Johnny Depp & Gore Verbinski Reuniting for The Lone Ranger

September 27, 2010
Source: Deadline

Lone Ranger & Tonto

After collaborating on one of the biggest film franchises of the decade on Pirates of the Caribbean, director Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp are already working on another collaboration. Deadline reports the duo will reunite for a big screen version of The Lone Ranger, an adaptation of the classic radio and TV program which followed a masked Texas Ranger, his Native American sidekick Tonto and their dangerous adventures in the Old West. You might be assuming that Depp would be taking the title role in this new take on the masked hero from Disney and Bruckheimer, but he'll actually be playing Tonto. Hi-ho Silver, away!

No word on who will end up playing The Lone Ranger himself, but personally I'd like to see someone like George Clooney step into the role. It's unclear how soon this project would get off the ground, especially since Depp has more than a few different projects waiting in the wings, but Verbinski still doesn't have a project to follow-up the completion of his first forthcoming animated venture Rango. Interestingly enough, The Lone Ranger shares a link The Green Hornet, another hero from radio and television getting his own big screen adaptation in January. Apparently Britt Reid (the main character from The Green Hornet) is actually the nephew of The Lone Ranger. How about them apples?

Mike Newell (Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, Prince of Persia) was once set to direct this movie years ago and Clooney had actually been mentioned as a contender to play the Lone Ranger back in 2008, so this has been gestating for some time. It's always hard to get a western off the ground, but the recognizable name along with Verbinski and Depp's talents should help in marketing it to audiences. The question is whether the younger demographics will care about a classic hero like The Lone Ranger in this computer technology crazed day and age. Anyone out there interested in this Verbinski directed Lone Ranger movie?

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Haven't this been in development for a couple of years now? None of this is breaking news. Anyway I'm thinking Jeremy Renner for The Lone Ranger?

4k4k on Sep 27, 2010


I actually assumed Depp would be Tonto when I first started reading this, considering his heritage and desire to play non-conformist roles (by Hollywood standards). I think Clooney is a good idea, fits well with Depp age-wise and has the comedic chops to pull of a screwball love-hate friendship, like Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law in Holmes, which is probably what they're pitching.

Akirakorn on Sep 27, 2010


awesome, and before anyone blows there top. Johnny Depp is half Cherokee *other half is German* so he fits the part better than you think....

Jericho on Sep 27, 2010



Cracky on Sep 27, 2010


If you look at the mannerisms of the original Lone Ranger.. I have a hard time seeing Clooney in the role. Clearly it will be updated but the original actor just seemed so virtuous and proper. Giving him more edge or a comedic side, like Clooney might do, just doesn't seem right. I'm sure they will find an outstanding actor because he'll have to be beside Depp, or it will be 'Tonto... and the Lone Ranger' instead of the other way around. All this being said I think Clooney can pull off the mannerisms and the virtuousness of the original. Will they want to go that way? Who knows. If they don't, it may be just another generic western with a historical Hollywood identity attached. Bummer. Tread carefully Gore, I know your reading these posts..

mike on Sep 27, 2010


Depp is no dummy, the Tonto character has always been the more interesting of the duo and his star power will see Tonto be an equal to the Lone Ranger instead of the sidekick as he has always been portrayed.

Hattori Hanzo on Sep 28, 2010


Personally I would love to see Nathan Fillian as the Lone Ranger. He has the comedic chops but can also pull off any dramatic story arcs the film has to offer.

Maxx on Sep 28, 2010


I've been excited about this since I read about this on Jerry Bruckheimer's Wikipedia page a couple years ago. Anxious to see who they get to be the Ranger.

jjboldt on Sep 28, 2010


Ryan Reynolds perhaps? After Buried, he has dramatic, action and comedic credibility and enough screen presence to stop it being the Tonto show.

cinemabandit on Sep 28, 2010


I'd vote for either Brad Pitt or Hugh Jackman for the Lone Ranger.

jah p on Sep 28, 2010


Nothing against anybodies choices of who should play the Lone Ranger, but in my opinion the Lone Ranger is everything Superman is but without the super powers. Could they be... the same person?? None of these actors suggested can pull off that role. You guys have to watch the actual series. If 99.0% of the audience has never seen the original it doesn't make much of a difference. Like I said in my recent post, if he doesn't play the original character it's just another cookie-cutter western.

mike on Sep 28, 2010


I choose Brad Pitt, he has western cowboy look and he was famed as Johnny Depp.

Royal06 on Sep 28, 2010


Boy, when Depp sells out he goes all the way. I miss the old Depp, the one who cracked the studio system with "Pirates" but still devoted most of his energies to more eclectic fare. But I will admit kids today can't get enough of "The Lone Ranger."

Christian Toto on Sep 28, 2010



DaftPUNKFAN on Oct 1, 2010


How about Matt Damon or Billy Crudup as the Lone Ranger?

D. McDade on Oct 11, 2010


Hugh Jackman to be in it with Johnny Depp my dream :O !!!!!!

Shauna on Dec 12, 2010

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