James Cameron Delivers Updates on Avatar 2 and Re-Release

August 7, 2010
Source: MarketSaw

James Cameron - Avatar

Yep, James Cameron and Avatar are back in the news again, but don't get too upset because it's honestly been a while since we last talked about him or his biggest movie ever. The man himself, "Jimmy C" as I like to call him, recently talked with MarketSaw and gave them a lot of updates. First, he confirmed that he is producing Guillermo del Toro's At the Mountains of Madness (announced a few weeks ago) and that they'll shoot it in native 3D using next generation 3D cameras. He also confirmed that there's 9 extra minutes in the Avatar re-release at the end of the month and he's still working on the script for Avatar 2. Read on!

You can obviously listen to their entire chat on MarketSaw (he also talked with MTV) but we're highlighting the more important news to come out of the interview. First off, James Cameron's connection with At the Mountains of Madness only came about in the last two or three weeks. As they explain: "Cameron asked about if del Toro was still interested in it. As del Toro was clearly excited to do it, Cameron said 'let's do it.' They took it to Universal with both of them attached to the fast tracked project." It's SO great that these two are working together, Mountains of Madness is definitely going to be a big highlight of the next few years.

We don't exactly know what Cameron will be directing next, but if you're wondering what he's been up to recently, he's been getting inspiration for Avatar 2 by traveling down to South America and meeting with native tribes. "I have an overall narrative arc for [Avatar] 2 and 3, and there are some modifications to that based on my experiences in the last few months from having gone down to the Amazon and actually hung out with various indigenous groups who are actually living this type of story for real… but it's not changing the overall pattern," he said. "I haven't gotten the script done yet; that's going to be a ways out." From that, it sounds like Avatar 2 won't happen soon, and I'd be willing to bet Cameron will direct something else first.

Finally, Cameron talked about converting Titanic to 3D and also complained about how terrible the Clash of the Titans 3D conversion was (as we all know). The conversion will take somewhere from 8 months to a year to complete, which is why some are saying we won't see that until 2012. As for Titans, well, "[it] showed a fundamental lack of knowledge about stereo [3D] space, in addition to the shoddy work that comes from rushing." Exactly! But he's obviously paying close attention to Titanic. "You just can't cut out edges, you're going to get flat people moving around," he said. For all of Cameron's updates, visit MarketSaw and MTV!

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why did I even click this? Avatar was the biggest let down ever. And Cameron is really starting to annoy me with his 3-distraction-D talk. Let me get overly excited for an extra 9 minutes of footage, and sit through the entire story for only 9 minutes of unseen footage! Here goes...wait I can't, I hated it the first time, the second time even more. Soagain I had no reason to click this article! but I still did.

Xerxex on Aug 7, 2010


It was good movie, that's all. He should leave Avatar alone instead of berting the concept to death for yet more money and turning everyone off from it.

Hattori Hanzo on Aug 7, 2010


It was a bit of a let down, but nine minutes in film can be a long time, having said that, I won't be paying to see this film again, in any way shape or form.

Dandooo on Aug 7, 2010



Big Boss on Aug 7, 2010


Epic. Cannot wait. The Oceans of Pandora are gonna be awesome.

Logan on Aug 7, 2010


Q: Why not just release the nine minutes of never before on that "extreme" dvd or blu ray? A: $$$ What a hack. His 3D wasn't even that great, I think everyone is just confusing the effects with 3D or something. Thats all it was anyway, good effects.

Al on Aug 7, 2010


3D can die. So sick of it! 90% of films take a turn for the worse because of the poor implementation of it. For once I would like to go to the cinema and actually come out WITHOUT a headache -_- Personally I just don't see the appeal in 3D, and I think it's going to ruin Titanic for me... Why improve on perfection.. why.. and screw the whole '100 year aniversary', we all know it's just a BIG cash cow. *Nerdrage!*

Nitrium on Aug 7, 2010


You all can suck a dick. Keep the negative opinions to yourself then. I'll see it again. But forget avatar 2. Give me Battle Angel Dammit!!!

