It's Really Happening - Joss Whedon to Direct The Avengers!

April 13, 2010
Source: Deadline

Joss Whedon - The Avengers

This a fanboy dream come true. I don't think anyone thought they'd ever wake up and read a headline saying that Joss Whedon, the geek creator of TV shows like "Buffy" and "Firefly", would be directing the first big superhero team-up movie to ever hit the big screen - The Avengers. Deadline has confirmed the big news of the day: "Marvel Studios is in final negotiations for Joss Whedon to direct Marvel Studios' The Avengers." Earlier this month, it was rumored that Whedon was on the shortlist to direct, but no one seemed to believe it would actually happen. Joss Whedon's The Avengers will hit theaters the first weekend of May in 2012.

Fleming lists a few confirmed superheroes that will be a part of the team: Iron Man ((Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), and SHIELD agent Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson). "Other signature superheroes" will be involved, but haven't been announced yet. Whedon's background is perfect for this movie, as he's worked at Marvel before, specifically on the Astonishing X-Men series and a number of other comics. This is most certainly surprising news, but definitely good news. If there's anyone who'll be able to handle an immense cast of superheroes, it's Joss Whedon. I just hope he doesn't cast Eliza Dushku in this. What do you think of this? Will Joss Whedon do a good job with The Avengers?

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please cast The Hulk in this movie, whether hes a hero or villain. anyone think we will ever see a Marvel Zombies movie? could be epic

Bucker96 on Apr 13, 2010


not the biggest Whedon fan but at least he has some comic book's hopin for the best!

monal on Apr 13, 2010


This is awesome news. Just the thing I needed to cheer me up after a bit of a rough day. Anyone else hoping we might see Nathan Fillion or other actors from Whedon's shows appearing in supporting parts?

Tim Monforton on Apr 13, 2010


The Hulk Please ( Edd Nonton )

Eye Spy on Apr 13, 2010


I didn't like the news until I discovered his work in comics. Anybody who has worked closely with comics and understands what they're about certainly is leaps and bounds ahead of most directors who seek to create something they can call their own on the big screen, rather than being faithful to the story and feel of the comics.

Chris H. on Apr 13, 2010


I'm ok as long as he doesn't write the screenplay. Remember, he wrote the silliest of all Alien movies. Who can forget, "It thinks you're it's Momma!"

6dra6on6 on Apr 13, 2010


nathan fillion for hank pym?

jojoe on Apr 13, 2010


Yea. This movie sounds awesome! I wonder who's the villian. Well, first things first. Let's hope it doesn't get delayed.

Daniel Felts on Apr 13, 2010


I would absolutely love to see Edward Norton/Hulk as Villian! I only know him for Buffy (which was ok when i was a kid), but Firefly seems to have a good fanbase and if he has worked with comics the better.

Ricardo on Apr 13, 2010


It's time to save Dollhouse.

Tore Simonsen on Apr 13, 2010


well see.

Xerxex on Apr 13, 2010


Well this could work, like Xerxex said.. we'll see

Quaked2023 on Apr 13, 2010


FUCK YES. How is it that Marvel keeps doing everything right yet DC keeps doing the exact opposite????

Stevo on Apr 13, 2010


#6 He didn't write Alien Resurrection; he was brought in to try to salvage the script. I could only imagine what it would have been like with out him coming in and making it tolerable.

Stevo on Apr 13, 2010


Whedon's not suited to anything other than teen angst. His directoral skills are more suited to television. Watching Serenity was like watching a made for TV movie.

1-7 on Apr 13, 2010


i dont see why having intensive knowledge on the comic books makes you a good choice for a director on a movie. I can see how that kind of knowledge would be useful to the writers of the script, but what does a director need it for?

vladimir on Apr 13, 2010

17 Two overated tv shows. Blahh

movie mike on Apr 13, 2010


Are you crazy? Serenity was amazing. One of my favorite movies ever. Whedon is the perfect choice for this. His attention to character development is legend.

Vold on Apr 13, 2010


#15 Maybe the reason Serenity seemed that way is because it was the television show's conclusion? So it makes sense. Also, i think Whedon will be fantastic for The Avengers. i just hope they include Ant-man and Wasp.

Ian Kuah on Apr 13, 2010


he has done superhero's well in comics and tv, i think this will be a real positive move down the road, man can you believe we even get to see a big budget avengers movie

evilttodd on Apr 13, 2010


Nathan Fillion for Dr. Henry Pym, aka Ant-Man!!!

Stevo on Apr 13, 2010


Wicked. Who else are the other sig heroes? Like Hulk and Capt. America?

