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February 24, 2010

Flynn Lives Zero Hour

Today is the day. The binary countdown clock on the Flynn Lives Zero Hour viral website for Tron Legacy has just expired at 8AM PST and some kind of game is getting ready to launch in the 25 cities listed. The site was first discovered last week when physical bit pieces were sent out to numerous people around the world. Now it's time to get under way as a brand new page with all kinds of new details and a huge grid containing 66 code boxes has appeared on the Zero Hour site. Some cities have an address and additional info listed, but not all seem to be available at the moment. Get ready to join the search for Kevin Flynn. Updates below!

I've added a screenshot for the big new grid on the Zero Hour site below. We're not sure how to get codes or who the "Field Operatives" are beneath all this, but I'm excited to find out more. The actual website has been updated and if you want to get involved in this I suggest you sign-up right now on the site.

Flynn Lives Zero Hour

To get an idea of what's going on, I checked out Chicago's info and it's basically just a sheet with an address (for Union Station) that says: "You have entered the Challenging Stage, find the gamer in the Flynn Lives t-shirt." It also says the password is "Easter Egg." So it looks like you'll have to be the first person at each address, say the password to the gamer somewhere in that area, and get whatever he gives, like a code, which you can put on the website to unlock something eventually. The only problem is that we need 66 of these, so it's going to be quite a challenge (and time consuming) to get all of them, but we'll do our best!

We're already setup and ready to participate in this in Los Angeles as it goes down, whenever that may be today, so stay tuned for updates via Twitter while we're on the road and a big update on everything that took place once it wraps up. You can also talk strategy and more in the comments below as we'll be doing our best to keep this same post updated with new info as it's discovered online. End of line. Flynn Lives!

Update (9:56AM PST): First report coming in from someone who picked up the package from Boston. The user is @Avatrix on Twitter, said they got "a phone and a drop (wallet w/ Tron cards, Flynn arcade tokens, codes and newspaper articles)" and called the number for verification. So it sounds like if you get there first you get to pick up a phone and some sweet Tron Legacy / Flynn Lives swag to go along with it. Waiting for photos to be posted and more information from other people. There is also a new photo being revealed on the grid on the main Zero Hour site (as seen above). That looks like it might be a new poster.

Tron Legacy Zero Hour Viral

Update (11:27AM PST): We've started collecting a few reports from those who have picked up packages from some of the cities that are open so far. One report comes from Miss Selector in the comments, who picked up the package in Paris, France. She received a phone and had to call an agent who then gave them directions to another location to find the wallet (seen directly above) which had a few pieces of Kevin Flynn news articles, vintage 1981 collectible Tron cards (with the code on them), and Flynn's Arcade tokens. You can see another video of a pick-up here. Looks like it's a quick and simple first come, first serve pick up.

But we're not really sure what all this means yet. We know that the grid is revealing a photo (a new poster?) on the Zero Hour site every time a pick-up is made in one of the cities. And we know people are getting cell phones. But what happens after that? Is there more to this? Hopefully we'll know more soon so stay tuned!

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stoped by union station and saw no one, guess i missed him

Donald on Feb 24, 2010


No operative found in San Diego either. What gives?

Stu on Feb 24, 2010


#1 - It says Chicago was already collected, you must've just missed it. Damn that was quick! #2 - I think we have to wait until the rest of the cities light up throughout the day?

Alex Billington on Feb 24, 2010


There are now check marks next to Paris and Chicago. Still need someone to go to Orlando, any volunteers? Atlanta, Boston, and Madrid have just popped up.

IKE on Feb 24, 2010


It looks like every hour 3 more sites become active...too bad you couldn't figure out what the PDF file names are for each of the upcoming sites, get a head start to the location.

IKE on Feb 24, 2010


Yeah, this is just like the Dark Knight viral marketing campaign that I took part in. Each hour (it seems) and new set of cities light up with the PDF of the address to meet at. It seems to be semi-random locations. I guess to avoid the problems they had with one of the Batman virals (you had to go to bowling alleys and people figured it out way ahead of time which one - because really, how many bowling alleys are around anymore). I live in San Diego, but can't get away when the address is eventually revealed. So, I will have to be an observer this time. Drat!!

Justin on Feb 24, 2010


Read on a site that each location is near an arcade and an IMAX. Only one spot like that in Phoenix, so I'm pretty sure where I need to go

Rorschach90 on Feb 24, 2010


^ I just checked some of them and one was a pizza place, one was a bowling alley, I don't think they're all arcades... Not sure though? Waiting to hear more!

Alex Billington on Feb 24, 2010


Okay, for the LA peoples out there… What locations are you thinking of? Definitely the more respected arcades: Santa Monica Pier, Japan Arcade…? This link might help:

blink on Feb 24, 2010


8 Mott street in New York is technically where an old arcade exist,but they are not listed (i googled it), but Lakeland is not Orlando, by the way. This sucks for those of us with real jobs and can't get away. My guess is everyone who gets whatever they are supposed to get is going to receive passes for the trailer in Imax 3d.

jeffrey on Feb 24, 2010


By the way(according to my I.T. guy)some of the games have Herpes so be careful!

jeffrey on Feb 24, 2010


was there at union station today, and saw the guy in the tshirt twice before i recognized him in the tiny train station arcade playing galaga, by the time i had it was five minutes late. killer! but i did find the guy who got the phone while he was searching for the wallet with the flynn lives camera crew (aka one guy named clayton) so excited to see that chicago unlocked our picture but am pretty bummed i didn't get to be the one turning the key. any news on the next step of this game?

karl on Feb 24, 2010


Hello! I am the Paris field operative! Check out what happened here (french and english text). Enjoy!

