Joss Whedon & Eliza Dushku Teaming Up Again for a Movie?

February 27, 2010
Source: Hollywood Life

Joss Whedon & Eliza Dushku

It wasn't long ago that Joss Whedon's last TV series "Dollhouse" aired its final episode, but it looks like Whedon and "Dollhouse" star Eliza Dushku will be reteaming again for another feature project. Found on the gossip site Hollywood Life (via SlashFilm) is a quote from Dushku talking about a new project. "I would say that we would [be working on something new very soon]!" Dushku said. "I think we're going to work on a kickass feature together that we've been thinking about for a few years." Well that sounds pretty cool - but exactly what is it? SlashFilm thinks it's a horror project called Goners that's been around since 2005.

Goners is a supernatural horror thriller of some kind, but Whedon has been very secretive about it and we don't know really know what it's about. One quote says that "it's the story of a young woman's journey that involves a great deal of horror and some heroics." Whedon describes it another time as "a fantasy thriller, it is pretty dark and it's all me. So people will pretty much know what that means if they look at my body of work." That's not much help. He adds that "it's a new universe set in the present day with a new concept for me and a new bunch of characters. It's been a long time since I got to do that, so that's really fun." It does?

It could always be some other new project that isn't Goners, but I don't think so. Even though I didn't watch "Dollhouse", I'm still a fan of Joss Whedon and want him to direct another movie, since it's been a long time (Serenity in 2005) and his feature projects all keep falling apart. Goners is listed as "on the backburner at Universal," so let's hope it doesn't fall apart before we find out if it was the one she was even talking about.

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Anything with Eliza in, I will pay to see!

ray on Feb 27, 2010


why is my girlfriend kissing that dude?

rick fox on Feb 27, 2010



Jonathan on Feb 27, 2010


i still think she would make a kick-ass catwoman

JL on Feb 27, 2010


I'll certainly go see the movie, but I have to wonder how successful it will be. If he (and Eliza) don't have a large enough fanbase to succeed in network television, how successful is a movie going to be? I guess it all depends on the subject matter (Dr. Horrible movie? FUND IT!) but I'm still skeptical. Not that it really matters to me one way or another how successful the movie is, as long as the movie is good; I'm just worried that another bomb at the box office could do a lot of damage to his credibility with the studio executives, and possibly hurt his chances of getting gigs in the future. I know Whedon has declared that he's finished with television, but I still say he should try his hand with a series on a cable network. He has a small but very loyal fanbase, and the much more flexible ratings requirements on cable seem like a perfect fit for him.

Craig on Feb 27, 2010


Eliza Dushku my god what a beautiful creature.

Cody on Feb 27, 2010


#1 No. Joss Whedon is awesome, but I thought Dollhouse was fucking stupid. Eliza Dushku is not a very good actress, or maybe I should say...her range is not very wide. She fits into slasher flicks and "kickass female vigilante" type movies, because she actually has a martial arts background and, naturally, portraits characters like that well, but anything else I just don't buy from her.

SuicidalOptimist on Feb 28, 2010


Please save Dollhouse. Sign petitions and send emails.

Tore Simonsen on Feb 28, 2010


Dollhouse could really have been one season, the writing was all over the place and I think Whedon was under a lot of pressure to change it. Apparently the work he's been doing in comics is good, but I haven't read any of them. I really liked the Serenity film, bit of a shame it wasn't a big success.

Crapola on Feb 28, 2010


 cant wait

Ndnsnowflake on Sep 18, 2011

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