Zsasz on Apr 13, 2010


get your panties'll never ends in 2012...

baloneysandwichman on Apr 13, 2010


He can't handle the budget and size this movie will need.

Darunia on Apr 13, 2010


terrible idea

L1A on Apr 13, 2010


World ends at the end of 2012 so we're good. I can't wait. Sweetness indeed and a Marvel Zombies would be teh shit!

tra la la la la di da on Apr 13, 2010


Whatever. Who gives a shit? They already fucked up Captain America anyways. Now its just a slippery slope down to shitsville.

Alex T. on Apr 13, 2010


Alex T. has a bit of a point, IMO. But this is some decently excitable news. Just get Edward Norton in there. It won't matter after that.

Cracky on Apr 13, 2010


An Guys in bright tights, standing and talking to one another? In a comic, a film buy Mr. Buffy...DO NOT THINK SO. HH

Have Hope on Apr 13, 2010


Wow, what a terrible choice. Why would they put it in his hands?

Guy on Apr 13, 2010


Why are you all saying Nathan Fillion as Hank Pym ? Many already believe Simon Pegg is locked in the roled of Ant Man/Giant Man but I can definitely see Nathon Fillion being cast as Hawkeye now.... As for what you said Alex about Avengers being the "First Big superhero Team Up movie" well I guess the Xmen dont count as a Superhero team huh ??? Sheesh

True Blue Spider-man Fan on Apr 13, 2010



NeoSlyfer on Apr 13, 2010


to the people hating on Evans as Cap, at least wait for a trailer.

Xerxex on Apr 13, 2010


With Whedon in charge it will be a disaster. "The Avengers" for kids...or virgins!

superabilio on Apr 13, 2010


Nathan Fillion as Hawkeye? Please?

Nick on Apr 13, 2010


I just soiled myself... This is good news!!

Kevin on Apr 13, 2010


Who's the villain? Hmm, maybe who are the villainS if more like it. Taking a guess, I would say, the Red Skull comes back to the present time as well and teams up with the Mandarin, and Loki, and they get 'control' of the Hulk, and make Hulk read Musashi Miyamoto to them around a camp fire...NAH...Hulk SMASH instead... Then they 'free' the Hulk from their control and he helps them smash the the villains. Having the 'stories' all linked together, as they are appearing to be (Captain America's Shield Anyone?) would imply they want the villains to go at it against them. They aren't forming the Avengers project to rescue Kitty Cats out of trees. It could also end up being a set-up for the Kree-Skrull wars. These movies are going to be huge, epic, and kick ass!!!

cintilla on Apr 13, 2010


Whedon rocks!

jake the snake on Apr 13, 2010


Not my favorite choice. But hell, I'm not bankrolling the picture. Hope he does a great job!!!

People's Champ on Apr 13, 2010


show me some concept art 🙂

DaftPUNKFAN on Apr 13, 2010


Really!!?? Marvel , first it was the CA fiasco which the result of it was pretty shitty , chris evans. Really can anyone see this guy boss around guys like RDJ , Sam Jackson & Ed Norton (i do hpoe the include the hulk in it) and now this , who the fuck is Joss Whedon what kind of movies did he directed before , never heard of any of them , by this choise marvel comes off lazy i mean the looked forever for their CA , and a director which is much more important the choose so fast. FUCK U MARVEL

J-J on Apr 13, 2010


With Downey being the biggest name in this movie, it'll probably wind up playing out like Iron Man 3.

Dave on Apr 14, 2010


This is horrible news. Whedon starts with brilliance and finishes with dog manure. The Avengers movie will be a failure if he is allowed to direct it.

Andy on Apr 14, 2010


I don't know about this, but I'm cautiously optimistic. Favreau wasn't exactly wowing people before Iron Man, and now look.

Nada Nuff on Apr 14, 2010


# 13 Stev o - Do you realize you're the only one to bring up DC on a Marvel news. Now I need to say as a DC fan, you should best be worry on how Thor and Cap transcend onto the big screen. Those 2 flicks will determine on how good Avengers will be so let's not start flinging food at DC. Don't worry about what DC is doing or will be doing. As you can see some of the people here don't agree with your happiness for Joss Whedon running the show. Anyway even as a DC fan I hope the Avengers do pan out, but I still think it all falls on Thor & Cap. And if either or those to falter watch the Avengers be turned into a IM3 in some form just to save it as someone else mentioned here previously.

