Jason Momoa is Conan the Barbarian; Mickey Rourke In, Too?

January 21, 2010

Jason Momoa

How about some news about a Conan who has nothing to do with that late night television debacle that's all over the airwaves and web? Great! Because both Deadline Hollywood and Latino Review have independently confirmed that Jason Momoa (seen above), star of such TV shows as "Stargate Atlantis" and "Baywatch: Hawaii" has been cast as the barbarian warrior in Conan, the forthcoming Marcus Nispel directed rebirth of the original Robert E. Howard story series. But a little more credit goes to Latino Review on this one as El Mayimbe also uncovered that an offer has also been sent to Mickey Rourke to play Conan's father Corin.

Word is Momoa charmed execs at the last minute to beat out more established young actors like Twilight's Kellan Lutz and Friday the 13th's Jared Padalecki for the part. In addition, the script underwent a series of revisions by Andrew Lobel last month on the script originally penned by Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer. For Conan, I'd say it's a safer bet to go with someone like Momoa, who despite steady acting work, remains relatively unknown. After all, Conan was a role that gave Schwarzenegger his breakthrough performance to become one of the biggest action stars, so maybe Momoa can follow is his footsteps with the exception of that whole Governor of the state of California bit. What do you think of Momoa as Conan?

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of Stargate Atlantis and Baywatch: Hawaii-um excuse while LMFAO...I rarely use internet slang but damn, Conan seems like a little bitch, compared Arnold...but maybe Mickey Rourke will save it?

Xerxex on Jan 21, 2010


Hey look another remake...I will wave as it passes me by.

Cody on Jan 21, 2010


Arnold defined conan... momoa (and most people) just aren't big like arnold. I just can't picture momoa answering "what is good in life?" (its: to crush our enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women) if this was a barbarian movie without conan anywhere i would be more excited

Janny on Jan 21, 2010


if you followed the books, conan wasent always big and arney. he started out small, which is where this movie is to start, at the beginning of conans life

jeremy on Jan 21, 2010

5 are sure right.....what are these people thinking - there is NO other CONAN period!!!!!

Dan the Man on Jan 21, 2010


Jeremy you are way wrong. Conan, as described by R.E. Howard, stands head and shoulders above the average man and was thickly muscled and deep of chest. Never was he described as small. Howard even described him as larger than most full grown men while at the age of 15 winters when he decided to leave Cimmeria and go out on his own seeking adventure. Where did you get the idea that he was once small? I have read and re-read and re-read dozens of times over the Conan tales by Howard throughout my whole life. In fact, Howard even dabbled in weight lifting to become more like his iconic hero. I'm sorry, but Momoa had better work out hard and take some roids if he wants to portray Conan and do him justice.

6dra6on6 on Jan 21, 2010


racist choice he doesnt look the part i hate nispel he is a sucker

jojoe on Jan 22, 2010


I like Jared Padalecki in Supernatural but Conan? Seriously? What is this adaptation exactly? Modern age Conan the barbarian in high school?

xMort on Jan 22, 2010


conan is suppose to be dark people forget this Arnold did'nt resemble Conan momoa resembles him

nelson on Jan 22, 2010


I'm an avid watcher of Stargate Atlantis and Momoa is a good part of that series, however i don't believe he has the acting skills required to create a character more than a sterotypical 'tough guy'. Momoa is a bad choice if you want more than the typical from this film.

Rodion on Jan 22, 2010


Who would be a good choice to play Conan then?

elucke22 on Jan 22, 2010


uh, this guy and arnold are like conan "before and after" pictures - with arnold being the "after". a remake of a classic and THIS guy is the one who will play conan?.......pass

beavis on Jan 22, 2010


Wonder what this does to Momoa's upcoming role in HBO's Game of Thrones? He's supposed to play Khal Drogo, leader of the Dothraki. His role only lasts for one season, but ... hate to miss him. Game of Thrones is going to be balls-on awesome. And by the bye, muscles aside, Momoa looks closer to Conan than Shwarzenegger did. Howard (the author) had him "swarthy of skin and black of hair," both of which fit Momoa--not the Governator. Plus Momoa is like 6'4". Arnold is 5' 10".

About Yea High on Jan 22, 2010


This dude was pretty awesome in Stargate Atlantis; glad to see he's getting a shot at movies. Although I hope he bulks up a bit.

germs on Jan 22, 2010


i agree its time for a new face on tv...he has the look to shine...lets see what he can offer to the industry. I believe he will become one of our next hottest stars!!!!!!!

