Joss Whedon Chats More About Aspirations for The Avengers

August 25, 2010
Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Joss Whedon - The Avengers

Shooting hasn't started, but anticipation is building for Marvel's The Avengers, which has a release date in May 2012 and a full cast. Joss Whedon seems to be the big talking point recently, but the director shared some of his own thoughts in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald (via SlashFilm). "I'm working on a movie that's got enormous stipulations and is going to be changing and fluid every second. I've come up with dozens of scenes and lines and exchanges and monologues that I adore that are not going to be in it," he explains. "But while I'm writing them they feed me, excite me and they ultimately inform the character."

Whedon goes on to talk about how getting the job for The Avengers is what "I've waited for my whole life" which is certainly great to hear considering he's been through a lot of crap with canceled TV shows and so on. "I have always felt, my whole life, that everything could be taken away at any second. It has actually been a huge problem for me that I know that," Whedon added. "I certainly will do everything in my power not to have that happen, everything in my power to make it good. That's my power, that's all I've got. All I can do is make [The Avengers] good enough for somebody to see it twice." I hope I can have the honor of being one of those people who sees it twice because it is so good, but obviously only time will tell what happens.

Whedon talks more about many different things and his career (read the full interview) but the only other really interesting part is where he talks about rating restrictions. "I do think that fighting against something, if it's a real creative collaboration, the frisson between what the artist is trying to get out there and what the market place expects, creates very exciting entertainment." Let's hope arguments with Marvel result in great entertainment with The Avengers in the end. I'm still cautiously optimistic, but it certainly sounds like Whedon understands how epic of an undertaking this is, and that's enough to keep me excited. Stay tuned!

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Hopefully this is good and doesn't suck. Honestly, i dont think it will suck, but we will find out come may 2012. i think tho it will be pretty good tho. soon to find out. and im glad and excited to see all this come about and all these cameos in these movies. nice work

KING on Aug 25, 2010


Whedon is a great writer, but nothing special as a director. I think he will at least make a good movie but they need a more accomplished director to make it great.

Ben on Aug 25, 2010


in Whedon we trust

silver on Aug 25, 2010


It'll be good I'm sure.

JudasBarron on Aug 25, 2010


I dont understand any of the hype about Whedon directing this film, Its nothing to be excited about in my opinion. Take a look at his filmography or television work, obviously Buffy was huge and all but c'mon this is the Everest of Marvel films n he got the job? Makes me nerrrvous

Ken on Aug 25, 2010


obviously he got the job bc he was willing to take the pay grade, not because he is the best director...

KP on Aug 25, 2010


Hey! Joss Whedon is a great director, especially for this project he is really perfect, with "Serenity" he perfectly handled an ensemble like no other director can, he truly found a great balance with that film, he understands where to embellish and focus and arc an where to pull back and let plot take over. If any, "Serenity" proved that he's the right director for this film. He really understands the economy of a scene, and a perfect balance between action & comedy with great pathos and weight to everything. Im really looking forward to his film and will always support Joss Whedon films and television, he's got a unique vision that must always be shared.

LINKFX on Aug 26, 2010


Give him a chance guys,great directors make shitty films all the time.He sounds genuinely pumped for this rather then seeing it as a career move.

tir na nog on Aug 26, 2010


I somewhat agree with #2 & #5. I don't think the movie is gonna suck but I also don't think it's going to be EPIC!! I'm not letting my expectations get to high. I have a feeling that alot of Marvel/Avengers fans are going to be disappointed!

AMG on Aug 26, 2010


SERENITY was easily one of the most underrated sci-fi films of our century, next to EQUILIBRIUM. I'm more than sure that Whedon will carry this out just fine...

Icefilm on Aug 27, 2010


thank you icefilm, it had to be said. and to kp, ben, ken, and king, boss joss is king, so come back when your opinion is worth something.

kyle on Sep 29, 2010


Whedon has this down. He IS a Comic Book genius. The ONLY grifes I've ever had with him is his complete and utter disrespect of the vigilante in the comics. Mainly, the Punisher. I hope his take on Hulk will be a good one. FOR THE SAKE OF STAN LEE MAKE HULK TALK. I want to see the most successful, powerful, amusing, fun Hulk there is, we Hulkites call him "Gravage" he is a mixture of the smart mouthed Grey Hulk, and the Savage Hulk most know. Plus he can access some of Banner's smarts. Check out the current Hulk stuff. Not the "Red Hulk" (who is also very powerful, he is General Ross, which actually would be cool to seein a Hulk 2 or Avengers 2. Because the Intellgencia, which consists of villians that have gone toes with Avengers, FF, Hulk, and so on Hulkify Betty, Abomify Ric-who is really fun-and make Ross the most badass Hulk ssince, well, Hulk) Ross-Hulk aka Red Hulk, aka Rhulk even stomps out Thor their first meeting. Anyway, Jeph Loeb did much of that, but right nowe Hulk has his own team, oversean by, Steve Rogers! Banner and Steve have such good banter and such a great "do whatever ti takes" mentality, with the occaisonal Nick Fury visit that I would LOVE to see that evolution in the Avengers and more Hulk movies. And heres an option, lets do some of them purely animated! More sequels, more adventures, good revenue. And you can save what I cal the "epic-condensed" stuff for the live-action and the stuff where we have a TON of the characters for the animation. Plus, unrelated, lets see an adult-oriented Punisher animated film ala Spawn!

Hoboboxerjoe on Feb 8, 2011

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