Blue & Orange NY on Apr 14, 2010


I do love Joss, but for his own pet projects. That and the man needs to be stripped of a lot of his cheesiness to pull this off to be a timeless classic and endeavor. Im excited and have faith, but obviously there are legitimate reservations. Good for him though, this is a big accomplishment to even get the lets see what he does with it.

Voice of Reason on Apr 14, 2010


Gadzooks! This is awesome news! I wonder which character Alan Tudyk will die as.....

Indiana Jim on Apr 14, 2010


Horrible. Whedon is a hack. He is KNOWN for ruining other people's comic books. If an idea is all his, maybe his work is passable, but trying to add to what someone else has made? It's over.

9mm on Apr 14, 2010


Just when I lose faith in Marvel (Chris Evans as Captain America?) they prove that they are one of the best movie studios out there (though they are just getting on their feet). Whedon can direct action, comedy, drama, strong-female characters, ensemble projects, heroes, villains, and musical numbers. #31 you don't really think X-Men was a decent example of an ensemble superhero movie do you? It was like 75%-90% about Wolverine.

silver on Apr 14, 2010


Why people go fucking gaga over Whedon will always be a mystery to me. Change my mind Joss.

bozo on Apr 14, 2010


Whedon is a good choice but I can't imagine that this will be a good movie. I tend to think bring this many super heroes to the screen in one movie will make it hard to follow and lackluster.

Hal (GT) on Apr 14, 2010


Are they going to introduce a few characters? The Beast YellowJacket Wonderman Vision Namor HawkEye

Pablo on Apr 14, 2010


For everyone out there who is saying something along the lines of "OMG! HE MAKES COMICS SOMETIMES SO HE KNOWS WHAT HES DOING!". Think about that for a second. Where is the your train of thought? By your logic the studio should get Stan Lee to direct it, not Whedon. I'll admit Whedon seems to be pretty good in all of his creative endeavors that involve a universe he created by himself. If your into space pirates and vampires than thats great. When it comes to helming the wheel of another already existing franchise, he tends to just run shit into the ground. Case and point Alien Resurrection. I don't care what anyone says, he wrote it. It was his screenplay from the beginning. It was none of this "he only made touch ups to it", no its his. People that just make touch ups don't get credited.

Alex T. on Apr 14, 2010


this is really shit news,if it is true. they should of got any of the following 1.jj abrams 2.matthew vaughn 3.james cameron

DEADPOOL 72 on Apr 14, 2010


I am kinda excited but kinda nervous as well.....If what people are saying about Alie Resurrection is true, then lets hope he doesn't screw this up.

Burrito Man on Apr 14, 2010


Whedon = vastly overrated.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Apr 14, 2010


I wish people would stop holding up Alien Resurrection as an example of Joss Whedon being a crappy writer. Firstly, according to Danny Boyle (who was once going direct Alien Resurrection), Joss Whedon's original script was 'brilliant' and 'one of the best he'd ever read'. Then the studio came along with they're own ideas and basically hacked the script to pieces, making it into more of an action/chase movie. Boyle later said the movie bore little resemblance to the original script which attracted him to the movie in the first place and blamed the studio's changed for his decision to drop out the project. Secondly what about all the other thing the guy has written over the years, his hand in Toy Story, all the great tv episodes he wrote? Even if the Resurrection fuck-up was his fault the scales would still be tipping dramatically in his favor.

Lavaman on Apr 14, 2010


I think this is fantastic news. I love Whedon's ability to have a large cast of characters remain individuals who are readily recognizable and with their own personality, yet be able to mesh coherently into something larger then the sum of its parts. I think he'll do a fantastic job on this movie, and I think it will be the final boot to kicking down the doorway into being recognized as a premier hollywood director.

DarkRaven18599 on Apr 14, 2010


please, no. Joss Whedon sucks.

Christ on Apr 14, 2010


Not really a fan of these heroes , i'm more of a Spidey , Batman , Superman X-men fan but i like Whedon an the show Angel was cool so maybe Thor an the rest will grow on me more. They need to take their time an not rush an cram characters like Spidey 3.

subs on Apr 14, 2010


@ Lavaman #57. I really don't care. The idea to make Ripley a clone was his. The idea for a half human half alien baby was his. There wasn't a decent concept there to begin with. As much as I hate Alien 3 I will say one thing it brought was closure to the series. Joss Whedon was just another part of the group of people that had to drag out the franchise one more time to earn some cash. If he truly was a fan of the Alien franchise like he claims to be he would never have gone along with that.

