Jamie Foxx Signs for Video Game Adaptation 'Kane & Lynch'

March 19, 2010

Jamie Foxx

It's been well over a year since Bruce Willis was officially attached to the big screen adaptation of the video game Kane & Lynch, and we haven't heard much about the project since then. However, screenwriter Kyle Ward recently updated his Twitter page saying: "Done deal… Jamie Foxx is in," before clarifying it was for Kane & Lynch and not the other forthcoming video game adaptations he's working on: Uncharted or the Hitman sequel. However, as seems to be the trend lately with industry impacting Twitter updates, the Tweet has since been removed, but luckily THR's Heat Vision has already confirmed the leak as accurate.

In case you don't recall, Kane and Lynch is a dark and gritty drama featuring two men: Kane (Willis) is a flawed mercenary and Lynch (Foxx) is a medicated psychopath. Forced together on a violent and chaotic path of redemption and revenge, no action is considered too harsh as this volatile partnership is pushed beyond reason. Of course, this all sounds really frickin' intense, but so did the premises for video game adaptations like Max Payne, and we all know how that turned out. We also don't need another Miami Vice.

Video game movies have always been a sore spot for audiences and gamers alike because they never seem to capture the essence of what made the game so fun to play (which in reality, is simply controlling a character through the story itself and cannot really be duplicated in theaters) or crafting a captivating enough story for viewers to really sink their teeth in. Since it's been so long since the Bruce Willis announcement, I'm hoping that he's still attached. Though I'm definitely interested to see how Foxx and Willis work together, I'll need to see a trailer before I actually get excited for this. Any gamers out there looking forward to this?

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Great news. This is going to be an awesome action flick. Great game too.

dUPE on Mar 19, 2010


Willis with a gun = AWESOME

Diehard on Mar 19, 2010


No Way. That's going to be great. I would think Willis would be playing Lynch. If you see the end of Lucky Number Slevin(during the flashback) he looks exactly like him. Either way I guess, it should be incredible to watch the two interact with each other.

Nick Sears on Mar 19, 2010


Ummm, Lynch is a white bald man. Anyone else notice something wrong with this picture?

Ben on Mar 19, 2010


@Ben Ya, Same thoughts. Don't get me wrong I think Foxx is an awesome actor, but why do they have to fuck with the Main Characters? Willis would have been Great as Lynch ala 12 Monkeys. I don't picture Foxx capturing Lynch's mindset. Foxx....make me eat my words. Also Kane and Lynch are supposed to be Late Middle Age, to old for the Line of Work. Yet with Intent are more Drivin and Brutal than anyone that stands in there way. I hope they capture what these Characters ARE and tell the story right. As this is one of my absolute favorite story's in Gaming and I love the Characters.

Ripper on Mar 19, 2010


I really happry for this news

sinema izle on Mar 19, 2010


ill wait for the trailer or any photos before i get excited since this is another video game movie adaption and you all know what sometimes happens with movies based on video games

Spider94 on Mar 19, 2010


Ethan I have to respectfully disagree. The joy of video games is only partly created by controlling the character. The other is the story. And you can't name a single video game movie adaptation that has been faithful to the story of the game. If the story is good enough to capture the video gamers interest it should be good enough to capture movie goers attention as by your analysis it's LESS involving sitting in the theater. Hollywood needs to get it right. Adapt the games we love, WITH THE STORIES WE LOVE INTACT!

harm on Mar 19, 2010


another fuck up.. way too go.. and yes, I was looking forward to this, until this news.

Colt on Mar 19, 2010


So Kane and Lynch is now a black guy and white guy buddy cop movie but with criminals? Wow. =/ Why not Billy Bob Thorton? He was perfect for Lynch.

Ryan on Mar 19, 2010


Worst casting decision Ive ever seen hands down, in the game the crazy attraction of Lynchs character was the strung out crazy hick guy who murders. I dont even care if Foxx nails this, this is just trash and a studio selling out for a wider audience. If a black character was replaced with a white guy it would be on the damn news. No matter how well Foxx gets the psycho thing down it wont matter to me because the picture is just all wrong, Seriously picture Lynch going nuts in the bank and slaughtering everyone, Now Jamie its just not fucking right no matter how good of an actor he may be. Billy bob Thornton wouldve been perfect or my personal dream of Ed Harris (Kane) and Josh Brolin (Lynch) but noooo hollywoods gotta fuck up yet another well plotted video-game (even though the gameplay was mediocre). Seriously if Prince of Persia isnt any good I give up on even being slightly interested in VG movies, Being a gamer myself it really really really pisses me off.

Cody w on Mar 19, 2010


agree with #11 Jamie foxx should stick to making shitty music on BET on Mar 19, 2010


yeah I love Foxx but why cast him?

Xerxex on Mar 19, 2010


Wow. I can't believe how many of you morons are against casting a talented, award-winning actor in a role he could pull off in his sleep just because he's black. Wow again. You know a movie where they DID get the look of the main characters right? Max Payne. That movie blew monkey balls! As nearly every movie based on a video game has been. The storylines in most games, even the very good ones, would make a really lackluster movie with 1-dimensional characters and a terribly paced plot. Be glad that they're at least trying to put some talent up there on the screen by way of Willis and Foxx. Maybe you should take a gander at this list ( and remind yourselves how fuckawful this genre of film has been, and then bow down and thank Jamie Foxx for helping bringing us some hope of success.

kevjohn on Mar 19, 2010


#14 were not being racist, also hes not even that great of an actor. It's like making superman black. grow a brain you ignorant disgrace of a human on Mar 19, 2010


#14 they didn't get the casting right at all for Max Payne dick and no Foxx should not be Lynch. why? because Lynch was a white man and if Downey Jr. played Luis from Left 4 Dead it would be some stupid bad casting.