Ann on Apr 7, 2011


A mix of Jason Momoa and Peter Steele of Type O Negative = Conan The Barbarian

David Banner on Jan 22, 2010


I think Momoa will make a pretty good CONAN with him casted I have a little more hope for this movie but with Nispel directing I can't say for sure that it will be great. I just hope Momoa can bulk up in time for filming he is a big guy but not CONAN big yet. Mickey Rourke would be an awesome addition to this movie hope he gets the job, I really want this movie to succeed but Marcus Nispel being director just make me unsure cause the Friday 13th remake really sucked not that Friday 13th was ever a masterpiece in the first place but his version was crap.

Anti-Fox on Jan 22, 2010


Wow and i was wondering when they would try to use the sacred word to the fantasy genre only to presumably fail. "Conan" the word itself is like a land mine itself its such huge shoes to fill (even for arnold it was huge but thnx to his enormous size and big feet he barely did :D) i really have serious doubts regarding this one and seing the actor they are probably going for did not help too he is just not menacing enough (and even if they cast him pleaseee loose the eyeliners :D) not big enough (i dont mean height) he is just not "Conan" enough Maybe he is a good cast Conan in his teens or even Conn the heir son but the conan we know doesnt seem to fit to this guy thats what i think. someone before me mentioned that he would be more excited if this was a barbarian flick with no Conan anywhere near it. and i agree with him. anyways lets wait and see where this goes

Burak "D'aequitas" on Jan 22, 2010


well, let's just wish Momoa good luck, but i will always see Arnold in Conan's shoes. Big, cold..and..big. and mean. Now Momoa is a bit bigger than the rest of us, but his eyes are warm, unlike Arnold ze barbaric butcher :)). So..i dunno, i wish him luch, but i don;t see Momoa fit this role..

adrian on Jan 22, 2010


Triple H should have been cast as Conan , he has the look and physical form for the role , and his acting could pass. what the f*^% is hollywood thinkin. i'll wait till this is on cable and give it a go . this looks like another mummy movie , Cgi and boring.

Subcelsious on Jan 22, 2010


As a life long fan of the REH books and the Roy Thomas comics all I can say is that Arnold SUCKED as Conan, especially the 2nd piece of crap movie. How many of you posting here saw the first film when it came out? I can't believe anyone speaks of it with reverence.

art seike on Jan 22, 2010


First of all...Arnold as much as I love him was never a true Conan...He was just off his win M. Olympia and was still looking like a body builder. Conan is: Dark long hair, jet black mane, deep blue piercing eyes, skin bronzed by the exposure to the sun and a physique massive yet agile for a man his size. Arnold had only a massive well built body. So this choice requires only three things to work....Black long hair, blue eyed contact lenses, a little hollywood magic to make Momoa supremely massive in physique, but retaining his agile grace he's shown in Stargate. He looks, sounds and feels the part, with minor add-ons HE will be the Conan Robert E. Howard had invisioned Nuff said... P.S.: Arnold was great cause he had the right attitude for Conan, but Conan speaks like you and I, not like an Austrian...but I still love Arnold in anything...Heck I wanted him back in this franchise too play the long awaited King Conan...but no dice. Crom curse us all!

Lazarus from Sparta!!! DEATHKLOK RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on Jan 22, 2010


straight to video.

smackyou on Jan 22, 2010



Blue Silver on Jan 22, 2010


"art seike", are you bullshittin us? Arni was the Greatest...they should have continued the story in the late 80s (with a bearded mature Arni) telling us how he becomes King and searches for we were told by his japanese wizard......("thatΒ΄s another story")..... a monumental piece of work, full of unique production design ,miniatures and the original CG Crab....that would have been great..... There is no actor that could compete with Arnie...maybe Robert Zemeckis should pick up this project and do it in 3D, rebuilding Arni in 3D...

tino on Jan 22, 2010


When did Conan become a greasy stoner?