REAL6 on Aug 7, 2010


@REAL6 Avatar sucked, and sucked more in the 3rd dimension. It was a greatest hits film.

Xerxex on Aug 7, 2010


haven't we had to endure enough with over-rated avatar? there's a (unnecessary) re-release with 9 more minutes of footage to have to sit through?.........with avatar2 and 3 to follow at some point? and i haven't even mentioned camerons endless yapping about 3D..............oh, god - make it stop. if there's a hell - i'm sure james cameron is in charge of entertainment there.

beavis on Aug 7, 2010


@Xerxes, sure Avatar was mediocre (I knew it going in) but having seen it in 3D in the Theater, then at home in 2D (in HD on a 40-something inch LED tv) I must say it was much better in 3D, and the extra $4 was well worth it. I've already ranted on 9 extra minutes on a 3-hour film is blatant *(#)Y^#*$, and *($#& TITANIC, it was every bit a loooong and dull and overhyped as Avatar. Everyone: James Cameron is re-releasing his last two films, and I don't need to say how much they've made already. As much as everyone's been screaming about Bay and Rodriguez, Jimmy C has just jumped into Ewe Boll territory. Mr. Cameron: If you must re-release a movie in 3D, please scrap the Titanic and dive back into The Abyss. It's your best film and at 21 years old is actually deserving of a "re-release".

Akirakorn on Aug 7, 2010


There's an X Akirakorn I know you know! I'm not gonna sit here say the effects weren't amazing, the world he created was breathtaking eventhough it was called "Pandora" kind of an odd name for a planet, aside from that the rest of kinda sad. I mean when it was just the Na'vi it looked like an animated film even in 3-D, its an eye candy hollow shell, look past the visuals and what do you got? Ferngully! Cameron merely took a script he placed in a drawer in the 80's and didn't even bother to update it.

Xerxex on Aug 7, 2010


I loved Avatar! Can't wait for Avatar II. I don't know anyone that didn't like Avatar. Maybe my 90 year old neighbor who don't watch movies. :-O I wasn't going to watch it because I don't like animated films, but my daughter talked me in renting it. But on 2, I want to see it on the big screen. I think it would have been wonderful to have seen the first one in the theatre. Just had to comment... Loved it! It and Blind Side was the two best movies of the year!

RAHgolden in Texas on Aug 7, 2010


avatar was really boring, why do people act like it was really good?

sickdoghats on Aug 7, 2010


Finally! a post where most people are being sensible!

Jackson on Aug 7, 2010


LOL! Jackson, my man, I was JUST going to write that before I read your post. No kidding, it's nice to know that other people felt the same way I did about that film. It was pretty, congratulations. Hardly the film spectacle. We all know it takes Cameron forever to get things done, and he'll take his sweet rich ass time doing whatever he feels until he gets around to it. Expect Avatar 2 sometime in 2015. So while we're at it, let's continue on with some more honesty here. What's the #1 reason why Avatar did so well? Marketing. They marketed that film more than any film, EVER. Marketing gets people, period. 9 MORE MARKETED MINUTES. Spare Me. Well done, you made money. Now I can't wait till my future kids DON'T see this film too.

Quad on Aug 7, 2010


I wonder which already made movies they will steal the story from this time? waterworld maybe?

filmfan111 on Aug 8, 2010


Avatar 2: AKA Remake Atlantis, Pocahontas, The underwater scenes from Star Wars The Phantom Menace, 20,000 leagues under the sea and convert your pile of crap into a 3rd dimension selling the movie with "Breath Taking Visual Effects" and "Originality" I know the first one was so mush of a rip off I never even wasted my money at Red Box to rent it! I Dont know ANYONE who owns it and its not like i live in hick town. Actually hicks are probably the ppl who watched this movie in the first place!! The ONLY 3-D movies im seeing is Jackass 3, Thor and Captain America. Atleast Jackass will have a better script then this horse sh**

zach on Aug 8, 2010


Xerxex - I agree completely.

