Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet and More Joining 'God of Carnage'

September 23, 2010

Foster / Winslet

Back in July, we found out that Roman Polanski was free from Swiss justice and extradition to the United States which meant he would be working harder than ever to prepare his adaptation of Yasmina Reza’s dark comedy stage play God of Carnage to shoot next year. He'd already been working on the film whilst under house arrest, and it looks like all the hard work paid off as Deadline reports quite a cast coming together for the film. Jodie Foster and Kate Winslet will play the wives and Matt Dillon and Christoph Waltz their husbands in the story of two sets of parents brought together by an altercation between their children.

The meeting  of the families goes disastrously wrong as each pair attacks the other’s parenting skills before turning on each other about problems in their own marriages. I have to admit that it's slightly disappointing that Polanski didn't round up the 2009 Broadway cast which included James Gandolfini, Marcia Gay Harden, Hope Davis and Jeff Daniels. However, this new cast is certainly full of amazing replacements (though it seems like Dillon is a little out of his league with this one). The film is set in Brooklyn, but Polanski's outstanding legal business with the U.S. will stop him from actually shooting there, so somehow France will have to suffice. No word on exactly when he'll start shooting, but I know that I'm certainly interested. How about you?

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What an exciting group of actors. I am more than curious for this one... though, Jeff Daniels and James Gandolfini would have been REALLY great. And I'll just say, that I am a big Polanski fan-- legal problems or not.

Cracky on Sep 23, 2010


I love Foster and Winslet they will help me to look past polanski.

Xerxex on Sep 23, 2010


I'm wondering if he'll film this as the play was - all in one room - or if he'll dramatize it for the screen by making it take place in different locations. Half of the reason the play was so dramatic was that you didn't see the outside events that shaped what happened when the two groups of parents finally met. I'm rather excited for this group of actors, although I agree getting the original Broadway cast would have been phenomenal.

Emma on Sep 23, 2010


i saw the play twice with original cast! Davis and Harden were brilliant! But Winslet and Foster are among my top actors so i cant wait non the less! Its going to be interesting to see how they do the Brooklyn thing. I loved the line "O you can see the B train from your window"

D on Sep 23, 2010


Won't be seeing it. I won't see a movie directed by a child rapist who escapes punishment by fleeing to other countries. Everyone involved in this movie should be ashamed of themselves for saying what Polanski did was perfectly acceptable by working with him.

Jeep Fu on Sep 23, 2010


i understand your feelings #5 - and i support what you are saying. however - if the guy puts out a movie - go see it.......watching it doesn't do anything to keep him OUT of prison. hey, if they throw him in jail - i'd say he deserves it and be glad he got what was coming to him.........but not seeing his movies now doesn't do anything but keep you from possibly seeing a good film. ethan - i like matt dillon and think he'll do a good job with this..........and after seeing kate winsletts wonderful performance (along with dicaprio) in revolutionary road - i can't wait to see her play another "wife with issues" role.

beavis on Sep 23, 2010


@#6 who cares if the movie is good or not people have a right not to support a child rapist. anyway i wonder if these actors will bring their children around on set since they working with him

tazz on Sep 23, 2010


This cast is downright amazing, Dillion is vastly underrated, and Waltz is just an incredible actor. Paired with the star talent of Foster and Winslet this is gonna be good. I'll try to set aside my personel feelings towards Polanski (He'll get his, the wolves will tear him limb from limb) and go see the film soley for the cast, and the screenwriter.

Xerxex on Sep 23, 2010


This will be the first film Jodie Foster is in that I will in good conscience NOT SEE! Has she lost her mind? First, standing by Mel Gibson's hate-filled tirades and now cozzying up with the self-centered escaped child-rapist! Oh, go see the film "solely for the cast and the screenwriter"??? "Look past Polanski's "legal problems" (it's rape charged). Oh, BS! Does anyone have any scruples anymore! For crying out loud people THINK about what you are actually supporting!

deek on Sep 23, 2010


deek firstly if Polanski was to be lit on fire I'd toast marshmellows, the guy is nothing to...he is a sick fuck who deserves massive amounts of pain. I support only the actors and the screenwriter not the director. secondly well I got nothing...I'll repeat, polanski is go jump in a volcano.

Xerxex on Sep 23, 2010


Well these 2 actresses lost all of my respect for working with a child rapist. I can't believe, as women, they would do that.

JTMoney on Sep 24, 2010


@Xerxex Say what you want about "supporting the cast", but when you go see that movie you will be supporting and justifying Roman Polanski. The asshole should be in prison, not making films that generate him fame and revenue. Every dollar he gains from you going to see it helps him stay out of jail.

JTMoney on Sep 24, 2010


For all I care JTMoney polanski can develope brain cancer and die...I'm seeing the film, but not in theaters...probably gonna stream in of the internet.

Xerxex on Sep 24, 2010


Americans should take a better look at American celebrities. Whenever something happens to American stars like Michael Jackson we may not even use the word pedophile , although i'm pretty certain that he was the worst of all American celebrities. But people look the other way , don't wanna know it. If it's a European celebrity , Americans would love to see justice done. You can't have it both ways. Roman Polanski will go on working with all the biggest names , Jodie Foster and Kate Winslet. Every other big name can be next. The murdered Sharon Tate (Roman Polanski's wife) is hurt by the way American people treat her husband. After all , Roman Polanski was Sharon Tate's husband when she got murdered by The Manson Family. And if that never happened , how can you tell that there was going to be a rape-case some eight years later ? Forgiveness is something that American people aren't very good at.

Don Heckers on Oct 23, 2010


Don Heckers --You can't mention Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, R. Kelly, Woody Allen, or Michael Vic (All Americans) without their rapes/incest/murders/animal abuses being mentioned, and them sliced and diced. It is anybody's right to forgive, but it's nobody's right to avoid punishment for breaking the law. Forgiveness is a personal choice for individuals to make, punishment is established in order to keep people from taking advantage of others.

J on Nov 26, 2010

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