Eric B. on Jan 22, 2010


Jason Mamoa is The Sh*t people! Just wait . . .

salvadore on Jan 22, 2010


Sorry, not seeing it. Arnold is a tough one to replace though. Maybe I'll be surprised doubt it.

l.21 on Jan 22, 2010


"sorry this guy looks like a little bi**h." "it's ok he can act, he was on Baywatch." "No he wasn't." "Yeah he was on Baywatch: Hawaii...." "So the EVEN WORSE Baywatch?" "Yeah but it's ok he's in Stargate!" "With Kurt Russel and James Spader sweet!" "No... Atlantis... And he wasn't part of the original cast..." "Oh sh** this is going to suck..."

harm on Jan 22, 2010


Terrible choice,not right for the part in anyway.Looks like this will be the Tom cruise wannabe version of Conan.

tir na nog on Jan 22, 2010


it should have been arnold playing conan - if not him, the only other option is dwayne "the rock" johnson. momoa looks like conan for the "teen magazine" crowd.

beavis on Jan 22, 2010


While he is a great actor I just don't see him as Conan. There have been hundreds of conan books written over the past many years and all of them show Conan the same way. Including the ones written by the original author. Conan is a white guy with blue eyes who has been "bronzed" by the sun. Does Momoa look like a white guy bronzed by the sun... Sorry but if you have a movie based on a book then at least get the lead right. Conan has lots of awesome fellow warriors he shares adventures with, many of them black. Why not get this guy to play one of them. Too bad really as i think other than the fact that he doesn't look like Conan he does have the acting ability and the attitude to play him...

Vold on Jan 22, 2010


Mickey Rourke on the other hand is an awesome choice for Conan's father. The guy is totally gizzled and hard and his voice is perfect. Perfect choice.

Vold on Jan 22, 2010


I saw the both movies in the theaters. first very good, second crappy but still fun. Arnold is a terrible actor but has tremendous presence on screen. it would be a major improvement to have someone with acting skills to take over the character. replacing Arnold with another retarded athlete-actor wannabe is a stupid idea. the whole concept of casting based on looks is a major failing in Hollywood. countless movies are ruined because of some knuckle head producers insistence of having a certain face in a movie. when the credits roll the movie was either good, bad or some where in between. can't think of any bad movie I have seen that was improved by an actors looks (with the exception of gratuitous female nudity). #13 Arnold 6'1"

karl on Jan 22, 2010


This is Conan, the Barbarian...? With that scowl and pretty boy pout...? I'm underwhelmed.

moif on Jan 22, 2010


Wow this guy is weak as conan! he smaller then a kindergartner!!! your telling me they couldn't find someone else that was better for the part? this guy is not even a good actor they should have just went for a unknown that was bigger. i had high hopes for this now I'm just bummed,

Poopoo on Jan 22, 2010


I hoping Will Smith was going to get the part, this really does suck.

Willis on Jan 22, 2010


well someone fucked up their.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Jan 22, 2010


THIS BLOWS ASS HARD This dude is SO FAR OFF THE MARK it is not funny. Either as an Arny look alike or to match the Conan Howard describes .. in ALL Regard this dude does NOT fit the bill I had a feeling this REMAKE was going to SUCK ASS. Oh well, just release the original on BluRay and I will be happy with that and NEVER watch this abortion of a remix

MR. GeeMAN on Jan 22, 2010


Who is this douche!!?!? I think I'd rather see Mickey Rourke play an older version of Conan!

David on Jan 22, 2010


There must be some German, Scandanavian, Ukrainian,Russian, or Maygar actor who would be better to play Conan. They could film the movie in the -stan countries. Beautiful countryside in those countries.

Phil on Jan 22, 2010


Arnold was never the perfect Conan, and his Austrian accent didn't fit playing a Celt. Conan is a proto Celt and Cimmeria is akin to the British Isles. Yes he was bronzed by the son, but as a Celt, he would be naturally fair skinned and not accumstomed to sunlight by nature.. so they cast a Polynesian? I don't have a problem with the actor's physique, Conan was a fighter, not a body builder. By 1930s standards Momoa practically is a body builder anyway, so he really doesn't need to add much muscle to be believeable as far as I'm concerned. Sad thing is they never really even attempted to cast a Scottish or Irish actor, which would have been they right thing to do. As a life long Howard fan I cannot see myself wasting my money on this film. Clearly this production doesn't give a crap about the existing fan base which has been waiting for a decent Conan film forever, sure it was nice to see Conan in film in the 1982 version, but anyone being honest has to admit the film sucked and was very far removed from the Howard cannon. I had hopes for another Batman Begins here, but alas, the casting of the lead has suck fest written all over it.

Baronvonheil on Jan 22, 2010


Isn't Momoa a little small to play Conan. I've always envisioned Conan as being larger than life since Arnold played the role. They should have considered someone like Duane "The Rock" Johnson or Brock Lesnar. Yah!

Moogooguypan on Jan 22, 2010


But Baronvonheil Conan is a Barbarian, and Barbarians are supposed to be massive!