Aurore aka Miss Selector on Feb 24, 2010


@ blink. I'm not sure about where in LA. I see there is TWO LA locations, so I'm hoping one will be in the OC. I'm here in Huntington Beach ready to take off if it's close enough. I have another person in Fullerton ready to go also. It looks like like some of the locations are a little more random. Not all seem to be at or near an arcade. So I'll just sit tight here and hope for it to be close (enough). Good luck everyone in LA!

REVNU on Feb 24, 2010


There go Washington, Raleigh, and Phildelphia.

DuirMan on Feb 24, 2010


Great write up Aurore! This is shaping up to be a great Viral. Let's hope they kick it up another notch!

REVNU on Feb 24, 2010


Seriously? The Orlando spot was in Lakeland? That's over an hour away? WTF? I have friends that have been waiting in various places in Orlando all morning. That sucks!

Scotty97 on Feb 24, 2010


Los Angeles, Nashville, & Portland are now live.

REVNU on Feb 24, 2010


First Los Angeles Location posted - Location: NoHo Scooters at 5144 Vineland Ave. in North Hollywood. Good Luck!

Kevin on Feb 24, 2010


Los Angeles, Nashville & Portland are now live. The LA location is way too far for me.

REVNU on Feb 24, 2010


Who wants to go to Madrid?

Joe Ho on Feb 24, 2010


I'll go to Madrid if you buy! I need to go visit the motherland anyway.

REVNU on Feb 24, 2010


I got the LA #1 phone and wallet woot! Will writing about it once the rest are revealed. Same stuff as everyone else received, just waiting for more cities to finish.

Alex Billington on Feb 24, 2010



Joe Ho on Feb 24, 2010


Way to fail Madrid.

REVNU on Feb 24, 2010


I have a feeling that what's happening with all of this is places are being weeded out. Since no one responded in Madrid future viral events most likely won't occur there. I hope there's more, and I hope they make it accessible to those no where near any of the major cities in some way, though watching all of this happen has been ridiculously exciting. Long Live Kevin Flynn!

Joe Ho on Feb 24, 2010


Where does the info for the sites go live, or is it right on the zero hour page? I can't find it anywhere!

Keith on Feb 24, 2010


edit: info for the LOCATIONS, as in Seattle, Sydney and the rest that have yet to be announced?

Keith on Feb 24, 2010


NM, just them come up on Zero Hour.

Keith on Feb 24, 2010


black box, can't see the address, just the clue and password. anyone else have this problem?

Josh on Feb 24, 2010


Alex what is going on? I'm at Madrid and saw this on the site UPDATE The contact in Madrid has left the building. Materials and codes have been re-distributed to other locations. I guess Madrid is out 🙁

bltzie on Feb 24, 2010


FUNNY STORY: I just called Crif Dogs (118 st marks) the second spot on the New York scavenger hunt and the guy was a total dick. I asked him if he could snag up some swag for me (I of course offered him 20 bucks) and he wasn't down at all. In fact he saw the commotion outside his store and thought I was in on it. He said I don't want people filming in front of my store (allow me to remind you guys again it was a glorified hot dog stand called Crif Dogs) anyway he hung up on me just before he said he was going to go out and tell them they had to leave. This guy sounded about twelve and was a complete douche to me. I'm thinking with this economic climate he should be happy with whatever sort of publicity he can find. Anyway thought you guys would like to know, and you know what the sad part about this is, he's probably going to be the first in line for this movie. What a douche!!!! If you're ever in NY and passed this place go tell that guy to go fuck himself!! Alex please be cool and let this post ride out for at least a day before taking it down. You and I both know we are fans of TRON,but this had to be said! I can picture this guy right know hassling the shit out of the fans.

jeffrey on Feb 24, 2010


Everything looks fine on my end. --- SEATTLE 4505 UNIVERSITY WAY NE SEATTLE, WA 98105 2/24 - 3:00 P.M. PST ---

REVNU on Feb 24, 2010


I thought I'd also mention that I asked him if he had seen the movie TRON and he said yes.

jeffrey on Feb 24, 2010


sooo if a city has a check by it then its to late and someone already got there?

DoomCanoe on Feb 24, 2010


Correct DoomCanoe. That means those locations are no longer in operation.

REVNU on Feb 24, 2010


The LA location is too far. damnit.

Keith on Feb 24, 2010


can someone post the LA 2 info?

Josh on Feb 24, 2010



Joe Ho on Feb 24, 2010


where's LA 2?? can't see it on my comp

Josh on Feb 24, 2010


Pit Cell is now open! Click on the YES Bit at the bottom of the poster.

REVNU on Feb 24, 2010


Dang... another one that I'd have to travel a minimum of 8 hours to get to. Someone from this site better get to go to Pit Cell so I can live vicariously through them.

Joe Ho on Feb 24, 2010

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