Jon Favreau Tells Marvel Studios He Will Not Direct Iron Man 3!

December 14, 2010
Source: Vulture

Jon Favreau on Iron Man 2

Though we just heard from the director about some vague plans for the already anticipated Iron Man 3, it looks like that talk may have been only as a producer this time. Vulture reports that Jon Favreau informed Marvel Studios that he will not return to direct the next sequel in the franchise starring Robert Downey Jr. As disappointing as this news may be, it doesn't exactly come entirely out of nowhere considering rumblings a few months ago that difficult negotiations for Favreau's deal to direct Iron Man 2 likely ruined his working relationship with the studio to the point that he ended up missing out on directing The Avengers movie, too.

As of now there's no official reason for his departure from the franchise, but one source says the director may have been frustrated with Marvel's desire to stuff even more characters into the sequel following the debut of The Avengers. It's an understandable concern considering the fact many complaints about Iron Man 2 surrounded its crowded plot and preponderance of a link to The Avengers and the rest of the Marvel universe. On the other hand, another insider apparently sights the fact that Favreau may have made his asking price for his talents a little too high.

Either way, apparently Marvel started their search for a new director last night. However, it's not going to be simply knocking on doors of the big Hollywood hitters or even cheap, yet experienced directors looking for a big break because franchise star Robert Downey Jr. has director approval listed in his contract. And it's not like Downey is desperate for another Iron Man film so soon since he has a whole of slew of other projects at his disposal. Despite all the criticism of Iron Man 2, I gotta say, it's disappointing to see Favreau step away from the franchise if the news is true, but maybe it's for the best. But the question now is - who will replace him? Maybe Downey's Sherlock Holmes director Guy Ritchie could be up for the job? What do you think?

UPDATE: Deadline has since confirmed with insiders at Robert Downey Jr.'s camp that Jon Favreau is definitely not directing Iron Man 3. So let's start thinking about who can sit in the director's chair now that it's pretty much official.

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Guy Ritchie ? Why not? He's pretty good has a 'unique' take on things. Maybe Iron Man 3 could have 'The Ultimates' Iron Maiden (Black Widow as Tony Starks Love interest, given a Stark-Tech suit) sub storyline. That could add some spice to the mix.

Ultim8 on Dec 14, 2010



A5J4DX on Dec 14, 2010


after the world sees the avengers it likely wont care much for iron man 3. but i surely will miss the storys of tony stark if they just drop it and continue in a franchise were he doesnt have a massive role.

dave on Dec 14, 2010


It just seems like studio heads are petty teenagers that instead of working out the problem they just fire and find someone new.

Xerxex on Dec 14, 2010


Shane Black? He knows the action/comedy drama as good as anybody and even though he only has one directing project under his belt (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang), Iron Man 3 might be the right vehicle for him to re-enter the arena of directing. His experience with Downey, Jr. might prove useful as well...

Bee on Dec 14, 2010


Brett Ratner sure knows how to screw up the last film in a trilogy. Pick Him.

Skeeter on Dec 14, 2010


The question is, who can best capture the spirit and tone of the first two films in the franchise. I think the answer is Jon Favreau.

Al on Dec 14, 2010


First Iron man and the last Hulk are the only 2 good films they Marvel has made. Have a feeling Thor is going to be crap.

Fox on Dec 14, 2010


I hope Quentin Tarantino does it.