ryderup on Aug 8, 2010


3D isn't the future of film it's a sidetrack and one that will hopefully die off quite quickly so it's just another footnote. I think Roger Ebert's list of why 3D doesn't work and has little purpose sums up the way I feel. Think of your top 100 films and then think about how the use of 3D would improve them. There isn't one film in my top 100 that could be improved with the use of 3D, instead 3D would cheapen them. Imagine Days of Heaven or Barry Lyndon in 3D, it's laughable at how useless the concept of 3D is. 3D will never have a place in serious films instead it'll be used in terrible b-movies and forgettable blockbusters.

harv on Aug 8, 2010


Haters Gonna Hate

Logan on Aug 8, 2010


So Alex, can you explain why all these people are suddenly hating Avatar? I still think it was one of the best films of 2009, not because it's James Cameron, just because I sat there, left the real world behind and decided to enjoy a good movie. It wasn't original, but I knew that going in and didn't let it influence my opinion. I think everyone's being too critical. You can't go watch movie with the intention of spotting its flaws. That's just stupid and I feel sorry for the people who go watch movies with that attitude. And I don't think Cameron wants to make another Avatar to get more money. Are you serious? He's got enough money to feed a small country forever. Maybe he just enjoys making movies and entertaining people. That's just what I think.

Miles on Aug 8, 2010


Why do people who hate the movie even click on this article just to bitch. What a bunch of whiny losers.

Hale18 on Aug 8, 2010


Yeah, of corse they delete my comment...

REAL6 on Aug 8, 2010


c'mon Hale18 dont u know bitching about a good movie makes you cool on the internetz?

Logan on Aug 8, 2010


Let's be realistic. This film was nothing but eye candy. Cameron gave the audience what they wanted; something spectacular to look at. However, the movie was hindered by a rather bland script and some so-so acting. Another 9 minutes thrown in there aren't gonna change the DAMAGE this film already did to itself. As for Avatar 2? Well, I have to say I don't think it's the best move for Cameron. It won't set standards or break barriers in terms of visuals the way the first film did. Originality of the first script? We all know it wasn't original, but I'm not bashing it. But how much different can a new script be when it's treading on the same ground as the first? I say Cameron should move on from Avatar. Just let it go and move on. And for those of you who say anyone being negative needs to keep there thoughts to themselves, I feel sorry for you because you're afraid to accept the reality of the situation. Avatar was an okay film. It may be Cameron's most succsessful work, but it was not his best.

Eli on Aug 8, 2010


Avatar = Dances With Wolves in space. Think about it.

Gohikeone on Aug 8, 2010


god everyone please shut the eff up. You guys all drooled over Avatar when it came out, regardless of whether or not you were able to immediately identify it as recycled from other perhaps better-told screen stories... The "Avatar" nerdboy backlash is getting really old. I don't know why you guys spend so much time trash-talking it? I guarantee you if the movie wasn't as financially successful and as popular as it is, you all wouldn't be on here trashing it. The movie is beautiful, and yes, it's hollow, whatever, but it's very entertaining. Every single one of Cameron's movies is like this to a greater or lesser degree. He tacks on a story of the human heart and soul that a child could think up onto incredibly complex visuals. Did it in T2, did it in Aliens, did it in Titanic. Doesn't mean his films aren't good. Movies are supposed to be a technical visual experience. He succeeds in showing us worlds, events on such a scale they are hard to imagine on our own. James Cameron is a great filmmaker.

LINKFX on Aug 8, 2010


He is a great filmmnaker. I never saw it in corny3-D. I watched it on bluray once and I immediately saw where the hype came from, but believe me I was not taken in by the hype. I tried sitting through it a second time but just couldn't. I'm... not a fan of Avatar.