DoomCanoe on Mar 19, 2010


Lol #14 sounds like you gotta a crush on Mr Foxx, echoing 15s comment, grow a brain. The fact you think they got the casting right for Max Payne shows your stupidity. I mean do I have to recall Jim bravura the chief NYPD detective, an old Gruffy pissed off white old man and Ludacris being cast as him? Also your acting like Jamie Foxx is the first known actor ever to be cast in a VG movie. P.S. Its evident you havent played the games your talking about so yeah shut the fuck up.

Cody w on Mar 19, 2010


14 you got a good point,but so does everybody else.I'm black and I'm like what the hell lol I mean cast Foxx if you have no choice but I'm sure they could've found some white actor to play Lynch so it could stay true to the game.It really is like casting a black person as Superman and a white guy as Black Panther lol there is just no good reason to do it.Only time I didn't care was when they cast Michael Clarke Duncan as the King Pin in Daredevil cause they couldn't find someone the right size and who was a decent actor.

Terry B on Mar 19, 2010


no doubt its gonna be action packed but...... i agree with 17.....your are an ignorant dumbass (at not jus about the black comment) and even though the casting was completely fucked, what do you expect now a days fron VG piggyback on that, i think the dumbest shit ever is makin movies into video games..i mean fuck..ive seen the movie so why would i want to ruin that experience by playin a stupid ass game that is nothin like it.

NY til I die on Mar 19, 2010


Part of the problem is that most video games already feel/look like movies. So if a filmmaker makes a movie with the exact same story/characters/whatever, people are going to say it sucks because they were unoriginal, and that it's just a carbon copy of the game. But then if the filmmaker takes some creative liberties, game fans will flip out because things weren't like that in the game. I'm love games and take them just as seriously as I do my movies. I have no problem with someone wanting to make a game-to-movie adaptation. I think what's most important is that the essence, or the overall feeling one gets from playing the game should also be gotten out of the movie. Filmmakers tread a very fine line when it comes to making a video game based movie, so please, give them a chance and some respect.

Bunny on Mar 19, 2010


Agreed #20 A good VG movie CAN be done its finding the medium of pleasing the hardcore gamers and capturing the essence but also plotting it well enough so people who havent played the game can see it as a good movie too. But from what Ive seen Hollywood is more interested in just using the title as a way to suck fans of it into the theater and not being loyal to the source material at all. I sometimes feel like the Directors/writers of these movies just need some sort of guiding hand, even a hardcore gamer telling them what there doing wrong and right during the process, as silly as that sounds, I bet if I sat down with one of the directors of these things I could tell them what gamers WANT and what normal moviegoers NEED to make it successful....Or even the VG developers themselves getting involved in writing the script, now that would be awesome to hear.

Cody w on Mar 20, 2010


#20, 21 Silent Hill was amazing

DoomCanoe on Mar 20, 2010


We'll see...

Fisherr on Mar 20, 2010


I agree with DoomCanoe some video game films have been very good, and Silent Hill was the best out of all of them.

Xerxex on Mar 20, 2010


@ #18 - Terry B -- I highly agree with you, no one here is being racist it is just that I cant picture Jamie Foxx going berserk during that Bank Robbery it just doesn't fit. And like a few have said in the beginning I thought that Bruce Willis would make a great Lynch as well but indeed as someone has mentioned Billy Bob Thornton would also make a great Lynch. Casting Jamie Foxx for Lynch was like casting Jackie Chan for Mr. Miyogi in the Karate Kid remake... I mean, I'm chinese but honestly Mr. Miyogi was japanese not chinese and I wonder if the people who do the castings for movies know the difference... Anyways that is a little off topic, either way Jamie Foxx as Lynch is just wrong (personal opinion)

DrakeVarsten on Mar 21, 2010


Jamie foxx as Lynch? What the hell? #16 you are completely right man, This movie is going downhill more and more and the cast isn't helping it. Kayne and Lynch is a amazing game and the story was fucking amazing, i would of hoped the movie fallowed this path but assigning Jamie Foxx as lynch is a extremely bad move. Lynch is a white, bald man, i mean really? What the hell? Lynch was one of my favorite character's in video game history, and i could not take Jamie Foxx playing him seriously. Bad move guy's, real bad move

DeadlyDecker on Mar 21, 2010


Might work better if they reversed the roles. I agree with the poster who said that Willis really was perfect Lynch in 12 Monkeys.

Melanie Jensen on May 12, 2010


Willis should most definetly be Lynch most agreed.... But Jamie Foxx as Lynch??!? NIEN NIEN NIEN NIEN NIEN NIEN!!!

A pooper-scooper on May 13, 2010


video games can be very addicting that is why sometimes i limit myself from playing too much of it `

Kitchen Rugs · on Nov 4, 2010


when it comes to video games, i enjoy playing those that have very nice graphics and story like Plantz and Zombies ;;*

Jasmine Turner on Dec 3, 2010


I like Kane a Lynch game. The story etc... But Jamie Foxx as Lynch??? LOL, stupidest role ever. I want someone looks like Lynch motherf.ckers! Epic Fail

Hmm on Dec 27, 2010

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