Xerxex on Jan 22, 2010


not only is he a barbarian..........he's supposed to be a BADASS! the title isn't "conan the fighter" - i't's "conan the BARBARIAN". and who's ever been worried about the accent of conan? #36 - i hope that was sarcasm or you were kidding. will smith has NO business trying to portray conan.

beavis on Jan 22, 2010


I agree with #30. If we can get The Rock outta that godawful Disney contract he must be in. I remember seing The Mummy Returns, watching the beginning backstory scenes & thinking... "Holy fuck. It's Conan." I liked Jason Momoa in Stargate Atlantis, but I agree with the majority opinion here that he doesn't fit. Well...Maybe they can us him for Bombatta... πŸ™‚

jasonmd2020 on Jan 22, 2010


who cares!!! WHAT ABOUT RED SONJA!?!?!?!

peteP on Jan 23, 2010


To 41, could not have said it better myself,although I quite like Arnie's first Conan movie.

tir na nog on Jan 23, 2010


I for one didn't follow the books, Conan is Arnold to me and just about everyone else that gave a shit. The fact he was a "northman" who spoked of Valhalla in the movies made him twice as cool in my eyes because I love norse / viking stuff. IMO this guy is a wrong choice. This guy is also way too small to play Conan...he looks like a gurhly mon.

Heinosity on Jan 23, 2010



JimD on Jan 23, 2010


Some of you need to read the works of Howard. You have no idea what Conan is supposed to look like. THIS IS NOT IT! Conan is a white dude with black hair, tanned skin from living under the open sky and muscular as hell. Conan is not Hawaiian, he's a dark skinned cracker. Proof that Conan is a big mofo... "... a tall man, mightily shouldered and deep of chest, with a massive corded neck and heavily muscled limbs. He was clad in silk and velvet, with the royal lions of Aquilonia worked in gold upon his rich jupon, and the crown of Aquilonia shone on his square-cut black mane; but the great sword at his side seemed more natural to him than the regal accoutrements. His brow was low and broad, his eyes a volcanic blue that smoldered as if with some inner fire. His dark, scarred, almost sinister face was that of a fighting-man, and his velvet garments could not conceal the hard, dangerous lines of his limbs." We need a huge dark haired Germanic/celtic mofo to play Conan, sorry it's not racist, just fact. Shaft isn't White and Conan isn't Hawaiian, nuff said

Rer on Jan 23, 2010


What a Terrible fucking idea casting some black dude that doesnt even resemble the oridginal even a little bit, but instead looks like a fucking klingon or someshit. Way to fuck up a great franchise.

Retarded on Jan 24, 2010


I am completely baffled and bewildered by the choice of Momoa to play Conan. Did the director even read the books? I watch SG-Atlantis and thought Momoa tried too hard and failed to bring realism to his role. How will he bring it to Conan? IMO, they should consider recruiting Marius Pudzianowski to play Conan. he played him in a Polish remake and did a creditable job, not good but had a presence that Momoa could never have. Besides, Marius has a 58 cm kark!!! That's Polish for neck (get your minds out of the gutter)

WSM fan on Jan 24, 2010


#41 Baronvonheil, #21 Lazarus from Sparta!!! DEATHKLOK RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please dont get me wrong. i just wanna know for real. Are you guys serious??? >Size and looks issue: We all read the original stories by E.Howard and The Barbarian in the books has never been described as a dark skinned by birth...he has never been described as not being bulky, a giant of a man even in his young years compared to others of same age. And he could move slick as a snake in opposition to his size. he has lightning like reflexes and he has brute force to back his speed, Conan was not a fighter, he was a barbarian who could fight like the best of them. who would suprise his adversaries with his size and then stupify them further with his speed that defied his size all those traits makes him the "Conan the Barbarian". >Accent issue: which one of us knows how the dialect the accent may sound like in Aquilonian years. of course his accent would be ruggish ofcourse he shouldnt sound like a scholar fresh out of university with a touch of street slang of British or Hawain or American. if were gonna look for cracks in Arnolds Conan role it shouldnt be his accent πŸ˜€ its funny. If you have said and stick to it that the guy couldnt act by then (to some he may still lack in that dept even in his latest flick) but he sure filled the gap with his sheer presence. he could hold his stand against the best actors. he had such an auro to him. in what he lacked he compansated more than enough with his posture and charisma if your argument would focus oh his lack of acting ability understand... but its your thoughts and who am i to judge.. and i respect it. anyways, i think the only great casting for this one is Mickey. He is really a quite nice fit to his assigned role. The Father, Corin...great choice guys. (You know who would top him in that a tribute to his defining role...Arnold :D) and i dont think Dwayne should don the fur and the sword as Conan either, he is no better a choice than Mamoa (and he may be a promising actor i dont know, but he is no Conan that, I know for sure. let him make a name for himself in a different role more suitable role, i did some digging about the guy looked some more photos even asked a friend to lend me the episodes that he had action scenes and in my own opinion, he flanked) I agree with those of you who voiced that Hollywood should really try and recruit fresh faces that has moderate actng ability and a great screen presence rather than a likeness (and we all know they really dont know what that likeness should really be like :P) and a screen name. They shouldnt rush things just to get the movie out there...why they dont just realise a good casting is a sure way of bringning them even more money and success... all those monumental films of the past that have made a cult and royal followings have rather unknown faces or fresh starts. Look at Arnold, Reeves, Ledger, Gibson (duh! in Road Warrior ofcourse not braveheart :P) etc and Look how well they have done... Mamoa...I really dont know what to expect, well of course i can only guess but i really cant believe its happening.. and of course i will be seing it in theatres but will i love it..i hope i will be proven wrong.. i pray lets wait and see Cheers