Eli on Aug 8, 2010


#27 - no, movies are supposed to be MUCH more than a "technical visual experience".......this is THE main reason avatar fails - avatar is ONLY a technical visual experience and NOTHING MORE. and no.........i never (at any time) drooled over avatar - i've always thought cameron was over-rated; even though, his movies do make lots of money. and making money is not the reason i bashed it. example would be "the bounty hunter". it was an awful movie and i say that knowing it didn't make money. i can't speak for anyone else, but the reason i show up on threads of movies i don't like? the same reason i show up on threads for movies i do like - they're movies and it's a movie site. good or bad, i like discussing them. and i do believe people have right to discuss these things openly. recently the trailer for "trust" was put up. i thought it was pretty good but many people hated it.......and that's ok. i also thought "legion" was a decent watch, although it got a lot of hate too - i've said it before but: avatar, (while being a visual feast) was a below average movie in every important aspect - plot, writing, acting and pacing. sorry, you (and others) can't accept that.

beavis on Aug 8, 2010


People complain about movies because they do not like them. This was posted as news on a film, thus, people will respond. Bad films get bad replies. The lack of positive feedback is most likely because the dust has settled, and all the kiddies who enjoyed it have gone, leaving the genuine movie fanatics left with their sour opinions on this film. Just because YOU (LINKFX, Logan, Hale18) liked a crappy movie, does not mean others did too. I like some crappy movies too, but the first thing I did was accept it. PS: Superior writing by Cameron includes: Terminator, True Lies, Aliens, The Abyss, and Rambo: First Blood Part II

Quad on Aug 8, 2010


@LINKFX. Just ignore all the hackneyed anti-Avatar comments on here. Most of the people on here are just trying to bait Avatar and Cameron fans, like you and me, into getting ino a pointless argument. It's essentially just trolling, but a new form of it. They try to make themselves sound as intelligent as possible but at the end of the day they are either purposely or possibly even subconsciously just trying to get people mad. This is really the only conclusion I have come to since Avatar has been out and I've read things on these forums. No other conclusions would make sense. Why would people waste time reading an article about something they already have formed an unchangeable negative opinion about? I doubt anyone really wakes up in the morning and says "I really need to read an article online about something I hate. I bet this time I'll get some enjoyment out of it". People aren't that dumb, I hope. The first commenter on this article even acknowledges what he did was pointless.....yet he still commented on it. That I don't get. It would be a little different if these people gave some input but all they do is go into an Avatar related forum and type the same bullshit over and over again usually: Dances with Wolves, Smurfs, 3D sucks, Pocahontas, Ferngully, it was boring, ect. So when you get on here, don't respond to the anti-Avatar comments because these people are just here to get you mad and/or try to prove they are smarter than you by attempting to use you as debate practice. Don't fall for it. Anyways, I can't wait for any of these new Avatar related things to come out. I'm glad Cameron is actually penning his own prequel novel instead of getting someone else to do it.......*cough*cough*fuckyouLucas*cough*cough*.

Alex T. on Aug 8, 2010


Ugh. The movie industry is no different than the game industry, it doesn't matter how shitty the game/movie is but if it has enough hype and pretty visuals it's the best thing ever. *rolls eyes*

Aaron on Aug 8, 2010


Yeah, we all know it - avatar sucks, nobody likes it and it was a big flop.

asdcazf on Aug 8, 2010


Cameron's currently writing the novelization of Avatar and then moving on to the sequel. Screw you all, Avatar is in my top 5 of all time.

peloquin on Aug 8, 2010


Top 5 of all time? wow someeee ppl just like visual effects and not a good script and good acting small things amuse small minds i suppose. ( in this case your small minds are being amused by the little amount of good script and acting the movie had) Haha any hey! im not one of those people who drooled over avatar, I though it was getting too much hype and didnt even watch all of the trailer because i thought it was so overrated (before it even came out i thought that) Top 5 of all time? wow youve seen a vast amount of movies havent you?? I can name 5 indie movies that were better than this.

zach on Aug 8, 2010


@LIKFX and Alex T. will Avatar hold up to the testament of time? Answer: Yes, the visuals will most certianly captivate people for years to come, will the story hold up? Answer: No. Unlike "Star Wars A New Hope", "2001 A Space Odyessey", and "Alien" Avatar simply offered a visual film, the story is bland, the characters are cardboard. The only thing original about it is are The Na'vi and the planet itself, but thats all! There was nothing more to offer. 700 Million dollars later (I don't know the actual gross it made) and people then realized "Wait haven't we seen this before?" Enjoy the film, don't expect others too. AS I don't expect you to share my opinion.

