Jet Li Cast in Kung Fu Epic Titled 'Flying Swords of Dragon Gate'

October 15, 2010

Jet Li

Oh boy, here we go again. Even though he once said, years ago while making Fearless, that he'd never star in a martial arts epic again, the Associated Press (via MarketSaw) reports that Jet Li has been cast in exactly that - a "new 3-D kung fu epic" title Flying Swords of Dragon Gate. It's being directed by veteran Kong Kong filmmaker Tsui Hark (The Blade, Once Upon a Time in China III & V + TV Series, Seven Swords, All About Women ) and will also star China's Zhou Xun and Chen Kun, Taiwan's Kwai Lun-mei and Mavis Fan. It has a modest budget of around $35 million and is being planned for release in December 2011. Read on!

Flying Swords of Dragon Gate's story is apparently inspired by Tsui's 1992 martial arts film Dragon Inn, which revolves around a face-off between the imperial agents and a warrior couple at a desert inn. Shooting has already begun in China. So they've worked together before, and maybe Tsui convinced him to shoot this? Or maybe he's returning because he loves doing it, who cares, Jet Li is awesome, and it'll be great to see him starring in another new martial arts epic. Although if you saw The Expendables, he is getting just a little bit old nowadays. Anyway, even if you don't like Jet Li returning again, apparently this freight train has already started running, and there's no stopping it. We'll let you know when we hear more about this! Thoughts?

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seriously? fuck 3d

Colt on Oct 15, 2010


Yay, Jet Li!!!

tivdatsun on Oct 15, 2010


Cool. I like Jet Li. He'll be in his element in this. Well Alex, Li did mention that he'd never star in a martial arts epic after, "Fearless". Having said that, a man's gotta eat and pay the bills! 🙂

Spider on Oct 15, 2010


Modest Budget of $35 million? That's blockbuster budget for non-US/UK movies.

Akirakorn on Oct 15, 2010


Hark Tsui directed the first Wong Fei Hung from 1991, and also some sequels.

Bo on Oct 16, 2010


Cool. I am a complete sucker for good martial arts films, and Jet Li always delivers.

Cracky on Oct 16, 2010


its nice and okay

tkellymopez on Oct 16, 2010


U could watch this kind of movies every day of my life. And Li is fantastic. He is a really good actor.

Ambient on Oct 16, 2010


hahaha you said a modest budget, a 35 million dollar budget is a TON of money for a Hong Kong film. Red Cliff was the most expensive HK movie ever and that cost 80 million. Do ya homewerk sonny.

LINKFX on Oct 16, 2010


The day Jet Li said he would never do another Epic Martial Arts film was a very sad day for me, he is my second favorite MA actor under Bruce Lee and his epics are so wonderful. So it is very nice to see him going back on his word!

Jacob Crim on Oct 16, 2010


Hey Alix whats with "...veteran 'Kong Kong' filmmaker...", was it copy and paste job lol? Anyway this sounds top notch with 3D first time for Jet. This would be a hell of a movie, EPIC!

Fearl3ss on Oct 17, 2010


Lol @ Kong Kong

LINKFX on Oct 17, 2010


Due to the 3D crews are mostly Westerners, the actors must hone their English to communicate. This remake has been on Tsui Hark's list of projects for quite awhile. For those fans of wuxia genre, you must watch the original 1966 version to appreciate the story line.

My Wuxia on Oct 17, 2010


@ My Wuxia, Oh yeah? Is the first one good enough to check out?

LINKFX on Oct 17, 2010


hey, Alex, you are mistaken. Please, correct this. Jet Li never said that he will never play in martial arts epic - new Tsui Hark movie is a wuxia like Hero for example. Jet Li said that he will never play in movie about martial arts - Fearless was about real wushu master and Once upon time in china as well, so he meant that he is done with such martial arts movies. Hope you correct this.

JediAdam on Oct 17, 2010


@ Linkfx, King Hu's original 1966 version is a must watch. It's along the line with another classic One Armed Swordsman which incidentally is being remade the same time with Flying Swords of Dragon Gate.

My Wuxia on Oct 17, 2010


look forward to Jet getting back to his bread and butter. Dragon Inn - 1967, 1992 (the barbarian butchers fight with Donnie Yen is hysterical). One Armed Swordsman has a few sequels and remakes already. my favorite is - The Blade (1995) also check out Zatoichi Meets the One Armed Swordsman (1971).

Karl on Oct 17, 2010


Alex, PLEASE don't continue to propagate the misconception that Jet Li "said he'd never do another martial arts epic". Westerners tend to think all action films in Chinese/set in China/starring Chinese actors are "martial arts" but it's much more nuanced than that. What Li actually said was that he's never do another "wushu" epic. This is a sub-genre of films which explore the historical characters and development of the philosophy and practice of wushu (think of "Fearless" about Huo Yuan Jia, the "Once Upon a Time in China" series about Wong Fei Hung, or "The Legend" about Fong Sai Yuk). These are the films he said he's no longer going to make because he thinks he has said enough about that genre. Thankfully, he is still going to make action films that have martial arts style combat scenes. That is not what is known as a wushu film.

Spinny on Oct 22, 2010


hell, It's nice hear about Jet li's return to Kungfu epic. Recently he frustrated us in 'the expendables' with his insignificant and unimportant role( which could have been played by any other ordinary actor !); as he was totally sidelined and low-casted. but hope his new movie will help him regain some of his lost image as martial arts legend.

bajra doley on Nov 27, 2010


Jet li the best thing that happened to martial arts films besides Jackie chan, Donnie yen and the Late Bruce Lee, but its great to hear Jet Li will be returning to big screen, imma fan of jet li and will support him in any manner

LiL bobby on Dec 19, 2010


Jet Li is the best martial arts fighter we have & a darn good actor too.

cats.509 on Dec 30, 2010


hey man good j):

fares on Apr 17, 2011


jet li is the best martial art all ur movies i love it like jacky chan

Elizabeth Velasquez on Feb 14, 2012

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