Javier Bardem & Viggo Mortensen Top Choices for 'Dark Tower'?

December 31, 2010
Source: New York Post

Mortensen / Bardem

While director Ron Howard recently opened up a little more about the upcoming unprecedented adaptation of Stephen King's Dark Tower series, we're now starting to get into the big news with this film and TV crossover. Treat this as a rumor for the time being, but the NY Post is reporting that Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men) is the top choice to play Roland Deschain, last living member of a knightly order of gunslingers, and humanity's last hope to save a civilization that will crumble unless he finds the Dark Tower. And if he's not up to the task, then apparently Viggo Mortensen (Eastern Promises) is a close second.

Both the actors have an intimidating presence and have dabbled in the western genre before. No Country for Old Men is certainly a modern western and Bardem was quite a force to be reckoned with in the Coen Brothers' flick. As for Mortensen, films like Appaloosa and Hidalgo prove that he would have no problem saddling up for this major production. This role will be quite the undertaking for any actor who signs on since the adaptation includes three films and at least one season of television (the second season of television between the proposed second and third films is a prequel story, so a different younger actor could easily step into that role instead). These two are pretty great choices for Roland Deschain in my opinion, but let's not get too excited until we hear something official. Who would you like to see as Roland Deschain?

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Hm....Viggo could do it justice. Not sure about Javier, he's not who I've imagined as Roland.

Sabes on Dec 31, 2010


^ yeah but he is about 10 - 12 years younger than Viggo who is in his early 50's does he want to commit to a movie and tv series in his 50's?

nelson on Dec 31, 2010


i think viggo would be a better pick because he is older, more hardened.

Jesus on Dec 31, 2010


I think Javier would be a good choice, only if he can lose the accent completely. He has a very thick spanish accent, so I don't know if that would be possible. I think he could definitely have the look though.

joseph on Dec 31, 2010


Seeing as Roland is strongly inspired by Clint Eastwood, I would say Viggo is the better choice. He looks more weathered, rugged and has a slim-hipped physique. Plus, what about Roland's often mentioned "cold, blue shooter eyes"? I imagine having to CG Javier's eyes would look a little weird when they already come naturally with Viggo. As much as I like Javier, he's a great actor, I wouldn't even have considered him an option. >.>

SuicidalOptimist on Dec 31, 2010



A5J4DX on Dec 31, 2010


Hugh Jackman. Since the days of Clint Eastwood, the only other guy who I can see pulling off the image of the "Man with no name", the lone gunman look, is Hugh Jackman. When I was watching Australia, I kept seeing Clint Eastwood's character in him. I'm not sure if he is in the short list of actors for this. If he isn't they sure would smart to add him.

Andy on Dec 31, 2010


I can't say I like either choice too much. Viggo seems a bit to "soft" for me. His face just seems too "kind," I don't know if that makes sense or not. I just don't see him being deadpan enough. Javier on the other hand is nothing like what one would visualize Roland as, nor do I think he is vocally the actor for it. Here's an idea, and think about it - imagine him in a duster and hat, pair of guns: Ed Harris. I know he isn't know for this type of stuff, but he has the look, the delivery, he's old enough to look the part but young enough to manage the workload. He'd be my pick.

Michael Fienen on Dec 31, 2010


#8 No need to imagine that. Ed Harris was in Appaloosa with Mortensen, and, as you implied, he had an amazing cowboy look. Now, again with the age, of course. Like others mentioned in regards to Mortensen, would either of these actors wanna commit to a mammoth project like this at this time in their lives? I guess we'll see. As for Hugh He's definitely "too pretty" and has too much...swagger to be Roland, imo. Even though Mortensen would for sure be this fangirl's dream choice, if they can find someone unknown who fits the bill, I'd be more than happy to accept them.

SuicidalOptimist on Dec 31, 2010


Javier is more intimidating

nelson on Dec 31, 2010


I think William Fichtner is the best choice for Roland, he's got that tall, gaunt look and his eyes are like, icy blue. They might have to old him up justa little bit but whatever. I think that mofo's got the look.

Da Man on Dec 31, 2010


javier all the way or Daniel day Lewis

Loser on Dec 31, 2010


I don't think Bardem could do him justice. Viggo on the other hand, yes.

germs on Dec 31, 2010


Viggo all the way!

Xerxex on Dec 31, 2010


@Loser - I think Daniel Day Lewis would be an awesome choice, and is the only name mentioned so far that I could see pulling off this role (besides a younger Clint Eastwood) while staying true to the books. Javier Bardem can certainly pull off the intimidating presence, but is definitely a different look. I haven't seen him play a character like this, so it will be interesting to see how he does, and what he does with his accent if he gets the part.

Vet4Peace on Dec 31, 2010


Viggo hands down. Ka beckons him.

Mr. Sifuentes on Dec 31, 2010


I dont know the source material, but any role with these 2 attached to it is worth looking out for.

Cody w on Dec 31, 2010


@11 yes yes yes.

jewsus on Dec 31, 2010


Also, don't really know the source material, but I plan on picking them all up in the next week or so...Based on what I know, though...Daniel Day Lewis or Guy Pearce.

Full_Conspiracy on Dec 31, 2010


NO NO NO...I got it...for sure...cant miss on this one....WILL SMITH as Roland, Jada as the whore in the wheelchair & Jaden as the abomination that she gives birth to from her mating with the demon....mega blockbuster cast......will make enough money to cancel the national debt....

cheezNcrack on Dec 31, 2010


#11 Dude...that's a very, very good call.