That Awesome Norwegian Dude on Dec 14, 2010


Finally....Favreau fucked up Iron Man whoever is gonna direct it....he will be much better choice.

dawko on Dec 14, 2010


Micheal Bay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin on Dec 14, 2010


Thank God! Favreau is totally overrated.

get to da choppa on Dec 14, 2010


iron man 2 wasnt his fault really,it was just based on to set up the whole avengers movie that marvel wanted,if he ever came back i think he would have done a pretty good job with iron man 3

Spider94 on Dec 14, 2010


i hate people always putting blame upon a studio.beside some unofficial hear-say,what proof do you have for that. i love the guy,but favreau has been known as a hit or miss guy.both actor and director.iron man was a hit,number 2 was a miss and it looks like cowboys and aliens will be his biggest hit so far... i blame justin,because script was poor,and it had way,way,way,way,way,way to much talking and very small amount of action,almost none,for a 200 mill $ movie(i dont buy that,maybe 160 mill) seeing how cowboys & aliens look like i would much rather see him directing a sequel to that,and iron man 3 should be handled by someone else. as for your opinion that they will hire a hack-favreau,branagh,johnston,whedon-i dont think so.they will hire someone cheap,but someone good.and dont worry downey will return,he has much more loyalty to marvel then favreau.he already bailed on him with cowboys & aliens,and avengers are directed by another guy...

kure on Dec 14, 2010


Iron man never has enough action for me , they need to up the Anti with this character.

ChrisC5g on Dec 14, 2010


Chris Nolan!!!!

Bob on Dec 14, 2010


Iron Man 2 was not as bad as Spider Man 3 or X-Men 3 but it was certainly not as good as the first. In comic book world #2 is supposed to be the best!

The Dude on Dec 14, 2010


I thought Favreau was the perfect director for this franchise, but I hope Peter Berg doesn't get it! I'd personally like to see Matthew Vaughn or the guy that did the Tron remake get a shot at it.

jah p on Dec 14, 2010


I think Kure works for a studio! Studios own the material so they have the most say or pull on most films so yes the biggest fish gets the blame! But please no, not Guy Richie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jimmy Love on Dec 14, 2010



tetsuo on Dec 14, 2010


If this was a comment that was made after Iron Man 1 in regards to Iron Man 2, I'd probably be in a fit of rage. But after the sequel turned out to be so mediocre, I'm actually cool with Marvel letting someone else direct the franchise.

SkaOreo on Dec 14, 2010


Neil Blomkamp for sure.

Jo Momma on Dec 14, 2010


david fincher. demon in a bottle

movie mike on Dec 14, 2010


SHANE BLACK!!!!!! Not only is he one of Hollywood's most beloved screenwriters, he practically gave Downey Jr. his chance at redemption in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. BLACK ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!!

PHILLIPE on Dec 14, 2010


Even Favreau knows that he can't recreate the success of the first film. He doesn't want to throw us two consecutive duds. I think the guy is awesome, but IM2 was just a waste of film and marketing dollars. The quintessential example of all hype and more hollywood.

BinYe on Dec 14, 2010


Totally agree with #5 and #24, Shane Black would be awesome for this, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is perfect proof of that. He could make IM3 rock even harder than Favreau's first two.

Jules on Dec 15, 2010


I'm with #22 Neil Blomkamp knows how to handle industrial metal / combat!

CHACK on Dec 15, 2010


Everyone who is saying Shane Black is SPOT ON! Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was a brilliant film with great visuals and performances - get him to direct & write and you will get a fantastic Iron Man movie. (and if not give him Deadpool!)

Sumit on Dec 15, 2010


Zack Snyder. And while they're in the recasting mood, can we exchange Gwyneth Paltrow for someone less annoying?

yeah but no but on Dec 15, 2010


@12 LOL, are you serious?

Duck on Dec 15, 2010


Wow first they ditch Ed Norton, and now this. The man made the best Marvel licensed movie ever. I guess we can just expect more mediocre shit in the future.

Alex T. on Dec 15, 2010


Sam Raimi!!!!!!

C.murder on Dec 15, 2010


Good. i thought Iron Man 2 was disappointing and the 1st one over-hyped. I'd love to see someone else take the reins and keep the series fresh and interesting.

