Jack the Giant Killer May Keep Singer Off X-Men: First Class

March 21, 2010
Source: HitFix

Bryan Singer

Just last week we featured a new in-depth update from a discussion Hero Complex had with Bryan Singer and producer Lauren Shuler Donner about a return of the super-powered mutants in X-Men: First Class. Though Singer sounded very optimistic and even had some thoughts about the direction of the story, it looks like he may not exactly be able to helm the project as HitFix seems to have discovered from multiple sources that Fox has been looking at different directors as recently as last week because it looks like Warner Bros has Singer deep in pre-production on Jack the Giant Killer and he will have to shoot that project first.

This is actually something one of our own sources mentioned to us as well, but as soon as the interview hit, we figured there may have been a misunderstanding and passed on reporting potentially false information. However, hearing that HitFix has also independently heard this from multiple sources pretty much confirms the news that Singer might not be able to take on the start of a new X-Men franchise, at least, not right now.

According to HitFix, the interview may have been nothing but smoke up our asses (unless of course Singer is staying on as producer and he and Donner simply aren't publicizing his inability to direct), and Fox is trying to get someone else to direct X-Men: First Class. Though to us, this just seems like he's doing Jack first, but still considering X-Men, as long as they'll wait for him to move onto that afterwards. HitFix says:

"The filmmakers that they're approaching now about directing 'X-Men: First Class' are good names, guys who either have real experience in the comic book movie medium or who have heavy credibility with fan audiences. Names that would make fanboys happy from the first moment they're announced."

Sounds good, but unfortunately, a few of their top choices have already passed on the project, so the search is still on. Meanwhile, Singer has been location scouting for Jack the Giant Killer and doesn't look to be free until 2012, since that project will take up his time through most of next year. But while that might mean he's not directing First Class, Hero Complex says apparently Donner and franchise actor Hugh Jackman really want Singer to come back for two other different variations on the X-Men: one being a fourth installment to Singer's own original X-Men film series and the other being the next sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

All this isn't official or anything, but if HitFix has multiple sources, it's seems pretty likely. But for those of you who are disappointed about Singer potentially not returning to the X-Men franchise, there is some good news. Our source that originally informed us about Singer taking on Jack the Giant Killer instead of X-Men, also told us exclusively that the director will be employing a familiar collaborator in writer Christopher McQuarrie (Valkyrie, The Usual Suspects) to re-work the script for Jack the Giant Killer. Coincidentally enough, McQuarrie is also working on the screenplay for the Wolverine sequel, so it'll be interesting to see how all this plays out. Who else should they get to direct X-Men: First Class if not Bryan Singer?

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I would be fine with someone else doing first class.

jake the snake on Mar 21, 2010


It seem like he was definitely going to do First Class, I cant Singer doing the movie then Wolverine 2 then Xmen 4. I rather him doing X4 then the others. Doesnt really matter who does the First Class flick.

People's Champ on Mar 22, 2010


I think I'd actually be willing to wait for Singer to direct First Class for a couple reasons. The first being he's the original director of the first X-Men films and truth be told, his X-Men films were the best ones. Lots of people loved the first one, I'm a huge fan of the second one, and the franchise has gone a little sour in the past couple years. Which brings me to my second reason, give the franchise some time off. First Class almost sounds like a reboot, so waiting a couple years, and just having Wolverine 2 with a great director other than Singer. Then once Singer is finished with Jack the Giant Killer, Singer can return to the franchise he first brought to the screen. Also, I would love to see Hugh Jackman play Wolverine in First Class.

Scott on Mar 22, 2010


Thank goodness! Hopefully we can get a real director who knows how to do exciting and long action sequences, as well as film fight scenes that involve the entire team working together rather than doing one-on-one scenes.

GET TO DA CHOPPAAAAAA! on Mar 22, 2010


This is good news keep Singer as far away as possible from X-Men, the first movie sucked the 2nd was not bad. Please get a director that actually respects the source material or better yet just give the rights back to Marvel so Marvel Studios can give us a true X-Men movie. #3 I really don't think Wolverine will be in the First Class movie as it will be about the Original X-Men team which did not include Wolverine. The only team members that will be in it are Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast and Storm, Iceman and Angel should of been in there but they already stuffed up those two characters.

Anti-Fox on Mar 22, 2010


Let someone else do First Class and even a Wolverine sequel by all means because then we just don’t have the same sort of styling going on. But for me they need to get Singer to do a fourth in the series because he did such a good job on the first two.

Andy on Mar 22, 2010


Anti-Fox- Brush up on your X-Men history 101- Storm was not one of the original X-Men either. In fact she first joined along with Wolverine quite a bit later. As for the 1st and 2nd movie not being good- c'mom!!! The 1st set the tone for future comic book movies- proving that it could be done and not in the campy Nick Fury, Captain America and Fantastic Four 80's flops. The first one had its faults as an action-special effects movie but considering the budget and confidence Fox gave them, I would have to say it was a success.

PK on Mar 22, 2010


good this guys movies are such a bore

subcelsious5g on Mar 22, 2010


Why are people on here not wanting Singer? You realize this is FOX? Look at the other Fox movies - Wolverine, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, Daredevil. Now tell me you have better faith in a 'too be announced' director? Give me a break. Singer has by far done the best work from Fox.

Kyle on Mar 22, 2010


Singer's movies outside of the X-Men films have been lackluster. He's desperate for a hit which is why he'll compromise and direct the next X-Men movie.

SlashBeast on Mar 22, 2010


All the X-Men films have been garbage. Singer has never displayed the X-Men as a TEAM and has sacrificed that aspect to have a ridiculous amount of time dedicated to Wolverine. Giving this back to Marvel won't work either since they haven't proven they can make a good movie outside of being faithful. Iron Man was average and The Incredible Hulk was mediocre. I don't see any real options for this franchise.

Governor on Mar 22, 2010


I have high hopes for the Wolverine sequel, as long as they follow closely to the comic books. (I've said it before, I'll say it again: If you want to tell your own adaptation of a comic series, write a comic book and NOT a movie) There are unlimited materials in all of Marvels comics, that it is insulting when the movie is full of the new writer's stories and characters. (Of course, problems arise when considering different types of each comic, such as "Uncanny" vs. "Astonishing", or "Amazing" vs. "Ultimate", but I'm not going to discuss that subject in this comment). As for X-men: First Class, I've got to side with Kitty Pride when I say that I'm not watching a bunch of X-babies. (yes, it's a paraphrase, and no, I never thought I'd hear myself quoting one of my least favorite X-men)

The Man With No Name on Mar 22, 2010


Yes............Maybe that means it will not be made. Really, what else could they do to ruin the X-Men? Maybe X3 in 3-D?

livingword on Mar 22, 2010

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