SuicidalOptimist on Dec 31, 2010


I liked Vigo in "Lord of the Rings" but ever since "A History of Violence" I can't take him seriously. Roland Deschaine is the hardest of all hardcore western characters on a quest to save not just one universe but all of them. Period. Hugo's eyes are too soft for a man carrying that kind of burden. Although Javier doesn't look like I imagined Roland to be, he has the depth and the skill to pull it off. Besides, after No Country for Old Men I just wouldn't @#$ with him. THAT'S Roland Deschaine.

Neonfrog on Dec 31, 2010


When I read the books I always had Clint Eastwood in my head. Both Bardem, and Mortensen would be good, but I think Mortensen would be closer to King's character.

nosaj311 on Dec 31, 2010


How about Timothy Olyphant I've always thought he's extremely undervalued in Hollywood. Go wacth Deadwood and tell me he couldn't nail this character. Anyway that won't happen so I'll keep my fingers crossed that Viggo lands the part.

CLAW on Dec 31, 2010


I'd heard they were considering Christian Bale for this too. Guy can pull off a brooding Bruce Wayne perfectly. But,yeah too many franchises on his hands already.

ICEMAN on Jan 1, 2011


javier could do it. i like viggo but im kinda sick of him. daniel day lewis could definitely do it. he could do anything. but since theres no chance of that, javier. i havent even read the books!

GerggTown on Jan 1, 2011


I think Viggo could definitely pull it off (why isn't anyone mentioning Eastern Promises?!), but Josh Holloway (Sawyer from Lost) is always who I pictured. Javier doesn't match the description, and William Fichtner?! Are you joking? Tell me you're joking. Bale is getting kind of played out for my taste, and Hugh Jackman would want to turn it into a musical.

MrWalter on Jan 1, 2011


I don't see Daniel Day Lewis either. He doesn't strike me as a gunslinger type. Gangs of New York and There Will Be Blood still don't convince me he's a good choice. I've thought about Kurt Russell or Mel Gibson too, but quickly dismissed those as well.

MrWalter on Jan 1, 2011


Also, Ed Harris is terrifying. He could be a villain. Perhaps one of the Wolves, or The Coffin Hunters. He's took villainous to play Roland, even though that could be an interesting casting mechanic. Still, Viggo or Josh Holloway are my top 2.

MrWalter on Jan 1, 2011


Bardem is a fine actor, but I couldn't see him as Roland. Viggo would be perfect, but the one problem is his age. He doesn't look too old to play Roland right now, but this is a franchise that, if successful, will be going for quite some time. How is Viggo going to look in 10 years?

Craig on Jan 1, 2011


I would prefer an unknown. I cant see either of them as Roland at all.

Johnny Heartless on Jan 2, 2011


Bardem is an extremely bizarre choice. I could see Vigo in the role, even though I feel he's a little too recognizable. I'd rather have a near unknown in the role personally.

YK on Jan 2, 2011


Might not be the most popular pick, but Daniel Craig fits the persona to a T IMO. Eastwood obviously if he were younger, but Craig has the look, demeanor, and piercing blue eyes, that in several movies (Road to Perdition, Munich, Casino Royal, and Defiance) really conveyed the feel that he is not to f*cked with. I'd love to see Craig in this role or Day-Lewis as mentioned above.

quazzimotto on Jan 2, 2011


Viggo for sure.

fancypants on Jan 2, 2011


Daniel Craig it would be great. But looking at the recent comic books of Dark Tower I think Karl Urban fits with Roland. A bit too young but it would be helpfull in case of a prequel. And its easy to get him older then Viggo gone younger. Bardem it really doesnt come to my mind in this...

moonscar on Jan 2, 2011


Bardem is such a great actor and could totally pull it off well. However, as a hardcore fan of this series I have to say that I would have a problem accepting his accent, and I don’t know if he has the right build for the character. Obviously everyone thinks of Eastwood first, but he’s too old. Ed Harris is a very good suggestion, but for some reason just does not sit right with me. He has the voice for it, but his lack of hair just throws me. He would be great as one of the Big Coffin Hunters! I think Daniel Craig sounds good too, but he also has that accent. However, I would pick him over Bardem I think. Someone who I always pictured as Eddie Dean, but could now with time maybe think of as Roland is Robert Patrick. I think Viggo would be great as Eddie Dean, but I think I could probably accept him as Roland. William Fichtner, I would have to say maybe. He’s a good actor, but I just don’t see it, and Hugh Jackman definitely not! Timothy Olyphant would make a great Eddie Dean but he is too young for Roland. My suggestion for The Man in Black is hands down Willem Dafoe, and Rosario Dawson for Sussanah, with Kodi Smit- Mcphee (The kid from The Road) as Jake. My thought for Roland would be to find a good character actor like Michale Wincott, James Remar (Harry on Dexter), Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Mark Strong, or Clancy Brown. The important thing to keep in mind is that Roland can be a real dick, and you need someone who can do that and still be likeable.

Eric on Jan 3, 2011


I could see Viggo but I can't see him agreeing to a stupid TV series. blargh. Stephen Moyer would be a great choice for Roland. He looks like a young dark haired Clint Eastwood and can bring the voice.

harm on Jan 3, 2011


its guy pearce. it has to be guy pearce. watch the proposition and tell me i'm wrong.

pyang on Jan 3, 2011

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