Burak "D'aequitas" Gayretli on Jan 25, 2010


This seems like a mistake to me. Conan should be big, very big. He should be cold hearted and a good guy sometimes. The Rock would make a better Conan if he wanted to go that route, but I don't think he would do a movie like that again(Scorpion King). I know there is a football, rugby, bodybuilder or wrestler guy out there somewhere who would be perfect for the role. A real man of men. Being a fan of the Arnold Conan will make it hard to watch a less than bigger, badder version of him.

Rick on Jan 25, 2010


Okay, 1) Jason Momoa is 6'4" or 6'5" depending on whether you go with IMDB or Wikipedia, which is 2-3" taller than Arnie; 2) While his father is Polynesian, his mother is white and if you look at him in pictures with his white castmates, he's only a little bit darker (Okay, David Hewlett practically GLOWS he's so white, but if you put him up against Joe Flanigan or Torri Higginson or the like, there's not that much difference) (My white brother spends a lot of time in the sun and is about the same skin-tone as Momoa, so it's not unreasonable for a white man to have this skin-tone); 3) THE DREADS ARE LONG GONE (most of the photos being tossed around appear to be at least 2 to 5 years old), so get off the 'Oh, Conan in dreads!' and semi-racist 'nappy hair' complaints; 4) Momoa is a rock-climber, swimmer, snowboarder, mountain biker, etc. not some waif who never exerts himself; 5) He already bulked up some for Game of Thrones and he was already sporting some pretty impressive pegs before then; 6) the Conan from the books had BLACK hair and was tanned from spending so much time in the sun-- he did not look (or sound) like Arnie; 7) Momoa did most of his own combat and stunts in Stargate: Atlantis including sword and knife fighting, hand-to-hand, wrestling, and stick fighting; 8) Yes, he was rarely given much to play with in Stargate: Atlantis as the writers couldn't write anyone but the character they self-identified with (McKay) worth squat, but I challenge anyone to watch an episode where they actually used him, like Reunion or Broken Ties, and tell me the man can't act.

LadyOfLight on Jan 27, 2010


@55 Got it, you're a stargate fan and love Momoa. The sad reality is he looks Hawaiian and we know from REH's literature that Conan doesn't look Hawaiian. (Cimmerians are based off the Cimbri, a Proto-Celtic peoples). All of the races/cultures in REH books where based off of real cultures/races, So he could be 800 feet tall with 500 inch arms and he still wouldn't fit the role because he looks Hawaiian and CONAN DOES NOT LOOK HAWAIIAN GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD!! Nice try though.

Rer on Jan 27, 2010


@Rer 'The sad reality is he looks Hawaiian' Funny, he looks like my brother (though he's considerably taller and 20 years younger) and we're Scottish, Scottish, Scottish, more Scottish, Irish, German, Dutch, and French. Eye shape, nose, forehead, colouring, hair texture and colour, mouth, eyebrows, you name it. Watching him is sort of like watching a super-sized younger version of my brother. I'd be willing to bet if his name was Jason Jones, no one would give it a second thought. It's like James Roday of Psych. He's Hispanic, but unless you know his birth name is Rodriguez, you just don't see it. Once you know, you start picking out things that look Hispanic about him. Our perceptions of ethnicity change based on our expectations. Momoa could easily pass as Jason McNab, Jason Achebe, Jason Gomez, Jason O'Reilly, Jason Dubuque, Jason Running Bear, Jason Goldstein, etc. We see what we expect and since we know Momoa is Hawaiian, we see his features as Polynesian, even if we know people of other ethnicities with very similar features.

