did, he has never been the same. Warner Brothers really needs to go back and rewatch the original 1954 movie to get this remake right!!!

Soulman on Mar 30, 2010


Godzilla has never been remade Soulman now back in 1998 Tristar did make a movie called Godzilla but it was not a remake even the director said it wasnt a remake. Toho studios in Japan said years ago the only movies that they would not allow to be remade was Godzilla 1954 and the Seven Samurai 1954 because both movies were masterpices. Now Tristar studios back in 1996 tried to buy the rights of Godzilla from Toho and Toho said No. However Tristar did Lease the name Godzilla from Toho for 10 million dollars. Many fans were tricked into thinking they were going to see a real Godzilla movie when infact they went to see a movie about a giant mutated Igunana. I am just happy that the real Godzilla killed the 1998 Fakezilla in the 2004 movie Godzilla Final Wars in a matter of secends. Now the diffrence here is that Legendary Pictures and Warner Brothers bought the rights of Godzilla from Toho but as I can see so far they are going to make a movie about Godzilla and not some other gint monster and call that Godzilla. I hope they hire a Japanese director like Shusuke Kanako someone who knows how to make a really good Daikaiju movie.

David Nunez on Mar 30, 2010


FUCK YEAH! have him kill Mark Wahlberg!

Ray on Mar 30, 2010


there should be a law against ANYBODY wasting money on this level...all Hollywood seems nothing but a bunch of no talent shitheads ...

slopshoe smith on Mar 30, 2010


@19 - ed: Aside from the fact that Godzilla (the REAL Godzilla, not that 1998 pile of crap) is about twice the size of the cloverfield monster, I'd say that Godzilla would probably do to him what he did to the 1998 US Godzilla in Final Wars: punt his ass into a building and then blow him to shit. If they decide to re-boot the franchise for a US audience, I truly hope the AT LEAST stick to the themes of the first movie. Godzilla was not just a giant monster. He was an iconic representation of the fear and anger of the Japanese after WW2, and a metaphor for nuclear power and the problems surrounding it. He was the characterization of an atomic bomb. The original Japanese film (watch the original, not the shitty US localization with Raymond Burr playing a reporter.) is a bit cheesy and slow sometimes, but it's also really well shot, really moody and haunting. If they go for a modern take on THAT, and make it dark and moody the way it should be, then I'll watch it. I was never a big fan of the later films, though I've got a lot of them on DVD. I think the first one is far superior to the rest of them, and the 1998 US version didn't even come close.

Squiggly_P on Mar 30, 2010


don't forget King Ghidorah

cris on Apr 1, 2010


Chris I doubt very much if King Ghidora will be in the new Godzilla 2012 movie by Legendary Pictures seen that Legendary Pictures only bought the rights of Godzilla from Toho and not the rights of King Ghidora. As far as directors go I hope Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures get one of the Toho Godzilla directors to make the movie like Shusuke Kanako who made GMKand the 3 Gamera movies in 95-96-99 for Daiei or Takeo Okawara who made 4 Godzilla movies If however Warner Brothers and Legendary go with an American director then maybe Matt Reeves and JJ Abrams might be good choices they made Cloverfield which was not bad and it made alot of money. Or Tim Burton or Qunton Tarentino both of those guys say they like Godzilla.

David Nunez on Apr 1, 2010


A new Godzilla movie for 2012 would be awesome. Just make sure it is Godzilla. His look needs to be based on the original and 1985 versions. He needs the classic ROAR, the spikes on his back, the ability to shoot flames from his mouth, just with this version he'll be faster, more mobile, etc, also we dont want to see Godzilla go down after getting hit with a few missles like he did in the 1998 version, he needs to be damn near impossible to stop. the movie needs to stoke fear, fear of the monster that is Godzilla, movie should take a few tips and hints from Cloverfield and War of the Worlds remake as far as the battle scenes go. Godzilla needs to be big, bad, totally 110 percent pissed off. Let this remake make people afraid of Godzilla King of Monsters.

Jason on Apr 1, 2010


The Giant beast from the East! Is a territorial Brawler! Not the run and hide joke from 98! Having seen the classic series of films. I am hoping Ledgendary Pictures is able to capture the true power of the beast. A leviathan: when it rises the brave become afraid, it makes the waters boil, it's back light up the sea,and it's breath lighteth coals. He is king over all pride and arrogance! As for the 98 pretender to the throne, I had the pleasure of watching it get roasted by the real Godzilla in Final Wars!