Xerxex on Aug 8, 2010


pshhhh Avatar ruled i saw it in I-Max 3D tripping mushrooms and it was fucking AMAZING then i watched it sober and was like meh... the explosions are cool and the CGI is still pretty amazing

DoomCanoe on Aug 8, 2010


I liked Avatar, but I don't get why they couldn't have the 9 extra minutes from the begining. I don't think there be many movies visitors on that one, ok I go if I just have to pay for that extra 9 minutes. In LOFTR exended versions was the extra scenes of some importance, what can 9 minutes give?

Me on Aug 8, 2010


Just ignore all the hackneyed anti-Avatar comments on here. Most of the people on here are just trying to bait Avatar and Cameron fans, like you and me, into getting ino a pointless argument. Alex T., This seems a little presumptuous, don't you think? I'm not trying to bait, why would I be at all concerned about you? I'm just saying I don't like Avatar. Theres a thing called an opinion and you have to accept that. I accept yours, I just disagree. As for people saying we would have liked it if it wasn't as successful, not true. I enjoyed the Dark Knight, that sold as many tickets. (not in 3D so it didn't make as much....cough cough.) Its got nothing to do with success or envy. It has to do with the fact that I just didn't like the film. Why should I have to keep that too myself?

Al on Aug 8, 2010


@ Xerxex... sowwy about the typo 🙁 🙁 p-p-please don't be maaad. 😛 I didn't know Cameron wrote Ferngully! I guess Diana Young is one of his many pen names. 😀 and @39... "In LOTR exended versions was the extra scenes of some importance"... like Aragorn eating stew? WOW... riveting. Actually they did add in some more of Merry n Pippin which were good scenes. and everyone don't yell at @35, Avatar is definitely in the top 5 movies of all time. For movies starting with A... and directed by James Cameron.

Akirakorn on Aug 8, 2010


ill be there august 27th,no f%*&ing dout.

judas on Aug 8, 2010


I'm very mad! Extremely mad. To Me's defense in the Two Towers extended version it reveled that Aragon was 87 years old.

Xerxex on Aug 8, 2010


@ Xerxex and Al. I never said anyone shouldn't have an opinion, or that they had to share mine. I'm just suggesting that its moronic to keep repeating the same opinions over and over the same way on every single Avatar article that has appeared on this site. Shit you guys bitch about Avatar being unoriginal, how about you guys find something new to say about it. It's even more moronic to read an article that you really don't care about. I'll admit it's presumptuous of me to say you're just trying to bait me and others with your comments, but what else should I think? That you're insane? That you just click on these articles with no intention of reading them with an open mind and that your primary motive all along is just to bitch about it when you are finished? That's retarded. Just go find some Avatar hate forum and cut loose. Oh and Xerxex, Star Wars: A New Hope is far from original. Go read an old sci fi novel like Dune or the Foundation series. You'll see how much of a hack Lucas is. Maybe than you can find some Star Wars articles to go bitch and complain on when there aren't any new Avatar articles to keep you busy.

Alex T. on Aug 8, 2010


@31 Quad.. I never said i liked or didnt like it. I just thought clicking on a movie article about future sequels when you didnt even like the first one just to bitch is pretty pathetic. Does your parents even know your on the internet?

Hale18 on Aug 9, 2010


Neither is Avatar, Alex T. But Star Wars was a true revolution for cinema, if Dune was made into a film then it would have the legacy that the original Star Wars trilogy currently and deservedly has. I don't know where you got the notion I hate Star Wars. Avatar was an eye candy orgy nothing more.

