Jackie Brown Prequel 'The Switch' Taking Off Sans Tarantino

May 24, 2010
Source: JoBlo

Jackie Brown

There's a good chance that if you're a Quentin Tarantino fan that you already know his 1997 film Jackie Brown was based on Elmore Leonard's crime novel Rum Punch. But did you know that characters Ordell Robbie (Samuel L. Jackson) and Louis Gara (Robert De Niro) originated from Lenoard's novel The Switch, published 14 years before Rum Punch? I sure as hell didn't. But now, thanks to an update from JoBlo, we can all be aware and privy to the news that The Switch will become a prequel adaptation to Jackie Brown, and although Tarantino has apparently given his blessing to the film, he won't be involved with the project.

Tarantino has said that The Switch was a huge inspiration to him though it wasn't the novel he eventually adapted, so it's disappointing to hear that he won't be involved in this. Likely, since the story focuses on younger versions of Ordell Robbie and Louis Gara, I doubt Jackson and De Niro will reprise their roles either (especially since Jackie Brown was made 13 years ago, too), but here's a synopsis of what we can expect from The Switch:

Ordell Robbie and Louis Gara hit it off in prison, where they were both doing time for grand theft auto. Now that they're out, they're joining forces for one big score. The plan is to kidnap the wife of a wealthy Detroit developer and hold her for ransom. But they didn't figure the lowlife husband wouldn't want his lady back. So it's time for Plan B and the opportunity to make a real killing -- with the unlikely help of a beautiful, ticked-off housewife who's hungry for a large helping of sweet revenge.

And so with new writer Dan Schechter's screenplay (which is already finished) along with producer Michael Siegel (who also produced Be Cool, an adaptation of another of Leonard's novels and the sequel to the film / Leonard-novel Get Shorty) and the imminent search for a director along with whoever comes on to play these characters, it sounds like there will be some fresh talent on this project and it should be interesting to see how it matches up with Tarantino's interpretation and presentation of the characters. So it's not really a direct sequel, but it will be another film from the Jackie Brown world. Anyone like the sound of this?

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excellent,i'd watch anything tarantino directs,his the only director that i own all his films.

deadpool 72 on May 24, 2010


I just wonder who they'll get to play Ordell and Louis. That's the biggest question that pops into my head.

The_Kid on May 24, 2010


@ #1 me too, I even Have Four Rooms.

The_Kid on May 24, 2010


Yeah! I love Elmore Leonard, he's the Tarantino of the literary world (and actually influenced Tarantino on his writing very much). I read The Switch one or two years ago, and I think it'd make a pretty great movie. I could also imagine the Coen brothers directing this film (a lotta kidnapping, confusion, betrayal, witty dialogue, and a dangerous&creepy character). Also, did you know that Tarantino stole this very book -The Switch- as a kid? He got caught, and got a warning from the police, but the next day he went right back to the store and succeded stealing it 😀 Though @1: Tarantino won't be directing it, read the post. Also Tarantino said himself that he'll probably never film another novel, like he did with Jackie Brown. Says he can't film somebody else's work. And I totally respect that.

Terry Craig on May 24, 2010


@#1&3 i have all of his films 2 even the ones that he wrote but didnt direct:D

pulp fiction212 on May 24, 2010


Crap. Jackie Brown was crap, this will be crap

Jimmy Love on May 24, 2010


@1. Tarantino won't be involved at all. No touchie. Did you read the article or just the title? Oh wait, even the title says no Tarantino! No excuses. Lol I hope they do a good job, wouldn't want to ruin the story of Jackie Brown with some prequel crap. Not everything needs a remake, prequel or spin off. I prefer one off stories that hold true to themselves without needing another to support it.

Hedgehog on May 24, 2010


joseph gordon levitt and anthony mackie...just puttin that out there

mos on May 24, 2010


This will be excellent is they don't try to do the shitty prequel necessities to it. I'd like this film to stand on it's own. Make the characters like their older selves, but give it it's own vibe and feel. Tarantino is Tarantino. Not some kinda god. I hope this director does his own thing.

Cracky on May 24, 2010


A Tarantino film,written or inspired by the guy,without him,just won't work. And Tarantino is a god,says so in my bible.

twispious on May 24, 2010


@ #8 that is pretty good casting, I could see it working. @ #5 I have most except NBK, which I've only seen once but I heard so much of it was changed from his script, that's it's almost a different movie.

The_Kid on May 24, 2010


How about Barry Sonnenfeld? He done a great job with Get Shorty.

John J on May 25, 2010


That story outline sounds a hell of a lot like Ruthless People from 1986.

casting couch on May 25, 2010


Well, The story outline can't sound like "Ruthless People"... seeing as the actual novel for "The Switch" was written and published in 1978. If anything "Ruthless People" sounds a hell of a lot like "The Switch".

Frankie on Mar 14, 2012


...And Jackie Brown is a terrific movie.

casting couch on May 25, 2010


Tarantino has helped a lot of people with his films. Uma and Travolta, Pam Grier and David Carradine. He's even mentioned in two book: Pam Grier's memoirs and the new book "David Carradine: The Eye of My Tornado".

Kim on May 26, 2010


ooo.... i hated Jackie Brown it's the only Tarantino movie i haven't enjoyed

DoomCanoe on May 29, 2010


Jackie Brown is a pathetically dull film with no point or purpose. The only ones wanting this prequel are Tarantino dullards.

1-7 on May 31, 2010

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