Phantanos on Apr 3, 2010


I love the Japanese Gojira. The original movie (without Ironsides) is the only one that depicts a truly terrorizing monster. Every other film is flat out corny. I still love the franchise and I own all the movies (including Gino). I currently watch some of them online and I play the tapes for my 2yo grandson. A new Gojira movie of any type is welcome. Even if its a shitty corny remake. I went and saw clover at the theater and came away with a splitting headache. I felt nothing for that monster and only came to know what it looks like from pics on the internet. Piss-poor monster movie if ya ask me. What I would really like to see: Gojira. City-stomping, fire-breathing, pistoff wanton destruction on a scale that only Gojira can reap. I want hopelessness, terror and mayhem. I want indestructable devastation on two legs. He can be trapped but not destroyed. This time the North Koreans and Iranians let the monster out of the bottle. Extrapolate where they would send their nukes and you have the target cities Gojira will stomp. Not to concerned with Gojira movie this time. The real Gojira will arrive when those two countries finish developing their nuke programs. Then it won't be a Gojira movie - It will be the nightly news. That is the essence of Gojira. Lastly, Don't worry about the physics of the beast. Its not about the reality option of the animal world - its about man's capacity for destruction. Unlike a nuclear strike, Gojira's rampages should depict the slow torture of not knowing where or how he destroys and the conflict of the stress on the people involved. The aftermath of his wrath should resemble the aftermath of a modern nuclear event and the reaction of the people of the world. Gojira is limited to the atomic age. If, in the future, we devise a bomb from a cold fusion device or anti-matter or some other exotic element; or we devise a method of massive destruction beyond the nuclear capacity, then we will have a stronger more terrifying monster to depict the atrocities. For now, Gojira is the top of our madness.

skwirlinator on Apr 6, 2010


I would still lke to see a Japanese director make this movie like Takeo Okawara and shusuke Kaneko both of those directors have made awesome Godzilla movies and other Daikaiju movies. There might be only a handful of directors in north America that might understand what a Godzilla movie is all about. I hope the director who is selected does not think Godzilla is supose to be fun campy and entertining. Thats not Godzilla. Thats the 70s Godzilla style which were the worst Godzilla movies ever made by Toho because they didnt make money. The best Godzilla movies have always had Godzilla destroy the world and were horrific. You need a director who understands this charactor otherwise you will just end up with a giant monster on the lose movie.

David Nunez on Apr 6, 2010


I am glad to see that, Legendary, and Warner Bros. Are going to bring Godzilla, back to the big screen. The 1998 flop, was a disaster from the start. Re-writes, and bad acting, was the reason, that it went down like it did. I know, that this new version of Godzilla. Will be far better, than the 1998 flop. They have also indicated, that it will be in 3D. Which will make Godzilla, even better. I am looking forward to see this one in 2012. Along with my daughter, who is also a big Godzilla fan as well.

Mark on Apr 6, 2010


I have to disagree with you Dan when you say the old Godzilla movies had bad special effects. If you judge the special effects of Godzilla movies of the 50s 60s and 70s they were much better than other horror and scifi movies of the time. Now if you ar judging the special effects of the past with todays special effects then you are right. However if you judge todays Godzilla special effects with other scifi movies today imo Godzilla still ranks #1 imo . And who knows how much better the special effects will be in the 2012 Godzilla movie. I dont think any Godzilal fan thinks Tristars 1998 movie as being a Godzilla movie seen that in GMK they said the 98 monster was not Godzilla and I love GFW because Godzilla killed the 98 fakezilla in 5 secends! I do wonder what Warner Brothers has in mind for Godzilla in 2012? If Godzilla is out destroying the planet then it should be a good movie. But having Godzilla be a heroe in a movie has always been a bad idea. The Godzilla movies that have made the most money always had Godzilla destroying everything insight!

David Nunez on May 14, 2010


I agree very much withskwirlinator about the overall idea behind godzilla he reflects our nuclear age and is for now king of monsters (king Kong vs godzilla was a statement of us vs jap and was in my opininion worse than godzilla 1998 godzilla was twice king kongs size was a karate champ and breathed nuclear fire ) but he also saved japan more than once even if tokyo was repeatedly flattenedn in the process. If a new movie could stick to the idea of - force of nature -absolutly impossible to kill -brings mixed blessing with absolute destruction -look like the original -keeps its japanese roots even if they move to amarica after the fact I think think this movie has a real chance at being godzillas first really coolbig budget film I mean I love all the old godzilla films but they are slow and with poor speciail effects. The 1998 and 2000 movies were a lot of money and coolto watch but had poor stories,acting and were not godzilla. Looking forward to the first good Godzilla movie in 8 years , 20 if you dont count final wars so I say about time!!!!!

dantheman on May 14, 2010


ok now who in the heak is dethla?

Tannerloflin on Jul 28, 2011


how can u say the 1998 movie was a flop its made more money than the 28 movies combined. it was not that bad.

Bbam521 on Mar 22, 2012

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