LadyOfLight on Jan 29, 2010


@Lady Of Light So your Scottish, Scottish, Scottish, more Scottish, Irish, German, Dutch, and French brother looks half Hawaiian? I doubt your sincerity, care to post a picture because with such an outlandish claim I have problem agreeing with or believing you. Also your Hispanic reference is misleading and uneducated tot say the least. First off is that people of Hispanic origin refers to people coming from the Iberian peninsula. Some people interpret it as coming from a country once ruled by Spain. People of European descent tended to intermingle and share traits. So sometimes someone from Hispanic Origin can look like someone of Slavic origin and vise-versa. I understand that you are rationilizing to support your own arguement. If Jason Momoa had the name Jason O'reilly and I knew him, I would still think to myself wow this guy is part Polynesian or something. Sorry but you are wrong plain and simple and I'm sure there is some underlying reason for your failure to even agree to the fact that Jason Momoa looks like an Islander. So whatever your motives are please understand that you are rationalizing and making yourself look foolish.

Rer on Jan 29, 2010


My very-Scottish/Irish/German/Dutch/French brother has been mistaken for a person of Greek, Native American, Mexican, Italian, Middle Eastern, etc. descent. So far as I know, no one has ever asked him if he's Polynesian of some sort. So, no, he doesn't look half-Hawaiian. If I could come up with a picture, I'd post it, but I think the only pictures I've got of him electronically are ones from, oh, about 18 years ago where he's sitting out on my parents' back deck in some shadows and he's in profile. I sincerely doubt it will convince you, though, because then you'll just claim that he's obviously got some other ethnicity buried in the family tree. I've been commenting to people in chat and LJ here and there that Momoa looks like my brother since he appeared on SGA and long before he was even up for Conan. To be honest, for the first few episodes, I wasn't certain Momoa was a person of colour until there were some discussions around the point in fandom circles. -- at about 7 or 8 seconds. The guy who says "I'm half-Mexican." That's James Roday. He dropped the name Rodriguez because he got tired of being called in to audition for 'Third Gang Member on the Left' type roles. It appears to be a common problem for people with "ethnic" names. I'm saddened you can't look past the ethnicity to the underlying appearance of a person, but it hardly makes me the one who's rationalising. Someone whom I believe was thinking that Momoa wouldn't make a good Conan did a manip-- Now, maybe I'm just being race-blind, but I'd buy that as Conan.

LadyOfLight on Jan 29, 2010


You are rationalizing. Also with a mix like you have, same for family, who knows what your true ethnicity is, not that it even matters. The very first time I saw Jason Momoa I thought to myself which island is that guy from. Why? Because I lived on Oahu for 4 years and I think they have an awesome culture. So, does Jason look Hawaiian or Polynesian? Hell yeah he does and I'm sure if you ask him or anyone in his family they would consider it an insult if you didn't think he had physical Hawaiian traits. Facts- 1. Jason looks like a cross between an islander and a native American. 2. Conan does not. No more needs to be said on the matter. I understand that you're a huge Stargate fan. Every Stargate fan online is screaming about how happy they are with Momoa being cast as Conan. Just because he did a great job in Stargate shouldn't endear him to every role that comes to him. Me personally? I'm a huge REH fan and find this casting to be insulting and a poor choice not because of some slight to Momoa, but because Conan doesn't look like Momoa. Also don't assume I would like Dwayne Johnson or Arnold cast as Conan, because they are poor choices also. People think of the description of Conan and see dark hair and dark skin, but that doesn't mean Conan isn't Caucasian. He is Caucasian and that's beyond refutable. If anyone with Dark skin and dark hair could play the role then how about Jet Li or Samuel L Jackson, Sounds silly now doesn't it? So no Jason wouldn't fit the characteristics of Conan, and no I'm not racist. Sorry if I think a movie should respect its source material. That's why your rationalizing.