Xerxex on Aug 9, 2010


Dune is a movie and it blows compared to Star Wars

DoomCanoe on Aug 9, 2010


I liked Avatar a 2D. Hated it in 3D. For a demo of the 3D mocapture tech...wonderful. The story was pretty decent even if it wasn't original.

tivdatsun on Aug 9, 2010


YES! Obviously the story doesn't hold up, I made a point of that in my original comment. But someone wrote something along the lines of the pacing being bad? Are you kidding...yes, the story, plot was a bit pedestrian, and had been done before(not to the detriment of my enjoyment of the film), but the editing and pacing of the movie cannot be criticized. I never felt bored once in this film... There is much room for film criticism, and I love criticizing films, so I'm on board with every other film lover on here. But in my personal opinion, the film didn't suck because it wasn't original... plenty of films aren't original and are still completely enjoyable. Yes, I enjoy more original films more, by far!!!! But I don't sit in a theater and rip a movie to shreds while I watch it because it's story has been told a million times... Every single movie steals or was informed by the existence of another property, be it a photograph, a short story, another movie, a novel or a myth. "Avatar" was no different, even if it did borrow more liberally from recent properties, like "Fern Gully" and "Dances With Wolves"... all this aside, like I said, I enjoy original properties more, and "District 9" was a similar film, however it was more successful at building an original story from similar recycled elements because it dealt with current issues in a unique "verite" fashion.

LINKFX on Aug 9, 2010


Hale18 - You are a child. I'm struggling, but, holding back from being a preferable grammar Nazi; I won't hesitate to illustrate that your small, dysfunctional brain can't fathom other people having a difference of opinion. I assumed comment sections were for all opinions? If a topic outlines the inevitable sequel of a film someone has watched, I fail to understand why a negative point of view wouldn't be as honoured as a positive one. If you're struggling with this now kiddo, you're going to have one hell of an adulthood. Good luck champ. ......... And it's "Do your parents even know you're on the internet?" Stay in school.

Quad on Aug 9, 2010


I don't consider that a film DoomCanoe, it was horribad!

Xerxex on Aug 9, 2010


Xerxex, to protect myself a bit here, you mentioned these three space/fantasy science-fiction films. "Star Wars A New Hope", "2001 A Space Odyessey", and "Alien"...I whole-heartedly agree with you that these pieces of cinema are truly classic and are a billion times better than "Avatar" and can be enjoyed on many different complex levels, and be appreciated as timeless pieces of art that are also very entertaining. "Avatar" is a simple movie with simple goals made by a simple very gifted artist. I can appreciate the film if I try to view it from James Cameron's point of view. As an artist myself, I can see what he values in what he crafts. It definitely isn't the story, it's the minutiae of the worlds and the characters, the elements that he has crafted that make you believe in the environment you're in. Just like in "Aliens", "The Abyss" and "Titanic". He is a world builder...not Shakespeare. You see what I'm getting at, I hope. Of course it would be awesome to see a James Cameron film with a narrative on par with Stanley Kubrick, but I think that you would lose the essence of James Cameron's "Cameron-ness", the technophile who imbues his films with finely crafted weapons and tech and bizarre aliens that all play by rules he sets up. I appreciate his films for this.

LINKFX on Aug 9, 2010


Avatar sucked to the 3rd power. 3D blows. JC's biggest movie turned into the biggest let down.

the douche on Aug 9, 2010


LINKFX, with no question the world of Pandora was a visual feast, the creatures he created were fantastic! My complaint is the story, he could have gone a different direction, but Cameron played it safe, imo. I would say Cameron is a Special Effects wizard, and a good director but a writer he is not.

Xerxex on Aug 9, 2010


Yeah as a writer he stinks! Thanks for the response.

Linkfx on Aug 9, 2010


@Xerxex. I'm saying that by your own standards you shouldn't cite Star Wars as being a great piece of cinema because its unoriginal, which is one of the biggest problems you and many others seem to have with Avatar. As a side note: Anyone on here who dislikes Avatar for "unoriginality" is hypocrite if they enjoy any superhero related movie from this point on because all of those movies are also the same. The same goes for zombie movies, children's animated films, comedies, espionage films, and you know what.... basically everything else. There are no new basic story outlines to work from. The only thing that changes are details. Directors and other artists use the same basic outlines over and over again because they work. These types of stories have stood the test of time.

Alex T. on Aug 9, 2010


Well Alex T my biggest annoyance with Avatar is that is was the same ole same ole we've seen a million times before, he wrote the script in the 80's and didn't even bother to update it.