Voice of Reason on Dec 15, 2010


How did I know someone was gonna throw Chris Nolan's name in there. Give it a rest. He's got his own franchise let him deal with that one. Iron Man 2 blew balls, we all know that. I don't blame Favreau, I just think it was a script that tried to add too much into a 2 hour movie. If they want to part ways that's fine. Marvel just needs to step back, see who is out there and pick someone who will best fit what they want to accomplish with the next movie. It's the 3rd movie in a series that always makes or breaks a franchise. At the end of the day you have to remember that all the Movie Execs and Studios don't really care about what's put out there as long as it makes money. They won't do what's best for the franchise in regards to film they will do what will make them the most $$$. All they will have to do is rely on name recognition and the first Iron Man. The way they see it, they already have your money, as long as it says Iron Man people are gonna go in droves to see it and there is nothing anyone can say that's gonna stop the retards from attending the theaters. That's Hollywood, That's how it's done.

the douche on Dec 15, 2010


Iron Man 2 has a lot of positives than negatives to recommend it. We all heard rumors how studios putting pressure on Favreau to do the movie their way. Iron Man 1 has a cleaner, focused storyline less sprawled out like No. 2. This overtly ambitious tie-in with the Avengers storyline gets in the way of a focused single-movie narrative. Also, I saw preview clips of THOR, not very promising. It would be fun to see the Wachowski Brothers take a crack at Iron Man mix of high technology & hero myth though the material is a little too right wing for them. Their next movie is an interracial gay romance that takes place during the Iraq War : ) As far as big budget action project, I like the workmanlike Len Wiseman, who did the UNDERWORLD movies. He can bring some visual style into the Iron Man movies. Gore Verbinski is another guy I would consider. Shane Black is better at writing than directing & I think Robert Downey is one those actors who could channel Shane's dark caustic wit. And as far as whiz bang action fun, they should consider the creative team behind Iron Giant or Pixar's Incredibles. These folks have imagination. OK, OK, the straight dope: The perfect guy to do Iron Man 3 : James Cameron. BOOM!

Hoya on Dec 15, 2010


Iron man 2 was good enough for me. Loved it! Hate favreau is gone.

judasbarron on Dec 15, 2010


Sign Joss Whedon today, all these "big name" contemporary directors would butcher the character and its history, James Cameron... i might as well re watch X-Men 3/Wolverine/Punisher/Ghost Rider for a glimpse of Iron Mans cinematic future.

Force Works on Dec 15, 2010


First Edward Norton now Jon Favreau... What is Marvel doing?!

MR-Verb on Dec 15, 2010


I loved both Iron Man movies. Being a Marvel fan, Iron Man 2 is EXACTLY the way Marvel Comics are. Marvel always references 'other comics' and 'other characters' in their comics as a way to 'sell' the comic reader to buy the other titles in order to keep up with the story. Non-Marvel comics readers do not understand 'what's coming' as far as story goes. Marvel isn't doing their 'little' stories. Marvel is doing their EPIC stories like Kree-Skrull, Hydra, and so on. I am NOT counting Fantastic Four, Spiderman, X-men, Ghost Rider, Punisher, Daredevil/Elektra or the other 'one off' films produced by the likes of Sony and Fox...they aren't actually 'in' the Marvel Universe and won't be until the rights revert to Marvel (if ever). As far as picking a director...I choose Martin Scorsese, hahahaha, might as well shoot for the moon.

dolphin lungecake on Dec 15, 2010


ok not me....i say some one like joss wheadon or even kevin smith both have experience in comics and film. marvel say they want to treat their films like the comics so why not use people that have done both and plus kevin smith has breathed life back into fading comic characters so I'm sure he could do the same in film.

tetsuo on Dec 15, 2010


Iron Man 2 was NOT Favreau's fault! The studio built it as a 90 minute commercial for The Avengers, which better live up to the hype or the Iron Man & Thor franchises won't stand a chance!! Not to mention that since they decided to re-boot Spiderman with the most popular comic in the world "The AMAZING Spiedrman" (which I have collected since I was 7) they better make that one have some magic and not that crap the AMS 3 was (Spiderman turned EM)? NOOOOOOOO!!).

Wlange4 on Apr 19, 2011

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