Rer on Jan 29, 2010


First off - I'm a huge Stargate fan. I suppose I'm inclined to like Momoa, but I'm also pretty rational. I honestly struggled to get through watching Arnie's Conan. Thought the concept was amazing, but on the whole totally lacking in energy or script. At the VERY LEAST I'm confident that Momoa will bring an intensely high-energy performance to Conan. I'm mostly surprised to hear so many people complain about his race. First off, he's not black (?!) (Seriously? Some of you actually think that this man is black?), also, any quick google images search will reveal that sans dreadlocks, dude looks like quite the cracker. I'm actually a little concerned with how they'll deal with his monotone surfer voice, but I'm not at all concerned with whether Conan is WHITE ENOUGH. Sorry guys, this is a movie, not a reenactment. If he does a good job, then awesome. If he doesn't, I doubt it will be because of his swarthy islander pigment. Also, seriously?! Wrestlers? Triple-H? The Rock? Come on. If anything, being a wrestler proves two things about these guys - they're terrible at pulling off believable action, and they're terrible at ACTING. Don't get me wrong, I love a good comedy with The Rock, but as far as serious acting? Sorry, not buying it.

Will on Feb 2, 2010


Eh, I hate to break it to the quasi-REH fans, but Conan wasn't of any northern European people that ever actually existed. Cimmerians were the degenerate descendents of the Atlanteans, and by their description (darker complexion, blue eyes, jet black hair) they looked a hell of a lot like Momoa. Frazetta wasn't pulling his Conan out of thin air, that's how Howard described him. Besides, the guy is towering at 6'4". He'll lift and be fed a cocktail of designer steroids. He'll be about as big as Dolph Lundgren was in Rocky IV. Add in the special effects gurus that did The 300 (which are already contracted for the movie), and Momoa's going to look plenty big and ripped.

Adam Grant on Feb 11, 2010


@62 "Conan wasn't of any northern European people that ever actually existed" I based every race and culture in his books off of real peoples, including the Cimmerians. They are based off of the Cimiri people. Atlantis is off the coast where the British Isles would be in my novels and stories. "darker complexion, blue eyes, jet black hair" Lots of Caucasians have dark hair and even some celtic and germanic tribes characterized this trait, so what? Jason Momoa is Hawaiian not Caucasian. From your description going by wording alone, Jet-Li could play the part. Feeling foolish yet? No? You should be. Please inform yourself and read and COMPREHEND my stories and books before going online and making foolish biased observations about my work. I understand that you're probably a "Stargate" fan. Great, but just because you're the fan off that show doesn't mean JM is fit for every role conceivable.

Robert E Howard on Feb 11, 2010


Oh look. Robert E Howard is posting ITT, and he can't spell or use grammar. I understand that you're probably upset that your book is being misinterpreted. Great, but just because you're the writer off that book doesn't mean that you get to make every decision about the movie conceivable.

Will on Feb 11, 2010


@64 Sorry I just get upset when hollywood chessifies movies and IP's. It's annoying. No matter how much the "Stargate" fans rail about how great their Stargate actor is for conan.... It doesn't change the fact that Conan is supposed to be Caucasian not Hawaiian. SO NO, MOMOA IS NOT PERFECT FOR CONAN, far from.

Robert E Howard on Feb 12, 2010


Weve been waiting almost 30 years for this?...I can fucking believe it! Even Mickey Rourke would have been a better Conan than this model from a Target catalog! What else? The? Jonas brothers are going to write the score?

Vinny the Butcher on Feb 12, 2010


Bad. Fucking. Cast. Bulk up about 30 pounds, I suggest steroids. Cut hair short (neck length, no dreads). Get beat up. Turn eyes blue with contact lenses. Train with a sword. Get beat up.? Go out in the sun (I'm not talking about tanning beds). Memorize the script. Get beat up. Have someone rough you up with a 2x4 before the screening. Train with a sword. Right now you look smooth like a woman It's fucking embarrassing

Jenga on Feb 13, 2010


@67 Dude actually got his face smashed with a bottle recently, it was pretty bad apparently. Also, look back on almost every classic "strong man" fantasy film ever made and it will be overflowing with pristine shaven muscles oiled up to the max. Double standards much?

Will on Feb 13, 2010


@Will Have you ever seen Ben Hur or Conan? They don't look like oiled up models Higher resolution on todays screens requires a closer attention to detail, so no, it's not a double standard

Jenga on Feb 14, 2010


Frazetta's depiction of conan was the best

Goran on Feb 16, 2010


This is a joke please please do not cast this guy you are about to ruin one of the greatest movies of all time!!!!!! Can we do anything to stop this???

