Josh Duhamel & Katherine Heigl's Life as We Know It Trailer

May 26, 2010
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Life as We Know It Trailer

Damn there are a whole bunch of new trailers this week! I guess the studios really want to make sure they had something to show in front of Sex and the City 2 this weekend! Anyway, Warner Bros has put out the trailer for a charming new comedy called Life as We Know It starring two great actors - Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl. I first saw this trailer at ShoWest and actually really liked it, surprisingly more than I thought I would. It starts out super cheesy then gets emotional and fun and becomes very entertaining in the end. I'm looking forward to seeing this in the fall, it might be one of those surprise gems - check it out!

Watch the official trailer for Greg Berlanti's Life as We Know It:

[flv: 598 256]

You can also watch the Life as We Know It trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Life as We Know It was directed by TV writer/producer Greg Berlanti, who was originally going to direct Green Lantern, but ended up taking on this project next. His previous work includes "Everwood", "Dirty Sexy Money", "Eli Stone", and "Brothers & Sisters" and he directed a 2000 film called The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy. The screenplay was co-written by Ian Deitchman (Border Line) and newcomer Kristin Rusk Robinson). Developed by Barry Josephson & Paul Brooks at Josephson Entertainment / Gold Circle Films. Warner Bros bringing Life as We Know It to theaters on October 8th this fall. Look okay?

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Is it me or does Josh Duhamel look exactly like Timothy Olyphant? This looks decent though and considering my daughter is 8 weeks old I can definitely relate.

peloquin on May 26, 2010


They did a good job making the look of the film a little grittier almost indi feeling. It was a good call considering the subject, made it feel more real and less cookie cutter film.

Guy on May 26, 2010


@ #1 & #2 Agreed!

John Doe on May 26, 2010


duhamel and heigl are "great actors"? lol.

xtheory on May 26, 2010


haters gon' hate, and taters gon' tate. i think it looks GREAT. and the baby is cute.

feeheeheeheeny on May 26, 2010


two actors that consistently pick bad movies really scares me off, but it sounds like a new premise (ok, there's a touch of three men and a baby, for sure) and i actually busted out laughing when he pushed the baby down. slight potential, but with major downside. sounds perfect for the sex and city2 crowd!

seanathan on May 26, 2010


#4, that was my question too........if they are "great" actors - where do actors like christian bale and cate blanchett rank? and the movie does'nt look good at all......cheesy premise and forced, AWFUL acting.

beavis on May 27, 2010


#7 christian bale he's your choice for "good actor" please he can just play the surley guy thats it. Out of the many actors out there who actually act such as jude law,jamie foxx tom cruise , will smith, edward norton, hugo weaving and thats who you choose, :/. And yes the trailer looks good (not great) theres a hook, theres some chemistry, looks like a cute and mostly harmless film, deffo something to try and watch instead of sex and the city 2 when your girlfriend drags you to the cinema.

m.a.russell on May 27, 2010


#7 i couldn't agree more. Christian Bale was awesome in AMERICAN PSYCHO. #8 Edward and Hugo can act. Putting them aside, the rest are pretty mediocre actors who happen to have blockbuster roles...i'm not saying bad acting, just mediocre...for example: 1 dimensional

chilin on May 27, 2010


LOL! I think it looks fun. Duhamel looks hilarious!

KB on May 27, 2010


These two are probably my least favorite in hollywood right now, but this actually doesn't look like total garbage. It's usually not my type of genre I'm curious to see how it turns out...

Eli on May 27, 2010


#8.......will smith and jamie foxx? you lost ALL credibility with that one - those 2 are very AVERAGE actors. did you see him in "empire of the sun" or "i'm not there"??? and bales character in "the machinist" wasn't surly - did you even see the movie? and his character in "american psycho" wasn't surly - i guess you didn't see that one either. and i'm guessing you found him playing surly characters in his batman movies?.......laughable. the only movie i would agree his playing a "surly character would be the last terminator movie. - you are completely wrong in your assessment. cruise is good. ed norton is as good an actor as anyone. hugo weaving is excellent too - i just wish he was featured more. and yes - i could list many (tim roth and laurence fishburne for 2 more examples) yea, there are many great actors - and bale IS one of them.......foxx and smith are NOT.

beavis on May 27, 2010


will smith - pursuit of happines, hitch, fresh prince, i am legend, aall diferent roles hense "actor jamie foxx- collateral and the kingdom, despite what you think of the films again the lead played different roles effectively . and yes i did see empire of the sun, yes disapointing but its hardly the worst film ever. yes iv seen american physco no i havent seen the macchinist, and i wasnt that impressed Listing some of his many surley roles, i have nothing against his ability to be a "character actor" but thats different from being a good actor Equilibrium Cleric John Preston - um yeah 🙂 Reign of Fire Quinn Abercromby - dont even need to explain this one Howl's Moving Castle Howl 2005 English dub voice only - good va essentially a surley wizard though Batman Begins Bruce Wayne/Batman The Prestige Alfred Borden 3:10 to Yuma Dan Evans (compelling acting but again pretty much the same) The Dark Knight Bruce Wayne/Batman Terminator Salvation John Connor Public Enemies Melvin Purvis-

m.a.russell on May 27, 2010


#13, all of those foxx and smith movies are VERY average movies. not one of them was impressive at all.........and to bring up tv crap like the "fresh prince" is ridiculous. you're clueless.

beavis on May 28, 2010


Guys, I love romcoms ("Tootsie", "When Harry met Sally", "Sleepless in Seattle"), but bloody hell do I hate these stupid trailers (made for retarded masses?) which basically tell you the whole plot! Dammit!

Alex C. on May 28, 2010


wasnt debating quality, was debating his ability to play different roles, and if you think those roles are simmilar then what you smoking.

m.a.russell on May 28, 2010


#16 HITCH!?!? FRESH PRINCE!?!? man...people can "play different roles" but that doesn't neccessarily mean they played it well...don't get me wrong, i like Will Smith, his choices of movies are entertaining...but doesn't mean he can pull off various roles...look at Johnny Depp...he can...

chilin on May 28, 2010


granted depp is a good actor i was just trying to pick from wider pool and i apologise for if people mistook me for saying bale can't play a role, he is very good at that single role he does, i fully acknowledge this. sidenote yeah hitch arent amazing shows of acting prowess but it showed he has some (mild) comedic talent.

m.a.russell on May 28, 2010


Pretty reminiscent of Raising Helen.. Although it's concentrating on a couple instead of a solitary character like Helen (Kate Hudson).

Shemah on May 30, 2010


Hahaha will smith..??? Good actor..jajajaaj that is more funny than the trailer..a good one dude...Jamie Foxx..yes why not but Smith..maybe in ALI ..ajnd just maybe... this trailer looks acceptable...if you ant to spend your time with your girlfriend..jus that..see ya guys..

Sakyo on Jun 3, 2010


I think I just saw the whole movie

PHiZiK on Jun 7, 2010

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