Alex T. on Apr 14, 2010


#41, 1st your spelling is really bad. 2nd Joss Whedon is a very talented man. He may not have a huge filmmaking canvas (Though I really did love the film Serenity) he is truly a great writer and I hear that he will be adding to the script. I for one have been waiting for Whedon to finally get his chance in Hollywood and now his day has finally come. Thankyou Marvel Studios. Ever since "Ironman" you guys have been making the right decisions. Though I'm still not sure about Joe Johnston directing "Thor". The only good film he ever made was "Rocketeer" and his last film "The Wolf Man" was really bad. Bring on The Avengers. The film is going to be so cool.

last son on Apr 14, 2010


Joe Johnston isn't directing Thor.

jake the snake on Apr 14, 2010


I'm not sure I understand the whole buzz behind Whedon when he hasn't made all that many feature motion picture. Sure, he had a hand in Buffy but that was a TV show. Oh well, we will see...

Anomalous Material on Apr 14, 2010


Joss Whedon is my Idol. I became a writer because of him, I have every faith he will make the Avengers the best movie ever. And he better be writing the screenplay too. He's a writer first, director second. This is gonna be amazing.

Andrew Geczy on Apr 14, 2010


Blue & Orange: I am just really upset about the whole Green Lantern thing. I am a huge fan and pretty much every announcement I hear about it is like a kick in the face. I'm having flashbacks to Affleck in DareDevil.

Stevo on Apr 15, 2010


@ Stev o - I have to change the topic since this is a Marvel article, but I'm sitting here wondering what is it that has you upset on GL. I think you are probably the only one I've read as a commenter or writer claiming that every single thing announced is no good. This is no wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy reminders Daredevil that is just crazy to claim or compare in anyway. But I guess this topic is for another day.

Blue & Orange NY on Apr 15, 2010


I havent been impressed by Joss Whedon yet, I think he's highly over-rated for manure on film but maybe I'll give him one more chance with this movie

Chase on Apr 15, 2010


yeh i reckon that this will be sht, there is no way in my mind that thor as a movie by itself can atract a fan abse outside of marvel fans, i just don't think that it will have a good enough concept behind it, also i don't think the avengers will come together well with the hulk playing a role, he's portrayed as a solitary character except for his girlfriend (i forgot her name..), also after seeing that iron man 2 has tony stark playing alongside his bestfrined who also wears an iron man suit makes me wonder how they will fit into the avengers roles :/ Joss Whedon did fuck up alien resurection with the whole concept, but his tv shows were average, i think that he might do alright with the characters he's given, it also depends on the actors and how well they play their roles. owh well, we'll see how it goes...

helovatown on Apr 21, 2010


Joss Whedon is the fucking man. The creator of everything you've ever liked.He invented good serial television with Buffy, and now TV and movies are better because of it.Everything he touches is gold.This movie will be no Buffy, but with Whedon directing, it will be awesome. And btw, Whedon didn't fuck up Alien Resurection, they fucked up what he planned to do with it.

Resin Evil on Apr 29, 2010


@ Resin Evil No one ever said he fucked up Alien Resurrection. We are suggesting that Alien Resurrection was a stupid idea to begin with. I'm saying he fucked up the Alien franchise. Cloning Ripley was his idea. A very stupid one at that. Bad premise=bad movie. Even if they reinserted all of his original character development/details or what have you its still stupid. You can sprinkle all the glitter you want on a pile of shit. It still smells.

Alex T. on Apr 29, 2010


what is happening with all these actor who plays multiple marvel roles, it's so annoying, there was a dude in blade who i thought was in ghost rider, rebecca romjin stamos is in all xmen films then pops up in the punisher, now chris evans is captain america. what assholes.

nathdude on Apr 30, 2010


This may or may not be a good thing. It depends on whether or not he kills off all of the Avengers for no good reason and leaves the story on a cryptic cliffhanger ala 'Serenity'. If the movie is done with the sloppiness and tact of that movie, then it's probably a bad thing.

Djinn on May 6, 2010


There really isn't anyone that could be the villain for The Avengers. The only other person it could be is Doom but they've ruined him. The Doom from the Fantastic 4 movies is not a good villain for all of the Marvel Universe. The best possible choice would be The HULK. It would make sense since Tony Stark did approach T. Ross at the end of The Incredible Hulk movie. That would be the more Epic move. Anyone else would just come up short.

Josef on May 10, 2010


I find Joss Whedon to be incredibly overrated and his fans to be incredibly obnoxious. Naturally, his name being on the film will cause it to be a hit, but I fear it will be little more than the standard blend of emo and "witty"(read: pop culture reference-laden) dialogue that made him such a fan favorite.

Gary on Jul 7, 2010

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