Xerxex on Aug 9, 2010


@quad Yeah i could care less about the grammar or typing errors. I never feel like going back and fixing it becuase i dont find it that important for a movie thread. I also have no problem saying your opinion about the movie when the threads are about if you liked it or not. I dont like the twilight crap but i dont click on every thread about the sequels just to mention i dont like the movies. I dont see the point in it. Im no kid by the way and my life is very successfull, so no struggles in adulthood but thanks for looking out

Hale18 on Aug 9, 2010


Alex T, Thats a poor argument. Conventions are the same in most every film, thats correct, and yes, plot lines usually aren't unique. But James lifted the entire plot of Pocahontas to the point of predictability. Can you claim that about Memento? The Good The Bad and The Ugly? 1941? One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest? The Wickerman? (just a few of my favorites) tell me where their counterparts are? Tell me how each main characters story arc matches up with another film's characters, and what those films are? Sure, some could be linked to other films through inspiration. Some characters could be based on a character from another work. But do they match a different film, dot for dot? No. The point? Avatar matches Pocahontas to a tee. You're saying this argument is invalid because nearly every film is unoriginal. Yes, but to a very slim degree, which is extremely pale in comparison to the magnitude of the complete story/character lift I witnessed in Avatar. Its a carbon copy. As for the repetitive comments, I have to sit through a bunch of "sweet. avatars the best" comments. I'm doing the same thing, from another viewpoint.

Al on Aug 9, 2010


ha i agree completely Xerxex... i shuttered at the thought of even bringing it up

DoomCanoe on Aug 9, 2010


@Al. I'll agree there are some movies that are a lot more original than others. I guess I should have clarified more. Not all movies are completely unoriginal, but most big budget films that are made in this day and age, like Avatar, tend to borrow a lot from story lines that were used successfully in the past. If you walk in to see a big budget film, chances are you're going to witness something very similar to something else you've already seen. Big studios don't like to take a lot of risks, which is the reason they only green light movies similar to an already successful film or films that are adaptions of a book/comic that already has a fan base. I've admitted that I'm a big fan of the movie, but I'm not mad about any of the negative opinions of it. I don't even care if they are repetitive. I was just making note of the overuse of the same comments to prove that it's ironic that people who complain about unoriginality have the most unoriginal comments/critiques about this movie, usually something they heard on Southpark or something they read in another article that they thought was clever. I will argue though that it's pretty obvious that if you click on an article about something Avatar related (that's not an article about why someone thinks it's a bad flick) you will see comments like "sweet. Avatar's the best". People that like Avatar click on articles about it. Prior to reading the article they have already formed the opinion that Avatar had a great story and/or its a great film so they read through the article with that bias and usually write something positive about it. Complaining about the repetitiveness of positive comments in this article is like a republican going to a democratic convention and complaining the people there are liberal. Cooks read magazines with recipes. Sports fans read the sports page. People that like Avatar read about Avatar. The whole point I've been trying to make in all of my posts on this article isn't even a point really, it's a question. Why do people that really didn't like Avatar read about Avatar? Once again i'll admit its presumptuous of me to say negative commenters are just trolling, but it's the only answer to this question that made any sense to me. It would be different if this were one of the "Sound Off" articles, and people are pissed off that they spent they're money on this movie last night. That I would totally understand, but it's been 8 months. If Avatar is so unappealing to some people than why would those same people still waste any of their time reading an article about it? Updates are written for the fans, the people looking forward to what's next.

Alex T. on Aug 10, 2010


He (Cameron) is doing Battle Angel next. At least that was the impression given within the interview Producer Jon Landau gave promoting the Avatar game to IGN. But things I imagine change from day 2 day.

NINO on Aug 11, 2010


#61, to answer your question, there are those of us who simply cannot look away from a train-wreck. It's like watching a John Waters know you should look fact you want desperately to look away, but you can't. Even when Devine is eating the fucking dog shit off the sidewalk, something deep in your twisted little soul makes you watch.

Morlock on Sep 1, 2010

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