Conan Fan on Mar 30, 2010

73 -- Dude on the right is Joe Flanigan who is, in his own words, mostly Irish (and about 6' tall for perspective). Dude on the left is Jason Momoa, obviously before he cut his dreads off. Note the skin tones. Momoa is BARELY darker than Joe. And if I were the creator of the photomanip that took Jason Momoa's face as of SGA and put it on Jason Momoa's much more slender Baywatch body that's been thrown up everywhere as an example of what the man looks like, I'd either be laughing my a** off or passing out C&D notices. Compare the arms in that picture to any of the myriad bare-armed SGA shots (not to mention the chest hair) and it's pretty obviously not remotely resembling his current body. I just have to laugh at all these people looking at that photomanip and going "But he's too skinny!" While I disagree with people who object to his skin-tone being too dark for Conan, that's at least somewhat informed compared to those complaining about him being skinny or dreaded. And to the Conan fan above, he HAS been cast and they've been shooting for a couple of weeks now.

LadyOfLight on Mar 31, 2010


I'm not a 007 fan and don't watch the movies, so everything I think about Conan is null and void? Come on. Also why are you bringing up Obama? I like Obama and I personally think he's a great president, once again what's your point? Your argument that people in the past have played mis-matched roles is irrelevant. The facts here are.... 1. I'm a REH fan. 2. I would like to see them respect the source material. 3. Just because people where poorly cast for productions in the past is not an excuse to do it in the future nor does it mean I agreed with those castings because I didn't comment on it in this post. P.S.- No one gets cast as president, they get elected.

Rer on May 25, 2010


I do not believe half the people that have commented on skin color,height,bulk,etc. Did any of you comment when they cast that skinny blone-haired blue-eyed gentleman as 007..I doubt it, and most 007 actors had dark hair, and very lean. Second, movies are for entertainment...either you like or you don't. As for casting a hawaiian as Conan, again it is for entertainment purposes...Think about this, give the guy a chance....They cast Obama as president didn't they, and he seems to be doing okay...even though thats just my opinion...

Violet Rhodes on May 24, 2010


first of all i dont recall a stereo type for Bond exists Daniel Craig is not the first fair Bond with colored eyes we have seen on screen one of the best Bonds is actually Fair and colored eyed.. Roger Moore.. and aside from the weirdly illuminated and shot with gem blue eyed Promo Poster for Casino Royale it doesnt bother the Bond image. but come on.. just look at the pics of Jason Momoa, now close your eyes and imagine The Conan that you have read both in comics and original does to match/overlap??? personally i cant match them. not that my saying so makes even the slightest of difference, just saying πŸ˜€ i dont even know the man, Momoa, so certainly its nothing personal πŸ˜€ he just doesnt look the part.. but if the movie turns out good and portrayel of the iconic barbarian holds his own...well i am mature enough the admit that i was proven wrong. πŸ˜€ till then...Arnold is the only live action Conan πŸ˜€

Burak "D'aequitas" on May 25, 2010


Burak Very good post. I agree with you 100% and I like your logic.

Rer on May 26, 2010


Yea Conan starts out more sinewy than Arnoldy. D&D gives him the god strength around age 25-55yrs then as an older man he drops Str and Dex and gains Wis and Int. I think Momoa is perfect for the part The gravelly voice works too. Now whether he can pull it off...we'll see. You remember the Stargate:Atlantic episodes with the half-wraith Micheal? Ronin was constantly ready to strangle him and did attack him a couple times. That's the intensity he'll need to conjure to pull this role of a lifetime off.

Odominus on Feb 24, 2011


Pathfinder 2 perhaps, Conan the destroyer??? Definatly not!!! Triple H would have been a far better choice. Of course I've been sayin that for years. Look up wrestlemania 22 HHH entrance. He is the king of kings. Also better writers and a director that hasn't done crap music videos would make this better. But like always Hollywoods lookin to cash in on suckers with weak ass remakes.

Jlbennett666 on Mar 16, 2011


This will always be Conan to me: (from Savage Sword of Conan book #4) If he is not with raven hair, blue eyes, bronzed and caucasian, it will kind of be difficult to call him Conan. It would be like making Harry Potter a Hindi and removing his scar. Arnold was massive, graceful and his brown hair was somewhat forgivable. I think his best lines were when he fell down the stairs. But for the 1980's, it was with the latest special effects and was very bloody, but they are dated by today's standards. I am not familiar with Mamosa, so I cannot say how much his acting would bring to the film, but I remember the previews and I wondered if they were trying to change Conan's race. It wasn't the skin tone, it was the facial features. I'll still give this film a chance since I love Howard's stories and the old Savage Sword comics back in the day. I think it should be better than Conan the Destroyer.

Wolf11811 on Apr 14, 2011

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